Zilkia Industries ZI-SPD-01 Spider Defense System:

Zilkia Industries is a company run by an exiled Kittani named Ki-Tarn Zilkia. His main headquarters are in the city of Tolkeen. As might be expected, many of his designs are direct Kittani designs and others are derived from the same designs. Many of his designs are improved versions of those sold on Atlantis. One of these is an improved version of the Spider Defense System. The company sells tow basic versions of the Spider Defense System.

The ZI-1000 is a fixed weapon mount without a power supply which instead relies on the power supply of the vehicle it is attached to. It is often mounted on tanks and ships being extremely useful as a missile defense system. The ZI-S-01 “Spider Defense System” is the mobile version, mounting a tiny fusion reactor, and walks on eight legs instead of the four legs of the standard Kittani weapon system. The weapon system also has several key improvements. Because the ZI-S-01 is mobile, it is usually listed as a vehicle even though it is unmanned and can be used as an energy rifle by extremely strong creatures.

The eight legs of the Zilkia Industries version of the Spider Defense System are slightly longer than those carried on the standard Kittani model and are designed to fold up for easier transport. These legs make the Zilkia Industries weapon system even more able to go over rough terrain and the top speed is increased to around fifty kilometers per hour. The design is also equipped with electromagnets in its feet and tiny claws. With these, the weapon system can climb most vertical surfaces and even climb trees. Theoretically, if the materials allow it, the weapon platform can even traverse hanging upside down of a ceiling although it is not recommended. The claws can be used as weapons but are of limited effectiveness. Unlike most of Zilkia Industries other spider designs, their Spider Defense System does not have thrusters and cannot leap.

While the weapon system carriers a fusion reactor, it is comparatively tiny and does not provide enough power for continuous firing of the weapon system. Still, Zilkia Industries improved the capacity for the weapon system by sixty percent. The weapon system can fire up to one hundred and sixty light blasts or sixty-four heavy blasts. The recharge rate is the same, five light blasts every six minutes (or two heavy blasts every six minutes.) To completely recharge, the weapon system takes 3.2 hours. It can be plugged into an external power supply for a virtually unlimited payload. The platform retains the ability to fire electrical blasts which are not usually lethal for close range protection, especially for driving off animals, and carries four grenades. These are normally smoke or prismatic aerosol. The electrical blasts are extremely low powered and do not drain the weapon system. The cannon can rotate up to 360 degrees and can elevate up to ninety degrees and can depress down to forty-five degrees. The weapon system retains the ability to be used as a rifle.

The Zilkia Industries Spider Defense System can be programmed for a wide variety of roles. It can be programmed to target specific targets or be programmed to target virtually any target. It can be told to operate in a single location, operate in a specific area, or even be programmed to follow other units around. While it can be programmed for a seek and destroy mission, it is rarely programmed for that. Its programming allows the Spider Defense System to change locations and even attempt to dodge incoming fire (+2 to dodge.) The system already has a massive database on various creatures and vehicles which can be further updated as needed. Finally, like the standard Kittani model, the platform carries a multitude of sensors including a powerful telescopic scope, night vision optics, thermal imaging, and a laser targeting system (+3 to strike).

Model Type: ZI-SPD-01 “Spider Defense System”
Class: All Terrain Automated Weapon Platform
Crew: None

M.D.C. by Location:

Laser Cannon:50
[1] Spider Legs (8):10 each
[2] Main Body:50

[1] The destruction of a up to two legs on a side will not cause the design to be unbalanced and the Spider Defense System will still be able to move. Speed is reduced by 10% per leg destroyed.
[2] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the robot down completely, rendering it useless.

Running: 31.1 mph (50 kph) maximum.
Leaping: Cannot leap
Underwater: It can walk along the bottom of the sea floor at 25% of maximum speed. Has a maximum ocean depth of 2 miles (3.2 km).
Maximum Effective Range: Effectively unlimited.

Statistical Data:
Height: 3.28 feet (1.0 meters) when standing up. 1.80 feet (0.55 meters) with legs retracted
Width: 2.62 feet (0.8 meters) for main body with legs extending out for 3.94 feet (1.2 meters) on either side
Length: Main Body: 2.79 feet (0.85 meters) and with Gun Forward: 8.5 feet (2.6 meters).
Weight: 83.78 pounds (38 kilograms)
Physical Strength: P.S. 20
Cargo: Effectively None
Power System: Mini Fusion Cell (5 year duration)
Black Market Cost: 1.5 million credits for a new, undamaged basic unit. The ZI-1000 costs 500,000 credits with no fusion reactor and no mobility (doesn't even have legs)

Weapon Systems:

  1. Main Laser / Grenade Launcher: The laser can rotate 360 degrees and can elevate up to 90 degrees and can be depressed down to 45 degrees. The weapon system can fire either low powered or high powered bursts as per programming and threat analysis. Power is provided by a powerful energy cell which is recharged from the platform's fusion reactor. The reactor does not produce enough power to sustain continuous fire. The platform can also be powered by an external power source for practically unlimited payload. The weapon also has an electrical current generator for defense against soft targets and has four grenades. Two grenades are usually smoke and two are usually prismatic aerosol for use against lasers. Other grenades can be used as well
    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) for light blasts, 3,000 feet (915 meters) for heavy blasts, 20 feet (6.1 meters) for electrical current, 100 feet (30.5 meters) for smoke grenades
    Mega Damage: 4D6 for light blasts, 1D4x10 for heavy blasts, 3D6 S.D.C. for electrical current. See Grenades for details on grenades
    Rate of Fire: Autonomous: 6 Attacks per melee (+2 to strike) - grenades are fired on at a time. Manual: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks (usually 4-6).
    Payload: 160 light blasts or 64 heavy blasts. Recharges at the rate of five light shots every six minutes or two heavy shots every six minutes. Can also plug into external power supplies. Also has 4 grenades - usually two smoke and two prismatic aerosol.
  2. Hand to Hand Combat: The “Spider Defense System” is a robot vehicle that is not designed for hand to hand type combat. The only attacks it has is kicks which inflict 1 MD if struck or claw strikes which inflict 1D3 M.D.C. per strike. The Spider Defense System also has +2 to dodge.

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Original company idea by Ki-Tarn Zilkia (Kitarn@netscape.net)

Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

Copyright © 2007, Kitsune. All rights reserved.