Claw and Talon (Composite Magic Items):

These are unusual because unlike most magic items created by alchemists using the wand from a Millennium Tree, these are not corrupted. Each of these items contains a "Wand of the Animals" in the haft of the weapon. There have only been two of these items created as far as is known. Both were first seen in England although at least one appears to have drifted from the island. Some believe that the creator of these items is the same alchemist who created the "Katana of Lightning" although that is under some dispute. The reason why is simple. The weapons do not incorporate dragon bone into their construction.

The two swords are large two handed heavy bladed weapons, effectively claymores in size and shape, with the handle of each sword appearing to grow out from the blade of the weapon. The pommel of each appears to be a claw which is grasped around an enormous round tiger eye. The blade is made from dark silvery metal with the design of thorns and vines woven into the metal with in some places animal eyes seeming to stare out from depth between them.

The swords are extremely well balanced and are the equal of any weapon crafted by the finest Dwarven weapon crafter. Some have commented that they feel too well balanced for a blade so heavy. Incredibly tough but not indestructible, only through the magic spell of “Mend the Broken” or a similar enchantment can be blades be repaired however. The swords seems to never lose their sharpness and they can cut through virtually anything. Dragon hide or high strength alloy armor, the blade will penetrate it.

As long as the sword is carried, can be in a scabbard, the possessor has an incredible ability to climb even if they have no natural climbing abilities. In addition, the possessor has the ability to cast five times per days a variety of magic spells. These include “Eyes of the Wolf”, "Swim as a Fish", "Superhuman Strength",and "Metamorphosis: Animal."

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