N.G.R. Falke class Surface Effect Patrol Boat (Type 708):

Before the coming of the Rifts, the Norwegian Navy built a number of Surface Effect Patrol Boats. The only navy that produced a large number of these vessels was the New Soviet Navy. Surface Effect Ships differ from conventional air cushion designs in that they have rigid sidewalls although they do have flexible "skirts" forward and aft and lift fans. These boats have the advantage over more conventional vessel designs due to having a very shallow draft and being extremely fast. Even trimaran designs tend to have deeper drafts than surface effect vessels.

The New German Republic Navy was able to recover one of these "Ravn" class patrol boats. The Navy decided to develop a new vessel based on the Norwegian design for coastal operations. The design developed was the Falke class patrol boat. Large numbers of these patrol boats have been built and the New German Republic and have gotten in a number of nasty fights along the coast and are considered extremely effective vessels. Fights have included against various monsters and against military forces.

With enough boats considered to be in service, the New German Republic is considering selling these vessels. It is likely that several navies as well as mercenary companies might be interested in purchasing these boats. It is thought that they are likely to be expensive however which might limit sales.

Even though based on the Norwegian Ravn design, the Falke is extensively modified when compared to the Norwegian design. One of the most major changes is that the German boat has space to carry eight troops in X-10 Predator power armors or twelve in lighter armors such as the T-C20 Terrain Hopper design. These troops can be used for boarding vessels and for amphibious missions. Crew is small on these patrol boats with a crew of only eight. With the boats about the same size as the Norwegian design, they are quite cramped with troops onboard.

Like most New German Republic designs, power is provided by a fusion power plant. Extremely powerful engines make the boat is slightly faster than the original Norwegian boat with a top speed of eighty knots in calm waters and sixty knots in rougher waters. Hull borne, these boats have the ability to operate at speeds up to twelve knots. While slower, the boats are less noisy when hull borne. The boats are designed to make fast strikes from hidden shallow water areas.

To make them more effective, the designs of these boats are designed to be stealthy against radar systems. They are also painted in camouflage patterns instead of grey so as to better blend in with shorelines. Of course these boats are made of high strength composites and alloys. Material sciences is vastly improved in the New German Republic compared to the Norwegian Navy in the second half of the Twenty-First Century and these boats are far stronger than the original boats.

As far as weaponry, these boats carry Triax designed weapon systems. The main gun on the bow of the boat is a recoilless anti-aircraft flack cannon identical to the weapon designed for the Jaeger (Hunter) class Power Armor except for being mounted in an enclosed mount. While smaller than the 76 mm cannon mounted on the Norwegian design, it has similar range and able to inflict quite heavy damage. It can engage both aircraft and surface targets. The boat also carries a larger payload of eight hundred rounds total between two drums. In addition, the boat has a pair of laser CIWS mounts carried on some armored vehicles. Like the main gun, these mounts can engage surface targets in addition to airborne targets although are shorter ranged.

Similar to the Ravn, eight vertical launch missile cells are mounted behind the superstructure. Each one has a single long range missile with no ability to carry medium range missiles in the launchers. It could theoretically carry anti-submarine torpedoes but are almost never carried. On the superstructure of the Falke, the boat has a single launcher for short range missiles for close range missile defense. This is similar to the launcher carried aboard other Northern Republic naval vessels. Able to fire twenty-four missiles ready to fire, the boat carries a total of seventy-two missiles.

While relatively short ranged compared to the more powerful arrays carried on larger warships, the air search radar is quite effective and able to track over five hundred targets simultaneously at ranges of up to four hundred nautical miles. Otherwise, it is a smaller array similar to the APAR-12 array carried on most New German Republic warships. Even though the boat has no real anti-submarine capabilities, it does mount a small towed array sonar system, there is a small towed sonar system. As final defense against incoming missiles, the boat has a chaff and flare launching system. Theoretically different decoy systems could be launched as well although other decoys including torpedo decoys are rarely carried.

Model Type: Falke class Surface Effect Patrol Boat (Type 708)
Class: Ocean, Surface Effect Ship Light Corvette
Crew: 8 (2 officers and 6 enlisted)
Troops: 8 or 12 (Depending on power armors carried)

Robots, Power Armors, and Vehicles:

8X-10A or X-10B Predator Power Armors
12T-21 or T-C20 Terrain Hopper Power Armors

M.D.C. by Location:

TX-862FC Flack Cannon Mount (1, bow):200
[1] TX-41 CIWS Lasers (2, superstructure):50 each
Vertical Long Range Missile Launchers (8, fantail):100 each
Short Range Missile Launcher (1, superstructure):180
Chaff / Decoy Launchers (2, superstructure):10 each
[1] Mini-APAR Radar Systems (4, Superstructure):80 each
Bridge / Superstructure:250
[3] Propulsion Water-Jets (2, Rear):120 each
[3] Skirts (2, Forward and aft):100 each
[4] Main Body:650

[1] These are small and difficult targets to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “called shot,” but even then the attacker is -4 to strike.
[2] Destroying Phase Array radar panels will destroy the ship’s main fire control systems but guns have backup systems and panels can compensate for each other.
[3] Destruction of a Water-Jets will reduce top speed by one half by each water-jet destroyed. Destruction of a Skirt will reduce top speed to 20 knots (23.0 mph / 37.1 kph)
[4] Destroying the main body destroys propulsion and power systems, disabling the ship. The ship is fitted with an advanced polymer armors that allow the ship to withstand up to -100 M.D.C. before losing structural integrity and sinking. There are enough life preservers and inflatable life boats to accommodate everyone on the ship.

On Water, Hull Borne: 13.8 mph (12 knots/ 22.2 kph)
On Water, On Air Cushion: Calm Seas: 92.12 mph (80 knots/ 148.26 kph) Rough Seas: 69.09 mph (60 knots / 111.19 kph)
Range: Unlimited due to fusion engines (needs to refuel every 20 years and requires maintenance as well). Boat carries two weeks of supplies on board.

Statistical Data:
Draft: Hull Borne: 8.86 feet (2.7 meters), On Air Cushion: 3.94 feet (1.2 meters)
Width: 41.99 feet (12.80 meters)
Length: 155.84 feet (47.50 meters)
Displacement: 278 tons fully loaded
Cargo: Can carry 5 tons (4.53 metric tons) of extraneous cargo. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ships officers have some more space for personal items. Most of the ship’s spaces are taken up by extra ammo, armor, troops, weapons, and engines.
Power System: Two nuclear reactors with an average life span of 20 years.
Black Market Price: Costs about 150 million to construct without power armors. Presently not available but likely will cost 300 to 450 million each if sold.

Weapon Systems:

  1. One (1) TX-862FC Recoilless Anti-Aircraft Flack Cannon: Mounted on the bow of the vessel, it is virtually identical to the TX-862FC cannon mounted Jaeger class Power Armor. One change is that the gun mount is enclosed in a gun mount and is designed to be able to operate fully automatic. The system is linked to a powerful automatic tracking system and operates fully automatically to eliminate air targets with missiles being prime targets tracked. The system can be put on manual and is devastating to ground targets and can be used as short range artillery as well. The system is fitted with both an independent power supply and a laser and radar targeting system.
    Maximum Effective Range: 10,000 feet (3,048 meters).
    Mega Damage: Single Round: 4D6 M.D.C., Two Rounds 1D6x10, and Six Rounds 3D6x10
    Rate of Fire:8 Attacks per melee (+5 to strike) on automatic or by gunners hand to hand if on manual.
    Payload: Total 800; 400 rounds in each giant ammo-drum. That is 133 rapid fire volleys of six rounds or 400 two round volleys.
    Special Feature: The system has a +5 bonus to strike when on automatic and gives a bonus of +2 to strike if used by a gunner. The flak cannon has an independent power supply and its own laser targeting and radar tracking system (the large round cylinder on top). The secondary sensor system can be especially useful if the main sensor system is destroyed. The secondary sensor array also enables the big gun to track and automatically fire two round volleys at aerial targets while the pilot concentrates on enemy ground troops. Sensor Range: 11,000 feet (3353 in).
  2. Two (2) CIWS TX-41 Pulse Lasers: Mounted in two turret on the superstructure of the vessel, these are simply TX-41 pulse laser mounted in a small automated turrets, and connected to the vehicle's power supply. This is a variable frequency laser with 12 different light frequencies. The frequency can be changed by the operator, or can be selected by the computer when it is in automatic (reaching optimal setting against laser refractive armor takes 1D4 rounds on automatic). Setting No. 7 counters the USA-10 Glitter Boy armor. The pulse laser turret moves independently from the main turret, and has a 360 degree swiveling fire-arc and is capable of tracking aerial targets even directly overhead the Cheetah. Being linked into the fire control system of the Cheetah gives the laser an improved chance to strike.
    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 meters)
    Mega Damage: 3D6 per single shot or 1D6x10 per rapid-fire triple pulse (counts as one attack).
    Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of gunner or 4 attacks each when on automatic.
    Payload: Effectively unlimited
    Bonuses: +2 to strike when manually controlled, or +3 when on computer control.
  3. Eight (8) Long Range Vertical Launch Tubes: On the deck near the fantail of the patrol boat are eight vertical launch tubes. The boat will usually race towards an enemy craft, fire off all of its missiles, and then race off as fast as possible before being engaged. While any long range missile type can be carried, including theoretically anti-submarine rock boosted torpedoes, usually special surface skimming missiles will be carried in launchers and are used against surface targets only.
    Maximum Effective Range: As per long range missile type (Surface skimming missiles have 25% less range than normal long range missile, Go to revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), or eight (8) missiles [All launcher operates together.]
    Payload: One missile each launcher for a grand total of eight (8) long range missiles (Has no missiles in storage for reloads).
  4. One (1) Short Range Missile Launching Systems: Mounted on the superstructyre, the launcher has the ability to launch 24 Short Range Missiles and automatically reloads every time a missile or missiles are fired. There are four launchers on either side of the ship’s superstructure. This system normally acts as the ships inner point defense system just before the flack cannons and laser CIWS engage missiles. Each launcher is fitted with multiple fire control systems and can target missiles on multiple targets. Normal missile mixture is 50% Armor Piercing Missiles and 50% Plasma missiles.
    Maximum Effective Range: As per short range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per short range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), six (6), twelve (24), or twenty four (24) missiles.
    Payload: Seventy Two (72) short range missiles total.
  5. Two (2) Chaff Launcher: Located on the superstructure of the boat, they are designed to confuse incoming missiles. Rifts Earth decoys systems are assumed to not be effective against Phase World / Three Galaxies missiles due to technological difference. Reduce effects by 20% against smart missiles (Add +20% to rolls for smart missiles) and reduce effects of launchers by 10% per launcher not used (Add +10% to rolls per launcher not used.) Only useful against missiles, not useful against torpedoes underwater.
    Range: Around Ship
    Mega Damage: None
      01-35 - Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud - Missiles are all destroyed.
      36-60 - Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (May lock onto another target.)
      61-00 - No effect, enemy missile or missile volley is still on target.
    Payload: 12 each for a total of 24

Special Systems:
The ship has all systems standard on a robot vehicle plus the following special features:

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