Master Smith Skill (Considered Technical):

This is a specialized skills allowing a weapon crafter or armor crafter to create master quality. Requires two skill slots and must be taken separately for weapons and armor. While the skill can be taken by all races, it is far more common for Dwarves and Kobolds.

For all races other than Dwarves and Kobolds, armor and weapons will be of high quality with the maximum bonuses being those from the weapon compendium. For Dwarves and Kobolds, maximum bonuses are those from their respective races.

With weapons, there is a penalty of -5% for every +2 to damage,+1 to strike, +1 to parry, or +1 to initiative. There is no penalty for Dwarven and Kobold weapon crafters to make a weapon with +1 to damage. All bonuses are limited to those listed for the weapon in question and the creator’s race.

With armor, there is a -10% penalty for every armor +5% to the S.D.C. of the armor or reducing the weight of the armor by 5%. As with weapons, all bonuses are limited to those listed for the armor in question and the creator’s race.

Consider the possessor to also have the basic skill of Field Armorer.

Base Skill: 45%+5% per level.

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