Weapons for Larger Humanoids:

There are several races within the Palladium World which are larger than normal humans. These include Wolfen, Ogres, and Trolls among the more common player character races. Other far less common races include Bearman and Minotaurs.

Ogres and Wolfen tend to use only slightly larger than normal human sized weapons. They often do use human sized weapons but one can use a claymore as a one handed weapon. For larger weapons such as a battle axe or a sword which is two handed for an Ogre, the weapons tend to weigh about twice normal.

Trolls as well as Bearman and Minotaurs use even larger weapons. Weapons like large daggers they might use human class weapons. Otherwise, they tend to use extremely heavy weapons. These weapons tend to weigh three times more than normal human weapons and may even weigh more.

Larger sized weapons may also be used by larger super powered being as well as by some of the larger Nightbane.

Ogre and Wolfen class Weapons: Tend to use larger human sized weapons one handed. Can use a claymore as a one handed sword. For larger weapons such as two handed weapons, double weapon weight and increase weapon damage by 1D6.

Troll, Bearman, and Minotaur class Weapons: For heavier weapons, use weapons which weigh three times more than normal human weapons. There weapons inflict 2D6 greater than normal weight weapons.

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