MIG-42 Foxglove:

This fighter is a Combined Air Superiority and attack Aircraft for the Soviet Union. It has the combined capabilities of an attack fighter and as an interceptor. It has good stealth features and is the soviet equivilent of the U. S. F-117 in stealth and is very similar design in body style to the F-23 ATF. Part of its capabilities is to make Carrier landings on the Soviet new class of carrier. It is similar in many ways to a MIG 37 and uses the base Chassis. It has a 2 person cockpit. One for the pilot, one for the radar/ targeting officer. So far there have been three prototype Foxglove fighters made. Flight controls are computerized and are controlled by fly by wire.

Span: 33 ft 6 in (10.21 m) Length: 44 ft 6 in (13.56 m)
Height: 10 ft 9 in (3.28 m) Weight: 34000 lbs (16130 kg)
Basic Body Style: Twin Engine Fighter-Bomber S.D.C. 500 $6,000,000.00
Speed Class 34 Maximum Speed MACH 5 / 3,300 mph $15,000,000.00
Heavy Crew Armor w Plexiglass Windows S.D.C. 550 AR 15 $4,500.00
Weight 200 lbs
Aircraft Vehicle Armor: Medium Armor, S.D.C. 500 AR 10 10,000.00
Weight 1200 lbs

2 30 mm Automatic Cannons, Linked $ 30,000.00
Damage 2D4 x 10 each Range 5,000 ft
4 On wing Hard Points:
Can carry AA-7 or 2 AA-12 Missiles each
4 Bay Hard Points:
can carry AA-7, AA-9, AA-12 Air to Air Missiles or AS-7, AS-9, AS-10,
AS-14, 500 Kg LGB, RPK-180 or Various Iron Bombs

The total weight the plane can carry for all stations is 6600 LBS

Other Systems:
Air Recycling System $ 450,000.00
10 Anti Missile Chaff $ 45,000.00
2 Ejection Seats $ 12,000.00
Can carry up to 4 Fuel Tanks in vice missiles on Wing *($ 4,000.00)
6 Maneuver Rockets for use in space $ 90,000.00
Night Sight Camera/ Monitor ( Works on Aircraft) $ 90,000.00
Smoke Screen $ 1,200.00
Tail Hook $ 1,000.00
Theft Alarm System $ 700.00
S.T.O.L Capacity $ 100,000.00
Super Fuel Efficiency $ 15,000.00

Special Systems:
Stealth Feature: $ 6,000,000.00
Causes -25% to detection at close range from radar ( up to 1/3 radar range ), -50% to
detection at medium range (1/3 to 2/3 of radar range), -75% to detection at long range
(2/3 to maxium range of radar). Causes -4 to all radar guided missiles.
Reduced I.R. Signature: $ 2,000,000.00
The Foxgloves engines are designed to reduce the IRr signature while flying less than
MACH 1.5; It causes -2 to targeting with I.R. seeking missiles.
Active Jammer: $ 2,000,000.00
Causes -25% to detection but when it is active, other vehicles/ bases can detect that
it is jamming, and some missiles will home in on jamming causes -4 to all radar guided
Foxglove Radar: $ 2,000,000.00
Range 175 miles. Can identify 60 targets and simultaneous track 30 target flying below
200ft while flying at 20,000ft.
E.S.M.: $ 50,000.00
Radar detector, enables vehicle to detect other radars passively
Multi-target: $ 900,000.00
Can lock on and fire at up to 4 targets simultaneously with AA-9 missiles
V. A. S.: $ 10,000.00
Amplify camera that allows targeting on fighter sized objects out to 30 miles
Targeting Laser/ Verifying Laser: $ 300,000.00
Used to target with laser guided weapons and to fly without using radar low to the ground
at night
Total $35,139,400.00

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