Death Rally:

“Fast Cars and Machine-Guns. What is not to Love”

Slogan for the Death Rally

Fifty caliber projectiles chewed up the back armor of the Beast. Too many more bursts like that and the rear armor would be penetrated. Danica slid the car around the final turn as she tried avoid the fire of the Reaper behind her. The race has started with a dozen cars and was now down to just three.

Her car, an ancient Chevy Nova, was up ahead and she was on the final stretch of the last lap. She estimated that there was only a mile left to go. The problem is that her armor would likely not survive that long under the fifty caliber machine gun rounds. Luckily, the Reaper was out of missiles although she was out of missiles as well. The last car was far behind and not much of a threat.

The Reaper was favored, having won four Death Rallies as well as taking out over two dozen cars during these rallies. The Beast and Danica were a relative newcomers, having only competed in a pair of races and not managing to complete any of the races.

In addition to having no missiles left, they were only allowed four, she was almost out of machine gun ammunition and her napalm dispenser was also damaged. The armor of the Beast was chewed up to the point a few more shots would finish her off.

Just ahead, she knew there was the last land mine on the track. Suddenly inspired, she slammed on the brakes of the Beast while skewing to the side. The driver of the Reaper was surprised but the Dodge Fury passed the Beast. Just then, Danica slammed the nose of the Beast into the Reaper. Directly in the path of the Reaper was the remaining land mine. The driver slammed on his brakes but it was too late. The land mine exploded under the Reaper and the two front tires were shredded.

The Beast surged ahead, nothing between her and the finish line.

Racing sport involving armed sports cars which is extremely popular around the Old American Empire. Several Juicer sports such as Deadball, Murderthon, and Juicer Football are also extremely popular. The sports are mainly limited to Juicers and those tougher than a normal human. For normal humans, there is the racing sport known as “Death Rally.” In fact, Juicers, Crazies, and others are not even allowed to compete in Death Rally.

The first Death Rally was started on the wreckage of an old race track. A dozen old Pre-Rifts vehicle were fitted with weapons and armor. The results were all but two of the cars destroyed, six of the drives dead, and an extremely popular racing event. This soon branched out into using city streets in the wreckage of various cities.

As far as rules, Death Rally continues to follow the original rules. The Death Rally starts with a dozen cars and the first car across the track wins. Cars can attempt to race full out for the finish line or can attempt to destroy the competition. Because of this, cars are both armed and armored. Often only a few cars finish the race. Drivers can wear light body armor but several drivers are usually killed in each race. Drivers are not allowed be armed with side arms however.

The race uses heavily modified pre-rift vehicles, most frequently often pre-rifts American Muscle Cars although some Japanese and European sports car designs are used by some racers as well. True formula race cars are too fragile for the race and military vehicles cannot be used in the race because they are simply too tough. Due to the comparative rarity of these cars, groups look for cars to be rebuilt for these races.

The cars start as non “M.D.C.” designs which then have M.D.C. materials (high tech alloys and composites) added to the vehicle so that they can survive far more damage than they could originally. The racer may chose to have the vehicle lightly armored or heavier armored although weight of armor reduces top speed and the objective of the race is to be the first car across the track. The tires are also replaced by solid high strength rubber tires.

Weaponry is limited to lighter weaponry of Pre-Rifts design using Ramjet ammunition. Generally cars will mount a single .50 caliber machine gun or a number of 7.62 mm machine guns firing forward. Cars also carry only a limited payload or ammunition. No grenade launchers are allowed for the cars. Vehicles cars allows up to four mini-missiles but cannot be fired except for single fire. Defensive weaponry can be mounted including smoke, oil slick, mini-land mines (grenades), rear firing machine guns (only medium machine guns), and napalm. Cars are allowed only napalm, rear firing machine guns, or mini land mines, not more than one.

The race is a total of fifty miles around the track with most tracks being around two and a half to five miles in total length. The first car to reach the finish line is the winner. In same cases, these tracks are old race car tracks (non oval type) but in other cases are old city streets. Some races even include going inside of old building. Tracks are relatively flat so that normal cars can operate on the track.

To make the track more difficult and slow speeds down, a half dozen light land mines are on the track. They do not have motion sensors but instead are triggered by direct contact. The land mines are not hidden but are visible.

Several racers and race cars are well known. Macabre names are often preferred for the cars. These include Danica and the Beast, the Reaper, and several others. Currently, the Beast is first in the Rally, having just defeated the Reaper. In the next race, the Reaper is going to be out for blood. Most drivers are male although some favorites ones, such as Danica, are women. Several other racers have female copilots. Danica has a female copilot named Christy which makes her in many ways a double favorite.

There have been several variations on the Death Rally. Probably the next popular uses dune buggies and other off road designs. Instead of racing around a track or through the wreckage of a city, it is done through an off-road course. The track is longer with the vehicle only needing to generally go around once. Otherwise, weaponry is similar and the track is similarly mined.

As far as other variations, one used motor bikes instead of old automobiles. This can be both around a track or also off road. The bikes are less heavily armed and armored than the cars although the riders can wear heavier body armor. Originally, side car mini-missile launchers were allowed but it was decided that it was simply too brutal by audiences. Another used modern post rifts vehicle designs instead of older Pre-Rifts vehicles. It is getting harder and harder to get suitable Pre-Rifts vehicles.

Recently, Rallies involved techno-wizards vehicles and techno-wizard enchantments have become popular. This includes replacing the conventional engine with techno-wizard engines and using telekinetic converted machine guns instead of conventional machine guns. The number of missiles which can be carried are doubled as well. Defensive weapons include magical grenades. Carpet of Adhesion grenades are not allowed in the rally.

Addition Skill (From Heroes Unlimited / Ninjas & Superspies):

Offensive Driving: Practice of wheeled combat. The big advantage of this skill is that there is no limit on

high a character can advance. In every other skill there is a 98% maximum proficiency. With Vehicle Pursuit and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Combat there is no limit and characters may have percentiles over 100%. Use for Control Rolls only. Can be used with one or more other Pilot skills. 30%+ 5% per level.

Game Rules (Standard):

Car Design:


Main Body: Light Armor 45 M.D.C. and can be increased by 15 M.D.C. for every 10 percent reduction in speed.

Driver’s compartment is armored with 30 M.D.C. armor materials - Usually transparent composites.

Vehicles also have 5 M.D.C. solid tires and armor on headlights has 2 M.D.C.

Driver usually wear light body armor for greater protection.


Combined forward firing Machine-Gun damage cannot exceed around 5D6 M.D.C. per burst but can mount one or multiple machine guns. Ammo is limited with total bursts limited to 100 bursts.

Can also mount four Mini-Missiles but can only be fired one mini-missile at a time.

Finally, can mount defensive weaponry including smoke, oil slick, mini land mines (grenades), medium machine guns, or napalm. Napalm is limited to short bursts and rear firing machine guns are limited to around 3D6 M.D.C. per burst and also limited to 100 burst. Mini-land mines are also limited to eight mines total.

Bike Design:


Main Body: Light Armor 25 M.D.C. and can be increased by 5 M.D.C. for every 10 percent reduction in speed.

Vehicles also have 3 M.D.C. solid tires and armor on headlights has 2 M.D.C.

Rider usually wear medium body armor for greater protection (Up to 50 M.D.C.)


Limited to forward firing medium machine guns. Maximum is a pair of 7.62 mm machine guns with a damage of 2D4 MD each (4D4 M.D.C. for both) Limited to 20 bursts.

Track: Tracks are between 2.5 miles and 5 miles (4.02 km to 8.05 km) in length and may be old racing tracks (non oval) or may be old city streets. Race is a total of 50 miles (80.5 km.) Track can include going inside the ruin of buildings.

Track has six light mines inflicting 5D6 M.D.C. to a 20 foot (6 meter) area. Mines require direct contact to detonate.

Game Rules (Techno-Wizard):

Car Design:

Armor: Same as standard car


Weaponry is less limited than the conventional game but all weaponry with the exception of missiles or mines must be techno-wizard in design.

Instead of a maximum of four mini-missiles, vehicles can carry up to eight mini-missiles. Still limited to single shots.

Techno-Wizard Enchantments:

Most cars have engines converted to electrical engines with a 500 mile (800 km) range and a top speed of 150 mph.

“Armor of Ithan” Force Field (3 times per day)

Track: Tracks are similar to the track for the standard race and most races uses the same tracks.

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