Zilkia Industries ZI-SPD-09 “Super” Spider Defense System:

In the city of Tolkeen, there is a company named “Zilkia Industries.” It was formed by a Kittani engineer by the name of Ki-Tarn Zilkia. Initially, most of his designed were slightly modified versions of various Kittani weapons and power armor designs. As time went on, he began to branch out in his designs and redesign the original designs to a larger extent. In addition, a number of his designs borrow heavily from Triax designs. Still, the various designs still generally have a “Kittani” style to them.

There appear to be strong ties between “Zilkia Industries” and the company “Metalworks Industries” even though the two companies compete in many of the same markets. Most likely they find the cooperation beneficial to both companies. They do specialize enough that often one style of design might be preferred by some customers while another company’s design might be preferred by other customers. A number of different designs by Zilkia Industries are based on the spider design with “Metalworks” prefers hover designs.

In addition to Ki-Tarn Zilkia, several members of his family work for the company. Several other renegade Kittani have found their way into his employment as well. Even so, only a small fraction of the company are Kittani although they dominate the management and design aspects of the company.

The “Spider Defense System” has been one of the companies better selling products. Still, it is considered underpowered in many cases. It was decided that a more powerful version should be developed as a result. The result became the “Super” Spider Defense System. In spite of the name, the design shares almost nothing in common with the original Spider Defense System. Instead, the chassis design is more of a beefed up version of the “Sand Spider” design. The “Battle Spider” design was considered initially but was rejected as being too large with the “Super” ending up just a little over one metric ton complete compared to almost six for the “Battle Spider” without any weapon systems mounted.

As with the original Spider Defense System, the “Super” is designed to be autonomous. The piloting system is relatively primitive although does have good terrain following capacity as well as some programming to try to dodge incoming fire. The eight leg design gives excellent balance and mobility. The design is faster than the original Spider Defense System with a top speed of one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour. Still, several of Zilkia Industries are much faster, with speeds up to one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour. As with most Zilkia designs, it relies on a compact fusion plant for power. As far as protection, it is reasonably well armored although not really designed to withstand direct combat.

As far as weaponry, the main weapon is a Vulcan laser mount. The weapon is a direct copy of the Iron Heart Industries weapon system. Virtually identical weapon systems are also produced by Metalworks Industries. As far as output, the weapon pumps out about three times the energy of the original weapon system. The fire control system is slightly more sophisticated than the original system as well. Backing up the laser mount are two short range missile mounts with four missiles each. This is designed to engage targets at longer range than the main Vulcan laser mount. Compared to the original, the “Super” lacks the ability to fire stun blasts and lacks the mounts for grenades. There is some discussion of remounting them to carry prismatic aerosol grenades however.

Model Type: ZI-SPD-09 “Super” Spider Defense System

Class: All Terrain Automated Weapon Platform (Heavy)

Crew: None (Autonomous)

M.D.C.by Location:

Compound Type Eyes

20 each

[1] Spider Legs (8):

80 each

ZI-44L Vulcan Laser Cannon (Turret):


Short Range Missile Launcher (2, Sides):


Under Belly Thruster:


Rear Thrusters (2):

80 each

[2] Main Body:



[1] The destruction of a up to two legs on a side will not cause the design to be unbalanced and the Super Spider Defense System will still be able to move. Speed is reduced by 10% per leg destroyed.

[2] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the robot down completely, rendering it useless.


Running: 74.6 mph (120 kph) maximum.

Leaping: Powerful legs allow robot to leap without using thrusters 20 feet (6.1 m) up and 30 feet (9.1) across from a standing position, 25 feet (7.6 m) up and 50 feet (15.4 m) across with a short running start. Using thrusters, the Super Spider Defense System can greatly extend leaping distance to 60 feet (18.3 m) up and 90 feet (27.4 m) across from a standing position, 75 feet (22.9 m) up and 150 feet (45.7 m) across with a short running start.

Flying: Not possible! The rear thruster and under belly thruster are provided to add stability, balance, and minimal thrust in space or underwater.

Underwater: It can walk along the bottom of the sea floor at 25% of maximum speed. With thrusters, can travel at speeds up to 34.5 mph (30 knots / 55.6 kph) underwater. Has a maximum ocean depth of 2 miles (3.2 km).

Range: Effectively Unlimited.

Statistical Data:

Height: 3.61 feet (1.10 meters) for the main body and 5.09 (1.55 meters) including Vulcan laser turret

Width: 4.10 feet (1.25 meters) for main body with legs extending out for 7.22 feet (2.20 meters) on either side

Length: 8.20 feet (2.50 meters) for the main body and 9.19 feet (2.80 meters) including Vulcan laser

Weight: 2645.55 lbs (1200 kilograms.)

Physical Strength: P.S. 32

Cargo: Effectively None

Power System: Nuclear; average life is 5 years.

Black Market Cost: 5.5 million credits for a new, undamaged basic unit.

Weapon Systems:

  1. One (1) ZI-44L Vulcan Laser: This is a direct copy of the Iron Heart cannon and is quite powerful. The weapon consists of six rotating laser cannons, cycling through bursts of six blasts per second. Tank. It is excellent for both taking out missiles and aircraft and can be targeted at ocean level targets. The laser system can fire on automatic at up to six targets per melee (Has +3 to strike missile and +2 to strike aircraft). The system has a 360 degree rotation and can elevate up to 90 degrees to fire at targets directly overhead.

    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 meters).

    Mega-Damage: 3D4 x 10 M.D. per instantaneous burst (counts as one blast/attack).

    Rate of Fire: Six (6) Attacks per melee (Has +3 to strike missile and +2 to strike aircraft)

    Payload: Effectively Unlimited (Draws Power off the main fusion plant).

  2. Two (2) Short Range Missile Launchers: Mounted on either side of the vehicle are short range missile launchers with four each mount for a total of eight short range missiles. Most common missile carries are special surface to air missiles.

    Maximum Effective Range: Varies with short range missile types (Use new revised bomb and missile tabless - SAM Missiles most common.)

    Mega-Damage: Varies with short range missile types (Use new revised bomb and missile tables - SAM Missiles most common.)

    Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two (2) or four (4) - Each counts as an attack from the vehicles six attacks per round.

    Payload: Eight (8) Short Range Missiles (Four each launcher)

  3. Hand to Hand Combat: The “Super” Spider Defense System is a robot vehicle that is not designed for hand to hand type combat. Only available attacks are Body Block/Ram, which inflicts 1D2 M.D. for every 20 mph of speed and Kick, which inflicts 1D4. The “Super” Spider Defense System also has +2 to dodge.

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Original company idea by Ki-Tarn Zilkia (Kitarn@netscape.net)

Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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