Eranethe Silveraith:

Name: Eran

True Name: Eranethe Silveraith

Alignment: Aberrant (Evil)

Hit Points: 49 S.D.C. (Physical): 49

Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 8, M.A.: 8, P.S.: 19 (+4), P.P.: 21 (+4), P.E.: 17 (+5%/+1), P.B.: 20 (50%), SPD: 15.

Weight: 205 lbs (93.0 kg) Height: 6 foot 8 inches (2.03 meters)

Age: 106 years Race: Elf Sex: Male P.P.E.: 17


Eran is surprisingly honorable for an assassin. He has a strong belief in keeping his word of honor. If he agrees on a contract, he is very unlikely to break it and cannot be paid off by a target. As a body guard, he will remain loyal to the person whom he is guarding even after death. Otherwise, the politics of the person hiring him does not matter.

It should not be considered that he is weak however and can be extremely ruthless. He sees no problem using poison against a target although does not usually slay his targets in his sleep or poison their food. Prefers that his opponents and targets are both awake and aware that he is about to strike.

While he is quite willing to use torture when he need to in order to gain information, he does not get any enjoyment out of it unlike many assassins. In addition, he is not likely to harm one he considers to be a true innocent such as a child. Of course, if he is hired to harm a child, that is simply part of his job.

Not really much of a lady’s man. Will occasional get into relationships with females although keeps them casual. If one gets too possessive, he will break it off. In extreme cases, he might eliminate them although prefers to avoid that if at all possible. Considers it distasteful.

O.C.C.: Assassin Experience Level: Seven (7)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Assassin & Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Eight (8) [Nine (9) with Magical Gauntlets]

Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +2 (+6), Disarm: +4 (+6), Parry: +5 (+9), Dodge: +5 (+9), Damage: +4 (+8), Initiative: +1, Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact: +8, Pull Punch: +5, Body Flip Throw, Knockout / Stun: Natural 17 to 20, and Critical Strike: Natural 20. Kick Attack: 2D6

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +2, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +2, Harmful Drugs [15] +2, Insanity [12] +1, Psionics [15] +1 (+2 with Amulet), Magic [12 /16 ] +2 (+3 with Amulet, Horror Factor [Varies] +5 (+7 with Amulet)

Racial Abilities - Elf: 90 feet (27.4 meters) Night Vision, +1 attack with bows, and +2% to Wilderness Skills

O.C.C. Bonuses: +1 Attack per melee levels two / eight, +4 save vs horror factor, +1 initiative, and +2 pull punch.

O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Language: Gobblely (+15%) 85%, Language: Southern (+15%) 85%, Espionage:

Detect Concealment & Traps (+10%) 65%, Track Humanoids (+10%) 65%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Assassin,

Climb/Scale Walls (+10%) 80%, 75%, Rogue: Concealment (+14%) 58%, Pick Locks (+15%) 75%, Prowl (+10%) 65%, Science: Math: Basic (+20%) 98%, Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Knife (+3 [+9] Strike / +3 [+12] Parry, +3 [+12] Throw), W.P. Sword (+3 [+9] Strike / +3 [+12] Parry, +1 [+11] Throw), W.P. Targeting / Missile Weapons (+4 [+10] throw), W.P. Paired Weapons - Sword and Knife.

O. C. C. Related Skills: Communication: Sign Language (+10%) 65%, Espionage: Disguise (+15%) 75%, Escape Artist (+10%) 65%, Intelligence (+10%) 62%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship - General [Learned at sixth level] 40% / 25%, Military: Field Armorer (+10%) 70%, Surveillance (+10%) 65%, Rogue: Streetwise (+10%) 54%, Use / Recognize Poison (+10%) 58% / 50%, Wilderness: Wilderness Survival [Learned at third level] 52%.

Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics - General [Learned at fourth level], Boxing, Gymnastics, Wrestling [Learned at fourth level]

Background Skills (Religious): Medical: Holistic Medicine (+4%) 64% / 54%, Technical: Lore: Demon and Monsters (+5%) 60%, Lore: Religious (+5%) 65%

Racial Skills: Communication: Language: Dragonese / Elvish 98%, Language: Western (+20%) 90%, Literacy: Dragonese / Elvish 98%, Literacy: Western (+20%) 80%

Skills from Gymnastics: Sense of Balance: 60%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings: 48%, Back Flip and Somersault: 70%


As most elves, Eran is quite handsome although is just a bit gaunt in appearance, reducing his attractiveness slightly. Still, he turns the heads of humans quite readily. Quite tall, he is six foot eight inches in height. He has blue green eyes and pale skin. His hair is also a pale white blond color although not quite colorless. Keeps his hair medium length, basically just at shoulder level.

He usually dresses pretty simply even though he is quite wealthy. He does not wear jewelry besides the enchanted jewelry he wears for protection. For colors, he tends to prefer simple grey tunics and leggings. The clothing he wear of the finest quality however and there is something of an understated quality about how he actually dressed.

Magical Weapons:

Enchanted Cinquedea: Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg) each. Length: 1.6 feet (.5 meters)

Sheathed in scabbard of poison. Enchantments: Indestructible, Returns when thrown, and Super Sharpness (+4 to damage and decreases roll for critical strikes by 2 [He needs a Nat 18 or greater])

Damage: 1D8+10 (+8 for hand to hand / strength bonuses)

Rune Long Sword: Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Length: 2.6 feet (0.8 m),

Greater rune long sword with two abilities. Sword is equal in balance to the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +3 (+15) to parry, +2 (+11) to strike, and +2 (+3) to initiative. Sword is Indestructible and has all the standard abilities of rune weapons. The weapon has an IQ 14, ME 20, and MA of 12. Weapon communicates with wielder through limited telepathy. The sword has an Aberrant Alignment. Can be used by Evil Characters. People of non-compatible alignments take 2D4 points for touching it (supernatural takes 3D6.) Links itself to wielder/ owner in 6 months (This adds +1 to all saving throws)

Special Abilities:

Psionic abilities. Possesses all sensitive powers and super psi-powers of Bio-Manipulation (10) and Bio-Regeneration - Super (20). I.S.P. 120 at sixth level proficiency. I.S.P. recovers at a rate of 10 every three hours.

Speed Doubler: Doubles running speed, adds +2 to initiative, and adds one additional attack per melee

Damage: 6D6+6 (+8 for hand to hand / strength bonuses)

Non-Magical Weapons of Note:

16 Stiletto Throwing Knives: Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.3 kg) each.

Hidden in bracers of many blades with eight silver plated. Often will coat the blades with poison so they are more effective. Daggers are highest quality Dwarven construction; +2 (+13) to strike when thrown, +2 (+11) to Strike, +3 (+15) to Parry, +4 (+12) to Damage and +2 (+2) to initiative from construction. Durability 90

Damage: 1D6+4 (+8 for hand to hand / strength bonuses)

Magical Armor:

Leather of Iron (Studded Leather): Weight: 1 Oz. AR: 15 S.D.C. 300 (regenerates at 10 S.D.C. per hour),

Enchantments: Effectively Noiseless, Effectively Weightless, and Regenerates magically 4D6 S.D.C. per day.

Magical Items:

Amulet of “Charm”: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.

Amulet of “Protection vs the Supernatural”: Add +2 to save vs Horror Factor.

Amulet of “See the Invisible”: Allows wearer to see the invisible.

Anti-Venom Charm: Whenever the owner fails a normal save vs poison/toxin, the poison is automatically negated by the magic of this item. Has 16 charges/saves, after which it will crumble to dust.

Bracer of Many Blades: Bracer can hold up to sixteen daggers and has space for lock picks as well. Daggers are dropped into wearers with a special flick of the wrist.

Gauntlets of Quick Hands: Magical Gloves that the wearer one addition attack per melee, +1 to initiative, and skills require a high dexterity can be performed 10% faster without error. Both gloves must be worn for them to work. Gloves have an A.R. Rating of 10, Impervious to Fire, and has 25 S.D.C.

2 Keremond's Spellshield: Enchanted to absorb spells (good or bad) cast on wearer. Each can absorb up to 100 P.P.E. before they overload and explode. Keeps in silk magic proof bag when not in use.

Ring of Invisibility: Can turn wearer invisible for a maximum of three times of 10 minutes each day. Treat as invisibility simple.

Scabbard of Poison: Enchanted Scabbard for dagger. Can inject basilisk eye poison up to three times per day - Victims must save vs poison (16) or take 4D6 points of damage plus paralysis (2D4 rounds)

Other Equipment: Standard Equipment for OCC. Carries several bottles of poison for blades other than his enchanted dagger.

Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: Usually carries with him 200,000 gold in coins and 2 million gold worth in precious gems. Is also believed to have 30 million in gold cached in secret locations


Eranethe Silveraith is a shadow, an enigma. Nothing is really known about the assassin’s background. From some cryptic remarks he has made, most to the lovers he has had, it appears as if he had a religious upbringing. Some suggest that maybe one of his parents was a priest.

There are so few clues that it is not even known what religion he might have been raised in. The Church of Light and Dark is quite common in the Western Empire and is a likely candidate but nobody really knows. Interestingly, he seems to not be particularly religious himself. Many assassins worship one of the patron deities of assassins but there has never been any hints at that.

A second interesting item is that every story about him places him in the Western Empire. One might wonder why he does not travel to other lands periodically to allow those who hunt him to lose the trail. As one might expect, there are many who hunt him including other assassins. Often an assassin’s worst enemies can be the other assassins. Few assassins live as long as he has.

Over the almost century of his career, there have been a number of extremely close calls where the pursuit almost caught him. While he will not hesitate to kill hunters who get too close, the elven assassin does not hold any particular animosity towards them.

Many assassins serve causes of one type or another. Possibly a god or a government. Some just enjoy killing. He seems to neither serve a cause or enjoy kill though. Those he assassinates are simply jobs to him. About the only thing unusual is that he prefers that his victims are aware of him and see the incoming blow. Does not particularly like slaying somebody in their sleep although he will if needed.

Does not particularly care about the fight actually being fair however. For example, he might wake up a target just to tell them he is planning to kill them with the blade coming down a few moments later. Does not particularly bother him to use poison on a target and sees it as just another tool in his arsenal. One should not assign any kind of noble aspiration to him although a number have tried.

If he thinks he can do it safely, he might get a target to challenge him to a duel or he might challenge the target to a duel himself. There is a certain grim enjoyment about fighting those who think they are good warriors. To get a target in the open, he is quite willing to kidnap family members, lovers, or friends.

The list of assassinations attributed to him is quite long although there is nothing from him confirming or refuting individual targets. In that regard, he seems to be extremely private. On that list are powerful nobles, wealthy merchants, and even targets that seem to be nobodies. It appears as if the price is right, he will take the job no matter what. He has even taken out a number of wizards, relying on spell shields to protect him from the wizard’s spells.

There have been times where several years have gone by without a believed victim of his assassination. Nobody knows where he disappear off to although few suggest that he ever leaves the Empire. Of course, with the huge cities of the Empire, there are countless places where he might hide. He is believed to have dozens if not hundreds of aliases to hide behind.

If the price is right, he will guard a client as well. Several times he has been hired to protect both wealthy merchants and nobles against other assassins. While most assassins are part of the guild, he has always managed to stay independent. Still, he seems to know a lot about the assassin’s guild and is one of the few who knows well how to guard against them.

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