Narcia Aloreth:

Goddess of Love

Often depicted as a human with snow white hair and blue eyes, Narcia Aloreth is worshiped all over the Palladium World. There are huge temples dedicated to her in many cities of the Western Empire, especially in the cities considered the most hedonist. Vast amounts of gold flow through the coffers of the temple and in some areas, the temple has vast political power. She is said to be the most beautiful woman in existence. She appears to be not a member of any specific pantheon but has been adopted into each other them by Worshipers.

She is the goddess of passionate love, sexual intercourse, and desire. Many of those against the temple spread that her worshipers worships sexual depravity. As might be expected, she is also the deity most revered by prostitutes and courtesans. Most of her clergy are women although there is a minority of male worshipers as well. The temples to her are little more than brothels in some peoples opinions and both female and male priests often act in this role. Many priestesses can be seen beside the rich and powerful as their mistresses. Several have even been the companions of companions of Emperors of the Western Empire. Those wanting a passionate and illicit affair will often pray to her.

Rivalries are said to exist between her and deities of home and marriage such as the goddess Epin. It is said that she often breaks the bonds of marriage and destroys happy relationships. Her priestesses tell a different tale. They say that instead of breaking up relationships, they put passion back into a relationship. Priestesses, and priests, are trained in the sexual arts from a young age and they are some of the most skilled in these arts on the Palladium World. As their goddess is said to be bisexual, the clergy are also expected to be bisexual although lay worshipers do not come under the same expectations.

As vast amounts of money flow into these temples, they often are elaborately decorated with precious gems and fine silks. Floors are often of the highest quality marble. Many temples feature extensive baths often heated by magic. Costumes which priestesses and priests often wear are made of fine silk and they often wear decorative jewelry. Priestess and priests have to be highly attractive (PB of 18 or more) to join the temple.

Alignments of Worshipers: Any (tend towards Selfish)
Organization: Fairly free as far as organization and worshipers of other gods are welcome into the temples. Worshipers of Narcia are also allowed to worship in other temples, including the priestesses and priests. Each temple is independent for others although there is no real infighting between them. There are no real tests as far as worshipers and the main driving goal is hedonism. Priestesses often become highly involved in politics, both at the local level and at even higher levels. They often associate with wealthy merchants as well.
Typical Followers: Most worships are fairly well to do. Large donations are expected to be given by worshipers, especially those who become involved in greater rites. Some people who are extremely attractive can find their way around being expected to give large donations. While there is only a relatively small number of elves in the temple, there is a lot of effort to recruit them due to their beauty. Priestesses and Priests are expected to be extremely attractive (PB 18 or move.) Heads of temples are always female.
Symbol / Clothing: Symbol is a red rose. Temples are often extensively decorated with roses and designs are woven into silk and gold engraved roses are prominently displayed as well. Worshipers usually wear thin and extremely revealing clothing, often pink or bright red..
Holy Places: There are no specific holy places although virtually all temples to Narcia Aloreth are in major cities.
Holy Book: None, special secret rites are taught between priestesses (and priests)
Ceremonies: As might be expected, rituals are very sexual in nature, often including intercourse. Only those who can donate fairly large sums or are extremely attractive get to participate or get to perform private worship with the clergy. Those of lesser means have to still donate to watch the services. The temples also often private rooms so that couples can worship in the temples together.
Wealth: For an independent temple, these temples are extremely wealthy. The priestesses collect massive donations as well as often getting beautiful gifts from admiring lovers.

Prayers Exclusive to Priestesses (and priests) of Narcia Aloreth:

  1. Prayer of Charm: When this charm is invoked, the priestess (or priest) receives +6 effective to their physical beauty and +4 to their mental affinity. Duration: 30 minutes per level of experience of priestess. Success Ratio: 21% + 7% per level of experience.
  2. Prayer of Love Charm: Similar to the wizard's spell of the same name. The prayer causes the victim affected to fall madly and devotedly in love with the priestess. Victims of this prayer will believe, trust, and defend anything the priest says or does. They will also obey any request by their lover, including murder or suicide (the latter two requests provoke another saving throw). The charmed person will constantly stay at the priestess's side and will often suggest amorous pleasures.
    Side effects: This prayer has two potential side effects: insane jealousy and permanence. Roll percentile dice:
      01-50 No side effect.
      51 -84 Insane jealousy for 1D4 days per level of the priestess.
      85-00 Permanent insane jealously and possessiveness.
    Insane jealousy and possessiveness: This person becomes unreasonably jealous and insanely possessive, and will try one of the following if he or she doesn't receive affection from the object of his/her love roll percentile dice or pick one):
      01-10 Suicide
      11-30 Will attack anybody the priestess finds attractive or whom he/she would rather be with.
      31-40 Stalks the priestess, following and spying on him/her everywhere. May attack those who threaten his/her loved one or any love interest; tries to protect and defend loved one.
      41-50 Will endure any hardship, insult and even physical harm as long as he or she can be near the object of affection. Follows the priestess everywhere, but never deliberately tries to harm him or his friends.
      51-65 Murder the priestess/lover; can't accept rejection.
      66-85 Will try to win his/her lover's affection by incessantly offering gifts, favors, and services, but squabbles with, and may belittle, trick, cheat, and cause trouble for anybody whom the priestess loves or befriends (considered rivals for his/her affection).
      86-00 Murder priestess's friends and/or loved ones.
    Permanence: If the prayer becomes permanent, the charmed person will forever remain a love slave until the priestess dies (roll on the previous insane jealousy table if the charmed person is rejected). If the priestess runs away, the charmed person will seek him out until found. If the priestess dies, the prayer is broken, but there is a 10% chance the harmed person will be broken hearted and commit suicide.
    Note: This prayer can be cast upon only one person at a time. If there are no side effects the charmed person will return to normal at the prayer's end. Duration: 5 minutes per level of experience of priestess. Success Ratio: 21% + 7% per level of experience.
  3. Prayer of Infertility: Narcia Aloreth is not a deity or hearth and home but of sexual love and desire. As such, her priestesses do not like to be inconvenienced by pregnancy. As such, the temples have develop a prayer so that priestess do not get pregnant. The spell will also abort a fetus at an early stage of pregnancy. Duration: 7 days (one week) per level of experience of priestess. Success Ratio: 21% + 7% per level of experience.

Narcia Aloreth

Narcia is said to have had affairs with men and woman across the realms of god and realms of man, taking lovers with both gods and mortals. Both males and females have fallen to her advances, even mortal women and goddesses who consider themselves to not be attracted to those of the same sex. She seems to go after those of power and those of beauty. Lovers in the past have included several well known heroes and heroines from around the Palladium world. Also, stories tell that she has been the lover of the God Thoth and the Goddess Lista.

She said to always be looking for a new conquest. The goddess is known for having short term relationships, a night, a week, maybe a month at most. In some cases, the goddess will go back to a previous lover but that relationship is usually short term as well. Narcia is said to believe in having no ties to anyone and has no jealously for past and future lovers. There are enough potential lovers across the realms she has access to that there is no need. Narcia has never been married and legends tell that she will never marry. There are stories of her helping previous lovers, mortal or divine, although it is a mistake for one to rely on her favors.

Of course her conquests have made enemies of many of the wives of gods, and in a few cases, mortals. They seem them as having stolen their husband's attentions. Even so, she does not seem to care about power although her relationships with gods (and goddesses) means that if anyone strikes against her, she can find allies all over the realms. There are several goddesses and demon princesses who are suppose to be jealous of her beauty and have been known to send their worshipers against her temples. In addition, she has several male gods who are infatuated with her who have become jilted lovers and also want to hurt her in some way.

Real Name: Narcianne Mercelle Alotethene
Alignment: Anarchist (Unprincipled Tendencies)
Natural A.R.: 10 Hit points: 2,800 S.D.C.: 5,200 P.P.E.: 1,200
Awe Factor: 16, Narcia does not have a Horror Factor as such but is so supernatural beautiful that when looked at, often someone will remain stunned for several moments.
Attributes: I.Q.: 18 (+4%), M.E: 20 (+3), M.A.: 28 (94%), P.S.: 18 (+3 - supernatural), P.P.: 20 (+3), P.E.: 24 (+18% / +5), P.B.: 42, Spd: 22 (15 mph/24 km)
Height: 5 feet (1.52 meters) Weight: 106 lbs (48.08 kg)
Disposition: Narcia is many ways the classic example of the spoiled nobles daughter multiplied a dozen times, extremely vain and selfish. She loves to play the helpless time to attract the attention of those around her, especially males. When she does not get her way, she can get pouting and nasty although she does not usually get violent. In general, the goddess does not like fighting, preferring to use other means. Narcia also is not interested in power and domination the way many other goddesses are and does not get jealous the way some other female deities do. She never seems to want any permanent relations, with her relationship with others, mortal or divine, usual only lasting a few days. She is attracted to the handsome or beautiful and has had relationships with both male and female lovers.
Experience Levels: Tenth level Dancer / Acrobat, Eighth Level Psychic Sensitive, and Fourth level Wizardress
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Basic
Attacks Per Melee Round: Eight Physical Attacks
Bonuses, Strike: +4 Strike, +5 Parry, +5 (+9 with tumbling) Dodge, +7 to Roll with Punch, +2 to Pull Punch, Critical Strike on natural 19 or 20 (double damage)
Bonuses to Save: Lethal Poison [14] +5, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +5, Harmful Drugs [15] +5, Insanity [12] +3, Psionics [10] +3, Magic [12] +6, Horror Factor +9. Gets an additional +3 to save vs mind controlling drugs, potions, and magic charms, +5 to save vs possession
Damage due to Supernatural Strength: Inflicts 1D6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 2D6+5 on a full strength punch, or 4D6+ on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks). Add punch damage to weapon damage.
Natural abilities: Night Vision 200 feet (61 m), see the invisible, turn invisible at will, change physical size and appearance to appear to be anyone although limited to human forms, teleport 82%, dimensional teleport 60%, bio-regeneration 2D6x10 M.D.C. per minute.
Love Charm: Anyone looking at her, mortal or immortal, will fall in love with her in a similar manner to the spell "Love Charm" unless a saving throw is made. Unlike the spell, the duration is as long as in her presence. Mortals must roll for potential side effects of the magic although it does not effect other divine beings.
Deific Powers: Narcia has the full range of power over her followers and can perform all prototypical deific powers at regular cost.
Priest/Healing Powers: Exorcism 76%, turn dead 68% (affecting 4D6 dead at a time), remove curse 66%, healing touch (restores 3D6 S.D.C. or hit points and can be performed twice per melee round).
Magic Powers: Knows all spells from levels one through four plus spells of domination, compulsion, eyes of Thoth, magic pigeon, tongues, dispel magic barrier, locate, hallucination, negate magic, banishment, and dimensional portal.
Psionic Powers: 800 I.S.P., Eight level Psychic Sensitive, with all sensitive abilities, plus Bio-Manipulation, Empathic Transmission, Hypnotic Suggestion, Insert Memory, Mental Illusion, and Telekinesis [Super]
Skills of Note: All Communication Skills, All Domestic Skills, Espionage Skill of Disguise, Physical Skills of Gymnastics, Acrobatics, and Tumbling, All Rogue Skills (Including Seduction), Scholar Skills of Art, Demon and Monster Lore, and Magic Lore, and Weapon Proficiency of Knife / Dagger, Paired Weapons in Daggers, and Throwing Weapons; all skills at 98%. With Knife Skills, she has +4 (+8) to strike, +4 (+9) to parry, and +10 (+14) to throw knives / daggers.
Description: Incredibly beautiful woman, out-worldly or supernatural beauty might be a better description. She is said to have long snowy white hair and blue eyes. She looks extremely young, likely no more than twenty years old and has a truly spectacular figure with an hourglass waist, wide hips, and magnificent breast. Every move of hers appears sensual. Narcia is usually dressed in extremely revealing gowns of the finest silk. As fashions change, her costumes change although they stay always revealing.
Weapons of Note:
2 Golden Daggers - Rune Weapons: Said to have been made by Thoth for her when she was his lover. Daggers have +2 to parry, +2 to strike, +2 to strike when thrown, and +2 to initiative. Damage inflicted is 4D6+4 plus strength bonuses. Special abilities: Returns when thrown and target must save against magic or be unable to attack Narcia.
Armor of Note: None
Alliances & Allies: She does not have any active alliances but has had lovers among a great many deities and heroes. Few can be considered friends but many will fight to prevent others from harming her and in the hope that by rescuing her, they might be able to gain her exclusive attentions.
Enemies: She has rivalries with a great many female deities who are jealous of her beauty and consider her to be their rivals. Many females also consider her to have stolen the attentions of their mates. As well, there are several lovers, both male and female, who feel jilted and there are others who want to capture her for themselves. Finally, it is believed that some demon lords wand her for themselves.
Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses: Physically, none to speak of, but she does have a tendency to be selfish and obsessive. She also will often shirk from a fight even if she can fight and win against an opponent
Technology: She knows little about technology and likely would not care one way or the other if introduced to her. Her interests are more in amorous concerns.
Minions: None.
Rifts Earth: Likely not interested in Rifts Earth unless there was a hero or heroine who she would like to seduce. Would have 3,000 M.D.C. on Rifts Earth.

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