Black Leaf / Valtoni Denildelm:

Name: Black Leaf

True Name: Valtoni Denildelm

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)

Hit Points: 68 S.D.C. (Physical): 61

Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 14, M.A.: 8, P.S.: 21 (+6), P.P.: 22 (+4), P.E.: 18 (+6%/+2), P.B.: 24 (70%), SPD: 33 (66 with boots of fleetness)

Weight: 163 lbs (73.9 kg) Height: 6 feet (1.83 meters)

Age: 76 years Race: Elf Sex: Female


Black Leaf from an early age has had intense curiosity. This has manifested itself in many ways including both a strong wanderlust and a great desire for learning. Her wishing to learn magic came from the second part. While she is quite intelligent, many wizards are even smarter than she is although this has never let it stop her from wanting to learn magic.

She is a very good travel companion, willing to help as much as possible and with her wide variety of skills is extremely helpful. Loyalty to friends and companions is extremely important to her and will never betray somebody she considers to be a friend. Likes to keep in touch with previous companions, even ones who have long retired from adventuring. Even has dropped in to see a few of her old army buddies from when she served in the Timero Kingdom army as a scout. Many of her friends have been humans and the death of a friend, either in battle or from time catching up with them always bothers her. As with most wizards with a familiar, her fox is very important to her.

In combat, she tends to mix magic and fighting skills although prefers to engage at range with he long bow if possible. Normally activates the spell of “Armor of Ithan” if she has time. When engaging in close range combat, she often uses the spell of “Super Human Strength” to increase her ability to inflict damage. Created a number of talisman for spells she wants to be able to use commonly.

There is a playful side with her as well. She likes to joke and sometimes play non malicious tricks on her friends and companions. She is careful to not let things get too intense. Over the years, she has had a number of relationships with friends and even on occasion traveling companions and those who hired her and her companions. Generally, she keeps them not too serious but has one occasion gotten pretty serious.

The lady elf does have a love of treasure, both in terms of magic items and jewelry. Not so much interested in gold or gems for their own sake however. Still, over her adventuring career has managed to acquire a fair amount of coin and precious stones.

O.C.C.: Ranger / Wizard Experience Level: Seventh (7) / Fourth (4)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert and Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Six (6)

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 18, 19, and 20 Knock Out: Natural 20, Bonuses: Damage: +6, Strike: +6, Parry: +9, Dodge: +9, Roll (with Punch, Fall, or Impact): +5, Pull Punch: +2. Has paired weapons.

Kick Attacks: Karate Style: 2D4+6, Snap Kick: 1D6+6, Tripping/Leg Hook: Knockdown

+2 more

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +2, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +2, Harmful Drugs [15] +2, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [15] +0 (+1 with amulet), Magic [12] +3 (+4 with amulet), Horror Factor +6 (+8 with amulet) Special Abilities:

Racial - Elf: 90 feet (27.4 meters) Night Vision, +1 attack with bows, and +2% to Wilderness Skills.

O.C.C. - Ranger: +2 to save vs Horror Factor

O.C.C. - Wizard: See and Use Ley Lines, Ley Line Drifting, Ley Line Rejuvenation (2D6 HP & 2D6 S.D.C.),

Recognize Enchantment 50%, Recognize Magic 35%, +1 Save vs Magic, +4 Save vs Horror Factor, and +2 to Spell Strength.

Spells: P.P.E.: 200 + 3D6 per level of experience.

First Level Spells: Cloud of Slumber (4), Decipher Magic (4), Globe of Daylight (2), Increase Weight (4), [1] Lantern Light (1), See Aura (6), Sense Magic (4),

Second Level Spells: Chameleon (6), Cleanse (6), Concealment (6), Detect Concealment (6), Extinguish Fire (4), Mystic Alarm (5), Turn Dead (6),

Third Level Spells: Armor of Ithan (10), Invisibility: Simple (6), Negate Poisons/ Toxin (5), Sense Traps (7), Telekinesis (8),

Fourth Level Spells: Carpet of Adhesion (10), Charismatic Aura (10), Fire Bolt (10), Ley Line Transmission (30), Magic Net (7), [1] Makeover (15), Repel Animals (7), Shadow Meld (10),

Fifth Level Spells: Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), Heal Wounds (10), [2] Mend the Broken (10+), [1] Moon Phases (18), Superhuman Strength (10)

Sixth Level Spells: Call Lightning (15), Control the Beasts (18), Create Bread & Milk (15), Magic Pigeon (20), Tongues (12)

Seventh Level Spells: Dispel Magic Barrier (20), Heal Self (20), Second Sight (25)

Eighth Level Spells: Commune with Spirit (25),Eyes of the Wolf (25) Exorcism (30), Locate (30), Negate Magic (30),

Ninth Level Spells: Familiar Link (55), Summon & Control Canines (50)

Tenth Level Spells: Banishment (65), Dimensional Pocket (30 / 140), Phantom Horse (60)

Eleventh Level Spells: Remove Curse (140), Summon & Control Animals(125)

Twelfth Level Spells: Amulet (290),

Thirteen Level Spells: Talisman (500),

[1] Web Spells, [2] Spells from Federation of Magic

Ranger Skills:

O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Language: Elven [Native] 98%, Language: Gobblely (+15%) 85%, Language: Southern (+15%) 85%, Espionage: Track Humanoids (+15%) 70%, , Medical: Animal Husbandry (+10%) 65%, Physical: Hand to Hand - Expert, Wilderness: Identify Plants & Fruits (+15%) 72%, Land Navigation (+20%) 71%, Skin & Prepare Animal Hides (+15%) 77%, Track & Trap Animals (+20%) 72%/82%, Wilderness Survival (+20%) 82%, Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Archery - Long Bow (+3 [+10] Strike / +1 [+10] Parry / and 7 attacks pe melee round), W.P. Sword (+3 [+9] Strike / +1 [+7] Throw / +3 [+12] Parry)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Domestic: Cooking (+10%) 70%, Sewing [Gained at sixth level] (+10%) 45%, Espionage:

Detect Ambush (+5%) 65%, Intelligence (+10%) 64%, Military: Field Armorer 60%, Physical: Boxing, Technical: Literacy: Southern (+10%) 70%, Lore: Demon & Monster (+10%) 65%, Wilderness: Carpentry (+10%) 67%, Preserve Food [Gained at third level] (+10%) 62%

Secondary Skills: Medical: First Aid 60%, Physical: Athletics, Prowl 55%, Running [Gained at fifth level], Swimming 70%, Wrestling [Gained at seventh level], Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Targeting [Gained at third level] (+2 [+8] Throw / +1 [+10] Bow)

Wizard Skills:

O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Language: Dwarven (+20%) 75%, Language: Western (+20%) 75%,

Literacy: Dwarven (+15%) 60%, Literacy: Western (+15%) 60%, Technical: Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines (+15%) 60%, Lore: Magic (+20%) 60%, Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Knife (+2 [+8] Strike / +2 [+10] Throw / +2 [+11] Parry)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Science: Archaeology (+10%) 45%, Technical: History (+10%) 55%, Language: Faerie (+10%) 65%, Language: Northern (+10%) 65%, Language: Wolven (+10%) 65%, Literacy: Northern (+10%) 55%, Literacy: Wolven (+10%) 50%, Lore: Faerie Folk (+10%) 50%, Writing [Gained at third level] (+10%) 40%

Secondary Skills: Espionage: Escape Artist 40%, Physical: Body Building, Rogue: Palming 35%, Streetwise [Gained at second level] 28%, Science: Astronomy & Navigation 45%, Technical: Lore: Religion [Gained at second level] 40%

Racial & Background (Herdsman / Nomad) Skills: Communication: Language: Eastern (+20%) 90%, Literacy: Eastern (+20%) 80%, Literacy: Elven (+20%) 80%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship - General (+4%) 69% / 54%, Science: Mathematics: Basic (+20%) 95%,


As with many elves, Black Leaf is extremely attractive with the fine features of most elves. Even among other elves, she is quite beautiful. Actually is a bit short for a lady elf at right around six feet in height. She is slender but does have a quite feminine figure. Even so, she is muscular and quite strong. Skin ton, she is light skinned compared to most humans but darker than most elves.

Her hair is black but with red highlights. It is slightly wavy and she usually keeps it just below her shoulder blades. In most cases, she will brush most of it back to reveal her pointed ears with a couple of strands in front of her ears. Her eyes are a forest green. As far as cosmetics, normally prefers moderately dark colors with a bit of red blush, darkening over the eyes, and darkening the lips.

Generally, she likes relatively dark colors including blacks. Has a fair amount of clothing which is black including a number of dresses and gowns. Does not mind looking good and has some extremely revealing dresses. Usually when on the trail, she wears a set of black studded leather armor which is made from Beast Dragon hide and tends to dress more like a ranger than a wizard in such places. In addition, she usually carries an Elven Sabre and a long bow ready to use. Otherwise, her other long blade is part of an enchanted bracer.

Magical Weapons of Note:

Bracer Weapons - Sabre: Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg) Length: 2.3 feet (0.7 m)

Bracer Sabre appears to be a Sabre decorations on a bracer until activated and the weapon is summoned from the bracer. Captured from a pirate. Highly decorated of gold and emeralds. Bonuses due to Quality:+3 to Damage (Included Above), +1 to Initiative, +1 (+7) to Strike, and +1 (+10) to Parry. Enchantments: Indestructible and Eternally Sharp (+3 to damage), Damage: 2D6+3

Magical Elven Warsabre (Magical Saber / Katana): Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg) Length: 3.9 feet (1.2 meters)

Found while adventuring and dates from the last Elf and Dwarf War. Weapon is equal to high quality Weapon is equal to high quality Dwarven construction, +2 (+7) to strike, +3 (+11) to parry, +4 to damage, +2 Initiative, Enchantments: Additional Damage (1D6), Indestructible, and Super Sharpness (+4 Damage). Damage: 4D6+8 (4D6+14 Including Strength) Rolls for Critical Strike are reduced by two - She needs a Natural 16. 17, 18, 19, or 20 with the sword instead of a natural 20

Four (4) Dragon Bone “Returning” Arrows:

Arrows are indestructible and return though the enchantment of “Boomerang.” Arrows have twice the normal range. Damage: 3D6+3 (3D6+9 with strength)

Non-Magical Weapons of Note:

Two (2) “Dwarven Quality” Kinjal Daggers: Weight 1.1 lbs (.5 kg) each Length: 1.6 feet (0.5 m)

High quality Dwarven weapon with +2 initiative, +4 damage, +2 strike, +2 strike when thrown, and +21 parry. Damage: 1D8+5 (+6 for Strength)

Two (2) Long Bows: Weight: 1.5 lbs (.7 kg) each. Designed for her strength (21 / +6 to damage).

She only keeps one bow strung at a time so that bows are not weakened by constantly being strung. The bow has +2 to strike due to high quality Elven construction. The Bow is of Composite construction. Damage: 2D6 (+6 for Strength), Maximum Possible Range: 903 ft (275 meters)


24 Elven Quality Arrows (+3 Strike and +3 [+7] to Damage) - 18 Normal, 6 Silver Tipped

24 Normal Quality Arrows

Magical Armor of Note:

“Ward Scored” Beast Dragon Hide Studded Leather: A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 116 Weight: Effectively weightless.

Enchanted with spells of “weightless,” “chameleon”, and “shadow meld” and ward of “Color - Black” using a permanency ward. Reinforced, Increased AR Rating, Double S.D.C. Black in color which is highly decorative with the design of leaves.

Other Equipment:

Magical Items:

Amulet of Charm: Adds +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.

Amulet of “Protection from the Supernatural”: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor.

Amulet of “See the Invisible”: Allows wearer to see the invisible.

Amulet of ‘Turn the Undead”: Prevents undead from physically touching them while they wear or touch the amulet. Amulet works like a cross against a vampire. Effective against all undead, including mummies, zombies, and vampires.

Magical Boots of Fleetness: Knee high boots. Boots double maximum speed (Speed 66 on her).

Eight (8) “Dimension Pocket” Belt pouches They have a duration of two years (created by her.) Will hold up to 30 lbs worth of items each pocket.

“Dimensional Pocket” Quiver: It has a duration of two years (created by her.) Can hold up to 64 arrows and one bow.

“Environmental” Sleeping Bag / Bedroll: Enchantment is designed to protect the person against most weather conditions. Protects vs weather and keeps the environment at 70 degrees and dry. Does not protect against lightning, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, and so on. Also cannot protect from magically induced elemental forces above fourth level.

Quill of Endless Ink: Ordinary appearing pen but never runs out of ink.

“Talisman” Jewelry: Black Leaf wears a number of items of jewelry which all have talismans in them. Each of the spell talisman has the ability to cast the spell three times before needing to be recharged.

2 P.P.E. Battery Talismans - Each has 50 P.P.E. for 100 P.P.E. total

“Armor of Ithan” Talisman (3 x activations)

“Escape” Talisman (3 x activations)

“Heal Self” Talisman (3 x activations)

“Mend the Broken” Talisman (3 x activations)

“Negate Poisons” Talisman (3 x activations)

“Negate Magic” Talisman (3 x activations)

“Superhuman Strength” Talisman (3 x activations)


Clothing: Black hooded cloak, robes, black tunic and legging, several black dresses (including silk), fur cloak, silk shoes, soft leather gloves, leather belt.

Containers: Leather Elven Warsabre scabbard, two (2) leather dagger sheaths, leather bow case, two (2) waterskins (one gallon capacity), metal bowls, metal kettle, metal pot.

Field Equipment: 100 feet of silk rope, hunting snares, one person tent, sharpening stone, ten (10) long bow strings, wax for bows.

Lighting: Flint and tinder box.

Writing Equipment: Twenty-Four (24) parchment sheets, page parchment book (100 page).

Provisions: Four (4) weeks trail rations.

Miscellaneous: Perfume, soap, makeup and feminine items, first aid supplies,

Jewelry, Gems, and Valuables: 200,000 gold worth in various coins, 400,000 gold worth in jewelry, and about 800,000 worth in various gems. Also has a matching set of jeweled silver comb, brush, and mirror (worth around 10,000 gold total)


Name: Avesa Species: Red Fox

Size: Length: 30 in (76 cm) Weight: 25 lbs (11/3 kg)

A.R. Rating: Not applicable, Hit Points: 18, S.D.C.: 10, P.P.E.: 7

Attacks Per Melee: Two (2), Damage: Bite Inflicts 1D6

Bonuses: +2 initiative, +3 strike, +4 dodge, and +4 save vs horror factor

Natural Abilities: Night vision 120 ft (36 m), keen vision and smell, prowl 55%, swim 55%, streetwise 40%, climb trees and rocks 45%, track by smell 55%, leap 3 ft (0.9 m) high and 5 ft (1.5 m) across, and can perform a leaping pounce.

Speed: 44 (30 mph / 48 kph) with a maximum speed of 50 (35 mph / 56 kph)

Average Life Span: 12 to 18 years

Appearance: Melanistic with blackish red fur.

Black Leaf’s History:

Valtoni Denildelm was born in the southern part of the Timero Kingdom, the daughter of Elven herd’s folk. As such, from an early age she learned how to ride, survive in the wilderness, and follow the land. Now, she did get the standard education expected of an elf and was taught by her parents how to read and write. It was a natural fit that when she got older, she became a scout herself. Learned to shoot the long bow and how to track.

Even though the herd’s folk moved around, they tended to stay within a certain region and she had a strong wanderlust and wanted to explore more of the world. As a result, she joined the Timero Kingdom army as a scout for a period of time. Proved herself to be skilled and capable scout, helping to hunt down several groups of bandits terrorizing areas of the kingdom.

That paled however after a few years and went on to do some adventuring. The risks as an adventurer are greater than serving in the army. Potential rewards are also much greater although many adventurers make little in their careers. Took the name “Black Leaf” because of her black hair and that she liked to wear black leather armor. As a skilled ranger, Valtoni would be consider an asset to almost any group of adventurers. As a result, she was able to find a team which was both experienced and successful.

The group she decide to join had been together for a number of years. The leader had started as a mercenary but was also a quite powerful psychic with healing talents among his special gifts. Almost every good adventuring group also needs at least one capable wizard as well and this one was no exception. The rest were more or less normal professions including a soldier who had, similarly to Black Leaf, decided the army life was not right and another claimed to be of noble blood. There were a couple of other females in the group as well.

Of course no matter how skilled, a group of adventurers needs to have luck as well. Being smart is important and the group was smart. Hunting for lost treasure was chancy and failed as often as it succeeded, actually probably quite a bit more often in reality. As a result, the group went after bandit groups including Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, and Trolls. Fighting bandits, Black Leaf was able to capture a long lost Elven Warsabre. Other jobs the group performed including the escorting and guarding of both wealthy merchants and nobles including a number of ladies. The member who claimed to be of noble blood was able to get contracts with the nobles.

It was with a group of adventurers that her interest in magic started to emerge. Before then, she only had limited interest in magic. The herd’s folk never had much in the way of practitioners of magic, only an occasional one would be born a psi-mystic. There were plenty in the army but they never seemed to interest her very much either. This interest in magic slowly grew in her mind. Still, she adventured for quite a few years before decided to act on her new found interest.

Even though they remained together for a number of years, a number of the group got badly injured and a few were killed. More would have died if it was not for the healing talents of the leader. Over the years, a number of new team members joined. Eventually though, the group decided to disband with many of the surviving members deciding to retire. By now, the group had managed to gather quite a bit of gold and gems, enough to retire in style.

At that time, Black Leaf decided to ask the wizard if he might teach her magic. He told her that it would require several years of study. As an elf, she never looked at time the same way a human might. Unlike most of the others, she was not interested in permanently retiring from adventuring. Still, taking a number of years to study magic was fine with her and it would give a bit of a break.

Black Leaf completed her wizard apprenticeship a few years later with a few more spells than the average new journeyman. The older wizard decided to start a wizard school and take on a number of apprentices after Black Leaf left to go on her own once again. Even though a new mage, she was a skilled ranger with many years of experience and was far better at fighting than most practitioners of the magical arts. As a result, when she decided to start adventuring again, she could join any adventuring group she wished to. Joined a group of extremely skilled adventurers which included a couple of powerful psychics including a mind mage and also included a master of the elements of air and water and a second wizard, much more experienced in the mystical arts. One of the new company was even an elf and half of her companions were women.

Traveling with her new companions, she was able to gain much needed experience as a wizard. Almost died once with a poison trap, leading her to learn the spell of “Negate Poisons.” While still far less experienced as a wizard than as a ranger, she was able to also learn a fair number of spells from the other wizard in the party. Had a special interest in learning spells which would help her on the trail. Took advantage of her new magical abilities to create a number of amulets and a few talismans as well. For a time, she had an intense personal relationship with the other elf in the group as well.

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