GAW Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT):

The HEMTT series are a range of eight wheeled diesel powered off-road capable trucks which are used by the United States Army. They are described formally as "Truck, Cargo: 10-Ton, 8x8." The vehicle is nicknamed by soldiers as the " "Dragon Wagon." The truck first entered service with the United States Army in 1982 as the replacement for the M520 Goer.

The truck served until the revolution in high tech materials which made virtually every other design obsolete at the same time. A few were refitted with new alloys and composites to soldier on for a few years but the design was soon completely retired from active service. Still, many survived in almost forgotten National Guard armories. Some of these were recovered by adventurers and the vehicles were refitted.

There is a ten wheel variant of the HEMTT truck which is used as the prime mover in the Palletized Load System (PLS). The vehicle was originally produced by the Oshkosh Truck Corporation. In addition to military roles, the civilian realm the truck's chassis is also used in airport firefighting vehicles.

Golden Age primarily refits pre-rifts vehicles with new alloys and composites. As well, the tires are replaced by new high strength materials. Still, they do manufacture a small number of vehicles. The HEMTT is one of those vehicles. They also refit the old vehicles although they are far less tough than the new construction versions which use all high strength composites and alloys. The refitted versions, as might be expected, are far cheaper than newly manufactured vehicles.

Due to their high mobility, these vehicles are extremely popular with mercenaries but also many others. The Coalition does not consider these vehicles to be a threat and they are freely sold both outside and inside of the Coalition. Generally, they only consider these vehicles to be a real threat if heavily refitted with additional weaponry. Of course with the dangers after the coming of the Rifts, this armor is needed far more than anyone might want.

The standard power plant is a 12.1 liter diesel engine which produces 445 horsepower. Range cross-country is around four hundred miles. The ones produced by Golden Age use a similar engine but some purchasers have replaced the engine with a wide variety of power plants including fusion plants. The most common engine is the engine standard on the Mountaineer ATV. The vehicle is extremely capable over rough terrain and is almost as capable as the LAV and Stryker vehicles.

All basic versions of the vehicle can optionally be fitted with a winch in front and / or rear with the capacity for 20,000 lbs. (9072 kg.) This can be extremely useful in a wide variety of roles including self recovery.

There are several basic variants of the vehicle produced, these are:

Model Type:GAW M985Cargo Truck (Also includes M977 model)
GAW M978Tanker Truck - Carries 2500-gal (9,463 liter) liquid tank.
GAW M984Recovery Vehicle
Vehicle Type: Heavy Truck
Crew: Two

M.D.C. By Location:Refitted Version:New Manufacture:
[1] Tow Winches (Optional - Front / Rear)5 each5 each
[1] Headlight (4)2 each2 each
[2] Tires (Eight with One Spare):10 each10 each
Crew Compartment5080
Cargo Compartment / Bed:4060
[3] Main Body:140200

[1] These are small and difficult targets to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “called shot,” but even then the attacker is -4 to strike.
[2] Up to one tire can be destroyed on each side of the vehicle without any appreciable loss in mobility but top speeds with be reduced by 10%. If two tires on a side are destroyed, the vehicle is reduced in top speed by 20% and has a -25% to piloting rolls when being operated off-road. The truck normally carries a spare tires as a spare.
[3] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the unit down completely, making it useless.

Ground: Cruising speed on land is 62 mph (100 kph) on roads and 46.6 mph (75 kph) off road maximum
Water Capabilities: Not Amphibious but can ford water up to 4.0 feet (1.2 meters) deep.
Maximum Range: 400 miles. (644 km.) The vehicle is designed to traverse virtually all terrain and can climb at up to a 60% grade although at a much slower speed (About 10% of maximum road speed). It can also climb barriers and ford trenches. The vehicle can also handle side slopes of up to 30%.

Statistical Data:
Height (Over Spare Tire): 9.30 feet (2.845 meters)
Width: 8.00 feet (2.438 meters)
Length: 33.38 feet (10.173 meters)
Weight: Curb Weight: 38,800 lbs (17,600 kg), Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 62,000 lbs (28,123 kg), and Gross Combined Weight Rating: 100,000 lbs (45,360 kg)
Power Source: DDC Model 12.1 liter DDEC4 (445 horsepower) - Diesel Engine
Cargo Capacity: 22,000 lbs (9979.0 kg) over 60% grade.
Black Market Cost: Basic vehicle costs for upgraded Pre-Rifts model 50,000 credits and a GAW Manufactured version 160,000 credits. Tow Winch costs 2,000 credits each. All Weapon Systems cost extra.

Weapons Systems: None Standard (Weapon Systems cost extra)

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