Ghost U-Boat (U-2666):

It was the end of World War Two and the Nazis were desperate. They had been unable to stop the flow of supplies from North America to England and the Germans were quite clearly losing the war. Losses of German U-Boats had been horrible and a huge number of German sailors had dies in the steel coffins, as many called them. Still, the hopeless crews were sent out again and again with less coming back each time. A number of new submarine designs were developed in an attempt to redress the balance in the Atlantic with new technology. One of these new submarines was the class XXI. The submarine used a snorkel to stay submerged, had a more streamlined hull and could travel faster underwater than any previous class, and could dive deeper. It was a whole new level of development in submarines. Even so, it was too late and the war ended before any of the new submarines could enter the fight.

At the same time which large numbers of submarines were being lost, large numbers of Waffen S.S. units were replacing normal army units in the fighting. Himmler, chief of the Waffen S.S. thought that his men would make more brave crews for submarines than the sailors of Karl Dornitz's Navy. He was able to persuade Adolf Hitler to support a program where submarines would be crewed by S.S. Volunteers. The program was developed in secret with not even the Chief of the Navy knowing about the program. The crew was to be the most loyal men in the S.S. and dedicated to the defeat of the enemies of the Nazis. It was rumored around Nazis who knew about the program that the captain was a practicing occultist who specialized in the dead and the undead. So was born the submarine which did not exist. The boat, U-2666 sailed out for its maiden voyage only weeks before Germany surrendered. When the Nazis realized that they would lose the war, all of the workers who built the boat were executed so that it would be kept secret so the submarine could continue the war in secret. All of the Nazi leaders who knew directly about the boat committed suicide. Around Nazi circles, there was rumors of a secret base on a remote island. The U-Boat was never heard from again. It is possible that it was sunk in the final days of the war and it is also possible that the crew decided to scuttle the submarine themselves after Germany surrendered.

Something happened after the coming of the Rifts. Things that were long dead and buried woke up. In the case of U-2666, something extremely evil woke up. There is not explanation for why this occurred, maybe it was the extreme evil and hatred of the crew which did not allow them to rest, maybe it was something related to the occult practices of the captain. The ocean became a very dangerous place with the coming of the Rifts with sea monsters, pirates, and other deadly magical storms. The first few sighting of U-2666 was considered to be the sighting of a submarine crewed by pirates and there was little concern over it. This changed over time and there was just something eerie about it. Eventually it was learned that it was something beyond that of simple pirates and it was a ghost which had returned and not returned for benevolent purposes.

The submarine appears to be covered in deep rust but otherwise looks to be intact. When seen, it is usually surrounded with some kind of witch fire and a malevolent aura can be felt coming from the submarine. The U-Boat seems to attack everything, merchant ships, warships, sea monsters, and even other haunted ships. It also does not appear to differentiate between good and evil. Against larger targets, the submarine usually rises to periscope depth ad launches a volley of torpedoes. The torpedoes follow their targets as if they are possessed by demons and there are scholars who speculate that this is the actual case. On smaller targets, the submarine will rise and use its guns on it. As well, if a ship is able to launch life boats, the U-Boat will rise to the surface and use its guns to murder any survivors. Occasionally, a few of the crew will exit the inside of the U-Boat and grab a few living survivors which are hanging off the submarine itself and drag them back inside their steel coffin. None have ever returns. Some scholars have speculated that the prisoners power the ship as sacrifices while others believe that the prisoners are consumed by an undead crew. When seen, the crew will appear as half rotted corpses which are dressed in the tattered remains of S.S. uniforms. They are a horrifying sight and some have fainted in fear just being near the undead crew. The smell is also appalling. When a hatch in the submarine opens, a bright yet sickly green glow comes from the opening. The same occurs when holes are blown in the side of the U-Boat. A psychic sailor once attempted to get a vision of the inside of the ghost submarine and have horrible visions of dripping blood. She had to be sedated afterwards and it was a long time before she could talk about. She shudders to this day when asked about the U-Boat although she will reluctantly answer questions if asked. If it seems that the submarine is about to be destroyed, it dives deep and escapes. It appears to have the ability to dive far deeper than it could originally and some speculate that it can dive to the bottom of the ocean. The New Navy has encountered it several times and there is a standing order to attempt to sink the ghost submarine. Even though it is slower than their submarines, they have been unable to follow it as it has dove beyond their maximum depth. About the only thing the ancient submarine does not appear to attack are vessels of the Coalition Navy. Scholars have been unable to find any records on the submarine but some who have researched ancient history and the Nazi party believe that the prominent Coalition symbol with its skull motif on the ships makes the submarine crew consider it to be one of their own. It is likely that it would not attack vessels displaying the Nazi flag or symbol or the old World War Two German Navy flag. It also would likely attack any vessel displaying the Star of David before any others. While some scholars discount the stories, there are stories of bodies which had just been previously killed by the U-Boat rising up as if alive and climbing onboard intact vessels and attempting to murder anything living. It has also been told that these corpse will attempt to drown remaining survivors. Other stories tell of the ship suddenly summoning a Demon Maggot which fights off attackers on the deck of the submarine. Some think that the evil magic comes from the submarine while others consider it to be the work of the crew of the vessel which it is likely that one is a necromancer. It is further speculated that this necromancer is the captain of the submarine.

Model Type: Type XXI Submarine
Vehicle Type: Ocean, Ghost Submarine
Crew: 58 (Supernatural)
Horror Factor: 18

M.D.C. by Location:

Torpedo Tubes (6 - Bow of submarine):130 each
Twin Flack Mounts (2 - Superstructure):66 each
Main Sail / Bridge:666
[1] Bow Planes (2):330 each
[2] Propellers (2):300 each
[3] Main Body:2,666

[1] Destroying the submarines bow planes will reduce the submarines ability to change depths but will not eliminate it. It also makes it difficult for the submarines crew to control the submarine giving a penalty of -25% to all piloting rolls.
[2] Loss of one of the propellers will reduce submarine’s speed by half and give a -10% to piloting rolls. Destroying both of the submarine’s propellers causes serious problem. The submarine will no longer be able to use forward momentum and the bow planes to keep the submarine level.
[3] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body destroys the submarine’s structural integrity, causing it to sink. The undead crew appears to be unaffected by water pressures and it is unlikely that they will be killed by the sinking.
Note: The U-Boat will regenerate at 20% of the hit locations M.D.C. per day, meaning all damage will be restored within 5 days of being damaged.

Surface: 17.8 mph (15.5 knots/28.7 kph).
Underwater: 19.9 mph (17.25 knots /32.0 mph)
Maximum Depth: Effectively Unlimited (The Submarine appears to have no maximum depth.)
Maximum Effective Range: Effectively Unlimited, the engines appears to need no refueling and seems to run on magical energy. The boat's crew does not appear to require provisions.

Statistical Data:
Length: 251.6 feet (76.7 meters)
Draft: 20.7 feet (6.3 meters)
Width: 26.2 feet (8 meters)
Displacement: 1,621 tons (1,819 tons submerged)
Cargo: Submarine is very cramped, 10 tons of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ships officers have more space for personal items. Most of the ships spaces are take up by extra torpedoes, weapons, and engines.
Power System: Magic, systems seem to work as if run by magic
Black Market Cost: Not for Sale, due to the haunted and evil nature of the submarine it is doubtful anyone would want the boat and the U-Boat is completely independent. Several groups would likely pay huge amounts to have the submarine destroyed.


  1. Two (2) “Balefire” Twin 2 cm Flack Cannons: These weapons are mounted in twin mounts with one in the forward part of the superstructure while the other is in the after part of the superstructure. Originally, the weapon mounts were designed for defense against attacking aircraft. The undead crew of the submarine often use the guns to kill survivors in life boats. It is the original cannon but “Ghost” energies cause the cannon to fire streams of rounds constructed from magical energy instead of standard projectiles. Rounds will effect both the target hit and any crew inside as if they are hit by the spell “Havoc” and the weapon appears to a virtually infinite payload.
    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,220 meters).
    Mega Damage: Single Round inflicts 4D4 and Long Burst 2D6x10. Each burst also inflicts 1D6 Direct to hit points per melee (Inflicts double M.D.C. to Supernatural Creatures) to the crew and the target also needs to save vs magic or are -3 to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge. (has no sense of direction or time.) Secondary effect goes direct through power armor and vehicles. Duration of secondary effect is ten melees. Havoc effects a 10 foot (4.6 meter) diameter area.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (Usually four for ship’s lich crew)
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited
  2. Six (6) “Water Wraith” 53.3 cm (21 inch) Torpedo Tubes: The submarine has six torpedo tubes in the bow. The torpedoes glow with an unnatural green light. Some think that the torpedoes contain some sort of demon which possesses the weapon. The torpedo will chase down a fleeing target and are incredibly fast compared to a World War Two torpedoes, about sixty knots. While quite a bit slower than most advanced torpedoes used by Post Rifts Navies, the torpedoes appear to have effectively unlimited endurance and the only way to stop the torpedo appears to be to destroy it. The torpedo will attack over and over again unless it is destroyed (50 M.D.C.) The torpedo has two attacks per round and is +3 to strike and dodge. Luckily, the submarine seems to possess only limited numbers of these malevolent weapons at any one time although they appear to regenerate slowly although no-one knows how this occurs. Some speculate that the torpedoes just reappear on the racks but it is mostly guess.
    Maximum Effective Range: Effectively unlimited, Once fired, the possessed torpedo will travel and pursue the designated target until its target or the torpedo is destroyed (or the target vanished from sight or gets away by another means.)
    Mega-Damage: 4D6x10 M.D. of magical energy every time the torpedo strikes
    Rate of Fire: Can fire torpedoes one at a time or in volleys of two (2), three (3), four (4), or six (6) torpedoes. Reloading takes 2 full melee rounds.
    Payload: 6 Total (Has 17 torpedoes for reloads), Regenerates at the rate of 1 torpedo per hour.

Special Abilities as a Haunted Vehicle:


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