Qiao Jacky (Jacklyn):

Name: Jacklyn
True Name: Qiao Jacky (Jacklyn)
Nickname: Chun-Li
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 30 S.D.C.: 121 Chi: 20
Attributes: I.Q.: 20 +7%, M.E.: 15, M.A.: 23 80%, P.S.: 23 +8, P.P.: 30 +8, P.E.: 26 +15%/+6, P.B.: 20 60%, Spd.: 29 +4
Weight: 140 lbs (63.6 kg) Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 meters)
Age: 28 Race: Human Sex: Female
Disposition: Very adventurous and wild
Occupation: Worldly Martial Artist (1st edition) Experience Level: First
Combat Skills: Primary Form: WuShu T'Sung Kung Fu Secondary Form: Xing Chiao Kung Fu
Attacks per Melee: WuShu T'Sung Kung Fu: Four (4) / Six (6) with other Games Xing Chiao Kung Fu: Four (4)/ Six (6) with other Games
Martial Art Powers & Abilities:
Wu Shu T'Sung Kung Fu: Stone Ox, Changi (Kick Practice), and Weapon Katas: Swords (Paired), Spears, and Steel Whip
Xing Chiao Kung Fu: Kaijutsu and Zanshin (Awareness)
Bonuses, Combat:
WuShu T'Sung Kung Fu: Damage: +8, Strike: +10 (+14 with Kicks), Parry: +11, Dodge: +15, Roll: +9, Knock Out: 20, Stun: 20, Critical: 19 or 20
Xing Chiao Kung Fu: Damage: +8, Strike: +11, Parry: +12, Dodge: +14 (+15 B Flip), Roll: +9 , Knock Out: 20 Stun: 20, Critical: 20.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +6, Non-Lethal Poison +6, Harmful Drugs +6, Insanity +0, Psionics +0, Magic +6, Horror Factor +2, +2 vs Mind Control & Possession, +15% against Coma & Death
Character Skills: Cultural: Cook (Szechuan) (+ 5%) 62%, Dance (+5%) 52%, Fishing (+5%) 72%, Go (+5%) 42%, Sewing (+5%) 52%, Sing (+5%) 52%, Espionage/Military: Wilderness Survival (Secondary) (+2%) 39%, Medical: First Aid (Secondary) 47%, Physical: Acrobatics, Boxing, Climbing 82%, Gymnastics, Prowl 63%, Running, Swimming 57%, Swimming Advanced 57%, Pilot Skills: Pilot Motorcycle (Secondary) 57%, Pilot Sail Boat (Secondary) 57%, Science: Math: Basic (+20%) 82%, Technical: Languages: Chinese [Native] 98%, English [Native 2] (+20%) 82%, Spanish (+10%) 72%, Portuguese (+5%) 67%, Latin (+15%) 77%, Italian (+10%) 72%, French (+10%) 72%, Esperato (+5%) 67%, Teaching (Secondary) 37%, Writing (Secondary) 31%.
Appearance: Qiao Jacklyn is tall for an Asian female and had a good figure although she is too muscular for many men's, especially Asian, tastes. She is very attractive with pale skin and dark brown eyes. She has dark brown hair which she keeps most of the time in the same style as Chun-Lin from the "Streetfighter II" video game. She has quite a few outfits styled after the Chun Li style costume but also likes to wear designer style western clothing.
Weapons of Note: Steel Whip (Chinese chain style weapon. It is 9 linked metal rods with a weight/blade on one end. Damage: 2D6), Tai-Chi "Lion Headed" Sword (Ancient artifact of unknown origin that was give to her by her father Qiao Shen. It is of very high quality and of excellent balance and sharpness. Damage: 3D6+4 Bonuses: Specially crafted having +2 To Parry, +1 to Strike, +2 to strike when thrown, +4 to Damage.), Tai-Chi "Lion Headed" Sword (Standard quality sword. Damage: 3D6)
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: Honda SRX 50 Shadow Moped
Clothing: Martial Arts Outfits, Various Chun-Li style costumes, Woman's Business Suits, Many Asian style dresses, and various European and American style designer clothing.
Other Items: Makeup and Feminine Items, Comb and Brush, Purse, Backpack, Medium Unbreakable Flashlight, Hollow-fill Mummy Sleeping Bag, two man Tent, Climbing Rope (100 ft), Compass, satellite navigational device, Walkman style CD player with a large collection of CDs.
Valuables & Properties: 25,000 Dollars value in money (mostly in British pounds and Hong Kong Dollar), 5,000 Dollars worth in Jewelry (mostly gifts from her father)

Character History:

Qiao Jacklyn's mother was a beautiful Communist Chinese intelligence agent (read spy) in Hong Kong spying on the British presence in the city. Like many women from the Communist China, she enjoyed herself and found herself in the company of many gentleman. When Chen Li, Jacklyn's mother, found she was with a child decided not to go back to China to raise her child and was planning to emigrate out of Hong Kong before the Chinese took it over.

Jacklyn is also the illegitimate daughter of Qiao Shen, well-known Antiquarian in Hong Kong. Qiao Shen is also a retired adventurer, a collector of antiques, and a lover of women. In his travels, Qiao has fathered multiple children, but has never been married so all of his children are illegitimate. None of the children know anything about any of the other children he has fathered.

In due course, Jacklyn was born in Hong Kong General Hospital and was raised by her mother. Chen Li took various jobs, to support her daughter. These included being a housemaid, a cook, and an escort. The money she earned was supplemented by generous gifts from Qiao Shen. While not wealthy, Li and Jacklyn survived well enough. Jacklyn had a relatively normal childhood and did well in school. Through out her childhood, she received frequent letters from her father with gifts of good sized sums of money as well. Once a year, he would also visit and shower her with gifts from far away lands, most of which she kept. Around age ten she wore some of the Jewelry that he had given and she some how lost it. It was most likely stolen but she still cannot figure out where she lost it at or it was stolen. In time she became interested in Gymnastics and Acrobatics in school and became very athletic. Initially it was due to a handsome boy being in the same class but even after he left, she stuck with the classes as has a gift for it.

To make a little extra money, she started working at a grocery and one of her jobs was to deliver groceries to various people. She delivered groceries to an old man once a week. She became friends with him and she found that he was an old martial artist that used to teach British agents. He offered to teach her martial arts. It made for being extremely busy with both work and school but she accepted and learned the martial arts quickly. The only problem that she had was that she spent very little time socializing with the other teenagers that were around her own age. When Jacky was sixteen, her mother died. While it appears that she died in her sleep, a friend of her mother told Jacky that in reality she was murdered by an assassin from the Communist Chinese. Since then Jacky was raised by the old martial artist although she is still sent letters by her father and he visits her every year. She discovered that the old martial artist and her father were friends. Both of them also believes that Li was murdered by a Communist assassin. She graduated from high school with honors and was given a very interesting Tai-Chi sword by her father when she graduated. The sword has an incredible balance and is finely crafted. It also seems to be impervious to corrosion.

After graduating, she continued training with the old man, who is now pretty much her guardian, and started going to college as well studying other languages. Her father continued to send her letters and bring her gifts once a year. In many ways she does not know what her own opinions with her father. He is the only blood family she has but she sees so little of him and she would like to see him more often. In an arcade, she saw the video game "Streetfighter II" and she was enamored with the character Chun Li and started wearing her hair in much the same style along with making several outfits that look like Chun Li's outfits from the video game. She did have a romance with a British gentleman and they were planning to get married but he left just prior to the Chinese taking over the city.

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