“Yellow Wood” Shields:

Yellow Wood, also known as Yellow Iron, is a wood which only grows in the Eastern Territory in the Eastern Disputed Lands. The wood is incredibly tough with it being said that the wood is ten times tougher than normal wood and is extremely hard to burn.

Wolfens use the wood for the manufacture of numerous weapons. While less frequently used by Humans and other races, they use the wood as well. As one might expect, the wood is incredibly tough and has to be shaped in a similar fashion to stone. However, weapons and weapon handles made from this material are almost impossible to break in normal use.

The construction of shields is often an issue. One wants to make a shield sturdy but too thick and it is simply too heavy to be used effectively. An obvious answer might be to use Yellow Wood to make a shield. Of course, shields made by this method are incredibly time consuming. Even so, the shields can be made thinner and therefore lighter than normal shields.

Of course these shields are far more expensive than normal shields, approximately ten times. However, many adventurers and soldiers consider them worth the price if they can afford them. These shields however are very rare outside of the Eastern Territory and some Wolfen areas. Most of the craftsman who make these shields are Wolfen although some humans specialize in making these shields as well. Interestingly, even though these shields are actually as tough as monster hide shields, they tend to still be cheaper. Partially this is because while the yellow wood is hard to work, it is far less dangerous to acquire.

Common Shield Types and Average Cost:

Small “Yellow Wood” Shield (Buckler): S.D.C: 150. Shield Damage: 2D4+2 . Cost: 350 Gold.

Small / Medium “Yellow Wood” Shield (Heater): S.D.C: 225. Shield Damage: 2D4+2 . Cost: 500 Gold.

Medium “Yellow Wood” Shield (Round or Kite): S.D.C: 300. Shield Damage: 2D4+2 . Cost: 750 Gold.

Large “Yellow Wood” Shield (Tower / Wall): S.D.C.: 375. Shield Damage: 2D4+2 . Cost: 900 Gold.

Note: Unlike standard shields, only attacks specifically targeting the shield in an attempt to destroy it inflict any damage to the shield. If the shield is specifically targeted, weapons will only inflict 10% of normal damage to shield as well.

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