Starshanna Cryrillis:

Name: Lady Star
True Name: Starshanna Cryrillis
Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)
Hit Points: 36 S.D.C. (Physical): 37 P.P.E.: 21
Attributes: I.Q.: 19 (+5%/+1), M.E.: 24 (+5/+7), M.A.: 16 (40%), P.S.: 16 (+1), P.P.: 21 (+3), P.E.: 14, P.B.: 26 (80%), Spd.: 16
Weight: 165 lbs (84.8 kg) Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 meters)
Age: 46 Race: Elf Sex: Female
Starshanna is pleasant and does not seem to show the kind of haughtiness which can been seen in some elves. Even so she has a strong sense of history and is very proud of her background. The young Mind Mage considers elves with their incredibly long life spans to have a unique perspective. She is often described as quiet but she is not really shy, just prefers to not be verbally forceful. She might be able to be called 'distantly graceful.' She will open up a bit as she gets to know people. With friends, she loves to discuss history and related subjects and considers herself to be a scholar. Part of her pride in her family shows up in her love of telling stories about her family. As well, she has an intense curiosity which she tries to keep under concealment but those who well will clearly see. Her curiosity is one of the items which drives her adventuring spirit.
She does not really consider herself to be natural leader and instead considers herself as an advisor and prefers to work in a group if she has an opportunity to. She will often give suggestions as respectful as she can manage. Her total recall gives her the ability to remember incredible details. Even though not a leader, she does not like to be ignored. As well, while she does not prefer to be the leader, she is quite capable of doing it if needed.
The Elven Mind Mage has a bit of fetish for magic items and attempts to collect them. Her fetish for magic items is a further part of what drives her adventuring spirit. She has managed to collect a few items including those which are useful to make life generally easier. She is especially interested in collecting Elven artifacts with a special emphasis on items that once belonged to her family. She feels a strong link to her past and the items which were part of her families past.
She tries to respect all and has no particular hate of any races although she is cautious among creatures with a bad reputation. She has no hatred of Dwarves and with those who has shown her contempt, she has not really known how to deal with them. She does fear vampires although her strong will allows her to keep herself under control while fighting them. Unlike most people, her knowledge of vampires is not from books or from tales but from first hand experience. Even though a powerful psychic, she considers being able to defend herself very important. She is skilled in the use of the sword and dagger. She is also an excellent shot with a short bow. Another sign of her seriousness in combat is that she recently took a crash course in using paired weapons.
O.C.C.: Mind Mage Experience Level: Fourth (4) Experience Points: 9,250
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic and Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Four (4) or Six (6) depending on base attacks
Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +3, Parry: +2 (+7), Dodge: +2 (+7), Damage: +1, +4 to Roll with punch/fall/impact, and +2 to Pull punch, Knock out / Sun of Natural 20, Critical Strike of Natural 20.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14], Non-Lethal Poison [16], Harmful Drugs [15], Insanity [12] +7, Psionics [10] +5 [+6 with amulet], Magic [12] +0 [+1 with amulet], Horror Factor +10 [+12 with amulet]
Psionics: Master, I.S.P.: 198 Level: +12 I.S.P. Psionic Abilities Known: Healing: Bio-Regeneration [Self] (6), Exorcism (10), Healing Touch (6), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Surgery (14), Physical: Alter Aura (2), Impervious to Fire (4), Impervious to Poison / Toxins (4), Mind Block (4), Resist Fatigue (4), Teleport Object (10), Sensitive: Clairvoyance (4), Commune with Spirit (10), Empathy (4), Meditation (0), Object Read (6), See Aura (6), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4), Total Recall (2), Super Psionics: Bio-Manipulation (10), Cure Insanity (30), Empathic Transmission (6), Group Mind Block (22), Hypnotic Suggestion (6), Invisible Haze (30), Mental Illusion (20), Mind Block Auto Defense (Special), Mind Bond (10), Pyrokinesis (Varies), Telekinesis [Super] (10+), Telekinetic Force Field (30)
Special Abilities:
Racial - Elf: 90 feet (27.4 meters) Night Vision, +1 attack with bows, and +2% to Wilderness Skills
R.C.C. - Mind Mage: Recovers 2 I.S.P. while active and Recovers 12 I.S.P. while meditating / sleeping. +6 vs Mind Control Drugs / Potion / Charms, +5 vs Possession, and +3 vs Horror Factor.
R. C. C. Skills: Physical: Hand To Hand (Basic), Technical: Language: Dwarven (+15%)75%, Language: Western (+15%) 75%, W.P.; Ranged: Archery (+2 [+5] to Strike / +1 [+8] to Parry, 5 attacks per melee), W.P.; Melee: Sword (+2 [+5] to Strike / +2 [+9] to Parry)
R. C. C. Related Skills: Communication: Play Musical Instrument [Elven Lute] (+5%) 50%, Science: Astronomy & Navigation 50%, Archaeology 40%, Technical: Lore: Demon and Monster (+10% 55%, Lore: Magic (+10%) 55%, Wilderness: Wilderness Survival [Gained at Third Level] 42%
Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics (General), Boxing, Prowl 45%, Swimming [Gained at Fourth Level] 47%, W.P.; Melee: Knife / Dagger Knife / Dagger (+2 [+5] to Strike, +2 [+9] to Parry, +2 [+5] to Throw)
Learned Skills: W.P.; Melee: Paired Weapons: Sword & Knife [Learned at Second Level]
Background (Mind Mage) & Racial Skills: Science: Mathematics - Basic (+20%) 80%, Technical: History (+4%) 54% Language: Eastern (+20%) 80%, Language: Elven 98%, Southern (+4%) 64%, Literacy: Eastern (+20%) 70%, Literacy: Elven 98%, Western (+4%) 54%.
Starshanna is an incredibly beautiful Elven women. Like most Elves, she is quite tall and towers over most human males although she has a definitely female figure. Her breasts are a bit larger than most elves although they are not as large as those of some human woman and she is very long legged. She has very pale skin which appears to be almost white although not completely colorless. Her lips are a bit darker and gives her expression a compassion than she would otherwise have. She has virtually snow white hair which hangs down around her shoulders and her eyebrows match her tresses. Like most adventures, she normally keeps it tied up in a bun while adventuring. The lady elf has light blue eyes which sparkle in such a manner as to keep her appearance from being cold.
She usually wears a silver circlet around her brow with a sapphire as the centerpiece. She normally wears white robes with a high color. Over top of her robes, she usually wears a white cloak. The cloak is held on by a silver clasp. Her robes and cloaks are fairly plain but are of high quality. Usually while adventuring, her robes are from good linen, while she is in civilization they are heavy silk.
Non-Magical Weapons of Note:
Elven Turkish Style Shortbow: Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg) Length: 3.3 feet (1 m) Damage: 2D6+1 (Including Strength)
Maximum Possible Range: 1,800 feet (550 meters), Short Bow is designed to be used by a person with a 16 strength (+1 to damage), The bow has +2 to strike due to high quality Elven construction. The Bow is of Composite construction.
20 Arrows: 15 Normal, 5 Silver Tipped
Magical Weapons of Note:
Bracer Weapons - Dagger: Weight: 1 lbs (0.45 kg) Length: 1 ft (0.3 m) Damage: 1D6+3 (+Strength)
Bracer dagger appears to be a dagger decorations on a bracer until activated and the weapon is summoned from the bracer. Highly decorated of silver and white gold. Bonuses due to Quality: +3 to Damage (Included below), +2 to Initiative, +1 (+5) to Strike, and +1 (+10) to Parry. Enchantments: Indestructible and Returns to Wielder when Thrown (Maximum Range 120 feet)
Magical Elven Warsabre (Magical Saber / Katana): Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg) Length: 3.9 feet (1.2 meters)
Damage: 4D6+8 (4D6+9 Including Strength) Rolls for Critical Strike are reduced by two - She needs a Natural 18, 19, or 20 with the sword instead of a natural 20
The sword dates from the times of the Elven "New Kingdom" and has been carried by family members for many generations. It had been lost a couple of generations previously but was rediscovered by Starshanna. Weapon is equal to high quality Dwarven construction, +2 (+7) to strike, +3 (+11) to parry, +4 to damage, +2 Initiative, Enchantments: Additional Damage (1D6), Indestructible, and Super Sharpness (+4 Damage).
Armor of Note: None
Magical Items:
Container of Much Water: Waterskin enchanted to provide up to six gallons of clean, fresh, drinkable water very 24 hours.
Magical Amulet: Silver cloak clasp created by a Wizard she adventured with. Individual decorations has separate enchantments enchanted into them.
Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks
Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor
See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible
Quill of Endless Ink: Ordinary appearing pen but never runs out of ink.
Ring of "Armor of Ithan:" Purchased from "Rings and Things" at Caer Kurgas. The spell of “Armor of Ithan” can be activated up to three times per day. Force field has a duration of 10 minutes per activation, creates magic armor with an A.R. rating of 18 and 200 S.D.C.
Other Equipment:
Clothing: 2 sets of white linen travel robes, linen cloak, high quality white silk robes, high quality silk cloak, leather boots, leather belt.
Containers: Backpack, two medium sized sacks, four small sacks, waterskin, sword scabbard, bow case.
Field Equipment: Bedroll
Lighting: Tinderbox, 4 Candles
Writing Equipment: 24 sheets of Parchment
Provisions: Food rations for eight weeks.
Miscellaneous: Makeup and Feminine Items, Soap, Perfume, Small Mirror, Elven Lute.
Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: Silver Circlet with a ruby centerpiece (Worth 3600 gold), 10 Emeralds (worth 1200 gold each), 10 rubies (worth 1200 gold each), 10 star sapphires (worth 1200 gold each), 24,000 Gold (Mixture of Coins)

Starshanna's History:

My name is Starshanna and I am the descendent of a long line of Elven Mind Mages and I have been told that we can trace our lineage back to the times of the Great Elven Kingdom. Both my mother and my father are mind mages and I was told by both of them that I have a great many mind mages in my family line. Virtually every member of my family are at least moderately psychic with at least six individual psychic talents. I am the third born child of six children and all I have are brothers. I wish I could have had at least one sister. My father and mother live in the city of Wisdom in the Eastern Territory and my parents are widely know for their integrity. I have other family members scattered around the Eastern Territory which came to visit periodically while I was a child. While my family are not nobles, they are among the oldest surviving families and are greatly respected. While I was growing up, both my father and mother told stories about how they met and fell in love. They had both been adventuring Mind Mages and they met while adventuring. Both of my parents come from large families and they decided to raise a large family.

I was told that when I was born that I was seen as very unusual due to having virtually snow white hair and brown eyes. While having pure white hair is not unknown, it is fairly unusual. One advantage of being raised by parents who are psychic is that you can actually feel that they love you. While I know that my parents love me, discipline and honesty have always been very important to my mother and father. I would like to think of myself as an honest child but I have been scolded for a few transgressions. My brothers, well, let me say that they were always good at getting into trouble. I love my parents dearly and I love my brothers as well. I did fight with my brothers a bit although cannot say it is out of the ordinary for brothers and sisters to fight. We probably fought less than some of the human children who lived around us. I must state again that I wish I had at least one sister.

My mother and father loved to tell tales about their adventures. They loved to tell about how they met but they loved to tell stories about their other adventures both together and while adventuring before they met. I always loved their stories and listened avidly. From what I was able to gather, their adventuring allowed them to earn enough gold to live in comfort in the city of Wisdom. As I got a bit older, I started reading the many history books which were in my parent's library. Some of the history books in my parents library are on family history and those were of extreme interest to me. A person, human, elf, or dwarf, needs to know about where they come from. Most of my older brothers have had their psychic abilities awaken fairly late, in their late twenties. That is approximately equal to a human being in their teenage years. My psychic abilities awakened while I was still pretty young. I had just turned sixteen when my abilities first started manifesting. It was incredible to be able to respond to my parents telepathic love and that is when my training as a Mind Mage first started. My parents expected that in addition to learning how to use the powers of my mind that I also learn how to defend myself with my mind.

Eventually, my parents taught me most of the secrets which they could teach. I could chose to stay at home or I could explore the world. My older brothers decided that they wanted to stay in the area around the city of Wisdom but I was always curious about the rest of the world. I know that even if I spend my entire life exploring, I will never explore it all but I do want to learn a bit around the world around me. I was always curious if I could recover some of the lost artifacts of my family. I first started in the greater parts of the Eastern Territory. I tried to avoid fighting against the Wolfen and hope that the Humans and Wolfen can come to some kind of understanding. After all, there are many other dangers in this world. One of these dangers are vampires, I encountered a group of three of them near the city of Kaash. The vampires found out just how dangerous a mind mage using telekinesis to throw wooden stakes and create walls of fire can be. Otherwise, I explored old ruins and helped go after bandits. I worked with several groups of adventures. One would break up and I would have to find myself a new group. Even as a mind mage, it is much safer to work with others than to work by myself.

My father told me of a group of bandits who had stolen an enchanted warsabre which had been in his families line until if had been lost by my grandparents several hundred years previously. I have been only able to discover some of the hands which it had passed through but I assume it has passed through the hands of at least dozens of bandits over the years. I was able to track down my families' sword through the use of Clairvoyance and through extensive research. I found it was in the hands of a bandit leader who resided on the Border of what is now called "The Old Kingdom." I decide to simply walk up him and with a touch of persuasion as for it back. I was able to convince him but some of the other bandits decided to disagree with me. Even though they are bandits, I consider my life to be important and had to show them the folly of their ways. There were a total of eight of them and while I was stupid to engage them by myself, I was able to dispatch them through the use of my psychic talents. I had left my adventuring companions a few hours behind. Some found themselves in pain, others found themselves paralyzed. I used telekinesis as well with good effect. I through a wall of fire up to prevent them from attacking me. The remaining bandits ran in fear.

After that, I went back to more sensible adventuring. I eventually decided to go after more of the family heirlooms. One of the family stories I read about indicated that the family at one time had an enchanted Star Ring. Through clairvoyance, I saw herself going towards the Baalgor Wasteland in an effort to recover the ring. While I do not know if it will lead me to the ring, I know that it is the place to go for now. While I am interested in reacquiring the ring, I also intensely curious and is interested in the old history of the land as well. I know that the city of Baalgor was the greatest city of the Elves.

I took a vessel to the northern coast of the Western Empire and traveled through the ancient human empire to catch a vessel on the Southern Coast. Along the way, I traveled through many of the cities which I have to say are huge compared to most of the cities in the Eastern Territory. There is something about most of the cities though, a corruption you might say, which I glad that most the cities of the Eastern Territory lack. One of the cities which I went through was the city of Caer Kurgas where I ran afoul with vampires yet again. This time, I had two encounters. One was with four virtually wild vampires that seemed to act more like rabid dogs than anything else. The other was with much more disciplined vampires but there were only two of them. The city was not all bad. I was able to acquired a magic ring which allows me to create a magic force field which acts like body armor. I ended up also traveling through was the capital city of Caer Itom where I learned the skill of paired weapons at the combat school "Steel Traditions." I always wanted to learn the skill but was never able to get anyone to teach me. It did take me around eight weeks but I consider it time well spent. Eventually I ended up on the southern border of the Western Empire and found a vessel which I could take to my destination. Knowing a bit about the dangers involved in the Baalgor Wasteland, I acquired a magic waterskin which magically creates water. It is amazing how many Alchemist shops can be found in the Western Empire. I don't think anywhere are there more except in the Great Elven Kingdom in the past.

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