Gadorian Race (Phase World):

The Gadorian Race is one of the founding races of the Combined Stars Protectorate and form about one quarter of the total population of the Protectorate. The other major races are Humans and Wolfen While they have some lesser colonies as well, most of the population of the Gadorian race is in three systems within three light years of each other. The gravity on the planet which the Gadorian evolved on is slightly greater than Earth with a gravity of 1.08 Earth normal. Each system has a planet which has a population of several billion and there are several planets in each system which the race is attempting to Terraform. Each of these planets already have populations in the millions.

Historically, birth control has never been used by the population leading to runaway growth. Because of the huge population of the planet, there has been fighting many times in its history and several wars have knocked technology back down into the early industrial age after killing billions of Gadorian. Thirty years ago, a military leader named Mlian took control of the government in a coup and declared himself Emperor. His loyal commanders took control of many of the government positions and the government is still run mostly by the military. He started ruthless birth control to curb runaway population growth and began building a fleet so the race could colonize nearby systems. He was still in the process of building up his fleet when the Dartrok appeared. At the moment, the Gadorian Emperor (who is getting quite old) seems to have given up his quest for conquest. Instead he appears to be trying to broker deals for colonizing areas which are not inhabited.

In technology, the Gadorians are at least fifty years behind the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and in some ways are over a hundred years behind. Medical is fairly primitive and there is no real anti-aging drugs available. The reality is that the government leaders, especially the Emperor, would resist the introduction of the drugs due to the fact that it would make a problem with overcrowding even worse. Genetic engineering is virtually unknown as well although a few doctors from Preserve World have began trying to help the Gadorians advance their knowledge in medicine. Education is not universal and the higher and more powerful almost always get far better education than the poorer. In effect, the Empire has an unofficial caste system. In heavy industry, the planet is only about fifty years behind the Consortium but the Empire still lacks a true shipyard. Merchant ships are purchased outside the Empire, generally outside of the Combined Stars Protectorate. Still, only a tiny percentage of Gadorian spacers go more than a few hundred light years from their home worlds. It is unknown if any Gadorian have ever visited center although it seems unlikely.

Instead of building their own ships, the fleet was mostly of converted merchant hulls. A small number of cast off purpose build starships, most of them extremely old, formed the core of the fleet. Several old Human Alliance and Kreeghor are included in this. The military has heavy body armor developed for males with strength boosting although there are no true power armored developed for the Gadorians. Most heavy weapons tend to be very bulky compared to their equivalents manufactured outside of their Empire.

The race has always been more group oriented instead of being based on the individual although lineage is important. Of course there have been rogues throughout history. Ruthlessness with a sense of honor is a common belief system. Lying and cheating has always been against this code of honor. Still, deception in military tactics has always been important. Males and females tend to form partnerships with a single male and a single female. Future becomes their overriding goal and gaining more for their lineage.

Even though the species has an extreme amount of sexual dimorphism, the equality is closer than in many races with the same size and weight difference between males and females. It is true than most of the leadership roles on the planet are taken up by males but females fill a surprising number of secondary roles. This is simply because males lack the physical dexterity that females and as such the females tend to dominate such fields as electronics and others which require high dexterity. Even though there is comparatively few females in the military, virtually all fighter pilots are female and there is a large number of female turbo jockeys. Many of these female turbo jockeys are rogues and do not follow the rules set down by the race. Still, they are considered extremely valuable in the military and are issued the best fighters which are available. There are no known male turbo jockeys.

Alignments: Any (Aberrant is very common / Unprincipled is rare)
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6, M.E.: 3D6, M.A.: 2D6, P.S.: 4D6 male / 2D6 female, P.P.: 2D6+2 male / 3D6+2 female, P.E.: 4D6 male / 3D6 female, P.B.: 2D6, SPD: 6D6 male / 4D6 female
Hit Points: PE +1D6 per each level of experience
S.D.C.: Males 50 / Female 10 (plus those gained from O.C.C. or Physical Skills for both sexes)
Natural Armor Rating: None
Average P.P.E.: 2D6 male / 3D6 female
Occupational Character Classes (O.C.C. & R.C.C.): Any (based on setting) although few ever become practitioners of magic (Most are female and should be considered rogue). As well, there is comparatively few master psychics. Most common classes are Mercenary and Space character classes. As well, there have never been any Gadorian admitted to the Consortium Armed Forces Academy. There are a small number of female Gadorian Turbo Jockeys which are highly prized in the fleets.
Horror Factor: Not Applicable
Physical Appearance & Biology:
Gadorian are their home planets equivalent of Terran reptiles with some major differences. In general appearance, they stand much almost centaur like with four standing limbs and two limbs which act in the same fashion as human arms do. Each hand has four fingers with one operating much like a human thumb. The race has a long tail which is used for balancing although is not prehensile. They are fast runners and are extremely stable due to having four standing limbs which are relatively close together. The Gadorian are scale covered like Terran reptiles. They have two eyes with about equal vision to humans although their color vision sees in different hues than humans. They have slightly inferior hearing to humans although have an enhanced sense of smell.
The race is warm blooded like Earth mammals and give birth to live young although there is no equivalent of mammary glands and the young are feed pre-digested food. Normally, a female with give birth to two to three offspring at a time after a pregnancy of around six Earth months. The offspring are fairly small and birth is not as traumatic on females as it is on humans. Sometimes only one birth will occur and there have been know to be up to eight born at a single time. Breeding can occur up to every ten months without any real heath risks. The race tends to be shorter lived than humans. Some of this is tried in with health care although it appears that the natural life cycle is still far shorter than humans.
Males tend to be massive and are up to about eight feet (2.4 meters) tall and weigh up to eight hundred pounds (362.9 kg). They are extremely strong and tough. Their scales are mostly bright green with red scales highlighting around the eyes. These are larger. In addition to having claws, males have spikes on the top of each claw and four spikes just above each eye socket. Many scholars think that they were used for courtship battles. Several non-sentient species on the planet still use them in that manner.
Females are much smaller than males, average around four and a half feet tall (1.37 meters) with a maximum mass of only around one hundred and fifty pounds (68 kg). Due to their smaller size, the females tend to be far more dexterous than the males do. Their coloring tends to be plainer than males being usually darker green mixed with brown. They have brown highlighting around the eyes
Height: Male: 7 to 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4 meters) when fully grown. Female: 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) when fully grown.
Weight: Male: Approximately 600 to 800 lbs (272.2 kg to 362.9 kg) when fully grown. Female: Approximately 100 to 150 lbs (45.4 to 68 kg) when fully grown.
Average Life Span: 50 Earth standard years although with advanced medical care can live as long as about 80 Earth years. Can breed at around age 10 and considered to reach maturity at 15. Females tend to live slightly longer than males (+10 Earth years on average.)
Special/Natural Abilities:
Strong sense of smell, allows them to detect very faint scent traces. Tracking by smell (as a bloodhound) is possible at 30% + 5% per level. Character can also recognize the distinct smells of individuals and can detect when people experience extremes of emotions (64%). This is occasionally used as a lie-detector, but is rather unreliable.
Male Gadorian are extremely strong and have high endurance as well. They are extremely tough and often excel in hand to hand combat. They also have a high running speed due to having a longer stride compared to humans and four legs. Have claws and spikes on their hands which both can be used to inflict 2D6 S.D.C. + strength bonuses (if any)
Female Gadorian have +1 to strike, +2 to parry, +2 to dodge, and +1 to initiative due to high dexterity. All skills requiring physical dexterity also have a +10% for females. This includes most piloting skills. Have claws which can be used to inflict 1D6 S.D.C. + strength bonuses (if any)
Combat: Two without any combat training, or those gained from hand to hand combat and/or boxing.
Weaknesses: Weak sense of hearing, have -2 to perception rolls involving hearing and -10% with skill rolls involving hearing as well. Males have -10% penalty on skills requiring a high degree of physical prowess / mechanical aptitude. They have no penalties to strike, parry, and dodge.
Magic: Only if a magic O.C.C. is chosen. Only a tiny percentage of the race ever chose to become practitioners of magic. Still, they can chose to become practitioners of magic without penalty. Females are far more likely to become practitioners of magic and most of them become rogues in their society.
Psionics: Standard
Enemies: Dartrok Race. Distrusts the Kreeghor and Splugorth.
Allies: Other Members of the Combined Star Protectorate including Humans and Wolfen.

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