Night Blade:

Name: Night Blade
True Name: Satoria Worr
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil) with some Aberrant leanings
Hit Points: 65 S.D.C. (Physical): 46
Attributes: I.Q.: 22 (+8%), M.E.: 14, M.A.: 11, P.S.: 25 (+10), P.P.: 24 (+5), P.E.: 23 (+16% / +4), P.B. 17 (35%), SPD: 26.
Weight: 136 lbs (61.7 kg) Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.8 meters)
Age: 217 Race: Human Sex: Female
She could easily be called dead inside. She never really becomes emotional about anything. She sees killing as simply a job, nothing more and has no hatred towards her targets although she has no mercy either. She simply sees killing as a way of making money and extending her life through the magic of her dagger. She does not even hate those who cross her but it is simply bad practice to allow them to succeed or live. She will kill a child living in poverty as readily as a rich lord as long as the fees are right. Due to her incredible skill at assassination, assisted by Little Death, she can demand incredible fees. It should be noted that she does not kill indiscriminately. The chief people at risk are those who are her target, people who are between her and her target, those who put themselves against her which in some cases includes witnesses, and anyone who attempts to cross her. Due to the need for Little Death to consume souls, she always attempts to make the killing blow with her rune dagger. Another point is that she does not use poisons which kill and instead cause paralysis. Other than that, she will use most weapons in order to complete a goal and surviving is more important than managing to kill with her rune dagger. She is very cunning and has a large number of tricks she uses to complete her missions. She should not be mistaken for being honorable in combat and will use tricks to win in combat. One trick is to use dust of sneezing on an opponent before entering combat. She is very thorough in preventing her from being tracked including the casting of the spell 'Disinherit (Greater)' in order to break any meta-physical connection between her and anything she left behind like a stray hair or a thread off her clothing.
It would probably be too much to say that she has a sense of honor but she has some rules that she does go by as simple good business practices. She will not break an agreement due to the fact that an assassin who does not complete a job or can be bought off. For the same reason, she will never attempt to cheat or blackmail a client. She has no interest in either joining or becoming the leader of an Assassins Guild. Part of this is due to the bad experiences with the politics of the guild which she had to escape from but part of it is also due to her being very independent and does not like working with others. In some case, she does end up working extensively with others due to the needs of the mission. In those cases, she treats her partners fairly and will not take advantage of them. She sees it simply as a case that she could no longer get useful partners if she took advantage of them. The same cannot said about casual acquaintance which she will take advantage of and woe be to any partner who tries to cheat or take advantage of her. She is a firm believer in self control and will not use any type of drug and does not drink any type of spirits.
O.C.C.: Assassin / Wizard. Experience Level: Tenth (10) / Fourth (4)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Assassin
Attacks per Melee: Ten (10) [Eleven (11) with Magical Gauntlets]
Kick Attacks: Karate Kick (2D4), Roundhouse Kick (3D6), Backward Sweep (Knockdown)
Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +2 [+7], +5 [+10], +5 [+12], Damage: +4 [+14], Roll with Punch or Fall: +8, Pull Punch: +5, Disarm: +4, Initiative: +1, Critical: Natural 19 - 20, Knock-Out: Natural 17 - 20.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +6, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +6, Harmful Drugs [15] +6, Insanity [12] +2, Psionics [15] +1, Magic [12] +8, Horror Factor +8. Bonuses include from Rune Items and Magic Amulets.
Special Abilities: See and Use Ley Lines, Ley Line Drifting, Ley Line Rejuvenation (2D6 HP & 2D6 S.D.C.), Recognize Enchantment 58%, Recognize Magic 43%, +2 to Spell Strength.
P.P.E.: 187 + 3D6 per Level Spells Known: First Level: Blinding Flash (1), Cloud of Slumber (4), Decipher Magic (4), Globe of Daylight (2), See Aura (6), See the Invisible (4), Sense Evil (2), Sense Magic (4), Second Level: Concealment (6), Detect Concealment (6), Extinguish Fire (4), Levitation (5), Mystic Alarm (5), Turn Dead (6), Third Level: Armor of Ithan (10), Breath Without Air (5), Energy Bolt (5), Fuel Flame (5), Ignite Fire (6), Impervious to Fire (6), Impervious to Poison (5), Invisibility: Simple (6), Negate Poison/Toxins (5), See Wards (8), Sense Traps (7), Telekinesis (8), Fourth Level: Carpet of Adhesion (10), Cure Minor Disorders (10), Fire Bolt (10), Magic Net (7), Repel Animals (7), Seal (7), Shadow Meld (10), Fifth Level: Domination (10) Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), Horrific Illusion (10), Mend Cloth (12), Sixth Level: Apparition (20), Call Lightning (15), Create Bread & Milk (15), Detect Poison (10), Fire Ball (10), Fire Fist (15), Impervious to Energy (20), Time Slip (20), Tongues (12), Words of Truth (15), Seventh Level: Agony (20), Dispel Magic Barriers (20), Fly as the Eagle (25), Globe of Silence (20), Heal Self (20), Immobilize (25), Invisibility: Superior (20), Life Drain (25), Purification (20), Second Sight (25), Wind Rush (20), Wink-Out (20+), X-Ray Vision (25), Eighth Level: Commune with Spirits (25), Disinherit (Greater) (30), Eyes of the Wolf (25), Hallucination (30), Locate (30), Luck Curse (40), Metamorphosis: Human (40), Negate Magic (30), Oracle (30), Ninth Level: Mute (50) Tenth Level: Dimensional Pocket (30 or 140), Mystic Portal (60), Summon Shadow Beast (140), Eleventh Level: Anti-Magic Cloud (140), Remove Curse (140), Twelfth Level: Amulet (290+)
Background Skills: Street / Criminal
Espionage: Pick Pockets (+4%) 87%, Physical: Acrobatics (+4%), Rogue: Seduction (+5%) 51%, Streetwise (+4%) 68%
Assassin Skills:
O.C.C. Skills: Espionage: Detect Concealment & Traps (+10%) 88%, Track Humanoids (+10%) 88%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Assassin, Climb/Scale Walls (+10%) 98%, Rogue: Concealment (+14%) 78%, Pick Locks (+15%) 98%, Prowl (+10%) 88%, Science: Mathematics - Basic (+20%) 98%, Technical: Language: Elven/Dragonese (+15%) 98%, Language: Southern (Native) 98%, Language: Western (+15%) 98%, Weapon Proficiencies: Archery [Crossbow] (7 attacks, +1 to Parry, +4 to Strike), W.P. Knife (+4 to Strike, +4 to Parry, +5 to Throw), W.P. Sword (+4 to Strike, +4 to Parry, +2 to Throw), W.P. Paired Weapons - Sword & Dagger
O.C.C. Related Skills: Espionage: Disguise (+15%) 98%, Escape Artist (+10%) 88%, Intelligence (+10%) 84%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship - General [Learned at Sixth Level] 63% / 48%, Military: Field Armorer [Learned at Ninth Level] (+10%) 53%, Interrogation Techniques (+10%) 83%, Surveillance [Learned at Third Level] (+10%) 78%, Rogue: Locate Secret Compartments/Doors (+10%) 83%, Palming (+10%) 83%, Use & Recognize Poison (+10%) 82% / 74%, Technical: Literacy: Southern (+15%) 98%, Wilderness: Wilderness Survival: 83%,
Secondary Skills: Medical: First Aid [Learned at Eighth Level] 48%, Physical: Boxing, Gymnastics [Learned at Fourth Level], Running {Learned at Eighth Level] , Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Chain (+4 to Strike, +2 to Parry), W.P. Paired Weapons - Chain & Dagger [Learned at Fourth Level]
Wizard Skills:
O.C.C. Skills: Technical: Language: Eastern (+20%) 83%, Gobbley (+20%) 83%, Literacy: Elven/Dragonese (+15%) 68%, Western (+15%) 68%, Lore: Demon & Monster (+15%) 63%, Lore: Magic (+20%) 68% / 58% /53%, Weapon Proficiencies: Thrown Weapons (+3 to Throw - In Addition to WP Knife)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Science: Astronomy & Navigation (+10) 63%, Biology [Learned at Third Level] (+10%) 53%, Technical: History (+10%) 63%, Literacy: Eastern (+10%) 63%, Lore: Geomancy (+10%) 58%, Lore: Religion (+10%) 63%, Rope Work (+10%) 63%, Sailing (+10%) 68% / 53%, Writing (+10%) 53%,
Secondary Skills: Medical: Holistic Medicine 53% / 43%, Physical: Athletics - General, Body Building [Learned at Second Level], Swimming 63%, Wilderness: Identify Plants & Fruit 48%
Skills from Acrobatics & Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+5%) 98%, Walk Tightrope (+5%) 70%, Work Parallel Pars & Rings 65%, Back Flip 93%,
Night Blade is very tall for a human woman and is almost six feet tall. She is slightly on the gaunt side but still appears quite female. She has slightly curly black which is so dark that it has blue highlights. She wears her hair fairly short with it hanging down a bit below her neck. Her skin is very pale with a bit more color on her lips and cheeks. She has light grey eyes under raven eye browns and lashes.
Most people who have seen Nightshade have seen her in dark grey or black clothing with no decoration. Most people will only see her face with maybe a few stray hairs escaping from under her hood. Her most common form of dress seems to be tunic and legging with a hooded cloak. Probably her second most common for of dress is monk style robes. She wears black leather gloves covering her hands most of the time. She also usually wear a black sword belt with an unadorned sword and dagger sheath. All of her weapons appear to be unadorned as well. Unknown to people is the fact that she created a bunch of pouch which she wears inside her clothing. These pouches contain dimensional pockets which she keeps most of her additional gear.
She is a master of disguise and she has many looks which she has practiced at mastering. In these cases, she could be wearing anything and has a large collection of disguises. Some disguises include that of being a soldier, merchant, or noble.
Non-Magical Weapons of Note: Damage includes all of her bonuses to damage.
Light Crossbow: Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). Designed for her strength to inflict greater damage. Damage: 1D6+14 (2D6+13 Including Strength) She carries 20 bolts for the crossbow (10 are usually poisoned with Basilisk Eye)
6 Stiletto Throwing Knives: Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.3 kg) each. Damage: 1D6+14. Concealed in a secret pockets in the center of her back. Daggers are highest quality human construction; +2 to strike when thrown, +1 to Strike, and +2 to initiative from construction. Daggers are usually poisoned with Basilisk Eye. Normal Durability is 90
Magical Weapons of Note: Damage includes all of her bonuses to damage.
Little Death: Damage: 6D6+20. Rune Dagger with Soul Drinking and Psionic Abilities. Due to High Quality has +2 to Throw, +2 to Strike, +3 to Parry, and +2 on Initiative. See weapon's writeup for further details
Magical Long Sword: Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Damage: 3D6 + 22
The weapon was commissioned by her and was custom enchanted by an alchemist. The initial blade was made by dwarves and has the maximum Dwarven qualities possible; +4 to damage, +3 to Parry, +2 to strike. Enchanted with abilities of Additional Indestructible (1D6), Indestructible, Super Sharp (+4 to damage / Reduce roll for critical strikes by 2),
Magical Chain: Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg). Damage: 2D6+14. Chain is about 5 feet long and can be used to entangle. Weapon was commissioned by her and was custom enchanted by an alchemist. Enchanted with abilities of Additional Indestructible (1D6), Indestructible, Invisible Weapon (+3 to Initiative and +2 to Strike and Parry against those who cannot see the invisible)
2 Magical Stiletto Throwing Knives: Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.3 kg) each. Damage: 1D6+14. Weapons were commissioned by her and were custom enchanted by an alchemist. One is carried on each forearm in a special sheath for quick throwing. Daggers are highest quality human construction; +2 to strike when thrown, +1 to Strike, and +2 to initiative from construction. Enchanted with abilities of Return to Wielder When Thrown, Venomblade (3 x daily, Basilisk Eye), and Armor Piercing. Normal Durability is 90. C
Armor of Note:
Ring of Ironhide: Confers a natural A.R. Rating of 16 on the wearer. Any strikes below the magical A.R. bounce off harmlessly.
Magical Items:
Amulet of Charm: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks. Enchanted by Her
Amulet of Protection vs the Supernatural: Add +2 to save vs Horror Factor. Enchanted by Her
Amulet of See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible. Enchanted by Her.
Anti-Venom Charm: If the wearer fails saving throw against poison, the poison is automatically negated by the charm. Has 15 charges before crumbling to dust.
Belt with Pouches with 8 Dimensional Pocket Cast on it: Will hold up to 30 lbs worth of items each pocket, It has a duration of 2 years (Cast by Herself)
Boots of Mystery: Wearer leaves no tracks and has +5% to prowl skills. Wearer of boots can be tracked by smell but is at -20% to do so.
Cloak of Guises: It is a full length cloak that will turn into any set of clothing limited only in the color. In color, it can only change through different shades within the same color. Since this one is grey it can turn anywhere from Black to light grey.
Cloak of Shadows: The wearer is difficult to see in shadow, but even in lighted area the character moves silently and unobtrusively like a shadow; +20% to prowl
Crystal of Light: Many Faceted gem that is about the size of a Golf Ball, It emits light equal to about 2 candles.
Gauntlets of Quick Hands: Magical Gloves that the wearer one addition attack per melee, +1 to initiative, and skills require a high dexterity can be performed 10% faster without error. Both gloves must be worn for them to work. Gloves have an A.R. Rating of 10, Impervious to Fire, and has 25 S.D.C.
Quill of Endless Ink: Enchanted to Never run out of ink
Ring of Deflection: Gives +2 to Parry
Soul Shield Amulet: Protects soul from Soul Drinking weapons. Has eight souls stored in amulet.
Tome of Balathar: Rune Book, Adds +1 on all Saving Throws Psionic 100 I.S.P., Recovers 10 I.S.P. every three hours, all sensitive powers and has super psionics of Bio-Manipulation and Hypnotic Suggestion. Contains a huge amount of spells and is what taught her how to become a Wizard
Potions / Dusts: 8 Potions of Extra-Healing, 4 Potions of Negate Poison, 4 Vials of Sleep Gas, 2 Vials of Anti-Magic Cloud Gas, 12 Packets of Sneeze dust.
Other Equipment:
Clothing: Expensive Dress Clothing, Leather Tunic and Leggings, Monk Style Robes, Containers: 2 Water Skins, Sword Scabbard, Dagger Scabbard, 4 Large Sask, Field Equipment: Sleeping Bag, 120 feet of Silk Rope, Lightweight Grappling Hook, 5 Metal Spikes, and Small Hammer, Lighting: Tinderbox, Writing Equipment: Parchment, Parchment Book (200), Provisions: Food rations for 4 weeks, Miscellaneous: Feminine Items, Comb and Brush, Makeup and Disguise Kit, Lock Picking Tools, 6 Vials of Basilisk Eye Poison, Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 100,000 gold worth in Jewelry (Used for ready money and when disguising herself as a noble), 500,000 gold worth in Gems, and 12 million saved a variety of banks and other places.

Night Blades History:

Satoria Worr was born in a coastal city in the Land of the South Winds. Her mother was a street thief, part time beggar, and part time street whore. She did pretty much whatever she need to survive including often picking the pockets of the men she prostituted herself with. Satoria's father could be any one of a number of men who were clients at the time. Satoria was taught by her mother the same skills which she used including whoring skills. Satoria's mother began prostituting out her daughter and an early age. There are individuals who will pay huge sums of money to sleep with a child. It was an easy way for the mother to make money without having to do anything herself.

As fate would have it, Satoria's mother died when the girl was ten years old. She had worked the streets for several years and was thoroughly hardened by that time. Her mother died from what appeared to be some form of debilitating illness. There are many maladies that can affect people on the street and even more that affect those who make their money as a whore. While that is the most likely explanation, it is also whispered that she was really poisoned by someone who wanted her eliminated. It is well known that she was trying to blackmail someone but no one knows who or exactly what. One of the most common speculation is that she was blackmailing one of her clients that she found out was wealthy or a noble.

Thieves Guilds and Assassins Guilds often recruit strays and orphans. One of the leaders in the Assassins Guild took an interest in her and set some of his journeymen to watch her. After watching her for several weeks, they determined that she was alone and not a decoy of some type. At that point in time, they kidnaped her and she became an apprentice in the Assassins Guild. She learned quickly the skilled needed to be an Assassin, being in many ways similar to the skills she need to survive on the streets, and was taught how to read and write. Assassins would both expected to create written contracts and be able to read orders from the master of the Guild. Her attitudes worked quite well in the Guild. She had no mercy for her targets but did not get caught up in the kill. Many potential assassins fail due to getting to enjoy killing to much and becoming too flashy in their kill. The guild usually eliminates them to prevent this. To her, the act of killing was simply a job that she should do well. She had no care about what the target was. Even though she been raised on the streets, she would kill a beggar on the streets as easily as a rich merchant. As long as she would get payed and could reach her target, she did not care.

Politics are played everywhere and that includes the Assassins Guilds. The master assassin who brought her into the Guild found himself on the wrong side of a power struggle and lost his head. Most of his followers were killed soon after in what was called 'House Cleaning' and Satoria was forced to flee for her life. She was somewhat experienced by that time and decided that the Western Empire would be a good place to relocate to. Stories told that while assassins are still not officially legal in the Western Empire, their actions were often ignored and in some cases almost accepted. She had also heard that good assassins were payed far better in the ancient empire than elsewhere in the world.

It was during her travels from the Land of the South Winds and the Western Empire that she acquired the rune dagger which so many tales are told about. She was traveling through barbarian controlled lands that were once the Old Kingdom when she snuck up on a group of Goblins. The Goblins were brigands who had recently ambushed and murdered a group of adventures. One of the group had been an assassin and was carrying Little Death. The Goblins were simply too savage so the weapon would not allow any of them to keep it. Satoria decided to carefully observe the Goblin to make sure that she could pass them safely. The Blade had been scanning the area with telepathy and discovered her presence. The Dagger was able to persuade her to rescue it from the savage creatures by telling her about what it could do for her. The Goblins got drunk almost every night and the most simple solution was simply to observe them until they got drunk and went to sleep. One Goblin remained on guard but he was quite drunk as well. It was a simple thing to sneak up to him and slash his throat while holding him so he could not scream out. After retrieving the Rune Dagger, she used it to slash the throats on all of the inebriated Goblins. She did not want them waking up and attempting to pursue her.

After several more months of travel, she found her way into the Western Empire and started work in one of the largest cities. She, armed with the rune dagger, set herself up as a freelance assassin. She did not identify herself with her previous identity and went by the name 'The Night Blade.' She wanted to avoid the politics which caused her to have to flee for her life and so decided to stay independent of the local Assassins Guild. She would go after any target which the right payment was offered. She quickly got a reputation of being without equal and became quite rich from her jobs.

As might be expected, she was marked by the Assassins Guild. Her response got the Assassins Guild to decided to leave her alone. First, she killed several assassins sent after her including a couple of very experienced assassins. After that, she tracked down and killed the three top leaders of the Assassins Guild which had sent their troops after her.

Unfortunately for them, several lords did not learn from the lessons given to the Assassins Guild. In several cases, nobles who afraid they would be targets put bounties on the head of the assassin known as the Night Blade. In each case, the nobles were discovered dead within two days of declaring the bounty against her. About a dozen nobles have died due to this over the years. The lesson took a long time to sink in and it is probable that some stupid lord in the future will decide to put a bounty against her and pay the price within a few days. Still, most of the nobles have finally gotten the point.

It should not be thought that all of her jobs are easy. There have been many close calls over the years but no one has managed to quite kill her. One item that has saved her has been to use the dagger to steal the life force of someone to heal her of all injuries. Some of her most difficult targets has been Wizards and her use an amulet of spell shield. One of those wizards had a fantastic magic book which is known as a rune book. She grabbed it after killing her target and decided to keep it.

After a while, Night Blade and the rune book were able to form a working relationship similar to what she has with 'Little Death' but had to get over some initial problems. Chief among these was the fact that she killed it previous owner. She found out that the book contained the seed to become a wizard and decide that she wanted to learn to be a wizard. She was about as skilled an assassin as she could expect to become. She has decided to keep her spell casting secret so she can use it as an additional surprise.

During the time she was learning to be Wizard, she decided to take a tour with a group of pirates and learned much about sailing. She had periodically moved between cities in the Western Empire anyway and gave her a chance to learn some additional skills.

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