Techno-Wizard Converted Foxtrot Submarine “Kasatka”:

A total of around seventy-five Project 641 submarines were build and formed the backbone of the Soviet diesel-electric fleet for several decades. In Western circles, the submarine was given the designation “Foxtrot.” The class went through an extremely long production run with the first of the class being laid down in 1957 with the last not being completed until 1983. By that time, the class was extremely obsolete. Around sixty served in the Soviet navy while the rest were exported to other nations. Compared to United States and British submarines developed around the same time, the Foxtrot class was considered extremely noisy. They did not have a tear drop hull and were a three screw design like the previous Romeo class.

When the Soviet Union fell, the remaining Foxtrot class boats were decommissioned even though many had already been decommissioned. A few were had also been sunk or badly damaged in service. Most were scrapped but a few wound up as museum ships. None remained able to be reactivated when the New Soviet government took power and they were so obsolete that it is doubtful that any would have been. One of the ones that survived as a museum ship was the one that became the Kasatka, Russian for Orca. As build, these boats did not have individual names. At first she was docked but later was moved to a client controlled bunker.

It was cocooned in her bunker than she survived the coming of the Rifts. A group of adventures including techno-wizards found her and decided to restore and refit her. The repair and refit was similar in many ways to several other techno-wizard converted vessels and was an attempt to make the old Pre-Rifts design capable compared to designs built after the coming of the Rifts.

Even though generally in good shape, the boat had been long neglected. Even before the world was wrecked, she had been half forgotten. Through the use of the spell “Mend the Broken”she was able to be restored to near operational condition. Even so, most of the outer skin of the submarine was removed and replaced by high strength composites and alloys. This was far cheaper than enchanting the hull. The inner pressure hull was reinforced as well. This has the effect of increase the crush depth of the submarine as well as allowing the boat to withstand more damage. Original crush depth was around one thousand feet and now extends to twelve hundred feet. Even so, normal diving depth is less than that, usually around eight hundred feet. The propellers and other small systems were replaced by new high strength composite or alloy copies whenever possible.

The three diesel engines are completely removed. While United States and British submarines used the diesel engines to power electrical motors, the Soviet submarine used a direct drive system while on diesels. Still, the submarine has a top speed of sixteen knots underwater. The electrical motors are retained although fully restored and reconditioned. The batteries are no longer needed because the boat is powered by magic in the form of the spell “call lightning.” When fully recharged, the engines give a maximum range of one thousand nautical miles between recharges. While a fraction of the original range of a Foxtrot class on the surface, it can maintain this underwater and it is comparatively easy to recharge.

As with many older submarines, a major problem is how noisy the submarine was. The boat lacked in most advanced noise reduction technology even compared to designs from around the same time period. This was solved with the enchantment of “Globe of Silence” While active, the submarine is almost impossible to detect on sonar and acoustical torpedoes. The only way that the submarine might be detected is by looking for an area of water that is too quiet. Each activation lasts for ten minutes. Of course the “Globe of Silence” also interferes with the submarine’s own hull sonar.

Sonar is another area that needed to be upgraded. The hull sonar is modernized and range was increased to some extent but is still only fractionally as capable as modern sonar systems. Instead, a towed array sonar was mounted in a pod mounted above the main hull. A salvaged Pre-Rifts New Sovietsy system, this is a modern sonar system with far better range. In addition, the sonar can be extended outside of the “Globe of Silence” if active. The other electronics are also generally upgraded with more modern systems where possible.

The Foxtrot class submarine is armed with six forward torpedo tubes and four aft torpedo tubes. A total of twenty-two torpedoes are carried including reloads. These torpedo tubes were retained with torpedoes replaced by more modern torpedoes. Both missiles in capsules and special techno-wizard torpedoes can be fired in space of conventional torpedoes. Often four cruise missiles are carried aboard with techno-wizard torpedoes less often carried. The submarine lacks an automated reloading system which means firing rate from the torpedo tubes is greatly reduced compared to modern designs.

The main sail is modified to mounted a short range missile launcher. The sail was able to be greatly modified with no longer a snorkel needing to be mounted. When the submarine is on the surface, the short range missile launcher is designed to engage airborne targets including missiles. The short range missile launcher has a payload of sixty-four short range missiles often with a large number of faster, but with lighter warheads, anti-aircraft missiles carried. As with the towed array, the short range missile system is a New Soviet weapon system.

With the removal of the batteries and the diesel engines, a large amount of internal space was made available. Where the diesel generators were originally mounted, twelve long range missiles in a vertical launch system are mounted. Normally these missiles are fired against land or surface targets. Mounted between the inner and outer hull is a “Killer Dart” torpedo intercept system with a total of forty eight interceptor torpedoes. As with the short range missile systems and the towed array, both the “Killer Dart” and long range missile launchers are salvaged from New Sovietsky submarines. The system is not often required because the silence enchantment makes it almost impossible for torpedoes to lock on. The same is the case with the noisemakers designed to decoy torpedoes.

Forward and aft of the main sail, a techno-wizard Gatling telekinetic machine gun mount are carried in retractable mounts. These can be used both on the surface and underwater. The only weapon system which is not really of new or old Soviet designs, instead they are a fairly conventional techno-wizard designs. Like most techno-wizard weapons of this type, they needs to be recharged once a month in order to remain operational.

With the techno-wizard enchantment of the engines, removal of the diesel engines, and replacement of older systems with more advanced systems, the boat requires a much smaller crew than it originally needed. Originally crew requirement was around seventy with twelve officers. This is reduced to just over forty. Usually one or two of the crew are techno-wizards with several additional spell casters embarked aboard. As a result of this and the additional volume cleared by the removal of equipment, crew spaces are much more spacious than originally fitted. Air conditioning systems are also improved. To allow for virtually unlimited range underwater, the boat has the techno-wizard enchantment of “Sustain” added. There is space for up to a dozen additional personnel although rarely carried. Theoretically, the submarine could carry a small troop compliment.

In addition to previous listed enchantment, there are a number of additional enchantments. The boat can create an “Armor of Ithan” force field up to three times per day for additional protection. The boat also has the enchantment of “Impervious to Energy.” Deep underwater, it is impossible to see in the darkness and shadow meld makes the submarine even harder to see. There are also “See the Invisible” enchantments on the various optics including the periscopes. To power all of these enchantments, the boat has a large magic energy battery. It does not recharge except on Ley Line and Ley Line Nexus points but can also be fed magical energies from the crew of the boat.

[Author Note: The Kasatka is not based on a specific Foxtrot class submarine although some aspects are based on other submarines.]

Model Type: Project 641-TW
Vehicle Type: Ocean, Magical Attack Submarine
Crew: 42 (5 officers) with usually at least two techno-wizard or other spell casting type (three or four is preferred.)
Troops: None standard although has space for twelve additional passengers although extremely cramped if embarked.

M.D.C. by Location:

Retractable Telekinetic Gatling Cannons (2, forward and aft): 125 each
21 inch (533 mm) Torpedo Tubes (6 Bow and 4 Stern Submarine):60 each
Vertical Long Range Missile Launchers (12, Behind Sail):100 each
Short Range Missile Launcher (1, Sail):100
Killer Dart “Interceptor” Torpedo Launcher (1, Under Hull):80
Main Sail / Bridge:400
Towed Array Housing (Aft)120
[1] Bow Planes (2):120 each
[2] Propellers (3):100 each
[3] Main Body:1,200
[4] Magical “Armor of Ithan” Force Field (Three Times per Day):400

[1] Destroying the submarine’s bow planes will reduce the submarine’s ability to change depths but will not eliminate it. It also makes it difficult for the submarine’s crew to control the submarine giving a penalty of -25% to all underwater piloting rolls.
[2] Destroying all three of the submarine’s propellers causes serious problem. The submarine will no longer be able to use forward momentum and the bow planes to keep the submarine level. It is recommended that ballast tanks are immediately blown so submarine comes to the surface. Destruction of one propeller reduces the submarine’s top speed by one third.
[3] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body destroys the submarine’s structural integrity, causing it to sink. If the submarine is underwater, the entire crew will die unless protected by environmental armors that can withstand the pressure that the submarine is under. If on the surface, there are enough flotation devices and inflatable life rafts to accommodate everyone aboard.
[4] As per the spell “Armor of Ithan” - Magic, fire, lightning, and cold all inflict one-half damage. Each activation lasts for 30 minutes (120 melee rounds.)

Surface: 18.99 mph (16.5 knots /30.56 kph)
Underwater: 18.41 mph (16 knots/ 29.63 kph)
Maximum Depth: 1,200 feet (365.76 meters) - Usually does not operate below 800 feet (243.8 meters.)
Range: 1,000 nautical miles (1,151.5 miles / 1,853.2 km) for each full recharge (requires three castings of “Call Lightning” for 45 P.P.E. due to size of engines.) Life support is “Sustain” spell and has effectively virtually unlimited duration (Requires 24 P.P.E. or 48 I.S.P. and has a duration of six days per activation.) The submarine carries about six months worth of supplies on board (“Sustain” provides all food requirements.)

Statistical Data:
Length: 294 feet 11 inches (89.9 meters)
Draft: 19 feet 4 inches (5.9 meters) maximum
Width: 24 feet 3 inches (7.4 meters)
Displacement: 1,950 tons surface and 2,550 tons submerged
Cargo: Submarine is very cramped, 20 tons (18.14 metric tons) of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Boat's officers have more space for personal items although still cramped. Most of the boat's spaces are take up by extra torpedoes, weapons, and engines.
Power System: Techno-Wizard Electrical Engine Conversion (Powered by “Call Lightning” spell)
Black Market Cost: Not for Sale. Such a vessel, if available for sale, would probably cost 250 or more million.


  1. Two (2) Retractable Telekinetic Gatling Cannons: Mounts have been enchanted by a series of spells so the cannons act as a more powerful version of the Telekinetic Machine gun. Each mount is retractable inside of the boats hull for when the submarine is diving although can be used underwater against torpedoes and other targets. This increases the weapons damage and instead of being reloaded, the cannons must be recharged each by the spell Telekinesis and 100 P.P.E. once per month. The cannon does full damage to targets that are impervious to energy. Additional optics and fire control have been added to enable the system to track and target aircraft and missiles
    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,220 meters).
    Mega Damage: 12D6 each
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5).
    Payload: Unlimited, although the spells (100 P.P.E. each cannon) on each must be renewed every month whether the cannon have been used or not.
  2. Ten (10) 21 inch (533 mm) Heavy Torpedo Tubes: On the bow of the submarine are six torpedo tubes and four stern mounted torpedo tubes. Old style torpedo tubes although modern torpedoes are fired instead of old type torpedoes. The tubes are manually reloaded. For warheads, heavy torpedoes should be treated as having long missiles warheads. Along with standard torpedoes, launcher can also fire missiles in special canisters, rocket boosted ASW torpedoes, and even mines. There are also special techno-wizard torpedoes available. A total of twelve torpedoes are carried for reloads with eight in the forward torpedo room and four in the aft Maximum Effective Range: 40 miles (34.8 nautical miles / 64 km) for torpedoes.
    Mega Damage: By Heavy torpedo warhead type (See revised Rifts torpedoes for details), can fire missiles (Long Range or Cruise) in special canisters as well (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Forward Tubes: One at a time or in volleys of two (2), three (3), four (4), or six (6.) After Tubes: One at a time or in volleys of two (2), three (3), four (4.) Reloading tubes takes two full melee rounds.
    Payload: Ten (10) Total - Six (6) Forward and Four (4) aft. (Has twelve [12] additional torpedoes total for reloads.) Total of four (4) anti-ship cruise missiles are usually carried. Can also carry two mines for each torpedo normally carried.
  3. Twelve (12) Vertical Launch Long Range Missile Launchers: On the sides of the submarine are twelve long range missile launchers that launch upwards. These launchers are mounted outside of the submarines pressure hull so they do not reduce internal volume. Missiles are launched in special canisters that enable the missiles to be used in depths down to 300 feet. Most missiles normally carried are fusion (Also smart missiles).
    Maximum Effective Range: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), eight (8), or twelve (12) missiles and can be fired at multiple targets at the same time.
    Payload: Twelve (12) missiles total. Submarine carries no reloads.
  4. Sail Mounted Short Range Missile Launcher (1): The submarine has a retractable short range missile launcher on the sail for defense against aircraft although is effective against missiles as well. Launcher can be used while the submarine is up to 80 feet (24 meters) deep and is useful against aircraft hunting the submarine while the submarine is underwater. Short Range Missiles are usually a mixture of 50% Armor Piercing and 50% Plasma. Launchers can lock onto multiple targets at the same. The systems missile launchers can target up four targets and can fire a volley up to twice per melee.
    Maximum Effective Range: As per short range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per short range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2) or four (4) and can be fired up to four times per melee.
    Payload: Sixty-Four (64) missiles.
  5. Killer Dart “Interceptor” Short Range Torpedo Launcher (1): The launcher is mounted under the bow of the submarine. These so called “Killer Darts” are a Russian interceptor torpedo, designed primarily for intercepting and hitting incoming torpedoes, with a secondary function against small submersibles and submersible power armors. They are mounted outside of the submarines pressure hull in retractable mounts. The launchers can only be reloaded in port. American and European designed prefer to fire interceptor torpedoes from their standard torpedo tubes. Launcher is primarily designed to intercept incoming torpedoes but can be used against other vessels, against large submarines, and against underwater troops. Other torpedoes can be used but are very rarely used.
    Maximum Effective Range: 2000 feet (609.6 meters) using interceptor torpedoes, other torpedoes use standard rules (See revised Rifts torpedoes for details.)
    Mega-Damage: By Short Range Torpedo Type (See revised Rifts torpedoes for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Each launcher can fire salvos of up to eight (8) short range interceptor torpedoes per melee.
    Payload: Forty-Eight (48) Interceptor Torpedoes.
  6. Magical “Globe of Silence” Submarine Silencing Feature: Unlike on the Nautilus class submarine, this enchantment is not always active but instead needs to be activated when needed. The enchantment is an application of a modified version of the spell “Globe of Silence.” The hull, propellers, and all exterior features are protected by this spell which extends outward by 1 foot (0.3 meters). This blocks all interior noises (including the launching of torpedoes) as well. This renders the submarine completely undetectable using active sonars and can only be detected by passive sonar by trying to find an area which there are no sounds (close to impossible, 5% chance with an incredible sonar operator). Torpedoes fired against the submarine have penalties of -10 to strike the submarine and lose all bonuses. The hull sonar of the submarine does not extend out from the silencing system but the towed array sonar does. Without the “Globe of Silence,” the submarine has no penalties to detect above five knots. Below five knots, there is a -10% penalty to be detected.
    Duration: Ten (10) minutes per activation.
    P.P.E. Cost: 40 each activation
  7. Noisemakers: The submarine carries noisemakers to decoy torpedoes. They are most effective against normal torpedoes and less effective against “smart” torpedoes. Considered in many ways to be the last line of defense against incoming torpedoes and similar systems are carried on most submarines. The noisemakers are launched from the middle of the submarine.
    Effect: 50% of decoying normal torpedoes and 20% of decoying smart torpedoes.
    Rate of Fire: Two (2) at a time (Can be reloaded in one melee)
    Payload: Twenty (20) Noisemakers.
  8. Techno-Wizard Modifications: The Kasatka has the following Techno-Wizard Modifications built into the boat. These require P.P.E. or I.S.P. from the boats crew or P.P.E. battery.
    Special Features:
      Sustain (6th Level) - 24 P.P.E. or 48 I.S.P.
      Shadow Meld (6th Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.
      Impervious to Energy (6th Level) - 40 P.P.E. or 80 I.S.P.

Sensory / Special Equipment:

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