Bows for Stronger Archers:

Special bows can be made for archers with a strength greater than 15. These bows give the archer firing the bow the bonus to damage from the shooter’s strength. For example, an archer with a strength of 21 has a +6 to damage with melee weapons. For Example: With a bow designed for their strength, they would have +6 to damage with the bow as well. Most of these bows are of composite construction and most bows have to be made specially for the archer firing the bow. There are some special enchanted bows which adjust to the shooter’s strength.

A bow can be used by an archer with a higher strength without penalty but there is a -2 penalty if the bow is designed for an archer with a high strength than the one currently using the bow. Crossbows are a bit different. There is no penalty to fire a crossbow made for a higher strength but the rate of fire is reduced by one attack per melee for every two points of strength the crossbow needs compared to the shooter.

As stated previously, these bows are often created specially for the archer using the bow. As well, these bows are extremely expensive. The bows cost 100% more than normal with +10% for every point of extra damage the weapon inflicts. The bows can be made by normal bowers although Elven masters often specialize in these weapons. Bows (and crossbows) for strengths greater than thirty have to be made by an Alchemist using magic and have to be enchanted to be indestructible. These are far more expensive and cost 500 gold per additional point of damage the weapon inflicts.

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