Bone Scimitar of Lichalle the Black Hand (Composite Magic Item):

This sword is reported to have been first owned by an extremely evil pirate who went by the name "Lichalle the Black Hand." He terrorized the oceans for decades before being defeated and was completely ruthless. Stories told that he was a Shifter who came from another world and that he had allies among demons and demons in his crew. Some stories tell that he was not a shifter but actually a witch. Some even tell that he was a demon himself. No one really knows. There are many stories about where he came from and there is no way to know if there is any truth to any of them.

Stories also tell that his end did not happened until his ship was finally ambushed by a old sail frigate flying the stars and stripes. Stories tell that the ship which ambushed his ship has been sailing the oceans and attacking pirates since the coming of the Rifts. It was suppose to have engaged him at close range and ravaged his ship with cannon fire. Most stories do seem to agree on this and some come from a ship which this sailing frigate rescued from the pirates.

The sword should have sunk with his ships but somehow it survived. Some stories tell of a Warlock sending an elemental down to recover the scimitar of the pirate. Other stories tell that his scimitar was found floating on a piece of wreckage. Some tell that it was found near the wreck site while others tell that it was found washed ashore. Like with many legends, it is hard to know which are true. What is known is that the sword has been carried by a variety of individuals. Some are suppose to have been pirates and little better than "Lichalle the Black Hand" while others have been heroes which have hunted pirates wherever they could find them.

The scimitar itself is believed to have been constructed from the bone of a demon who tried to betray Lichalle. There are few other weapons made from the bone of a demon. Some people have suggested that it is crafted from the exoskeleton of a demon-locust. On the base of the pale blade of the sword is a rune of "Permanency" engraved into it. The blade is crafted out of some sort of shiny black material. Three grooves run along the length of the blade. The sword is indestructible and is extremely sharp. It is unknown who crafted the weapon but it is crafted as if made by a master Dwarven weapon master. From the rune of "Permanency," it is most likely that an Alchemist or Diabolist had a hand in making the weapon. Some believe he got the sword from Atlantis. The scimitar has a full basket hilt which is highly decorative although has an unusual look which makes some believe that it is crafted from demon bone as well, perhaps the shrunken skull of the creature which the sword blade is formed from. The pommel in the design of a human skull. The handle of the sword itself is constructed from wood and is a corrupted Millennium Tree wand. As such, his sword is a powerful magical weapon rivaling some rune weapons.

The magic used to create the scimitar has been puzzled out by some scholars. The sword appears to have been constructed from demon bone and had "Enchant Weapon" and "Power Weapon" cast one it and the made permanent through the rune of "Permanency" engraved into it. As a result of its enchantments, the weapon inflicts as much damage as a lesser rune weapon. This also made the weapon itself indestructible due to being made from demon bone. The handle is made from a corrupted Millennium Tree wand and has been seen to have the enchantments of Armor of Ithan, Power Bolt, Targeted Reflection, and Impervious to Energy. These spells can be cast up to six times total per day.

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