Dark Love (Composite Magic Item):

A combination magic item including a corrupted Millennium Tree wand, The name "Dark Love" comes from the fact that the enchantments of the weapon are related to charming magic. One of these include the spell of "Love Charm." This spell is not as well known on Rifts Earth as it is on the Palladium world. In some cases, the "Love Charm" can become permanent and can cause obsessions. Some lovers have been known to try to kill other lovers. It is rumored that the blade was used several times to kill obsessed lovers. There are also rumors that there are case where lovers killed the possessor of the blade when they became obsessed. The blade has two other spells, one is the more common "Charm" and "Charismatic Aura." Each spell can be cast up to two times per day.

Even though not a rune weapon with an independent personality, most call the item a "her." This is because of the design of the dagger. Quite attractive, the handle of the weapon (The Millennium Tree Wand) is shaped into a feminine figure. The figure appears to be that of a Succubus with the wings wrapped around the body of the female demon. The blade and hand guard of the dagger is of a grey, almost black, steel. Both are also wrapped around with designs of thorns. On each side of the hand guards are black obsidian stones carved into the design of a rose. It is a heavy twin blade dagger, commonly known as a Parazonium. The blades is extremely sharp and comes to a sharp point.

While not primarily meant as a combat weapon, it is still generally an effective melee weapon.As previously described, the possessor of this dagger has had to defend themselves from obsessed lovers in the past. It is well balanced. It is enchanted permanently by the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser." While the weapon is not indestructible, it is extremely tough and only attacks directly against the weapon will inflict any damage. It can be repaired by the spell of “Mend the Broken.”

Stories tell that the first possessor of the weapon was also the creator of the dagger. It is suggested that it was a female bio-wizard and that she had bio-wizardry augmentation and transmutation to make herself look like a succubus. These include making her extremely beautiful and giving her demon wings. How she lost the dagger is unknown although some suggest that she was a victim of a scorned lovers. Others suggest that she gave it to a lover because she became smitten with the lover.

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