Darkryche (Sword of Monstrosity - Composite Magic Item):

Deep in the heart of Germany there is an evil Millennium Tree. While most Millennium Trees give gifts to those of good, the Tree of Darkness, as it is called, rewards those who serve the dark. One of the better known gifts is an item known as the Staff of Monstrosity. It is a hideous looking item that gives the wielder impressive abilities but also transforms the being into a monster.

It is unknown who actually created them but a bio-wizard or alchemist has learned how to create a sword which combines the ability of the evil staff with an enchanted blade. Only a few are believed to know the secrets of making such weapons. It appears as if the wand is grown onto the sword itself and some suggest that the tree itself has a hand in creating the blades.

As with most weapons containing Millennium Tree wands, only a handful are known to exist. Most are cursed so that if one of good or unprincipled beliefs try to wield the weapon, they are effected. Interesting, there is one blade known to be carried by a lady knight known for heroic deeds. Interestingly, she does not appear to have been effected by any curses although she is still transformed into a monster when she activates the enchantment of the blade.

These swords are a large two handed swords with the blade in a wavy pattern similar to a Kris. They are made from some kind of black metal, some think meteorite steel, although they have an organic feel to it as well. As a result, the handle seems part of the weapon. The pommel of handle have the appearance of a hideous, screaming face at the end.

The blade itself is enchanted by the wizard spell of "Enchant Weapon." This allows the sword to damage the toughest the toughest of armors. As with most enchanted blades, the sword is almost indestructible and generally only attacks against the blade itself will damage it. Of course, the can only be repaired though magic such as “Mend the Broken.” These swords are extremely well balanced, equal to the finest Kobald manufactured weapons.

The enchantment can be activated up to four times per day. Unlike most Millennium tree wands and staves, all of the enchantments activate at once. This include incredible strength, incredible speed, incredible vision, and almost being invulnerable. The invulnerability also gives a huge amount of protection against magic and psychic attacks.

The downside is that when the enchantments are activated, the wielder is transformed into a hideous monster, something similar in appearance to a demon and quite scary. Each weapon creates a different appearing monster when activated. Even though the other enchantments last for ten minutes when activated, the possessor remains looking like a horrid monster for half an hour.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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