Dwynwen Isyche:

Name: Dwynwen

True Name: Dwynwen Isyche

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)

Hit Points: 46. S.D.C. (Physical): 30.

Attributes: I.Q.: 23 (+8%/+4), M.E.: 23 (+4/+6), M.A.: 7, P.S.: 18 (+3), P.P.: 20 (+3), P.E.: 15, P.B.: 25 (75%), SPD: 29

Weight: 182 lbs (82.55 kg) Height: 6 foot 4 inches (1.93 meters)

Age: 65 years Race: Elf Sex: Female


Dwynwen loves the sea almost more than anything else. Prefers sailing more than almost anything else and is an extremely skilled sailor. Has spend several decades at sea all total. Her other major interest in elemental magic, specifically the element of water. While she has known a number of elemental masters of air, never has been much of an interest.

While she does not prefer to be the captain of a vessel, she is a skilled officer and has served as the captain of ships on multiple occasion. As a captain or not, she is quite loyal to the crew around her. Unlike many captains, she does not like whipping her crews although will if absolutely required. Otherwise, she is firm with her crews. Part of the reason why she prefers to not serve as captain is because she does not like punishing her crews.

Her family is also quite important to her. Keeps contact with both her siblings and her nieces and nephews. A number of captains and sailors which she has sailed with are also close friends. Many of those who are human are now elderly and retired from sailing.

Has never found the right person to settle down. Even so, she has had a number of companions over the year. Might be another reason why she does not like serving as a captain because a good captain does not have relationship with anybody in the crew. As an elemental master attached to the ship, this is not a major problem however.

While aboard ship, she tends to dress in practical cloths, she does like dressing nice otherwise. Often, she will wear revealing silk warlock robes. While aboard ship, she usually dresses in tunic and pantaloons. Sometimes however, she will wear halter tops which reveal her abdomen. Also enjoys wearing nice jewelry at well.

O.C.C.: Warlock / Elementalist (Water) Experience Level: Seventh (7)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic

Attacks per Melee: Five (5)

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 19 and 20. Bonuses: Damage: +5, Strike: +4, Parry: +5 (+7 with Ring), Dodge: +5, Roll (with Punch, Fall, or Impact): +5, and Pull Punch: +2. Kick Attacks: Karate style (2D4+3)

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +0, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +0, Harmful Drugs [15] +0, Insanity [12] +5, Psionics [12] +4 (+5 with Amulet) , Magic [12] +1 (+2 with Amulet), Horror Factor +8 [+12 against elemental beings] (+10/+14 with Amulet), Possession: +5.

Psionics: Minor, I.S.P.: 60 +1D6 per level of experience. Psionic Abilities Known: Healing: Bio-Regeneration (6), Resist Fatigue (4).

Special Abilities:

Racial - Elf: 90 feet (27.4 meters) Night Vision, +1 attack with bows, and +2% to Wilderness Skills.

O.C.C. - Warlock:

Bonuses: +2 vs horror factor (+6 vs elemental beings), +1 vs magic, +1 vs possession, and +2 spell strength.

Other Abilities: Speak Elemental 98%, Sense elemental 60% at 120 feet /36.6 meter [+20% if concentrating - 240 feet / 73.2 meter.) 75% of seeing invisible elemental beings as well. Intuitively recognize a fellow warlock. Summon Elemental 35% (+10% at Ley Line and +20% at a Nexus Point.) Sense location / direction of a body of water within 100 miles (160 km); 76%. Accurately calculate amount of moisture in air and predict likelihood of rain, fog, snow, etc., and when storm will hit (accurate within 6D6 minutes). When crossing body of water, sense shallowest, deepest, and/or safest path to cross, as well as tell if water is contaminated by taking a tiny sip; 65%. Instinctively swim at 65% or gets +20% bonus if swimming skill is selected. Also hold breath for up to five minutes.

Spells: P.P.E.: 168 + 2D6 per level of experience.

First Level Spells: [1] Break Surface Tension (4), Cloud of Steam (4), Create Fog (5)

Second Level Spells: Breath Underwater (6), Change Currents (8), Fog of Fear (7), Ride the Waves (10)

Third Level Spells: Calm Water (15), Command Fish (10), Sheets of Ice (15)

Fourth Level Spells: Communicate with Sea Creatures (12), Create Water (10), Hail (20), [1] Reflection in Water (10), Swim Like the Dolphin (15), Water Wisp (30),

Fifth Level Spells: [1] Waters of Life (60)

Sixth Level Spells: Hurricane (50), Little Ice Monster (40), Summon Sharks or Whales (50)

Seventh Level Spells: Summon and Control Storm (100)

[1] Web Spells

O. C. C. Skills: Physical: Hand to Hand: Basic, Technical: Language: Northern (+10%) 88%, Language: Western (+10%) 88%, Literacy: Western (+10%) 78%, Lore: Demon & Monster (+10%) 73%, Lore: Faerie Folk (+5%) 68%,

Wilderness: Land Navigation (+10%) 72%, Wilderness Survival (+10%) 78%, Weapon Proficiency: Archery - Short Bow (7 attacks per melee / +3 [+9] Strike / +1 [+6 /+8 with ring] Parry), Sword (+3 [+7] Strike / +3 [+8 /+10 with ring] Parry / +1 [+8] Throw)

O. C. C. Related Skills: Domestic: Sewing (+10%) 73%, Espionage: Disguise [Gained at sixth level] (+5%) 43%, Science: Astronomy & Navigation (+10%) 78%, Identify Sea Life (+10%) 69%, Technical: Language: Northern (+10%) 78%, Lore: Magic (+10%) 73%/63%/58%, Lore: Sea (+10%) 73%, Sailing (+10%) 83%/68%, Shipwright [Gained at third level] (+10%) 60%, Wilderness: Castaway / Shipwreck Survival (+5%) 58%

Secondary Skills: Communication: Flag Signaling 62%, Medical: First Aid 68%, Physical: Athletics [Gained at seventh level], Climbing 78/73%, Running [Gained at seventh level], Tumbling [Gained at fifth level], Rogue: Streetwise 48%, Weapon Proficiency: Knife [Gained at fifth level] (+1 [+5] Strike / +1 [+6 /+8 with ring] Parry / +1 [+8] Throw), Targeting [Gained at second level] (+2 [+6] Strike with bow / +3 [+7] Throw),

Racial & Background (Sailor) Skills: Domestic: Fishing (+5%) 73%, Physical: Swimming (+6%) 98%, Science: Mathematics - Basic (+20%) 98%, Technical: Language: Elven 98%, Language: Eastern (+20%) 98%, Literacy: Elven 98%, Literacy: Eastern (+20%) 88%, Seamanship (+5%) 59%


Dwynwen is reasonable tall for a female elf at four inches over six feet, far taller than most human women. Her build is slender and athletic although obviously feminine. Even for an elf, she is quite attractive and is absolutely incredible in human terms. Relatively dark skinned for an elf, her skin is tanned from being under the sun. Has high cheek bones and a slender nose between dark blue eyes. While she may dress it elaborately while on shore, she keeps her dark blond hair in a tight ponytail down her back. As far as cosmetics, she wears relatively light cosmetics preferring almost natural tones.

While aboard ships, she usually wears either loose tunic tops or halter tops. With them, she usually wears loose pantaloon type pants. Usually wears high soft leather boots. On her side, she usually carries her sword with a harness of throwing daggers over her chest. Looks more like a sailor than a Elementalist although she does prefer blues indicating her ties to the element of water. On the trail, she will usually dress similarly. When dressing more formally, her robes are usually quite elaborate silk in various shades of blue. They are both well tailors and some are pretty revealing as well. Does also like to wear jewelry including necklaces and bracelets.

Magical Weapons of Note:

Enchanted Craquemarte: Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg) Length: 2.3 feet (0.7 m),

Enameled with designs of waves and sea creatures. It is of the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +3 (+11 / +13 with ring) to parry, +2 (+9) to strike, +4 to Damage, and +2 to initiative. Single Bladed Curved Sword. Enchantments: Additional Damage (1D6), Indestructible, and Super Sharpness (+4 Damage / Lowers Critical strike rolls by 2) Damage: 3D6+8 (3D6+13 Including character bonuses) for Hand to Hand attacks.

Elven Composite Shortbow: Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg) Length: 3.3 feet (1 m)

Painted with designs of waves and sea creatures, the short bow is constructed in a similar fashion to a Turkish type short bow. The bow has +2 to strike and +300 feet to range due to high quality Elven construction. Adjusts to the strength of the archer using the bow. Magical Enchantments: Additional Damage (1D6 damage), Adjusts to Strength, and Indestructible. Damage: 3D6 (3D6+5 Including character bonuses)

Non-Magical Weapons of Note:

Eight (8) Stiletto Throwing Knives: Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.3 kg) each Length: 1 foot (.3 meters)

Worn in a harness she wears on her chest. Daggers are highest quality human construction; +2 (+9) to strike when thrown, +1 (+6) to strike, and +2 to initiative from construction. Normal Durability is 90. Damage: 1D6 (1D6+5 Including character bonuses)


18 Normal, 6 Silver Tipped.

Armor of Note:

Cloak of Protection:

Dark blue silk cloak, Gives wearer protection of A.R. 14 and S.D.C. of 200, effectively weightless, and Regenerates magically 4D6 S.D.C. per day.

Other Equipment:

Magical Items:

Amulet of Charm: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.

Amulet of “Protection from the Supernatural”: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor.

Amulet of “See the Invisible”: Allows wearer to see the invisible.

Crystal of Light: Many faceted gem that is about the size of a golf ball, it emits light equal to about 2 candles.

Four (4) “Dimensional Pocket” Belt Pouches: Will hold up to 30 lbs worth of items each. Made permanent with permanency runes.

Eye of the Eagle: Crystalline monocle which enables wearer to see great distances; up to 2000 feet (609.6m) or approximately a third of a mile. Will appear sharp and clear as from a small telescope or modern binoculars.

Quill of Endless Ink: Ordinary looking pen but never runs out of ink.

Ring of Deflection: Adds +2 bonus to parry.


Clothing: Several sets of highly decorated silk water warlock robes (various shades of blue), several sets of shipboard clothing (tunic or halter tops and pantaloon type pants), leather boots, leather belt.

Containers: Leather sword scabbard, leather throwing knife harness, leather bow case, quiver (24 arrow capacity), waterskin (one gallon capacity) - uses enchanted belt pouches to carry gear.

Field Equipment: Bedroll, 200 feet of rope, climbing gear, fishing gear, field glasses / telescope, sharpening stone.

Lighting: Flint and tinderbox, eight (8) candles, eight (8) sticks of incense.

Provisions: Trail rations for four (4) weeks.

Writing Equipment: Forty (40) Sheets of parchment paper, two (2) bottles of black ink, eight (8) sticks of charcoal.

Miscellaneous: Makeup and feminine items, birth herbs, soap, perfume, first aid supplies, elemental symbol of water.

Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 100,000 gold worth in various coins, 20,000 gold worth of jewelry, 200,000 gold worth of gems, carved ivory comb worth 500 gold, carved ivory frame brush worth 1,000 gold, and carved ivory frame mirror worth 1,200 gold.

Dwynwen’s History:

Kelroth, Dwynwen’s father, was born in the Western Empire and aspired ever since childhood to become a ships captain and owner. Extremely competent, he quickly became full owner of his ship and became quite wealthy. While he sailed all along the Western Empire coasts, he preferred the waters around the islands of Lopan and Phi. After decades of commanding his own ship, he was able to grow his fleet into two, three, and more ships. While still not a large shipping line, was able to grow it into a quite successful shipping company based on the island of Phi.

 Aletai, Dwynwen’s mother, on the other hand was the younger daughter of a wealthy merchant family of the Island of Phi although not directly involved in shipboard trade. They met and even though she never really liked the sea as he did, they sound fell in love and started a family. About a decade younger than her husband, is extremely sharp as far as managing a business and was able to further strengthened her husband’s shipping company.

In general, Dwynwen had a wonderful childhood. Together her parents raised over a half dozen kids which Dwynwen was the youngest child. They were given tutors and were taught to know both the languages of Eastern and Western. With the extensive trade by the shipping company both with the Eastern Territory and Western Empire, this was seen as required learning.

Her father preferred to keep a hand in the trade and often sailed aboard ships on voyages often taking one or more of the children along. While Dwynwen’s father went of these voyages, her mother continued managed the shipping company itself. One of the reasons why it is likely she never liked sailing is that Aletai got violently sea sick. Interestingly, none of the children seemed to have a problem with sea sickness and most loved sailing much like their father. Most learned the ropes of being a sailor on these voyages with their father.

Starting to get older, it is likely that Dwynwen’s likely will retire in a few decades. It is most likely that their eldest daughter will take over management of the shipping company when their parents retire. Several of the other children have become ship captains. A couple of family members went into other trades and one of Dwynwen’s brother became a mercenary soldier.

While Dwynwen liked sailing as much as most of her siblings, she had a much stronger interest as well. Many shipping companies hired elemental masters, especially of the elements of air and water, to serve aboard ships. Ships were far more likely to survive when hit by dangerous weather or attacked by pirates or sea monsters. Dwynwen often spoke to them as she grew up and became extremely interested in elemental magic, especially in the elemental forces of water. Never as much interested in the forces of air even though she had close contact with the elemental forces of air.

Throughout her childhood, Dwynwen persuaded the elemental masters aboard ships she sailed on to teach her whatever she could learn about elemental mastery. Her parents were always supportive of her interests in these arts. When she was of an age to be apprenticed, her parents negotiated with an elemental master of water to take Dwynwen as an apprentice. Also an elf, the elemental master was a friend of the family and often sailed aboard her family’s ships.

Even during her apprenticeship, she served aboard ships. When she completed her apprenticeship, she continued sailing aboard ships, often her family’s vessels. Over the years, she gained in skill both as a master of the elemental forces of water and as a sailor. As one might expect, she has managed saved several ships she has sailed on against the sea itself and attacks both by sea creatures and pirates. During a shipwreck, she was able to save almost the entire ship’s crew.

Often serving nominally in the role of an officer, she was eventually asked by her parents to act as a captain. Even though she quickly became a skilled captain, it is something she has never liked doing. In large part, this was because she does not like heavily disciplining the crew of ships. While she has served for decades aboard ships, has had a number of other adventures including being involved in the hunt for lost treasures and going after a large base for pirate who had been attacking merchant ships all around the seas around Phi and Lopan.

Managed to acquire a number of magic items during her travels including an “Eye of the Eagle” so she can see into the distance. A number of more magic items include a number of amulets created by wizards and a number of pouches enchanted by wizard and ward master magic. Her most specular enchanted weapon is a heavy cutlass type sword. On a visit to Western Empire on one of the ship’s voyages, she had the extremely high quality enchanted sword crafted in the capital of Caer Itom.

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