Sir Lordan Deltony:

Name: Sir Lordan

True Name: Lordan Deltony

Alignment: Anarchist (Good / Selfish)

Hit Points: 50. S.D.C. (Physical): 33

Attributes: I.Q.: 17 (3%/+1), M.E.: 15, M.A.: 17 (45%), P.S. : 18 (+3), P.P.: 23 (+4), P.E.: 19 (+8%/+2), P.B.: 11, SPD: 18

Weight: 188 lbs (85.3 kg) Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)

Age: 42 years. Race: Human. Sex: Male. P.P.E.: 11. Horror Factor: None.


Sir Lordan is self severing and unscrupulous but cannot be considered genuinely evil. Still, will do whatever possible to increase his wealth and territories. Quite skilled and watching the shifting politics and taking advantage of them. Often he would sit back and simply watch until he knew the noble best to back. He would then use this to

seize lands of those who supported the rival lord. Somehow, he is always able to stay on the good side of the crown and other nobles above him.

Quite charismatic, he appears to be quite friendly and affable to those around him. Knows the right words to say to others both to disarm them and to appear to be trustworthy. Often makes both sides in a conflict think that he plans to support them. Knowing the right words is part of the reason why he likely has been able to stay in the good graces of the nobles above him. Has been able to persuade them that his actions against other nobles was due to them being about to attack him. Still, he will betray anybody in order to increase his wealth or power and has no true loyalties except himself. Not afraid to kill those who get in his way when necessary.

Is ruthless with both peasants and merchants under his control and taxes them heavily. When he takes over lands from neighboring lords, heavily taxes his new tenants. A number of times he has been required to return lands to their control but has not stopped him from taxing those under his temporary control. The over taxing of the peasants of course has created quite a bit of resentment and anger.

As keeping a strong force of fighting men under him, they are most important to keep loyal. As a result he rewards them well and he is very popular with the soldiers under his control. Of anybody, he is least likely to betray the soldiers under him. While the core of his forces are mercenary soldiers which came with him when he took over his family’s lands, a number of his soldiers also were recruited from brigand groups. Sir Lordan is a surprisingly skilled tactician especially with small to moderate size forces. Not real experienced with much large forces however.

O.C.C.: Noble Experience Level: Sixth (6)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand (Expert) and Boxing. 

Attacks per Melee: Six (6)

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 18, 19, or 20. Knock Out: Natural 20. Bonuses: Damage: +3, Strike: +6, Parry: +9, Dodge: +9, Roll (with Punch, Fall, or Impact): +4, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +0.

On the first round, when on the defense, he gets an additional +6 to Initiative, a +2 to Parry, and a +3 to dodge from Sixth Sense.

Kick Attacks: Karate Style Kick: 2D4+3, Crescent Kick: 2D4+5, Tripping/Leg Hook: Knockdown.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +2, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +2, Harmful Drugs [15] +2, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [12] +0 (+1 with Amulet), Magic [12] +2 (+3 with Amulet), Horror Factor +0.

Psionics: Lesser I.S.P.: 42 +1d6 per level of experience. Psionic Abilities Known: Sensitive: Mind Block (4), Sixth Sense (2).

O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Dance (+15%) 73%, Play Musical Instrument - Flute (+15%) 68%, Sing (+10%) 68%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship - General (+5%) 68%/53%, Military: Heraldry (+15%) 58%/63%, Military Etiquette (+15%) 78, Physical: Hand to Hand: Expert, Science: Mathematics: Basic (+20%) 98%, Technical: Language: Eastern [Native] 98%, Language: Elven (+20%) 88%, Literacy: Elven (+15%) 73%, Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Archery - Crossbow (5 Attacks / +3 [+9] Strike /+1 [+10] Parry), W.P. Sword (+3 Strike [+9] / +2 [+11] Parry / +1 [+7] Throw).

O.C.C. Related Skills: Military: Falconry (+5%) 63%, Technical: History [Gained at Sixth Level] (+5%) 38%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+5%) 58%, Masonry (+5%) 63%, Writing [Gained at Third Level] (+5%) 43%, Wilderness: Land Navigation 53%.

Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics [Gained at Fourth Level], Boxing, Medical: First Aid 58%, Wilderness: Wilderness Survival 58%

Background (Noble) Skills: Communication: Cryptography (+10%) 53%, Dance (+4%) 62%, Public Speaking (+10%) 68%, Military: Camouflage (+10%) 58%, Technical: Language: Southern (+4%) 72%, Literacy: Eastern [Native] (+5%) 63%, Literacy: Southern (+4%) 62%


Even though quite strong, those who look at him often describe his as thin almost as if he is made from sinew. Otherwise, he is only moderately tall, a bit less than six feet in height. His face also has a similar thin almost sinewy look to it. Has dark brown, almost black eyes, and an extremely sharp nose. As far as hair, his hair is black although he is balding on top. Keeps a short well groomed beard.

When not in armor, wears dark wine or blue colored tunic and leggings, usually velvets with silver threading. Over top of the tunic, he usually wears a high quality leather jerkin. As far as armor, prefers chain armor. On his side, he almost always carries a long sword in a battered scabbard even though the weapon is of the finest quality.

Magical Weapons of Note:

Magical Long Sword: Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) each Length: 3 ft (0.9 m).

Blade appeared to be blued with many rumors to where he got the sword from. Sword is of the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +3 to parry, +2 to strike, +4 to damage, and +2 to initiative. Enchantments: Additional Damage (1D6), Indestructible, Eternally Sharp (+3), Damage: 3D6+7 (3D6 +17 Including Strength)

Non-Magical Weapons of Note:

Medium Crossbow (Goats Foot): Weight: 8.4 lbs (4 kg)

Designed for his strength. Can be used while mounted. Damage: 2D6 (2D6 + 3 Including Strength), Maximum Possible Range: 902 feet (275 meters), Bolts: 20 Normal Bolts.

Two (2) Parazonium: Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) each. Length: 1.6 feet (.5 meters)

Heavy long bladed triangular dagger. High quality Dwarven crafted with +4 to damage, +2 to parry, +2 to strike, +2 to strike when thrown, and +2 to initiative. Damage: 1D8+6 (1D8+21 with strength)

Armor of Note:

Enchanted Double Chain Mail: A.R. Rating: 16 S.D.C.: 226 Weight: 1 oz.

Links appear to have been blued. In addition to enchantments, the armor is reinforced with additional armor and is Dwarven forged for extra strength. The armor is enchanted to be weightless (weighing only about 1 oz and prowl penalties are reduced by half [-5% to prowl]). The armor magically repairs itself at the rate of 10 S.D.C. per hour. Enchantments: Armor Rating Enhancement, Magical S.D.C., Weightless, Regenerating Armor.

Other Equipment:

Magical Items:

Amulet of Charm: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.

Amulet of “See the Invisible”: Allows wearer to see the invisible.

Bloodstone Pendant: Can cast spell of “Heal Self” up to three times per day. Heals up to 4D6 hit points or S.D.C. each activation.

Crystal of Light: Many Faceted gem that is about the size of a Golf Ball, It emits light equal to about 2 candles.

“Dimensional Pocket” Purse: Made permanent with rune. Will hold up to 30 lbs worth of items.

Environmental Tent: Eight man tent pavilion style. Protects vs weather and keeps environment at 70 degrees. Does not protect against lightning, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, and so on. Also cannot protect from magically induced elemental forces above fourth level.

Quill of Endless Ink: Ordinary pen but never runs out of ink.

Other Equipment: Gear listed is generally what he carries when on the road or on campaign, not what he has in his fortress.

Clothing: Dress clothing (as per description), travel clothing (similar in style but lower quality to dress clothing), cloaks, hats, leather boots, leather belt, leather gloves.

Containers: Backpack, three (3) small sacks, wineskin (half gallon capacity), bronze brandy flask, sword scabbard, two (2) dagger scabbards, quiver (20 bolts),

Field Equipment: Bedroll, sharpening stone,

Lighting: Flint and tinder box,

Writing Equipment: Twenty-four (24) sheets of parchment, parchment book (100 pages) used as a journal and to keep notes.

Provisions: Two (2) weeks trail rations, skin of fine wine, flask of fine brandy.

Miscellaneous: Grooming supplies.  

Horse Tending Equipment: Horse brush, horse comb, horse blanket, hoof picks, grain, feed bag, bridle, saddle, saddle soap.

Properties: Has a moderate sized estate in the Timero Kingdom with several dozen retainers (mainly soldiers and mercenaries) and several hundred subjects. Has a surprisingly extensive library with a number of books devoted to politics and tactics.

Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 200,000 gold worth in coin (carries 10,000 gold in the field), 100,000 gold worth in jewelry, and 800,000 gold worth in precious gems (carries about 50,000 gold worth in the field.) Has a signet ring for his family.

Mount: Name: Black Storm Horse (Type): Warhorse (Gelded Male) Color: Black with white highlights.

Size: Height: 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall at the shoulder, powerfully build Weight: 2000 lbs (907.2 kg)

A.R. Rating: Not applicable, Hit Points: 29, S.D.C.: 40, P.P.E.: 14

Barding (Armor): Type: Studded Leather, A.R. Rating: 14 S.D.C.: 70, Weight: 70 lbs (31.8 kg)

Attacks Per Melee (Horse): Three (3), Damage: Kick (Front Legs): 2D6+4 , Kick (Rear Legs): 4D6+4, Stomp: 1D6, Trample: 4D6, Bite: 1D4. Note that horses instinctively leap over and run around humanoids and most other animals, but may trample when completely panicked or when a domesticated animal is made to do so by its rider.

Bonuses: +1 Initiative, +4 Strike, +2 Dodge, +4 Save vs Horror Factor, +1 Save vs Poison and Disease.

Natural Abilities: Great strength and endurance, can pull as much five tons on a wagon and can carry up to 450 pounds (204.1 kg), swim 50%, jump 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) high and 10 feet long (3 meters.)

Speed: 38 (25 mph / 40 kph); Maximum speed 55 (37.5 mph / 60 kph).

Average Life Span: 10 years (4 years old)

Value: 14,000 Gold

Notes: Warhorse has a faint amount of Elven Steed blood. Has several horses but this is his favorite horse.

Lordan ’s History / Background:

Originally a second born son, Lordan is from a long line of lesser nobles within the Timero Kingdom. His father had a small estate which barely could support itself. Often, harvests were tight and times were lean. One of those genuine nobles who genuinely cared for those under him, Lordon’s father never had the heart to squeeze the peasants under him too hard.

Not likely to inherit, the young man went adventuring hoping to gain his own fortune. When he left, both his father and elder brother were quite healthy. All of the stories tell that Lordan’s elder brother was cut from much the same cloth as their father. The young noble was quite resentful of his older brother from a young age. Lordan’s hopes was a mercenary and an adventurer to make his own way. Even though raised in a noble household, he was a fair hand with a sword. Even as a young recruit, he showed interest in command and starting his own mercenary company.

It was not long, maybe a matter of a year, before his fate changed. A rider found him and told him that both his father and elder brother fell from a bandit raid which had ravaged the lands. They had both rode out to deal with the brigands and were ambushed. With that stroke the young Lordon, not even quite twenty, was now lord of his father’s lands. There have been some dark rumors, although never any actual evidence, that he was somehow behind these raids. Otherwise, the land had generally been fairly quiet.

From the beginning, the young noble vowed that when he became lord that he would not live the same way as his father had. Lordan had no intention to live a barely subsistence existence. Brought several mercenaries from the company along with him when he returned home, those who seemed most willing to follow his commands with him. His father had only kept a comparatively token force under arms and he planned to be better defended. Especially since he already was considering ways to expand his own lands at the expense of the neighboring lords.

Upon returning to home, he used his mercenaries to squeeze his peasants tightly even though already devastated by the brigand raid which had killed his father and brother. Much of the gold he acquired went to fortifying his family’s manor. Wanted a fortress much better defended than his father had kept their manor. A skilled mason himself, he understood how to much better fortify a fortress more than they had.

After he had made his position virtually unassailable, he began to see how he might gain advantage of the neighboring nobles. Often, he would offer his services to another noble in return for a free hand to seize some or all of the lands of the nobles supporting the rival lord. Cautious, he would not commit until he was sure that he was not backing the loser in a conflict. It has not happen often, only a handful of times, but it has still allowed him to triple his lands over the last couple of decades compared to what his father controlled.

A number fo times after the dust of these conflicts have settled, the crown or other higher nobility have requested that he returns lands which he has seized. In some cases he has been able to retain part, a few fields, from his adventures while other times he has needed to return all of the land. Somehow, he is always able to look like he is being magnanimous when he has been required to do so.

The first thing he will do upon seizing lands is tax his new tenants even if they had recently been taxed by their previous lord. This is done even if the lands are likely to be later required to be returned to their previous lord. In fact, in such cases he will generally tax them all the higher. Lordan sees it to his advantage to weaken nobles, especially those he may need to fight again, as much as possible.

While the core of his fighting men is still the mercenaries who came with him two decades ago from his traveling days, a number of the troops he has recruited since then come from brigand groups. He is known among such groups to offer amenity to them although is careful to keep any more than rumors from reaching the crown. Several of these bandits are skilled forgers which he uses their skills in creating documents.

Of course over the years, he has managed to make a large number of enemies including families and friends of those he has killed as well as those under him who have been impoverished. In this number are a number of nobles who lost their land, children of nobles whom he killed. A number also come from retainers of his father and brother. Killed a number of them when he took control of the estate and others were forced to flee. Rumor is that his long sword and chain armor came from one he killed. Some suggest it was another noble while others suggest he had his men ambush an adventurer traveling through his lands.

As a result of his actions, there is a band of rebels in his lands that have engaged a number of troops. They attack from the shadows and meld back into the wilderness. While not yet a serious problem, he is concerned that it time they might become a serious problem.

Presently, he attempting to secure a marriage to the daughter of one of the noble families above him. Hoping to find one which would allow him to greatly increase his land over what he has been able to acquire. He has had less luck with this than many of his other endeavors. In part, this might be due to his age but in part might also be due to some concerns about his ruthlessness.

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