Rowena Tait Dalan (Scarlet):

Name: Scarlet
True Name: Rowena Tait Dalan
Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)
Hit Points: 61 S.D.C. (Physical): 31
Attributes: I.Q.: 17 (+3%), M.E.: 14, M.A.: 14, P.S.: 22 (+7), P.P.: 24 (+5), P.E.: 25 (+20%/+5), P.B.: 21 (55%), Spd.: 22
Weight: 137 lbs (62.2 kg) Height: 5 foot 9 inches (175.3 cm)
Age: 41 (appears 22) Race: Human Sex: Female P.P.E.: 10
Disposition: Tough and experienced, much like a general who has fought many battles although on a smaller battlefield than most generals. While disciplined, she cannot stand to permanently stay in her husband's castle and likes to travel often. She does not follow fashion and prefers to make her own way. Unlike most nobles, she is not afraid of not fitting in. Rowena has much affection, one might even say love although not the passionate love which many couples claim to have and loves her children very dearly. Still, she has no interest in other males. She likes to help those that are less experienced than her and likes to change convention. This includes learning new and better ways of hunting, fishing, and farming especially in finding means that will not turn the environment into a desert. Has a special hatred for Demons, Devils, and Witches due to what happened to her home and family.
O.C.C.: Ranger Experience Level: Seventh (7)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert and Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Six (6)
Kick Attacks: Roundhouse Kick (3D6), Tripping/Leg Hook
Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +7, Parry: +10, Dodge: +10, Damage: +7, K.O./Stun: Nat 20, Critical: Nat 18-20, Roll: +3 Pull Punch: +2
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] + 5, Non-Lethal Poison [16] + 5, Harmful Drugs [15] + 5, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [12] +0, Magic [12] +5, Horror Factor [Varies] +2
Psionics: Major Psionic: I.S.P.: 53 Level: +1D6+1 I.S.P. Psionic Abilities Known: Healing: Bio-Regeneration (6), Physical: Mind Block (4), Telekinesis (Varies), Sensitive: See Aura (6), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4).
Special: Due to Magical Alteration, has the lifespan of a Half Elf. This was done when she was 19 years of age.
O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Language: Eastern 98%, Northern (+15%) 88%, Southern (+15%) 88%, Espionage: Track Humanoids (+15%) 73%, Medical: Animal Husbandry (+10%) 78%, Physical: Hand to Hand (Expert), Wilderness: Identify Plants & Fruit (+15%) 75%, Land Navigation (+20%) 79%, Skin & Prepare Animal Hides (+15%) 80%, Track & Trap Animals (+20%) 85%, Wilderness Survival (+20%) 85%, W.P.; Missile: Archery (Long Bow), W.P.; Melee: Sword
O. C. C. Related Skills: Domestic: Cooking (+10%) 73%, Play Musical Instruments [Flute] (+10%) 68%, Espionage: Detect Ambush [Learned at Sixth Level] (+10%) 47%, Intelligence (+10%) 73%, Physical: Climb/Scale Walls 73%/68%, Scholar/Technical: History (+10%) 73%, Wilderness: Carpentry (+10%) 70%, Dowsing [Learned at Third Level] (+10%) 55%, Preserve Food (+10%) 75%
Secondary Skills: Medical: First Aid 63%, Physical: Boxing, Prowl 58%, Running [Learned at Seventh Level], Swimming 73%, Scholar/Technical: Language: Goblin [Learned at Fifth Level] 53%, W.P.; Melee: Knife [Learned at Third Level]
Background (Noble) Skills: Domestic: Singing (+4%) 67%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship (General), Military: Heraldry (+4%) 52%57%, Scholar/Technical: Language: Elven (+4%) 77%, Northern (+4%) 77%, Literacy: Eastern (+5%) 68%, Elven (+4%) 67%
She is tall and slender, being 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighing 137 lbs. She is well built and strong although she is still definitely feminine although she has relatively small breasts. She has a moderate complexion and a slender nose. She is considered by most to be good looking. Her eyes are emerald green. Her hair is red and she keeps it short so it is easier to care for. It is slightly curly when she lets it get slightly longer. While her speech has given her away in the past as being gentle born, she passes it off as being from a poor noble family
She normally wears green and russets. On the trail she prefers leather tunic and legging, many which appear faded and travel worn even though of the finest quality. When she resides in her husbands castle, she normally wears simple green dresses similar to what those of lesser status might wear. They are of the finest quality materials but simply do not have the decoration which the costumes of most nobility have. Other than her wedding ring and her seal rings, she does not wear much in the way of jewelry although has several magical pieces of jewelry as well.
Non-Magical Weapons of Note:
Long Bow: Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg), Designed for her strength. Due to quality has +3 to Damage, +3 to Strike, and +300 feet to range. Only keeps strung part of the time so that bows are not weakened by constantly being strung. Bow is kept in waterproof case on horse. Damage: 2D6+3 (+7 for Strength), Range: 940 feet (+140 feet for skill)
2 Bodkins: Weight: 0.9 lbs (.4 kg) each. Carried in boots. High Quality Human construction, weapon has +2 to Initiative, +1 to Strike, +2 to Strike when Thrown. Damage: 1D6 (1D6 + 7 Including Strength)
Flamberge: Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg. Carried on Horse. High Quality Dwarven Manufacture, weapon has +1 to Initiative, +4 to Damage, +3 to Parry, and +2 to Strike. Damage: 3D6+4 (3D6 + 11 Including Strength)
Magical Weapons of Note:
Sword of the Tait Barony: Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg), It is Flamberge and a Simple Holy Weapon (Almost Indestructible). Brief History/ Description: The sword has been in the family for many generations and is now held by Rowena Tait Dalen after her father was murdered by a witch. High Quality Human construction with a simple gold and silver inlade handle. Has Family Crest on the Blade. The pommel is wrapped in leather. High Quality Human Manufacture, gives +1 on Initiative and +2 to Parry
Damage: 3D6+6 Damage (3D6 + 13 Including Strength)
Has Abilities of: Damage Bonus: +6 to Damage (Already added in), Circle of protection, and Expels Devils, Demons, Undead, and Animated Dead
Has Curse of: Rags: this curse will not effect descendants of the Tait Family
Long Bow of Karindal: Weight: 1.5 lbs (.7 kgs) each, It is a magical Long Bow and is of Elven manufacture. Due to quality has +3 to Damage, +3 to Strike, and +300 feet to range. Brief History/ Description: It was won by Rowena at an Archery contest. It is inlaid with Ivory and is extremely beautiful.
Damage: 2D6+6 Damage (2D6 + 13 Including Strength) Range: 940 feet (+140 feet for skill)
Has Abilities of: Adjusts to wielders strength: Allows wielder to use their strength bonus. Takes about two days to adjust, Indestructible, Increased Damage (+3 to Damage), Teleports Wielder: 2 x Per day, Maximum distance 5 miles.
Golden Magical Dagger: It is a Magical Dagger. Brief History/ Description: It was purchased by Rowena for far below the value it is worth at a bazaar. It appear to made out of solid gold and is heavily inlaid being worth around 100,000 Gold, the pommel is wrapped in leather. Damage: 1D6+3 Damage (1D6 + 10 Including Strength),
Has Abilities of: Indestructible, Eternally Sharp Blade (+3 to Damage), Returns to Wielder When Thrown
Arrows: Total: 96
48 Normal Arrows
24 Elven Manufacture Arrows (+3 to Strike and +3 to Damage)
12 Elven Manufacture Arrows (+3 to Strike and +3 to Damage), also has rune of Death + 2D6 Damage
12 Elven Manufacture Arrows (+3 to Strike and +3 to Damage) - Coated [6 Sleep and 6 Paralysis Coated]
Armor of Note:
Leather of Iron (Studded Leather): Weight: 1 Oz. AR: 15 S.D.C. 300 (regenerates at 10 S.D.C. per hour), Enchantments: Impervious to Fire, Noiseless, Regenerates Damage, and Weightless.
Magical Items:
Magical Boots of Fleetness and Mystery: Knee high boots. Boots double character maximum speed (Speed 44 on her) and character leaves no tracks and has +5% to prowl skills. Wearer of boots can be tracked by smell but is at -20% to do so.
Bottomless Quiver: Stores up to 128 Arrows with only 96 arrows presently being carried. The top layer of arrows are standard arrows of Elven manufacture.
Cherubot Rope (100 feet): Special rope that fly and suspend itself in mid air. It cannot tie knots in itself and one end mist be touching the ground. Impervious to both normal weapons and fire
Cloak of Guises: It is a full length cloak that will turn into any set of clothing limited only in the color. In color, it can only change through different shades within the same color. Since this one is green, it can turn anywhere from dark green to light green.
Crystal of Light: Many Faceted gem that is about the size of a Golf Ball, It emits light equal to about 2 candles.
Bestiary Guardian (Bear): 80 HP/S.D.C., Speed 14, AR: 14, Two attacks per melee doing 2D6 for a bite or 3D6+2 for a claw. The creature is 6 feet long, +1 to Initiative, +2 to Strike, +3 to Parry and Dodge, Prowl at 40%, Track by smell 60%, and will fight to the death.
Magic Necklace of Communication: Allows her to telepathically communicate with foxes. The Necklace was originally her mothers.
Ring of Metamorphosis (Animal): Allows the wearer to transform into the form of an animal See spell on page 202 of Palladium Fantasy: Second edition for details. Duration of 20 minutes and can be cast 2 times per day.
Ring of Teleportation: Allows the wearer to teleport as per the spell Teleport Superior. The character has a maximum limited of 20,000 lbs and can use it up to 3 times per day.
Environmental Tent: Two man tent. While cannot protect from truly powerful acts of nature (Earthquakes, lighting, floods, and so on) and elemental spells above forth level, the tent will keep the inside environment a constant 70 degrees f and dry.
Scrolls, Potions, and Fairy Food:
8 Potions of Healing (Superior) 2D6 HP or 4D6 S.D.C. are healed [In steel and copper cases]
4 packets and 4 Jars of Tashalin - Stops Poisoning
Other Equipment: Clothing: Clothing as per Picture (2 extra Sets), Many Simple Dresses, extra set of leather boots. Containers: Quivers (2, one kept on horse), 4 Saddle bags, Gallon Waterskins (2), Backpack, Large Sacks (2), Kettle, Pot, Plates (2), Frying Pan, Bowl (2), Cup (2). Field Equipment: Sleeping Bag, 40' of Fishing Line, 8 fishing hooks, 20 snare cords (4 ft long), Sharpening Stone. Writing Equipment: Parchment, Parchment Book (24), Black Ink, Quill Pens (10), Food Supplies: 20 lbs Jerked Beef, 20 lbs Preserved Vegetables, 10 lbs of Oatmeal, 2 lbs of Coffee, 2 lbs of Tea Miscellaneous: Perfume, Soap, healing herbs, Silver Flute, Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 5,876,508 Gold, Wedding Ring (Worth 30,000 gold), Seal Ring - Dalan Family Seal (Worth 25,000 gold), Seal Ring - Tait Family Seal (Worth 25,000 gold).

Rowena's History:

Rowena was born the daughter of Baron Guthran Tait who was a famous Knight who had served as a general for the King and Queen of Timiro Kingdom and had fought in several major engagements. He was born a very minor noble but for his service, was giving a Barony. Rowena's mother was born Eldrene Storn. She was the only child of Lord Leon Storn, the lord of the lands just below those that were given to Baron Tait. Eldrene learned the skills of being a Druid at a young age from her father and was a tomboy. Because the Tait Barony and the Storn holdings were so close together, Guthran and Eldrene met while she was wandering around the countryside. While Baron Tait was almost in middle age, Eldrene was just past being a teenager. Even so, they became friends and then romance developed between them. After an interesting courtship, Baron Guthran got permission to marry her from Lord Leon Storn.

Rowena's parents had many children and she had a total of twelve siblings with six brothers and five sisters. She was the last born child and her father was getting on in years before she was born.

At Rowena's birth she was preliminarily betrothed to Prince Richart Dalen, the eldest son of the ruler of one of the largest kingdoms within the Eastern Territory. The reason why she was chosen was because they were almost the same year even though he was half Elven blooded which would mean he would age slower. His parents used magic to allow themselves to conceive although he is fertile with both elves and humans. The marriage was to form a peace treaty between the Temiro Kingdom and the Eastern Territory.

As she grew up, Rowena became even more of a Tomboy than her mother ever was never willing to wait for anything and wanted to do everything herself. As a young girl she learn the skills of the bow and learned quickly the ways of the forest. At age fifteen, she began taking long trips from home exploring the lands a few days out from her fathers castle. As well, she traveled to the Eastern Territories to see what her possible future husband was like. She met the prince and found she did like him but she still had the concern that she would lose her freedoms to travel by marrying him. After one of her short trips, she came back to find out that her entire family was murdered by a Witch that went by the name Dark Angel. Along with the death of her family, her household was burned out. She was only seventeen but she was the only surviving child and became Baroness.

She restored the castle and had to defend it against the attack of non humans that the Witch recruited. Once everything was restored, she spent the next couple of years trying to hunt down the witch. In restoring the castle, she was able to recover her fathers sword which she carries. In adventuring, she was able to kill many of the witches minions. She finally stopped when she was shown that the witch was killed. Unfortunately, this was a deception and the witch was able to survive.

When she returned home, she opened up discussions with her betrothed to decide if they should get married or if he should look for another bride. A deep affection developed between the two of them. He agreed to give her as much freedom as he could which was one of her largest concerns. It was also decided that any second child she had would get the Barony Tait and take that name.

They were married and they soon started a family. Over the next several years, they produced two sons and a daughter. The sons were named Elkel, Erron, and the daughters was named is Ellen. One of the princes wizards developed a way to decrease a persons aging and her aging was decreased to what would be about normal for a half elves. Although she does it in disguise, Rowena goes out and adventures pretty often. She has also done work for her husband in working on getting farming, fishing, foresting, and hunting with low impact methods started in the Nation. She has also worked on mapping and exploring of many of the lesser known areas of both the Eastern Territory and Timiro Kingdom. In these travels she helped to defeat one of the major evil wizards in the land and has caused a lot of trouble for the Worshiper of Mephisto. As well, she is one of the few who has succeeded in slaying a dragon in combat.

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