Wycelle Elensa (Willow):

Name: Willow
True Name: Wycelle Elensa
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
Hit Points: 28 S.D.C. (Physical): 15
Attributes: I.Q.: 19 (+5%), M.E.: 22 (+4/+5), M.A.: 15, P.S.: 13, P.P.: 21 (+3), P.E.: 22 (+14%/+4), P.B.: 21 (55%), Spd.: 24
Weight: 125 lbs (56.7 kgs) Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 meters)
Age: 17 Race: Human Sex: Female
The appearance than Willow shows the work is a good and gentle being but her inner self is far different. She does not believe in doing her healing for free because she feels that too many will take advantage of her like the old Innkeeper did. She will only charge people who are poor a tiny fee but will charge far higher fees those who can afford more although she will never go above what they can afford. This means that while she will charge a small merchant reasonable fees, she will charge lords more kingly fees even though they will receive the same services.
When she is traveling with other "Adventurers", she does expect to be paid for each healing but does expect a fair share of any wealth that they gather even if she does not engage in combat. While fairly capable in combat, she prefers not to engage when possible due to the fact that she sees a need to save her resources for healing after the combat. She knows how to use most swords but prefers short swords and daggers over longer weapons. Her preferred weapon is the Baselard, which some describe as a long knife while others describe as a short sword. She will do other services such as cooking and sewing for the party.
Along with her various skills, she is quite intelligent and will converse with others in the areas of medicine, history, and in areas of biology and herbs. She does not speak much about her background wishing to forget about the Inn which she was born and raised. Willow will speak a little about her teacher but will only tell the basics unless she really trusts an individual. She also will not tell others what her real name is.
She has a dislike for most religions considering them to be a sham that takes advantage of the masses. She considers the idea of being paid to be healed to be more honest than them expecting payment while trying to say they do it for charity sake. She also sees it as a way to simply draw more worshipers by some of them giving an ultimatum that they will worship the chosen god or they will not be healed.
O.C.C.: Psi-Healer Experience Level: One (1)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic
Attacks per Melee: Four (4)
Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +3, Parry: +3, Dodge: +3, +3 to Roll with punch/fall/impact, and +2 to Pull punch Critical Strike: Nat 20
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +8, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +8, Harmful Drugs [15] +8, Insanity [12] +5, Psionics [10] +4, Magic [12] +4, Horror Factor +7
Special Abilities: +4 vs Mind Controlling Drugs, Potions, and Charms, +4 vs Poisons & Disease, +7 vs Possession, +2 vs Horror Factor, & +12% vs Coma
Psionic: Master - Psi Healer I.S.P.: 122 Level: +10 I.S.P. Psionic Abilities Known: Healing: Deaden Pain (4), Exorcism (10), Healing Touch (6), Increased Healing (10), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Purification (8), Psychic Surgery (14), Sensitive: Empathy (4), See Aura (6)
O. C. C. Skills: Domestic: Cook (+10%) 45%, Medical: Biology (+15%) 50%, Holistic Medicine (+20%) 55% / 45%, Physical: Hand To Hand (Basic), Technical: Language: Eastern [Native] 98%, Elven (+15%) 60%, Western (+15%) 60%, Weapon Proficiencies: Knife (+0 [+3] Strike, +1 [+4] Parry, +1 [+4] Throw), Sword (+1 [+4] Strike, +0 [+3] Parry), Wilderness: Identify Plants and Fruit (+10%) 40%, Preserve Food (+10%) 50%
O. C. C. Related Skills: Medical: Surgeon / Medical Doctor (+10%) 45% / 35%, Technical: History 35%, Literacy: Eastern (+10%) 45%, Elven (+10%) 45%, Writing 25%
Secondary Skills: Horsemanship: Horsemanship (General) 40% / 25%, Physical: Athletics (General), Running, Wilderness: Wilderness Survival 35%
Background (Craft / Guild - Barmaid) Skills: Domestic: Dance (+4%) 39%, Sew (+4%) 34%, Medical: Brewing (+6%) 46% / 51%, Technical: General Repair (+4%) 44%
Willow is virtually the perfect name for her. She is tall and very slender although she has enough of a figure to definitely be considered female. while she is extremely attractive she still appears very human. She has brown hair which she wears straight and has it hand down to the middle of her back. Her large brown eyes show both intelligence and curiosity.
She prefers to dress simply but in good quality but not very expensive clothing. She will commonly wear a simple green dress which is tailored to show off her figure but has a fairly wide skirt which does not hamper her movement. She also prefers knee high boots which are more comfortable than stylish.
Non-Magical Weapons of Note:
Baselard: Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg) Length: 1.6 feet (0.5 m) Damage: 1D8+6
It is of the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +4 to damage, +2 to strike, +2 to parry, and +2 to initiative. Durability: 90. Double bladed weapon which is sometimes considered a short sword and is sometimes considered a long knife. She normally wears the weapon on her left side and cross draws it like a sword.
4 Bodkins: Weight: 0.9 lbs (.4 kg) each Length: 0.8 feet (.25 m) Damage: 1D6
Carried on the back of her belt. She will use them as thrown weapons if needed. One is silver coated. Durability is 80.
Armor of Note:
Soft Leather: A.R.: 10 S.D.C.: 20 Weight: 8 lbs
Magical Items:
Other Equipment:
Clothing: 2 Simple dresses, knee length soft leather boots, Large Brim Leather Hat, Belt
Containers: Backpack, 2 Medium Sacks, 6 Small Sacks, Waterskin (Half Gallon), Baselard Scabbard, 4 Knife Scabbards
Field Equipment: Blanket, Small Kettle, Small Frying Pan,
Lighting: Tinder Box, Metal Lantern, 4 Vials of Oil in Metal Cases
Writing Equipment: 2 Paper Book (100 pages- One used for medical notes and other used a Journal), Charcoal Sticks, 12 Quill Pens, 6 ounce Vial of Black Ink
Provisions: 5 Weeks of Trail Rations
Miscellaneous: Makeup and Feminine Items, Pouch with 6 Surgical Knives (inflicts 1D4 if used as weapons), Rolls of Cloth Bandages, Medical Kit, Pocket Mirror, 5 Wooden Stakes, Small Mallet,
Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 650 Gold

Willow's History:

Wycelle was born the daughter of a barmaid in a country inn who as the Inn of the Grey Griffin. It was located in the Timiro Kingdom. Many people passed through the area due it being a crossroads and was a popular place to stop due to its location. Wycelle's mother slept with a great many men in the bar and the father could be a number of different men including a couple of lesser nobles who passed through the area. As well, her clients included several merchants, soldiers, and adventurers. Wycelle was raised in the Inn and learned the normal skills that would be expected from someone raised in such a place. When Wycelle was nine, her mother died from disease. The life span of barmaids, especially those that sleep with customers, is often short.

Wycelle was very smart and a quick learner but was still expected to become a barmaid herself. She was always quite attractive and the Innkeeper would likely have expected her to perform the same services for customers that her mother had. It is unknown what would have happened due to fate intervening. She showed the ability to heal by touch and the Innkeeper had her heal traveler who went through the Inn who were injured. He charged high fees for service and kept all the money along with still having her work as a drudge in the Inn. Stories of her healing traveled far and wide and one day an old man dressed in brown robes visited the Inn. The balding grey beared person was a Psi-Healer and was looking for an apprentice. He had heard the stories and gathered that she had the potential to become a Psi-Healer from the stories that he had heard. He offered the Innkeeper a huge sum of money to release her into his care. The Innkeeper, who was ever greedy, accepted and so she became the old mans apprentice.

She had very little education and could not read or write. While not all Psi-Healers are highly educated, her teacher was and expected her to be the same. Her pushed her through learning written Eastern and quickly followed this up with both spoken and written Elven language. This was followed by even more grueling lessons in medicine and he expected he to be constantly reading the medical and other books he had collected over the years. At first the lessons were extremely frustrating to her but eventually she grew to enjoy them. Her mind flowered and she longer wanted to live a simple life. As soon as she had a better understanding of medicine, he started helping her develop her healing abilities further. Her healing abilities had increased further when she reached puberty and needed help learning how to control them. Because of her beauty, height, and brown eyes and brown hair she somehow got the nickname of Willow and she decided to use that as her name.

Unlike her teacher, Wycelle had a desire to travel and see the world so decided to become an adventure once she finishing her training. As well, her teacher is still quite healthy and she also did not want to take his business from him or appear as his shadow. She decided to use the name of Willow for her travels. One of the early healings she performed while adventuring was to heal a dwarf who had burned himself badly at a forge. If she had not healed his injury, he would have been lamed for life. He was a master weapon smith and in return for her healing, he made her a vey high quality Baselard, a weapon some people consider to be a short sword while others consider to be a long knife. She has never been a particular fan of larger swords and it her preferred weapon. She does know how to fight and her teacher made sure that she could before allowing her to travel.

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