Palladium Fantasy Background Skills:

In the original version of Palladium Fantasy, there was a list for the backgrounds of characters and what skill bonuses the characters would get based on that. This author did not do it this way and instead used the skills listed as extra skills the characters have. This has never unbalanced the characters and just allows the characters to get a few extra skills. The Author continued to use this even after second edition came out but has found that some skills do not fit with second edition do not fit in general and some skills do not fit as well as some other skills do. Because of this, the author created a new skill list based on Background. If a skill is repeated under OCC skills, take the highest percentage in the skill but do not add the skills together or select an additional skill.

Note: While it can be fun to roll for background, it is not always necessary and some backgrounds may fit with what you plan to do with a character. For example: You might want a Magic using character that comes from a family of spell casters. In this case, you might elect to select that as your background. The one area that might be cautioned against is making every character have a background in nobility.

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