Claíomh Criostal (Enchanted Weapon of Light):

Stories tell that this sword was found in an ancient Celtic ruin, a crystal sword seeming in perfect shape, while everything around it showed the effects of being underground for over a millennium. It has been suggested that the sword was made by Nuada Airgetlám around the same time as Claíomh Solais. A few have suggested that the sword is actually the sword of light.

While it looks like the slightly blow should shatter the sword, every indication is that the sword itself is completely indestructible. The sword itself is an incredible work of art with fine artistry in both the blade and handle. Celtic knot work is designed into the handle and pommel and there is Gaelic writing along the crystalline blade. In size, the sword is the length which one might typically consider it to be a long sword with a relatively narrow blade.

Even if the wielder has no skill, they will be able to use the sword as if they have been trained in it. In addition, the sword appears to be perfectly balanced and is incredibly sharp. Anyone wielding the sword will find that they can get the most out of the weapon.

When the sword is drawn, the wielder looks stronger, tougher, and becomes more attractive. In effect they become a perfected version of what they might otherwise look like. Weakness such as needing glasses are negated while the sword is held however. However unlike many enchanted weapons, the wielder does not become taller and remain the same height as they might otherwise. If a teenager or a child, they will stay one. In addition, there is no body armor or costume created around the wielder automatically.

Probably the most significant enchantment on the sword is the ability to create crystal. This includes the ability to throw crystal darts, encase targets in crystal, as well as creating a suit of crystalline armor. The armor itself appears to grow from the sword and encase the possessor. Encased in the armor, the wilder finds himself or herself stronger, tougher, and even faster than they might normally be. A wielder with paired weapons can also create a second crystaline blade to fight with two weapons.

Other abilities include that the wielder has super human strength whenever they are wielding the sword, whether they have the crystal armor around them or not. In addition, when punching, kicking, or attacking by other means, the wielder inflicts greater damage than might be expected through strength alone. The sword also seems to have the ability to bend light around the wielder so that the wielder is invisible. For some reason, the wielder can see at night extremely well and has incredible night vision. Finally, the possessor of the sword can use the sword to heal either the wielder himself or herself, or use the sword to heal another.


Powers and Bonuses (Only work when Sword is Drawn):

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Gauntlet of the Valkyrie is inspired by the comic book series and television series of Witchblade.

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