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Techno-Wizard Aurora class Scout Cruiser:

Some Techno-Wizards have spend years restoring old pre-rifts vehicles including old naval vessels. Some Techno-Wizards consider themselves to be more practical and produce more modern designs that just appear to be that of an old design. The designers of the Aurora class Scout Cruiser can be listed with the second group. Instead of rebuilding an old Naval warship, they built a vessel that appears similar to old Naval Vessels while incorporating as many modern features as possible and using modern high strength composites and alloys. Missiles are also far more important than they are on most Techno-Wizard naval vessels. Multiple Techno-Wizard features are also incorporated into the design making it an incredibly capable vessel. The appearance of the vessel seems to be based on the Post World War One Omaha class Scout Cruiser. The Aurora class is far larger than the converted U.S.S. Olympia. In role, the cruiser acts as both a scouting vessel and as a flagship for destroyers and other light craft. Even thought it is called a cruiser, the Aurora is the size of a destroyer compared to the vessels of many other navies.

Only a couple of these vessels have been constructed as of yet but four more are under construction at the present time. Eventually, these ships will probably become the flagships of many Techno-Wizard fleets. They are faster and are considered far more capable than previous designs.

The high tech heart of the cruiser are fusion reactors instead of some form of magical power system. The reactors generate far more power for the size of the vessel and enable the cruiser to reach a maximum speed of greater than 36 knots. The fusion power plants also produce years of power and do not need to be watched constantly. While the ship has four smokestacks that produce smoke, they have nothing to do with the propulsion of the vessel. Through magic, the smokestacks can be used to produce a smokescreen to camouflage the vessel. The hull of the vessel is also conventional in design using normal armored plates which are easier and less expensive to replace than magical iron plates. The lighter alloys also have many advantages in terms of shear weight. The ship is slightly wider than the original Omaha class cruiser which makes it more stable and be able to withstand more damage.

Weaponry is an interesting combination of gun systems and missiles. The main firepower of the cruiser is guns but the vessel also has a respectable amount of missile weaponry as well. The vessel also carries torpedoes and techno-wizard systems to support the main weaponry.

The ship carries more gun mounts than is standard on most other Post Rifts designs and is cable of quickly turning any vessel that gets within gun range into wreckage. The main weaponry is six turrets which each mount twin five inch guns with one in front, two to either side of the front superstructure, one on the fantail, and two on either side of the rear superstructure. These guns are capable against surface targets, ground targets, and aircraft. The ship carries five twin mounts of flack cannons for close range firepower. Two mounts are on either side of the hull and one mounted on the rear superstructure. These guns are all purpose like the main guns of the cruiser although they are especially effective against aircraft. The ship carries for close range defense a total of six Techno-Wizard Gatling cannons with two in the forward superstructure and six beside the after false smoke stacks.

Medium Range missile vertical style launchers are on mounted either side of the hull and mainly meant for missile defense but can be used against other targets as well. For use against larger targets, the cruiser has eight long range missiles behind the forward superstructure. The missile racks are similar to Pre-Rifts harpoon canisters and can be jettisoned if required. For close range defense, the ship carries two short range missile launchers similar to the Pre-Rifts RAM launchers. One is mounted on the top of the forward superstructure and the other is mounted on the after superstructure.

For use against submarines and against other naval vessels, the Cruiser has three heavy torpedo tubes on either side. They are mounted just forward of the rear superstructure. Large torpedoes were chosen because they are far more damaging and have a longer range than medium torpedoes carried on most Navel vessels.

Techno-Wizard defense systems include a shock wave protective system that is very effective against missile strikes. In addition, the ship carries a magical chaff and flare system to decoy missiles as well. A magical smoke generation system allows the ship to create a cloud to hide the vessel. The ship has several standard techno-wizard enchantments to augment the abilities of the vessel. The ship also has a magic energy battery to power the various magical systems.

The ship carries a variety of sensor systems. The ship carries a long range search radar which ties into the missile fire control systems. The ship also carries both a powerful hull and towed array sonar system to detect targets underwater. The cruiser also carries special “See the Invisible” optics for use against targets using invisibility.

The ship uses advanced automation similar to what is used on the Tempest class destroyer and has a crew of only around two hundred and fifty. In addition the ship carries one hundred troops with sixty of them in mystic power armors. The ship also can carry two aircraft for scouting with two catapults to launch the aircraft. The interior of the ship is designed to look like that of an early twentieth century vessel although the crew quarters are carefully constructed to be far more comfortable while still looking retro. The ship uses magical life support systems to protect the crew of the vessel.

Model Type: TW-CL-01
Vehicle Type: Ocean, Magically Enchanted Light Cruiser
Crew: 254 with usually at least 6 techno-wizard and 6 other spell casting types.
Troops: 100 (60 pilots for Mystic Power Armors, 40 soldiers in body armor)

Robots, Power Armors, and Vehicles:

60Mystic Power Armors
2Float Plane style Aircraft

M.D.C. by Location:

Twin Barrel Five Inch (127 mm) Cannon Turrets (6):300
Twin Barrel Flack Cannon Turret (5):280 each
T.W. Gatling Cannons (6):100 each
Side Medium Range VLS Missile Launcher (2, 16 Cell):300 each
Missile Canisters (8 total - Behind Forward Superstructure):100 each
Short Range Missile Launchers (2, Front and Rear):150 each
Triple Torpedo Launchers (2, sides):75 each
“Fireworks” Magic Chaff and Flare Dispensers (4, superstructure):20 each
Electromagnetic Rail Catapult (2, Sides):125 each
Rear Pole Mast:100
[1] Radar System:200
[2] Bridge:550
[3] Main Body:2,800

[1] Destroying Search Radar Tower will eliminate SPS-49 radar system.
[2] If Control Bridge is destroyed, the ship can still be piloted from engineering but with a -15% to piloting rolls due to using emergency controls. Communication and sensor equipment are not concentrated on the bridge to reduce the effectiveness of bridge hits.
[3] Destroying the main body causes the ship to lose structural integrity, causing the ship to sink. There are enough life preservers and inflatable life boats to accommodate everyone on the ship.

Surface: 42 mph (36.5 knots/ 67.6 kph)
Range: Effectively Unlimited due to fusion engines (needs to refuel every 10 years and requires maintenance as well). Ship carries six months of supplies on board.

Statistical Data:
Length: 558 feet (107.08 meters) overall and 552 feet (168.25 meters) at the waterline
Draft: 16.5 feet (5.03 meters) mean and 22.2 feet (6.77 meters) under the sonar dome
Width: 60.5 feet (18.44 meters)
Displacement: 7,400 tons standard and 9,550 tons fully loaded
Cargo: Can carry 500 tons of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ships officers have more space for personal items. Most of the ship’s spaces are taken up by extra ammo, armor, troops, weapons, and engines.
Power System: Nuclear Reactors, average life span is 10 years
Black Market Price: Very rare and expensive, normal cost is about 600 million credits but often will costs much more.


  1. Six (6) Double Barrel Five Inch (127 mm) Naval Guns: The ship has one mount in the front of the superstructure, two on either side of the rear superstructure, one on the fantail, and two on either side of the rear superstructure. Based on Pre-Rifts Mark 45 Mount carried on the Burke class destroyer and other late Twentieth Century and early Twenty First Century but is modified into a twin barrel mount. The guns can be used against other ships, against ground targets, and against aircraft. The five inch guns can also use rocket assisted projectiles for extended range.
    Maximum Effective Range: 12 miles (10.4 nm/19.3 km) for standard projectiles, 20 miles (17.4 nm/32.2 km) for rocket propelled rounds.
    Mega-Damage: Standard Projectiles: 2D6x10 to a blast radius of 25 ft (7.7 m) for High Explosive, 3D6x10 to a blast radius of 6 ft (2 m) for High Explosive Armor Piercing, and 4D6x10 to a blast radius of 25 ft (7.7 m) for Plasma. Rocket projectiles: 2D4x10 to a blast radius of 20 ft (6.1 m) for High Explosive, 2D6x10 to a blast radius of 4 ft (1.2 m) for High Explosive Armor Piercing, and 3D6x10 to a blast radius of 20 ft (6.1 m) for Plasma. Double weapon's damage if the gun is firing both cannons simultaneously and for special purpose warheads use the statistics for 105 mm artillery warheads (Go to Battlefield Artillery for Rifts for more information - standard or rocket assisted as appropriate).
    Rate of Fire: Five shots per barrel per melee (Firing both barrels counts as one attack)
    Payload: 3000 rounds (500 rounds per weapon mount). Ship normally carries usually carries 1000 High Explosive, 750 High Explosive Armor Piercing, 750 Plasma, 500 Rocket Propelled High Explosive, 250 Rocket Propelled High Explosive Armor Piercing, and 250 Rocket Propelled Plasma rounds. The ship will carry special rounds when employed in artillery roles.
  2. Twin Recoilless Anti-Aircraft Flack Cannon Turrets (5): The cannons are mounted in twins mounts with two on either side of the vessel and one on the fantail above the fire inch turret. Each cannon is identical to the TX-862FC with the exception that the weapon's ammunition bins are larger and are mounted in pairs. The cannons are in the same position as the twin 40 mm cannon mounts with five mounts on the port side and four mounts on the starboard side. The cannon turrets can rotate 360 and the barrel can tilt up to 90 degrees. It is normally used for Anti-Aircraft purposes but also works as excellent but fairly short range artillery.
    Maximum Effective Range: 10,000 feet (3048 meters).
    Mega Damage: Single Round: 4D6 M.D.C., Two Rounds 1D6x10, and Six Rounds 3D6x10. Double weapons damage if the gun is firing both cannons simultaneously
    Rate of Fire:Equal to the gunners combined hand to hand (usually 5 or 6) each (Firing both barrels counts as one attack)
    Payload: Total 1200 for each barrel (2400 total for mount). That is 200 volleys of 6 rounds, or 600 two round volleys.
    Special Feature: The flack cannon has both and independent power supply and its own laser targeting and radar tracking system (especially useful if radar system is destroyed). Sensor has a range of 11,000 feet (3353 meters). The system can also be set on automatic which gives it +1 to strike and three attacks per melee and will fire two round burst. Gives +2 when fired.
  3. TK Gatling Cannons (6): The cannons are with one on either side of the forward superstructure and two one either side of the ship’s false smoke stacks. Mounts have been enchanted by a series of spells so the cannons act as a more powerful version of the TK Machine gun. This increases the weapon's damage and instead of being reloaded, the cannons must be recharged by the spell Telekinesis and 100 P.P.E. once per month. The cannon does full damage to targets that are impervious to energy. Additional optics and fire control have been added to enable the system to track and target aircraft and missiles.
    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,220 meters).
    Mega Damage: 12D6
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5).
    Payload: Unlimited, although the spells (100 P.P.E. each cannon) on each must be renewed every month whether the cannon have been used or not.
  4. Long Range Missile Launchers (8): These launchers are special canisters that are located between the forward superstructure and the first stack on the ship. These canisters were copied from Old United States Harpoon canister launchers. While the launchers are reusable, they are still inexpensive and are easily jettisoned. While any long range missile type can be carried, usually special surface skimming missiles will be carried in launchers and are used against surface targets only.
    Maximum Effective Range: As per long range missile type (Surface skimming missiles have 25% less range than normal long range missile, See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), or eight (8) missiles (All launchers operate together)
    Payload: One missile each launcher for a grand total of eight long range missiles (Has no missiles in storage for reloads).
  5. Medium Range Missile Batteries (2): These Batteries are located on the sides of the ship near the middle of the vessel. Each system can launch up to 16 simultaneously each and automatically reload the launcher after each firing. This acts as the ships point defense and is normally used to engage incoming air targets and missiles. Launchers look like a vertical launch missile launcher similar to the Pre-Rifts Vertical Launch Sea Sparrow launchers.
    Maximum Effective Range: As per medium range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per medium range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), eight (8), or sixteen (16) missiles per launcher.
    Payload: 64 medium range missiles total for each launcher for a total of 128 medium range missiles.
  6. Short Range Missile Quad Launcher (2): One is mounted on the front superstructure and the other is mounted on the rear superstructure. The weapon is a modified version of the Pre-Rifts RAM missile launching system and has been designed to use 21 Short Range Missiles. These missile mounts main purpose is for inner anti-missile point defense and was originally designed to deal with cruise missiles. Short Range Missiles are usually a mixture of 50% Armor Piercing and 50% Plasma. Launchers can lock onto multiple targets at the same. The systems missile launchers can target up four targets and can fire a volley up to twice per melee.
    Maximum Effective Range: As per short range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: As per short range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2) or four (4) missiles and can be used up to twice per melee.
    Payload: 21 missiles each
  7. Two (2) Heavy Torpedo Launchers: There is one launcher on each side of the ship. Each torpedo launcher has three torpedo tubes and tubes fire heavy torpedoes. Torpedoes are normally used against submarines but can be targeted on surface targets as well. Ship carries 30 reloads for torpedoes. Treat warheads as long range missile warheads.
    Maximum Effective Range: 40 miles (34.8 nautical miles / 64 km).
    Mega Damage: By Heavy torpedo warhead type (See revised Rifts torpedoes for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire torpedoes one at a time or in volleys of two (2) or three (3) torpedoes per side, Reloading takes one full melee.
    Payload: Three torpedoes each launcher for a grand total of six heavy torpedoes (Has 30 torpedoes for reloads)
  8. Magical “Shockwave” Defense System: When it is activated, a circular energy wave is emanated from the ship in all directions. The blast is semi-spherical and effects travel upwards as well. The blast does not affect targets underwater. It is longer ranged version of the eight level spell shockwave. Unfortunately, the spell can only be activated once per melee and required magical energy every time it is activated. It is mostly used to destroy incoming missiles. The system does not affect people and equipment on the deck of the ship
    Maximum Effective Range: 1,000 feet (305 meters) in all directions
    Mega Damage: 1D4x10 to all targets within the radius of effect (S.D.C. objects will be completely destroyed). The system also inflicts knock as per the spell “Shockwave” on page 144 of World Book 16: Federation of Magic. (General Guideline: If the shockwave does not destroy the incoming missiles then missiles of medium range and smaller have an 88% of being knocked from the air, long range missiles have a 50% chance of being knocked out of the air, and cruise missiles have a 20% of being knocked out of the air)
    Rate of Fire: Once per melee
    Payload: One, requires 35 P.P.E. to be activated again.
  9. “Fireworks” Anti-Missile Chaff/Flare Dispenser (4): In many ways this system is similar to technological versions of the Chaff/Flare system. When the system fires, it looks like fireworks firing. The anti-missile system works by combining three spells. The three spells are Fire Bolt, Apparition, and Telekinesis. The physical effects of the system are similar to the Triax Anti-Missile chaff but instead of being reloaded, it is recharged by spells.
      01-35 - Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud - Missiles are all destroyed.
      36-60 - Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (May lock onto another target.)
      61-00 - No effect, enemy missile or missile volley is still on target.
    Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind flying monsters that fly through cloud. They will suffer the following penalties: reduce melee attacks/actions, combat bonuses, and speed by half.
    Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
    Payload: 10 Uses before being recharged. Each launcher is recharged by the spells Apparition (20 P.P.E.), Fire Bolt (7 P.P.E.), and Telekinesis (8 P.P.E.). The cost for all launchers to be recharged is 140 P.P.E. All launchers must be activated at the same time to operate correctly.
  10. Magical “Cloud of Fog” Generator: This system is built into the ships smoke stacks and unlike most magical systems, do not require magical from a spell caster and instead uses the steam from a tap to the elemental planes of fire and water to produce the cloud of fog.
    Range: 6,000 feet (1,830 meters) in all directions
    Effect: Produces a fog bank that obscures vision. Visibility is reduced to 60 feet inside the cloud and even with thermal sensors, a penalty of -2 to strike parry and dodge
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.
  11. . Techno-Wizard Modifications: The Aurora has the following Techno-Wizard Modifications built into the ship. These require P.P.E. or I.S.P. from the ships crew or P.P.E. battery. The P.P.E. and I.S.P. values listed inside of the parenthesis are if using higher P.P.E. costs for larger vehicles.
    Special Features:
      Shadow Meld (8th Level) - 10 P.P.E. or 20 I.S.P. (40 P.P.E. or 80 I.S.P.)
      Impervious to Energy (8th Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P. (80 P.P.E. or 160 I.S.P.)
      Invisibility-Superior (8th Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P. (80 P.P.E. or 160 I.S.P.)

Special Systems:
The ship has all systems standard on a robot vehicle plus the following special features:

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