Video Camera 40 mm Grenade Launcher Round:

This round is fired like a standard 40 mm grenade and can be fired from most standard grenade launchers (Such as the Mk 79 and Mk 203 Grenade Launchers) but is equipped with a video camera which is deployed. The grenade can be launched upwards and has an altitude of around 1000 feet (304.8 meters) where the grenade separates and deploys a parachute. The grenade is fitted with an infrared camera as well as a visible light camera. The camera has a range of up to around one mile (1.6 kilometers) and has the ability to provide approximately ten minutes of streaming video which transmits to a receiver usually operated by the soldier launching the grenade. Extremely useful for soldiers trying to scan their area. Several groups manufacture these grenade launcher rounds including the Israeli Firefly round and the HUNTIR round in the United States.

Note: This is a real world weapon.

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