The Half Elf Race (Not R.C.C.):

by Gabriel (Modified by Kitsune)

While Palladium books states that there can be no crossbreeding between two races, the half elf is not unbalancing for the game. There are two explanations, first is that humans and elves can interbreed. The second option is to allow the race to be conceived with magical aid. The skills are only if the character is raised in an elven society or by an elven parent. If the character is raised by humans, the skills should be taken from the reagon that the character was raised. This race is usable in Palladium Fantasy and Rifts. The character class can also be played in modern setting similar to the Mercedes Lackey "Serried Edge" fantasy setting.

Alignments: Any
Attributes: The number of six-sided dice rolled is as designated: IQ: 3D6+1, ME: 3D6, MA: 3D6, PS: 3D6, PP: 3D6+3, PE: 3D6 PB: 4D6, SPD: 3D6
Hit Points: PE + 1D6 per level of experience
S.D.C.: 20 plus those gained from O.C.C.'s and physical skills.
Natural Armor Rating: None
PPE: 6D6
Natural Abilities: Superior Physical Prowess and Physical Beauty, generally high intelligence. Nightvision 60ft, (Can see in total darkness), +1 Attack with if Archery Skill is taken, +2% to Wilderness Skills
Combat: Two without combat training, or those gained from hand to hand combat and / or boxing.
Bonuses: Only those gained from attributes, O.C.C., and skill bonuses.
Psionics: Standard, basically same as humans.
Average Life Span: 500 years
OCC's (Palladium): Any OCC
OCC's Rifts: Virtually Any, except for Coalition Military.
Skills of Note: 50% speak and read the Elf languages at 98%, and will be literate in one more and know basic math (Both +20%), in addition to OCC Skills.
Habitat: Can be found anywhere in small numbers. Mostly found in England on Rifts Earth.
Size: 6 feet + 1D6 inches tall.
Weight: 170 to 250.

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Image drawn and copyrighted by Lisa M. Mower.

Writeup originally by Gabriel (

Writeup revised by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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