Black Lightning (Composite Magic Item):

Black Lightning is one of a kind magic item which combines an enchanted weapon with corrupted Millennium Tree Magic. There is only a comparatively small number of items which combine the two types of magic and only a handful who know how to create such items. Because of the comparatively low powered nature of the spells, it is most likely that this was the first time which the creator made such an item. It is also speculated taht something might have happened to him or her because no similar items have been discovered. The magic item has passed through a variety of hands over the years since it has been known. Also of interest is the fact that the magic item does not seem to be particularly malevolent in its enchantments.

Black Lightning is a three blade fighting claw with the shield of the weapon being the corrupted wood of a Millennium Tree. Running through the wood is the design of a pair of lightning bolt. The claws themselves mount over the wrist and they are forged of some form of black metal. The strap of the fighting claws is made from the leather of a supernatural creature.

The claw itself is enchanted with the spell of "Enchant Weapon: Simple" and is extremely sharp and well balanced. The claws can cut through the toughest in armor alloys or the hide of a dragon quite easily. It is finely crafted, as if made by one of the finest weapon makers in the world. Neither the claws or the shield are actually indestructible although they are both extremely hard to destroy. As well, the shield itself, made from the wood of a Millennium Wand, regenerates damage which it takes. Unless it is completely destroyed, the shield will always regenerate any damage it takes.

Black Lightning only has two spells although they are extremely effective. These are "Lightning Arc" and "Invincible Armor." Each spell can be cast up to three times in a twenty-four hour period. One advantage that "Lightning Arc" has over “Call Lightning”is that it is not a single bolt but the wearer of the bracer can fire lightning for one minute each time the enchantment is used and the lightning can be thrown rapidly. “Invincible Armor” also is much tougher than the spell "Armor of Ithan."

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