Death Dealer (Enchanted Weapon of Chaos):

The history of this sword is unknown but it is well known that the sword is truly ancient. There is a story about the weapon was buried in the tomb of an ancient Germanic warrior. Legends about him speak of cruelty beyond measure. The story goes on that the weapon was only dug up by the Nazis on the eave of the Second World War. It was said to have been wielded by a S.S. Commander who took the name "Death Dealer" and his sword became known by the same name. He was suppose to have slain hundreds if not thousands with his own hand and it took several heroes to take him down in the end. On his death at the end of the war, the sword disappeared only to find its way into the hands of another knight serving the forces of Darkness. While it appears to have never been wielded by an Anti-Hero, it is not impossible that the weapon could end up in one of their hands. Still, there are no known wielders of the weapon who have not been Villains of the worst kind.

Death Dealer is an extremely dark grey sword with the blade edge formed by downward razor sharp teeth which are designed to rip the flesh of whoever the blade slices into. The blade will rip the flesh in either slashes or when stabbed into an opponent and pulled back out. The blade is the length of a long sword and is extremely well balanced. Ancient Germanic runes run along the length of the blade. Even though the sword was said to have lain in the ground for centuries, there is no sign of rust and the weapon appears to be indestructible. The hand guard of the sword is the design of a skull with a set of bat wings extended from either side. The handle itself is wrapped in a black leather cord. The weapon simply has an evil feel to it like a cold shiver down a persons back.

When the sword is drawn, the wielder calls the name "Death Bringer" and suddenly they look taller and tougher, like an ancient warrior from the pits of darkness. If they have infirmaries or are overweight, this is gone. If the possessor is a child, when the sword is drawn, they will appear to be a full grown adult. Fit or not, old or young, male or female, the features of the wielder of the sword will be recognizable but will be a dark version of what they look like, as if they have been kissed by evil. The wielder also will have a suit of black armor form around them, a form fitting suit of plate armor with the design of a skull in the center of the chest. There is a helm which the wearer can chose to hide their features. The armor does not restrict the wearer’s movement and can move around as if they are wearing ballet gear not full armor. This armor, even though ancient in appearance, will protect against even modern weapons such as pistols and rifles like a modern bullet proof vest.

In addition to the ability to create a suit of enchanted armor, the sword has several additional powers. The wielder becomes incredibly strong, able to perform almost supernatural feats of strength. As well, the wielder becomes faster than a normal human. The person wielding the sword seems to be able to dodge bullets or even parry them with sword. Other powers of the sword include the ability to see in total darkness even magical darkness, fire black bolts of dark fire from the blade, summon the dead from the gave to fight beside them, create a globe of darkness which is virtually impossible for anyone to see through without magical vision, and finally the wielder can create a circle of black flame around them or around others.

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