Name: Jasy.

True Name: Jasyslava.

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish).

Hit Points: 36. S.D.C. (Physical): 45.

Attributes: I.Q.: 20 (+6%/+3), M.E.: 13, M.A.: 12, P.S.: 18 (+3), P.P.: 24 (+5), P.E.: 17 (+5%/+1), P.B.: 19 (45%), SPD: 14.

Weight: 114 lbs (51.7 kg). Height: 5 foot 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Age: 26 years. Race: Human. Sex: Female. P.P.E.: 6.


While she herself is a bit of a free spirit, as the officer of a ship she realizes that orders have to be followed both by her and those under her command. Expects discipline to be followed although is not brutal, only using the discipline needed to keep the crew under control.

Does inspire on day to be the commanding officer of her own merchant ship. Otherwise, she prizes her own abilities at sea and is always trying to improve them. Now that she has some skill, she does enjoy the respect she gets from others, no longer considering herself to be a street rat.

Has invested some of what she has been able to make as an officer in magic items to make navigation as well as shipboard life easier. There are many perils aboard ship which are not immediately apparent. Sickness is quite often a problem aboard ship.

While a mariner, she is not against land adventuring if the bounty was rich enough. Does not have that much experience although is a reasonably skilled fighter. Prefers to fight with a sword and light shield. Purchased one made from “Yellow Wood” while in a port in the Eastern Territory.

Otherwise, she does have a few friends. Many are other mariners although she avoids too much familiarity with the crew and also avoids liaisons with other officers. Instead prefers the company of those ashore. As she is quite attractive, she does not lack for company usually.

O.C.C.: Mariner. Experience Level: Fourth (4).

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic and Boxing.

Attacks per Melee: Six (6).

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 20. Knock Out: Natural 20. Bonuses: Damage: +3, Strike: +0 (+5), Parry: +4 (+9), Dodge +4 (+9), Roll (with punch fall or impact): +6, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +0.

Kick Attacks: Karate: 2D6, Snap Kick: 1D6.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +1, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +1, Harmful Drugs [15] +1, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [12] +0 [+1 with amulet], Magic [12] +1 [+1 with amulet], Horror Factor +0 [+2 with amulet].

Psionics: Major, I.S.P.: 56 +1D6+1 per level of experience.

Healing: Bio-Regenerate [Self] (6), Healing Touch (6), Resist Fatigue (4).

Physical: Mind Block (4), Telekinesis (Varies).

Sensitive: Sixth Sense (2).

O.C.C. Skills: Naval: Castaway / Ship Wreck Survival (+15%) 57%, Flag Signaling (+15%) 57%, Sailing (+15%) 71% / 56%, Seamanship (+15%) 55%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Basic, Climb Walls 61%, Swimming (+10%) 71%, Science: Astronomy & Navigation (+20%) 71%, Mathematics: Basic 66%, Technical: Identify Sea Life (+10%) 55%, Language: Eastern (+10%) 71%, Language: Southern [Native] 98%, Literacy: Southern (+10%) 61%, Rope Work (+5%) 56%, Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Archery - Crossbow (+2 [+7] strike / +1 [+10] parry / 4 attacks per melee), W.P. Blunt (+2 [+7] strike / +2 [+11] parry / +0 [+5] throw), W.P. Sword (+2 [+7] strike / +2 [+11] / +1 [+6] throw.

O.C.C. Related Skills: Naval: Shipwright [Gained at Second Level] (+15%) 55%, Technical: Language: Elvish / Dragon (+10%) 71%, Language: Western (+10%) 71%, Literacy: Elvish / Dragon (+10%) 61%, Literacy: Western (+10%) 61%, Lore: Demon and Monster [Gained at Fourth Level] (+10%) 41%, Wilderness: Carpentry 51%.

Secondary Skills: Medical: First Aid 51%, Physical: Athletics [Gained at Third Level], Boxing, Weapon Proficiency: W.P. Knife (+2 [+7] strike / +2 [+11] parry / +2 [+7] throw), W.P. Shield (+1 [+6] strike / +2 [+11] parry).

Learned Skills: W.P.; Melee: Paired Weapons: Sword & Knife [Learned at Fourth Level].

Background (Thief) Skills: Espionage: Disguise (+4%) 50%, Physical: Gymnastics (+4%), Rogue: Pick Pockets (+5%) 51%, Streetwise (+4%) 42%.

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 51%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings 45%, Back Flip 61%.


At five foot, five inches, tall, Jasyslava is about of average height. As she works in the rigging as an junior officer, it keeps her in excellent shape. Even so, she has a feminine figure with decent sized breasts. Her skin tone is relatively dark, one might call it “Mediterranean” if she was on Earth. Her features are relatively sharp with a small nose. Even so, she is quite attractive with everything working well. Her hair is dark brown which is slightly wavy. Keeps it down to the small of her back. For cosmetics, does wear a little although usually relatively dark colors.

Usually prefers loose fitting and relatively comfortable clothing of light materials. Finds them comfortable and what is common on her island. Otherwise, does like to wear a few items of jewelry, including earrings and necklaces. This jewelry is also part of the way she carries her money. While she only wears armor when about to go into battle, usually will wear her scimitar on her side.

Magical Weapons of Note:

“Dragon Forged” Kobold Quality Scimitar: Weight: 3.09 lbs (1.4 kg). Length: 2.95 feet (0.9 m).

Captured from a pirate along with the dagger. Considered a magic weapon using dragon dust in the preparation of the weapon. Increases damage and makes weapon extremely hard to destroy. Of the highest quality Kobold construction with +3 damage, +2 initiative, +1 (+8) strike, and +2 (+13) parry. Damage: 3D6+3 [3D6+6 including strength].

“Dragon Forged” Kobold Quality Kinjal Dagger: Weight: 1.1 lbs (.5 kg) each. Length: 1.6 feet (0.5 m).

Captured from a pirate. Considered a magic weapon using dragon dust in the preparation of the weapon. Increases damage and makes weapon extremely hard to destroy. High quality Kobold weapon with +2 initiative, +3 damage, +1 (+8) strike, +2 (+9) strike when thrown, and +1 (+12) parry. Damage: 1D8+7 [1D8+10 including strength].

Twelve (12) “Dragon Forged” Crossbow Bolts:

Considered a magic weapon using dragon dust in the preparation of the arrow heads. Increases damage and makes weapon extremely hard to destroy. Damage: Crossbow: 2D6+2 [+3 for strength.]

Non-Magical Weapons of Note:

Medium Crossbow (Medium): Weight: 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg). Length: 2.3 feet (0.7 meters).

Claw and belt style crossbow. Designed for her strength (P.S.: 18). Can be used while mounted, Damage: 2D6 (2D6 + 3 Including Strength), Maximum Possible Range: 902 feet (275 meters).

“Yellow Wood” Buckler: Weight: 3 lbs (1.36 kg)

Shield is made from “Yellow Wood” and is extremely hard to destroy or damage. Damage: 2D4+2 [2D4+5including strength]. S.D.C.: 150. Only attacks meant to damage shield inflict any damage. In addition, weapons only inflict 10% normal damage to the shield.

Twenty-Four (24) Normal Crossbow Bolts:

Armor of Note:

Reinforced Studded Leather: A.R.: 13. S.D.C.: 58. Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kg). Cost: 290 gold.

Other Equipment:

Magical Items:

Amulet of “Charm”: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.

Amulet of “Protection from Sickness”: Protects against magic and ordinary “sickness” with +6 to save vs magic sickness and +3 to save vs disease.

Amulet of “Protection from the Supernatural”: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor.

Amulet of “See the Invisible”: Allows wearer to see the invisible.

Crystal of Light: Many Faceted gem that is about the size of a golf ball and it emits light equal to about 2 candles.

Enchanted Mariner’s Astrolabe: The astrolabe gives +20% to all navigational rolls but doe not give a base ability to those who are unskilled and one must have at least a basic skill in navigation.

Eye of the Eagle: Crystalline monocle which enables wearer to see great distances; up to 2000 feet (609.6m) or approximately a third of a mile. Will appear sharp and clear as from a small telescope or modern binoculars.

Quill of Endless Ink: Ordinary appearing pen but never runs out of ink.


Clothing: Two suits of ordinary street clothing, two sets of casual uniforms (leather brim hat, jacket, shirt, pants, boots, and leather belt), and dress uniform (rank insignia, leather brim hat, shirt, trim pants, polished boots, and leather belt).

Containers: Sea chest, backpack, purse, scimitar scabbard, dagger scabbard, crossbow case, and crossbow bolt quiver (36 bolt capacity).

Field Equipment: Navigational instruments (includes field glasses / telescope), sharpening stone, bedroll.

Lighting: Flint and tinderbox.

Writing Equipment: Personal diary, pencil, twenty (20) sheets of parchment paper.

Provisions: Sea / trail rations for four (4) weeks.

Miscellaneous: Makeup and feminine items, birth herbs, soap, perfume, first aid / medical supplies, textbook of navigation, textbook of naval rules, officer’s papers.

Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 40,000 gold, 10,000 gold worth in jewelry, and 50,000 gold worth in various gems.

Jasyslava’s History:

In the Floenry Island Chain, there is a relatively small community known as the Free Port of West Mnn. The core of the community is decent, mainly farmers. There is however an element of lawlessness including pirates of vagabonds and pirates. Even the merchant sailors whom visit the island are known to get into occasional trouble. There is of course the gladiatorial arena which attracts certain unsavory elements as well.

Where Jasyslava’s mother came from originally is unknown. She never appeared to have told anybody about where she came from. Maybe she came from one of the hard working farming families on the island but it is equally possible that she was on the run from another land. What is sure is that she was a thief, although perhaps not a particularly skilled one. In general she avoided stealing from the residents. Of course the farmers often have little to be stolen from.

Instead she concentrated on the sailors and merchants whom visit the island. With a little luck, a drunken sailor might not notice his purse having been cut until back aboard his vessel. One day she chose the wrong mark however, maybe not drunk enough, but Jasyslava’s mother ended up with a knife in her belly. The wound quickly became septic and Jasyslava was left an orphan at age nine.

The young girl had been taught by her mother how to pick pockets and understood the streets reasonably well by this time. Certainly, she knew the streets well enough to know that she did not want to go the way her mother did. Did not have the skills to be a farmer either and really had no interest in the land anyway.

With so many vessels coming and going, she knew that joining a ship’s crew was an option. It is not unknown for boys and girls as young as young as eight to join a ship’s crew. Of course there are others, including both landed seasoned sailors and farmer with few prospects also trying to get berths aboard ship. Was lucky however and was able to find a merchant ship, the Petalon, which she was able to find a berth as a ship’s “boy.” Only a minority of ship’s crews were women usually.

As luck had it, the first mate of the boat was a woman and took an interest in the new “boy.” Jasyslava had already shown herself to be extremely intelligent as well quite athletic. As a result, she took Jasyslava under her wing to train her as a skilled mariner.

Many crews of ships, merchant or warships, are pulled from around the world. As a result, it is common for the crew to speak a hodgepodge of different languages. The most common include Southern, Eastern, Western, and the Northern tongue. In addition, the Elven tongue is the language of merchants, making it extremely useful for a ship’s officer. Luckily Jasyslava was skilled at picking up languages, quickly learning several languages.

In addition, her life on the streets had never taught her how to read and write. If she was become a ship’s officer herself, she would need to quickly master being able to read and write in several languages. When not on watch, she was taught how to read and write. Of course she was taught how to navigate, how to manage the rigging, and about the sea in general. It seemed like just about every waking hour was taken up on learning how to be a skilled mariner.

One might think that would be enough but it is not infrequent that merchant ships are attacked either by pirates or by monsters. As such, it is vital that a mariner or sailor is able to defend themself against attack. It was not long before she had to fight in a battle against pirates herself. Cudgels are common weapons aboard ship but she also learned to fight with sword and crossbow. She always preferred a single bladed sword like a sabre or a falchion.

Jasyslava’s mother never mentioned her father and became evasive whenever the young girl tried to ask. It is possible as such that her father was a psychic. As it was, her gifts came as a surprise when they awakened in her early teens. Luckily, the ship she was serving on had a healer aboard who could teach her how to control her gifts. It also turned out that she had the healing gift herself.

Has served as the second and third mate on various merchant ships and has had plenty of problems over the years. Of course as most mariners, she has been involved in smuggling although will not get involved in piracy. Also finds slavery distasteful. Captured her sword and dagger from pirates she fought. In her travels, she ended up traveling along the eastern seas, along the southern coasts of the continent, and up along the western coast as well to the Empire. Has even sailed along the inland sea. Was landed recently where she learned how to fight with sword and light buckler combined at a place called “Steel Traditions” in the Western Empire.

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