Laurane Flammewolfe:

Name: Laurane Flammewolfe
True Name: Laurane Methiasdottir
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
Hit Points: 30 S.D.C. (Physical): 32
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 23 (+4/+6), M.A.: 9, P.S.: 24 (+9), P.P.: 22 (+4), P.E.: 14, P.B.: 20 (55%), Spd.: 27 Weight: 142 lbs (64.5 kg) Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.72 m)
Age: 19 Race: Human Sex: Female
Laurane is an interesting character. Even though a person of magic, she often thinks like a mercenary. She is very self reliant and is far more wilderness savvy than most expect from a user of magic. She also considers it very important to keep herself fit and able to defend herself. Even though a capable fighter herself, she has a good working knowledge about how to use her magic and psychic abilities. From her mother, she has a good basic knowledge of tactics although no real large scale strategic ability beyond basic common sense, which of course is better than some noble generals. When fighting, she is very calm and attempts to think things through as much a possible while in combat.
She is not a big follower of rules and would be best described as a free spirit. She has found this to be common to the few other psi-mystics which she has met. The young psi-mystic tries to respect those around her and values life. She values her own life and will fight to protect herself and will fight viciously if she needs to. She is fairly friendly but she is a bit on the shy side, especially when scared, and hard to get to know well. While a bit reserved, she is not likely to abandon a group she is working with. Even though she has a good basic grasp of tactics, she is not likely to take the role of leader of a group.
O.C.C.: Psi-Mystic Experience Level: Third (3) Experience Points: 4,390
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert & Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Five (5)
Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +4 (+6), Parry: +5 (+9), Dodge: +5 (+9), Damage: +4, +4 to Roll with punch/fall/impact, and +2 to Pull punch, Critical Strike of Natural 20, Knockout/Stun: Natural 20.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14], Non-Lethal Poison [16], Harmful Drugs [15], Insanity [12] + 6 [+7 with charm], Psionics [10] + 4 [+5 with charm], Magic [12] [+1 with charm], Horror Factor + 8
OCC Bonuses:
+2 vs Mind controlling Drugs, potions, and Charms
+4 vs Possession
+2 vs Horror Factor
Psionics: Master I.S.P.: 123 Level: +10 I.S.P. Psionic Abilities Known: Healing: Bio-Regeneration (6), Exorcism (10), Healing Touch (6), Physical: Mind Block (4), Resist Fatigue (4), Sensitive: Meditation (0), Object Read (6), See Aura (6), Sense Evil (2), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4)
P.P.E.: 83 + 2D6 per level Spells Known: First Level: Blinding Flash (1), Cloud of Smoke (2), Globe of Daylight (2), Increase Weight (4), Second Level: Chameleon (6), Extinguish Fire (4), Levitation (5), Turn Dead (6), Third Level: Invisibility: Simple (6), Telekinesis (8)
O. C. C. Skills: Physical: Hand To Hand (Expert), Science: Mathematics - Basic (+20%) 70%, Technical: Language: Western 98% Language: Dragonese [Elven] (+15%) 65%, Language: Eastern (+15%) 65%, W.P.; Ranged: Archery (+1 [+7] to Strike / +1 [+10] to Parry, 4 attacks per melee), W.P.; Melee: Sword (+2 [+8] to Strike / +1 [+10] to Parry), Wilderness: Dowsing (+5%) 35%, Land Navigation (+10%) 48%
O. C. C. Related Skills: Horsemanship: Horsemanship: General 45% / 30%, Medical: First Aid 40%, Technical: Literacy: Western (+10%) 50%, Literacy: Eastern (+10%) 50%, Lore: Demon & Monster [Learned at Third Level] (+10%) 35%, Wilderness: Wilderness Survival 40%
Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics (General), Boxing, Prowl 35%, Running.
Background (Man at Arms) Skills: Military: Military Etiquette (+6%) 51%, Recognize Weapon Quality (+4%) 39%, W.P.; Melee: Knife / Dagger (+1 [+7] to Strike, +2 [+11] to Parry, +2 [+8] to Throw.
Laurane is an attractive women of slightly above average height at five foot eight inches tall. While muscular, she has a lithe figure with moderate breasts and long legs. She is of light to medium Caucasian complexion although has wide full lips. Brown eyes stare out from her beautiful face from under slim eyebrows. She has long straight reddish hair with blond highlights that when worn loose hangs down to her hips. While traveling, she usually wears it in a bun so that her hair cannot be grabbed in combat. On her hands and arms she has tattoos with mystic symbols.
She normally wears brown and green dyed leather tunic and leggings which lace up when not adventuring. While adventuring, she wears studded leather which is dyed green and brown. She also normally wears leather wraps around her wrists to protect herself from blisters. She usually wears feathers braided into her hair on both sides of her face as her main ornamentation preferring it over most jewelry. She usually wears a leather string with a smoky quartz crystal which is enchanted.
Non-Magical Weapons of Note:
Kindjal: Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) Length: 1.6 feet (0.5 m) Damage: 1D8+2 (1D8 + 11 Including Strength)
It is of the highest quality by human construction; +1 to strike, +2 to strike when thrown, and +2 to initiative. Large straight double bladed dagger, Durability is 80.
Elven Turkish Style Shortbow: Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg) Length: 3.3 feet (1 m) Damage: 2D6+9 (Including Strength)
Maximum Possible Range: 1,800 feet (550 meters), Short Bow is designed to be used by a person with a 24 strength (+9 to damage), The bow has +2 to strike due to high quality Elven construction. The Bow is of Composite construction.
20 Arrows: 15 Normal, 5 Silver Tipped
Magical Weapons of Note:
Magical Long Sword "Cats Eye": Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Length: 2.6 feet (0.8 m) Damage:3D6+7 (3D6 +16 Including Strength)
Sword was captured from an assassin. Sword has a large tiger eye gem as the centerpiece of the hand guard and a green enameled hilt. The sword is of the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +3 to Parry, +2 to strike, +4 to damage, and +2 to initiative from construction. Durability is 95. Enchantments: Additional Damage (1D6), Indestructible, Eternally Sharp (+3)
Armor of Note: Studded Leather: A.R.: 13 S.D.C.: 38 Weight: 20 lbs Cost: 200 gold
Magical Items:
Enchanted Smoky Quartz Crystal: Small quartz crystal worn on a leather thong, Amulet of Charm: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.
Ring of Tongues: Same as Wizard Spell. Duration: 10 minutes; three times daily.
Other Equipment:
Clothing: 2 Sets of Traveling Clothing, Hooded Red Cloak, Jacket (Long Fur), 2 Sets of Boots (Soft Leather), Soft Slippers, Leather Belt, Fancy Silk Dress.
Containers: Backpack, 2 Medium Sacks, 2 Small Sacks, 2 Water skins (Half Gallon), Long Sword Scabbard.
Field Equipment / Camping: Rope (40 feet), Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Tent (One Man)
Lighting: Tinderbox, 2 Treated Torches.
Writing Equipment: Paper Book (100 pages) - Used as a journal , Black ink (6 oz), and 10 Quill pens
Provisions: Trail Rations for 4 week
Miscellaneous: Pocket Mirror, hair comb, makeup and Feminine Items, soap
Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 5,766 gold

Laurane Flammewolfe's History:

Laurane Flammewolfe's mother was a mercenary warrior who worked mostly within the borders of the lower Barraduk region of the Western Empire in a variety of local conflicts. In a war between two lesser lords within the Barraduk region of the Western Empire, she was captured and held prisoner. While Laurane's mother was held prisoner, she was raped several times and conceived a child as a result. It is unlikely that Laurane's father will ever be known and could be any one of a half dozen soldiers. It could even have been the lesser lord or one of the members of his family. Laurane's appearance is much like her mother so it is very hard to tell.

After the war ended, she was released and left the general area. Laurane mother gave birth while she was traveling out of the area and the birth took place in a cave. After a short period of travel, the mother and daughter were able to settle in a moderate sized town and found employment in the town militia within the region of Vequerrel Woodlands. She did the best job she could raising her child and did not treat her daughter badly even though the child was the result of a rape. For the first several years she was very bitter but was able to get a handle on the situation eventually. When Laurane was about four, most of the town burnt down and many of the other Man at Arms serving in the militia left to look for new employment. The town was rebuild and Laurane's mother was able to become an officer in the guard in the rebuilt town. Several years passed and Laurane's mother decided that it was time for a move. There was a huge amount of unrest surfacing in the town and the town's leaders were becoming more corrupt. When Laurane was eight years old, her mother hand finally saved enough and both of them moved to the Eastern Territory near the city of Llorn. The Eastern Territory was seen as more peaceful and the government less corrupt in general. In the Eastern Territory, Laurane's mother acted in the same role as she had in the Western Empire.

Because Laurane's mother was not very well off, she did not have the money to apprentice her daughter so she taught her the skills of being a mercenary herself. Laurane actually quickly developed excellent hand to hand skills and it looked like she would become an excellent mercenary herself. The training started at the age of ten and continued until Laurane discovered her magical talents. When she was fifteen, she felt a strange urge and went wandering into the wilderness for a reason that she does not know although probably related to her magic waking. When she got there, she discovered she had magical talents. Her mother accepted that Laurane was a mage as much as a warrior but soon after her discovery of her magic talents, Laurane's mother was killed by a group that was raiding the town she was the guard.

Soon after her mother died, Laurane got wanderlust and decided to go off adventuring herself One of the first places she traveled to was the Western Empire, partially out of curiosity and partially from the fact that there are many chances to make money in the Western Empire. She encountered an assassin while guarding a traveling scholar and killed the assassin in the altercation which resulted. The assassin had a magic sword which she appropriated for herself and has carried while adventuring.

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