Axe of Valor (Composite Magic Item):

This magic item combines two basic forms of magic. As such, these items are quite rare although not as rare as such items as true rune weapons. The handle of the axe is a corrupted Millennium Tree staff while the axe head itself is enchanted with the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser" which is made to be permanent. The weapon created by the combination of the two different forms of magic can be considered almost as effective as some rune weapons. It also does not have the problem of an independent personality. Compared to techno-wizard created magic items, they can be activated by virtually anyone.

The creators of the magic items which combine a corrupted Millennium Tree staff or wand and an enchanted blade are generally unknown. Because of how powerful the enchantments are, it is likely that the creator was an extremely powerful alchemist or bio-wizard. The creator of the Axe of War is unknown as well. It appears to be several decades old. The axe is known to have been carried by one of the Knights of Camelot for many years. No one knows what happened to the knight which carried the axe for many years.

The shaft of the Battle Axe is smooth grey wood although not quite perfect with a slight twist in the wood making it appear to be natural staff not a lathed dowel. The head of the axe is made from a dark grey metal, slightly darker than the wood of the staff. It is double bladed with each side of the axe flaring out into crescent shaped blades.

Due to the incredible balance of the weapon, it is most likely that the weapon was crafted by an incredibly skill Dwarven weaponsmith. The blades are incredibly sharp and the axe itself is very well balanced. The metal head of the Battle Axe is not actually indestructible, the head is extremely tough and only attacks which are attempting to damage the weapon will actually inflict any damage. The only real way to repair the axe blade if damaged is through the spell of “Mend the Broken.” The blades of the axe has retained its razor's edge for many years. The handle of the axe, unless it is completely destroyed, will regenerate all damage within twenty-four hours.

As a corrupted Millennium Tree staff, the handle of the Battle Axe carries a variety of enchantments. The enchantments which are in the weapon are not particularly malevolent and are designed to make the possessor to be able to better survive the crucible of combat. The lesser enchantments on the axe include the ability to throw fireballs, deflect attacks back at an attacker from the blade, make the wielder impervious to energy, and give the possessor supernatural strength. The greater enchantments include the ability to create an extremely tough force field around the possessor and speed the Battle Axe to an incredible extent. These enchantments can be activated up to eight times per day.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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