Anna Schäfer:

Name: Anna

True Name: Anna Schäfer

Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)

Hit Points: 23 S.D.C.: 70 Chi: 19

Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 13, M.A.: 20 (65%), P.S.: 22 (+7), P.P.: 29 (+7), P.E.: 19 (+8%/+2), P.B.: 22 (70%), SPD: 31

Weight: 118 lbs (52.5 kg) Height: 5 foot 6 inches (1.68 meters)

Age: 28 Race: Human Sex: Female


Anna might be considered the archetypical beautiful spy. She knows that she is extremely attractive and knows how to use the beauty. She uses her beauty and charisma in order to persuade those whom she needs something from. Often, one will never even know what she manages to get from them.

This is not to say that she is not skilled in other areas. She is skilled in martial arts as well as being and is a computer expert, able to fly helicopters, and is skilled with a number of weapons rivaling most soldiers. One should never consider her your classic blond no matter how good looking she is. She hates it when her bosses consider her that way.

Now, she does prefer that her own actions go as unnoticed as possible. This does not mean that she does not expect her seniors recognize what she does but she wants as few as possible outside her organization to notice. If at all possible, she prefers to work things in a subtle manner when dealing with a problem. Also prefers generally to not start conflicts and her martial arts training reflects that. Even though trained in a wide variety of weapons, she also generally only carries a pistol.

Surprisingly for somebody as attractive as her and for one that works in intelligence, she is still a generally good person. She has a strong code of conduct of things she will do and will not do. She does not like to break the rules any more than needed. As well, she has a genuine good heart.

Occupation: Operative Agent Experience Level: Third (3)

Combat Skills: Hand to Hand; Te and Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Five (5) / Seven (7) with other games

Martial Art Powers & Abilities: Chi-Gung (AR 14), Zanshin.(Awareness: +6 Initiative, +2 Parry, +4 Dodge,

cannot be surprised from behind.)

Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +8, Strike: + 7, Parry: +12, Dodge: +14, Roll (Punch / Fall / Impact): +10, Maintain Balance: +0, Initiative: +6, Knock Out: Natural 20, Stun: Natural 20, Critical: Natural 20

Martial Art Moves:

Escape Moves: Roll With Punch/Fall/Impact.

Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry.

Hand Attacks: Strike(Punch), Knife Hand, Fore-Knuckle Fist, Double-Knuckle Fist, Power Punch, Palm Strike, Duo-Fist Strike.

Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack, Snap Kick.

Special Attacks: Death Blow, Combination Grab/Kick, Knee, Elbow, Forearm.

Weapon Katas: W.P. Bo Staff, W.P. Sai - Paired,.

Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike, Critical Strike From Rear.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +2, Non-Lethal Poison +2, Harmful Drugs +2, Insanity +0, Psionics +0, Magic +2, Horror Factor +0, +8% against Coma & Death

Character Skills Packages:

Espionage: Body Guard / Assassin Program, Deep Cover Program,

Gizmoteer: Computer Hacking Program.

Military: Basic Military Program, Helicopter Aviation Program

Basic: Cultural Skill Program, Language Skill Program

Secondary Skills: Six (6) Secondary Skills

Character Skills: Communications: Cryptography (+5%) 45%, Optic Systems (+5%) 65%, Radio: Basic Communications (+10%) 70%, Surveillance Systems (+10%) 63%, Computer: Computer Operation (+15%) 85%, Computer Networks (+20%) 85%, Computer Programming (+20%) 70%, Supercomputers (+20%) 55%, Cultural: Cook (+5%) 65%, Dance (+5%) 57%, Gardening (+5%) 61%, Ikebana - Floral Arranging 36%, Poetry - Haiku (+5%) 65%, Sing (+5%) 55%, Electrical: Basic Electronics [Secondary] 50%, Computer Repair (+5%) 55%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+10%) 60%, Detect Concealment (+15% ) 55%, Disguise (+20%) 70%, Escape Artist (+15%) 55%, Forgery (+15%) 55%, Imitate Voices (+10%) 65%, Impersonation (+15%) 63% / 43%, Sniper (+3 bonus), Tracking (+10%) 50%, Mechanical: Helicopter Mechanics (+15%) 55% / 45%, Medical: First Aid [Secondary] 50%, Military: Demolitions (+5%) 71%, Demolitions Disposal (+5%) 71%, W.P. Assault Rifle (+1 Burst/+3 Aimed), W.P. Grenade Throwing (+1), W.P. Infantry Missiles (+1), W.P. Mortar (+1), W.P. Vehicle Mounted Weapons (+1 Burst/+3 Aimed), Physical: Acrobatics, Athletics - General [Secondary], Boxing, Climbing 98% / 75%, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming [Secondary] 66%, Pilot: Pilot Automobile [Secondary] 86% / 80%, Pilot Airplane (+5%) 83%, Pilot Advanced Aircraft: Air-to-Air Combat (+5%) +19%, Pilot Basic Helicopter( +20%) 88%/98%, Pilot Combat Helicopter (+10%) 70%/89%, Pilot Related: Aerial Navigation (+5%) 45%,Instrument Rating (+5%) 45%, Navigation (+5%) 75%,Read Sensory Equipment (+5%) 55%, Weapon Systems 59%, Science: Mathematics: Basic (+10%) 94% Technical: Ar [Secondary] 34%, Language: German [Native] 98%, Language: Dutch (+5%) 75%, Language: English (+5%) 75%, Language: French (+5%) 75%, Language: Italian (+5%) 75%, Language: Japanese [Okinawan Dialect] 65%, Language: Russian (+5%) 75%, Photography (+10%) 70% W.P. Ancient: W.P. Bo Staff (+1 [+9] Strike / +1 [+13] Parry), W.P. Sai - Paired (+1 [9], Strike / +0 [+12] Parry / +2 Entangle), W.P. Modern: W.P. Automatic Pistol (+1 Burst/+3 Aimed), W.P. Submachine gun (+2 Burst/+4 Aimed), W.P. Sharpshooting - Automatic (+3 Initiative, +4 Burst / +6 Aimed / +8 Called Shot / +1 Additional Attack),

Skills From Acrobatics & Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 70%, Walk Tightrope or High Wire 70%, Climb Rope 94%, Back Flip 86%, Prowl 50%


Anne is extremely beautiful, one might call her a super model. She has a quite curvy figure of almost perfect proportions. Has a slim nordic nose, a pale complexion and almost flawless skin. She has soft blue eyes along with golden blond hair which she keeps down to her shoulders. As far as cosmetics, she usually wears a bit of eye shadow and paints her lips a bright crimson. Her nails are usually painted as well, either red or a bright pink.

For clothing, she prefers to wear quite feminine outfits and usually quite sexy. These can include form fitting outfits along with dresses. Not a big fan of black but instead prefers reds and pinks. Usually wears high heals in matching color. Her outfits tend to be quite expensive. This does not mean that she cannot dress to get dirty when she needs to and has a number of less dressy clothes for when she needs to. As far as weapons, she prefers to carry her weapons concealed whenever possible. As a result, prefers compact and subcompact weapons.

Armor of Note:

Flexi-Steel Armor: (A.R. 16, S.D.C.: 200, Weight: 16 lbs)

Special high strength armor which appears to be a matte grey jumpsuit. Armor can be worn under most clothing which she wears it under her fatigues. Has a built in Kinetic mesh under layer which causes all physical attacks to inflict half damage.

Weapons of Note:

Bo Staff: Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg) Length: 9 feet (2.8 meters)

Made from high strength composites so much stronger than normal wood. Two piece weapon for easier storage / carrying. Special high quality manufacture with bonuses of +1 to strike, +2 to parry, and +4 to damage.

Damage: 2D8+4 (+9 for Strength and hand to hand skill).

Glock 29 10 mm Sub-Compact Automatic Pistol: Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.70 kg) empty

Usually kept concealed. The pistol uses 10 mm Rounds. It has a 10 shot magazine. She has 4 magazines of Hollow Points which she normally carries for the pistol. She has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike) / flashlight mounted on the rail. Caliber: 10 mm (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points)Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 10+1 shots.

Steyr AUG (Commando Model): Weight: 7.8 lbs (3.8 kg) empty and 8.7 lbs (3.95 kg) fully loaded

Only carries weapon on special assignments. Australian and Austrian 5.56 Assault Rifle. The Assault Rifle is in a bulpup design. The Assault Rifle uses 5.56 mm NATO Rounds. It has 30 Round magazines. She carries two extra magazines of full metal jacket and two of hollow point. She has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike) mounted on the rail. Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.), Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic. Payload: 30 + 1 shots Range: 984 feet (300 meters)

Can get other weapons as needed for specific mission requirements.


200 Rounds of 10 mm Hollow Point Ammunition

100 Rounds of 5.56 NATO Hollow Point Ammunition.

100 Rounds of 5.56 NATO FMJ Ammunition.

Other Equipment:

Properties: Medium sized luxury apartment in Vienna, medium sized house in the country.


“Brand New” Porsche Boxster:

Convertible sports car. Her is red in color and fully loaded with a 3.4 liter six cylinder engine and dual clutch automatic transmission.

She can also requisition cars as needed.


High End Desktop Computer:

Has all of the standard features Blue-Ray Read/Write ROM, large hard drive, high speed USB Ports, Firewire Ports, and video ports), also has a photograph quality laser color printer and a scanner.

High End Laptop Computer:

Has all standard features (Including a high speed modem cell phone modem, Blue-Ray Read/Write ROM, large hard drive, high speed USB Ports, Firewire Ports, and video ports, ), also has a photograph quality laser color printer and a scanner.

Clothing: Fashionable clothing (includes dresses, female suits, and other outfits - mostly bright colors such as reds and pinks), dress shoes - mostly high heals, expensive lingerie, some jeans and fatigue pants for combat duty, military type boots, sneakers.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, disguise kit, perfume, comb and brush, high fashion purse, concealed pistol holster, gun cleaning kit, cell phone, micro digital camera.

Valuables & Properties: 50,000 dollars in bank accounts, 5,000 worth of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.)

Character History:

Anne was born in a reasonably well to do but not truly wealthy family in Austria. From an early age, everybody remarked at just how beautiful she was. In addition, she had a charisma about her and was extremely popular. She was a member of a number of different clubs in school and was one of those that got invited to every party there was.

As far as actual grades, it was a slightly different story. One cannot say that she did badly but definitely did not stand out to the same level. Did however do well enough for university. There she decided that she would learn music and languages.

Many people suggested that she might get into modeling or possibly acting. She did have many boyfriends over the years and was suggested often that she would find an especially wealthy one to marry. With her looks, she would have fit the trophy wife or even mistress quite well.

Interestingly though, that was not what she really was interested in. She wanted something more although she was not sure exactly what. How does one become a intelligence operative after all. There are a number of intelligence agencies in Austria including the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung (BVT) and the Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung (LVT). Both are mostly dealing with terrorism. There is also the Heeresnachrichtenamt (HNA), which does military intelligence.

In addition, there is an intelligence service that does more covert missions. While they do work with the other Austrian intelligence services, they work extremely hard to stay off the radar. They were looking for possible recruits to work in the world of rich and famous, somebody who could fit into that social circle. They were able to somehow find out about her and decided to try to recruit her. Hard to know why she accepted. Maybe she was just bored with the social life she normally lead. She certainly had not thought about joining intelligence before this.

After she accepted, she was sent through intensive training. First thing she was sent through was basic military training. That was an extremely unpleasant experience because she was never one to like the mud and dirt. She also learned how to operate helicopters including combat helicopters. Never really knew how to defend herself either so she was sent for intensive martial arts training. It is a quite effective martial art because it allows one to start from not even looking ready for combat. Still, it is quite practical otherwise.

Of course the art of intelligence operations was an important part of her training. One has to be taught what one has to look for and a good understanding of surveillance. She went through a crash course in computer systems and how to hack into them. As well, part of her training was both how to protect people and how to assassinate them. While trained on the combat rifle during army training and also taught the submachine-gun during intelligence training, where she really shines was with the pistol. She seemed to prefer it over other weapons due to being far easier to conceal. Still, she was no slouch with the other weapons she learned.

On completing training, she was set up in effectively what is a jet setting life style. One of her first missions was to spy on a wealthy businessman thought to have connections with Russian crime and a potential threat to the country. It required quite a while to manage to get into his social circle, all the while posing to be an aspiring model. Eventually though, she was able to get the information which was needed.

Her second job was acting as a bodyguard. She posed as an ambassador’s assistants, mostly one who just deals with the huge amount of paperwork that goes with an embassy. In this case, she posed as being pretty mousy. There was intelligence however that the ambassador was under threat to cause a diplomatic incident. While his normal security detail had been beefed up, they wanted somebody who might not be expected. There was an ambush and all of his normal security detail were killed, leaving only her to protect him. Luckily, she was able to hold off the attackers until help was able to arrive and managed to kill a number of the assailants.

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