Sybylle Gersidi Cartess (Black Angel):

Name: Black Angel

True Name: Sybylle Gersidi Cartess

Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)

Hit Points: 53 (+20 for Familiar) S.D.C. (Physical): 12 (+50 for Familiar)

Attributes: I.Q.:14, M.E.:14, M.A.:15 [18 (50%) with ring] , P.S. 25 (+10), P.P.: 22 (+4), P.E.: 24 (+18%/+5), P.B.:24 (70%), SPD: 17

Weight: 125 lbs (56.75 kilograms) Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)

Age: 26 Race: Human Sex: Female


Sybylle is smart but not quite as intelligent as her companion, the Dark Priestess Dawnelle Marthal. She makes up for this by both being extremely cunning and a skilled deceiver. While a skilled fighter, she will try to play different sides against each other. The Demon Thrall is also quite patient and is willing to allow a plot to unfold slowly, especially if the destruction involved will be greater that way.

There are only two beings she really cares about, that is herself and the Demon Lord Mephisto. Her relationship goes beyond the physical. While it is hard to believe, she actually loves the Demon Lord and is completely devoted to him. All others are just tools to be used. This includes his present companions and would betray them in a moment if her Lord permitted it. The only other being she is extremely protective is her familiar, knowing that she will never get another.

Sybylle is quite active sexually including with her traveling companions. An expert in seduction, she otherwise enjoys seducing both men and women although does generally prefer men. Often she will kill her lovers once her own pleasures are sated, often torturing them. Those that do not satisfy her will not last even as long as them, being quite unforgiving of not being able to perform.

In general, she enjoys torture although not quite as bad generally as Lord Drex. Her torturing is more inventive however and involve experimentation. One item she loves to play with are poisons, especially those that cause pain. As well, she loves the use of poisons that cause paralysis so that she can take her time making slow cuts.

O.C.C.: Witch / Demon Thrall (Gift of Magic) Pact Type: Major Pact, Selling of Body and Soul Experience Level: Sixth (6)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic

Attacks per Melee: Five (5)

Kick Attacks: Karate Style (2D4)

Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +5, Parry: +6, Dodge: +6, Damage: +10, Critical Strike: Natural 19 to 20, Roll with Punch or Fall: +3, Pull Punch: +2.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +5, Non-Lethal Poison [16] + 5, Harmful Drugs [15] + 5, Insanity [12] + 0,

Psionics [12] + 0 (+1 with Amulet), Magic [12] +6 (+7 with Amulet), Horror Factor +1 (+3 with Amulet)

Psionics: Minor I.S.P.: 41 Level: +1D6 I.S.P. Psionic Abilities Known: Physical: Alter Aura (2), Mind Block (4).

Witch Special Abilities (Major Pact): Command Dead (Animate & Control 2D6 Dead and can turn 2D6 Dead), Demon Familiar (can draw extra P.P.E. at up to 300 feet), +1 to save vs magic, +1 to save vs horror factor, and +1 to spell strength.

Spells: P.P.E.: 70 (+100 for Familiar)

First Level Spells: Blinding Flash (1), Death Trance (1), Increase Weight (4), See the Invisible (4), Sense Magic (4), Thunderclap (4).

Second Level Spells: Befuddle (6), Chameleon (6), Concealment (6), Fear (5).

Third Level Spells: Armor of Ithan (10), Invisibility - Simple (6).

Fourth Level Spells: Charismatic Aura (10).

Fifth Level Spells: Horrific Illusion (10).

Sixth Level Spells: Call Lightning (15)

Seventh Level Spells: Agony (20), Immobilize (25),

Eight Level Spells: Love Charm (40)

O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Language: Elven / Dragonese (+20%) 85%, Gobblely (+20%) 85%, Western [Native] 98%,Physical: Hand to Hand (Basic), Technical: Lore: Demon and Monsters (+20%) 70% Lore: Faerie Folk (+10%) 60%, W.P.; Melee: Sword (+3 [+8] Strike /+2 [+9] Parry / +1 [+6] Throw), Knife (+2 [+7] Strike / +3 [+9] Parry / +3 [+8] Throw +3.

O. C. C. Related Skills: Domestic: Cook: 65%, Dance [Professional] 75%, Sing [Professional] 75%, Espionage: Disguise (+5%) 55%, Escape Artist (+5%) 55%, Rogue Skills: Pick Pockets (+6%) 56%, Seduction (+6%) 44%, Streetwise [Learned at Third Level] (+6%) 38%, Use & Recognize Poison (+6%) 54%, Wilderness: Land Navigation [Learned at Sixth Level] (+5%) 35%, Wilderness Survival [Learned at Third Level] (+5%) 50%

Secondary Skills: Communication: Language: Eastern [Learned at Third Level] 55%, Literacy: Elven / Dragonese [Learned at Third Level] 45%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship (Basic), Physical: Athletics (General), Prowl [Learned at Sixth Level] 25%.W.P.; Melee: WP: Whip [Learned at Sixth Level] (+0 [+5] Strike / +0 [+6] Parry)

Background (Clergy) Skills: Communication: Literacy: Western [Native] (+5%) 60%, Medical: Holistic Medicine (+4%) 59% Technical: Lore: Religious (+5%) 60%


Other than being around average in height, there is nothing average about Sybylle’s appearance. She is absolutely stunning in appearance. She has a well defined feminine figure with large breasts, a slender waist, and wide hips. With grey expressive eyes, a mount meant to kiss, a perfect proportioned face, she is just as attractive in the face as the body. Her hair is unusual in that it starts out blond but changes at the tips into being raven. While one might think she dyes it, it is actually natural. Still, it seems to work for few. One can only hope that somebody might be warned by just how beautiful she is although it is incredible, although maybe not, just how many men have fallen for her charms. The demon mark, the third nipple, is well hidden in the middle of her neck, and is hidden by her hair. As far as makeup, she loves to wear makeup and is quite skilled at wearing it.

Sybylle often wears very little in the way of clothes, the better to attract the attention of men with the admiring of her body. While she does often wear black, she also enjoys white and wears read on occasion as well. Does enjoy the feeling of silk on her body. One thing she also really loves is jewelry. Might be because as a young girl she had so little. Often wears several necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry. While some of the jewelry is enchanted, not all of it is, but much of it is quite valuable. As far as weapons, she only carries a sword when she sees herself as needing it. Otherwise though, she almost always carries her enchanted daggers. You never know when somebody might backstab you or need to backstab somebody else.

Non-Magical Weapons of Note:

4 Stiletto Daggers: Weight: 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg) each.

High Quality Human Construction with +1[+8] to Strike, +1 [+10] Parry, +2 [+10] Throw, and +2 Initiative. Damage: 1D6 (+10 with Strength)

Magical Weapons of Note:

Magical Cat-O-Nine Tails: Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg).

High Quality Human Construction with +1 [+6] to Strike and +2 Initiative. Weapon has barbs as well. Magical Enchantments: Armor Piercing (Ignores AR Rating), Venomblade (Basilisk Eye x 3 per day), and Indestructible. Damage: 2D4 (+10 with Strength) and poisoning.

Magical Flamberge: Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg).

High Quality Kobold Construction with +1 [+9] to Strike, +2 [+11] Parry, +3 Damage, and +1 Initiative. Magical Enchantments: Extra Damage (1D6), Indestructible, and Super Sharpness (+4 Damage / Lowers Critical strike rolls by 2) Damage: 4D6 +7 (+17 with Strength)

2 Magical Stiletto Daggers: Weight: 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg) each.

Kept on her belt. High Quality Kobold Construction with +1 [+8] to Strike, +1 [+10] Parry,+2 [+10] Throw, +2 Damage, and +2 Initiative). Magical Enchantments: Armor Piercing (Ignores AR Rating), and Return to wielder when thrown. One has Venomblade (Basilisk Eye x 3 per day) additional and the other has Infectious Wounds. Damage: 1D6+3 (+13 with Strength) and poisoning / infection.

Armor of Note:

Ring of Ironhide: Confers a natural A.R. Rating of 16 on the wearer. Any strikes below the magical A.R. bounce off harmlessly.

Magical Items:

Magical Amulets: High quality gold necklace with gems enchanted with the spell “Amulet.”

Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks

Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor

See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible

Anti-Venom Charm: Automatically negates poison but uses a charge each time. Charges: 16

Bracelet of “Metamorphosis: Human”: highly quality gold bracelet with various gems. Can be activated up to three times per day and has a duration of thirty minutes per activation.

Ring of Attribute Boosting (M.A.): Increases Mental Affinity (M.A.) by three points.

Ring of “Escape”: Ring gives the ability to cast / activate the wizard spell of “Escape” up to three times per day.

Cloak of Guises: It is a full length cloak that will turn into any set of clothing limited only in the color. In color, it can only change through different shades within the same color. Since this one is grey, it can turn anywhere from black to white.

Enchanted Perfume: Gives +10% to charm and impress and +10% to seduction skill. 48 hour duration perfume.

“Midnight Kiss” Ointment: 10 applications- Effect is that if someone is kissed, has a drug which causes paralysis (Save vs non-lethal poison) for 2D4 minutes. Only works on lips because elsewhere skin is too thick to allow poison to reach blood stream. If target is wearing something on lips (such as lip paint), will not usually work (+6 to save) Two parts to ointment. Wearer puts on a coat which negates the poison and the poison over it - keeps drug from effecting wearer.

Other Equipment: Standard Equipment for O.C.C.

Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 250,000 gold worth in coin, 500,000 gold worth in jewelry, and 1.5 million gold worth in precious gems.

Familiar: Looks like a Large Black Cat

Name: Night Claw Real Name: Hal’Flar

Alignment: Miscreant

Horror Factor: 10

Armor Rating: 12 Hit Points: 41 S.D.C.: 30

I.S.P.: 70 P.P.E.: 77

Attributes: I.Q.:10, M.E.: 9, M.A.:12, P.S. 22 (+7) [Supernatural], P.P.: 18 (+2), P.E.: 20 (+10%/+3)[Supernatural], P.B.:10, SPD: 30

Supernatural Abilities: Can speak in Animal Form, Obeys Witches Commands, Rapport with Witch, Supernatural Bond, Psionic Abilities (All Physical & Sensitive Powers)

Magic Knowledge: Same as Witch but will only use abilities when told by witch or to protect itself or the witch.

Attacks per Melee: Three Physical or Psionic or one by Magic.

Bonuses: +2 (+5) to save vs Magic, +4 to save vs Horror Factor, +1 (+3) to Strike, +1 (+3) to Parry, and +2 (+4) to Dodge. Damage bonuses are equal to Familiar’s Supernatural Strength [2D4 Restrained, 3D6+7 Power Punch, and 6D6+7 Power Punch]

Sybylle Cartess’s History:

You can never know how a child might turn out. One can be raised in a loving home and still turn out to be a monster. Sybylle’s parents were some of the kindest people anyone could meet. As loving parents, Sybylle’s parents tried to give their only daughter their own dedication and kindness.

Her parents were clergy in a small temple dedicated to healing in a border area of the Western Empire to the Old Kingdom. Although few of those in the temple had children, the religious order was not expected to be celibate and there was a handful of children in the temple. In addition, there was a small community around the temple with more children.

While the temple could not be considered impoverished, it could not have been considered wealthy either. In addition, those in the temple believed in living simply. The temple grew much of its own food. Often the temple would heal those who could not afford to pay for their services. In some cases, they might get labor or grains for healing but sometimes not even that.

Even though children were treasured in the temple, it was expected that they would work. These included working in the fields as well as working around the kitchen and the sick in healing center of the temple. From an early age, Sybylle hated that. She did not have any sympathy for those who were sick and hated working in both the kitchen and the fields. Instead, she wanted to live a life of comfort where others would be at her call. Never had much in terms of patience or discipline. Most worrying though was even at a young age, there were signs of cruelty as well.

Blond haired and blue eyed, she was quite beautiful and bloomed early. There was also something innocent about her appearance even though she was anything but. Sex obsessed from a quite early age, Sybylle had her first sexual encounter before she was twelve and was quite active by the time she was fourteen. Even at this young age, Sybylle was surprisingly skilled. One might call her a natural at it. A few in the temple were not quite as noble as her parents and she managed to seduce a number of them, including several that were quite a bit older than her. Often the girl traded sex both for favors and manipulated her lovers against each other. Even at this age, she was the one in control of these relationships even when they were far older than she was.

As she got older, Sybylle grew to disdain and detest her parents more and more as she got older. Got more subtle as well and became better about hiding that hatred. As a result, her parents noticed her chaffing against them but not her outright hatred. One idea which was being entertained by her was how she might kill them without her being blamed.

Periodically, traders would visit the temple and the small community surrounding it. Seemed to be her way to escape. Offering her body, Sybylle persuaded what she thought was a pedlar to take her to one of the large Kighfalton far from the borders of the Old Kingdom. Heard stories of courtesans, skilled in the arts of sex, and dreamed of becoming one herself. Snuck out of the temple and met the merchant a few furlongs outside of the community.

Turned out that the pedlar was not was she though he was. Soon the unsuspecting girl was in chains being prepared as a sacrifice to the Demon Lord Mephisto. Turned out that the merchant was actually a worshiper of the Demon Lord and saw a comparatively innocent girl who was also incredibly attractive who he could use for a sacrifice to Lord Mephisto.

The worship of Demon and Devils is generally kept secret but somehow worshipers seem able to find temples dedicated to their deities. Soon enough, Sybylle found herself in a deep underground temple being further prepared for sacrifice. Sybylle listened carefully to the priests and priestesses talk about Lord Mephisto. While initially she was terrified, the girl started becoming attracted to the Demon Lord. In fact, she became infatuated with him.

Chained to a bone altar, Sybylle called out to Lord Mephisto and declared that she gave herself willingly to her as one of his brides. Offered herself body and soul to be his forever. Suddenly, the temple became dark and the Demon Lord stepped into the room. One the altar, he took her body and soul. Even with those watching the sacrifice, the events were shocking.

Even though her pact with the Demon Lord was a pact for magic, she was transformed. Gone was the look of innocence and while as beautiful as ever if not even more so, her appearance became just slightly wicked. As well, her body was accentuated, the very embodiment of sensuality. Her hair was transformed with the tips of her hair during raven. Her personality was similarly transformed with he sex drives, already considerable, went into overdrive.

Decided to return home, pretending to be contrite and apologetic to her parents. Gave a tale about the pedlar kidnaping and raping her. Always the trusting and forgiving kind, they soon accepted her back. They became her first sacrifice to her new lord. Done without his orders, this sacrifice was extremely impressive to Lord Mephisto. She also learned just how much she enjoyed the torture and killing of another sentient being.

Her next destination was the Kighfalton cities where she had originally planned to go. The decedent lands gave plenty of places to hide and plenty of victims whom she could kill. Posed as a courtesan, seduced a lonely man or a lonely woman, usually wealthy. Kill them after she sated herself and plundered for all they were worth if she could. Often she combined sex with pain and death.

As Sybylle promised herself as Lord Mephisto’s bride, every few months she would find herself in hell in the Demon Lord’s realm. There she would serve his pleasure as almost a pampered pet of his. Even though a mortal, she was treated with immense respect by the lesser demon, afraid of incurring the lord’s displeasure. He told her that he planned for her to have a child for him sometime in the future.

While she generated plenty of deaths in the Empire, the Demon Lord had a special job for his beautiful Thrall in the Timero Kingdom. There was powerful baron who was in the way of a lord who secretly worshiped Lord Mephisto. She was given the job to eliminate the baron and his family. It was one of her few failures because while most of the family was killed, one member survived to restore the household.

This was the youngest daughter, a girl named Rowena. A skilled ranger, Rowena hunted the Demon Thrall for a number of years. In fact, it seemed like Rowena was relentless and seemed to always be destroying Sybylle’s latest plans. Several secret temples of Lord Mephisto were destroyed in the pursuit of the Demon Thrall and once her familiar was almost killed.

In the end, Sybylle decided it would be best if she faked her own death and return back to the Western Empire, this time however to the Barraduk lands. It was at this time that she decided to recruit some more permanent allies. While she had used allies before, including killing of the baron and his family, they were strictly temporary and would be disposed of when no longer needed.

Soon after getting to Barraduk, she heard a story going around about a knight named Lord Drex. He was going to be tried, and almost certainly executed, for murdering his family. He was a younger brother and wanted to get rid of both his father and older brother so that he would inherit his father’s lands. Unfortunately for him, the knight had miscalculated the investigation which would ensue.

Sybylle persuaded the head guard to let her into the castle with a promise of sex. He did get his promise but did not live much beyond that. The two left a path of bodies in the wake of the escape. Even though Lord Drex promised to serve Lord Mephisto, she knows that he might backstab her at any time and watches him carefully. Eventually she considers it likely that she is going to have to kill him. Still, they became intimate.

Not too long afterwards, a Dark Priestess named Dawnelle Marthal joined the group. It seems like she was guided to join by the Demon Lord whom the priestess also serves if in a less intimate way. This Dark Priestess works as a cautioning influence on the others, moderating activities which might be dangerous to them. Soon she also become the lover of the Demon Thrall and the dishonored knight.

Even in the Empire, there is only so much destruction that somebody might do before instigating the ire of those in positions of powers. As a result, a number of nobles, merchants, and city councils have put bounties on them. Unfortunately, due to them killing almost all of the witnesses. As a result, there are few clear descriptions of them. Sybylle often uses a ring of metamorphosis to change her appearance for short periods of time.

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