Widow Maker:

Name: Widow Maker

True Name: Yekaterina “Katya” Pasportnikova

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)

Hit Points: 61 S.D.C. (Physical): 87

Attributes: I.Q.: 22 (+8%/+4), M.E.: 13, M.A.: 13, P.S.: 20 (+5), P.P.: 28 (+7), P.E.: 26 (+22%/+6), P.B.: 17 (35%), SPD: 34

Weight: 142 lbs (64.4 kg) Height: 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters)

Age: 26 years Sex: Female


Fighter pilots, whatever country, are known to be cocky and she is not exception. Many fighter pilots believe that they are the absolute best. Of course, in her case it is pretty close to the truth. Still, she loves to challenge other pilots. One of her overriding goals from when she first strapped on a fighter was to become an ace.

While not quite foolhardy, she is fearless and willing to take risks. Of course what is risky for her would be beyond foolhardy for just about any other pilot. She loves to fly her aircraft in ways that virtually nobody else can and make unorthodox maneuvers.

Katya loves to try out new toys. Her primary aircraft has been the Sukhoi Su-27 and its various upgrades although has flown the Mikoyan MiG-29 and MiG-31. As one might expect, she is a test pilot as well and has flown the Su-47 Berkut (Golden Eagle.) She is looking forward to the Pak-FA becoming fully operational and has been extensively involved in that program as well.

While she been able to fly some of the less advanced Western fighters such as the F-16, she wants to get a chance to fly the best - the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning especially. Of course she will brag about Russian fighters being ever bit as good as American and other Western aircraft. Loves speed and performance in other ways including owning a high powered BMW motorcycle.

Only thing she is a bit resentful for is how she was virtually taken away from her parents and siblings at a young age. She realizes why it was done but considers that something could have been done that allowed her to stay with her parents or at least got to see them at times other than holidays. Katya does realize that the training program did allow her to home her exception skills. One might expect that as primarily a fighter pilot, she would be resentful of being involved in ground missions; However, it is not something she particularly minds considering it another way she can show her talents.

As with a lot of fighter pilots, she has had a number of run ins with authority. Her commanders are often exasperated with her. If she simply was not such an incredible pilot, there is a good chance that they would have grounded her for some of the stunts she has pulled. Still, she has been punished a number of times although they tend to be minor punishments.

Even though she will boast about being better than they are to just about every other pilot, she still will do whatever she can for them. Considers anybody in that elite class to be special. Katya is also fiercely loyal to her ground crews, often telling other pilots that they would not fly without them.

She is quite steadfast with anyone she considers a friend no matter who they are. Does have a number of friends outside of pilots and ground crews. Even though she has an ego, she is still quite affable. Does like to have a good time in general and enjoys the company of those of the opposite sex. Tends actually to avoid other fighter pilots because their egos tend to clash just too much. Has tried it a few times and it has always ended up in disaster for her.

Experience Level: Fifth (5) Experience Points: 18,000

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts & Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Eight (8)

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +9, Disarm: +9, Parry: +13, Dodge (Automatic Dodge / Costs no attacks): +16, Damage: +5, Knock Out/Stun: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 20, Roll with punch, fall, or impact: +7, Pull Punch: +3, Initiative: +6. Has paired weapons with all melee weapons and pistols.

Kick Attacks: “Karate” Style Kick (2D4), Snap Kick (1D6), Roundhouse (3D6), Crescent (2D4+2), Tripping/Leg Hook Jump Kick (6D6), Flying Jump Kick (4D6). All Kicks have a bonus of +5 due to strength.

Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison: [14] +9, Non-Lethal Poison: [16] +9, Harmful Drugs: [15] +9 (+11 vs Mind Control), Insanity: [12] +0, Psionics: [15] +3 (+5 vs Mind Control), Magic: [12] +9 (+11 vs Mind Control), Horror Factor [Varies] +1. Also has +6 to save against possession and +42% to save vs Coma and Death.

Super Power Category: Mutant - Parents were an experiment.

Super Power Abilities:


Extraordinary Physical Prowess: Heightened physical prowess providing increased speed and agility.

Bonuses: Adds 2D4 P.P., 3D4 SPD, and one attack per melee. Also gives Automatic Dodge with a bonus of +3 and +10% to all physical skills requiring Dexterity.

Healing Factor: Power gives incredible recuperative abilities and immunity to diseases and toxins.

Bonuses: Adds 2d4 to P.E., 2D6+6 to Hit Points, and 25 to S.D.C. Adds +20% to save vs Comma/ Death and +3 to save vs Magic, Psionics, and Toxins

The Healing Factor: Recovers 3 S.D.C. per 10 minutes (18 / hour). Recovers one H.P. per 15 minutes (4 / hour). Special super healing: Instantly regenerate 4D6 H.P. TWO times per day (24 hours). Does NOT fatigue. Resistant to fire and cold; ½ damage. Resistant to drugs, toxins, and poisons; 1/3 as effective; 1/3 damage. No scarring when healed. Broken bones heal completely, with no signs of being broken. Heals 10 x faster than normal.


Mechano-Link: Allows the ability to link with any kind of machine so machine and man become one. Vehicle responds to mere thought increasing their mobility and their accuracy.


+20% on all piloting skills - Base skill of 60% to pilot unknown vehicles including alien vehicles.

+20% on all pilot related skills.

+20% to computer, electrical, and mechanical skills.

+2 to strike with all modern weapons including Energy Weapons, No bonuses with ancient weapons.

60% base to understand and operate unknown and alien machines.

Computer Merge: Merge / communicate with computers regardless of preventative programs. Communicate directly with computers and computer-directed machinery - Includes computerized factories, robots, modern fighter jets, and modern cars (with onboard computers.) Done either by touch or remote. Examine all data / programming and completely reprogram system. Only communicate with self-aware systems - cannot control them.

Unusual Characteristics:

Ambidextrous: Can use both right and left hand equally well. Bonuses: One extra attack per melee, +1 parry, +5% climbing skill, and +5% escape artist, pick locks, mechanical and electrical repair skills.

Other Special Abilities:

Alert and Quick Response: Very alert and observant, and able to respond quickly to events / stimuli; excellent reaction time. +1D4 to initiative, +5% to detect ambush and palming skills (when applicable).

Speed Thrills Junky: Loves going fast and excels at piloting; +10% on all piloting skills of fast vehicles of all kinds (land, air, water) - Fast being 90 mph/144km (or much) faster.

Indomitable Will: So strong willed that she is +6 vs possession, +2 vs mind control (psionic, drugs, and magic illusions/domination/and similar),+1 vs horror factor, and in an emergency, can go without sleep for 48 hours without skill penalties or loss of alertness, and lift / hold 50% more than normal for 1D4 minutes.

Educational Level: Military Specialist (Basic Military Skill Program +20%, Military Advanced Pilot Program +20%, Espionage Skill Program +15%, Modern Weapon Skill Program, and Physical Program +10%) - Also has five Secondary Skills.

Skills: Communication: Radio Basic (+20%) 93%, Electronics: Basic Electronics [Secondary Skill] 83%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+15%) 78%, Detect Concealment (+15%) 73%, Intelligence (+15%) 71%, Tracking (+15%) 68%, Wilderness Survival (+15%) 73%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [Secondary Skill] 83%, Military: Military Etiquette (+20%) 83%, Physical: Hand to Hand Martial Arts, Athletics - General, Boxing, Climbing (+20%) 98%, Gymnastics (+10%), Running, Swimming (+10%) 88%, Pilot - Basic: Pilot Airplane (+20%) 98%, Pilot Automobile 98%, Pilot Motorcycle (+20%) 98%, Pilot - Advanced: Pilot Jet (+20%) 94%, Pilot Jet Fighter (+20%) 94%, Pilot Related: Navigation (+20%) 98%, Read Sensory Instruments (+20%) 98%, Weapon Systems (+20%) 98%, Science: Mathematics - Basic 73%, Technical: Computer Operations [Secondary Skill] 88%, Computer Programing [Secondary Skill] 78%, Language / Literacy: English [Secondary Skill] 78%/58% , Language / Literacy; German [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 58%/38%, Language / Literacy: Russian (+25%) 98%/88%, W.P. Ancient: W.P. Knife [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] (+1 [+10] Strike / +1[+10] Throw /+1 [+14] Parry), W.P. Modern: W.P. Automatic Pistol (+6 Aimed / +4 Burst), W.P. Automatic Pistols - Paired (+6 Aimed / +4 Burst), W.P. Automatic Rifle (+6 Aimed / +4 Burst), W.P. Submachine Gun (+6 Aimed / +4 Burst),

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+10%) 90%, Work Parallel Bars and Rings (+20%) 98%, Climb Rope (+10%) 98%, Back Flip (+20%) 98%, Prowl (+10%) 78%


Quite striking, Katya is tall, almost six feet in height. As one might expect from her training, her figure is extremely athletic although definitely feminine. She has slim hips and relatively small breasts but still one will know she is female. Quite attractive, her facial features are nordic with a slender nose and blue eyes. She has raven hair however which she keeps short in a punk style. For cosmetics, she keeps it pretty light generally.

One is most likely to find her dressed in a pilot’s jumpsuit. Tend to be a bit daring, often having the zipper way down to reveal cleavage and even below that. Does not mean that she will not dress up on occasion and enjoys wearing short skirts and heels. Likes to generally get ones attention.

Occupation: Fighter Pilot (Will sometimes be given ground missions as well)

Armor, Normal:

Flexi-Steel Armor: (A.R. 16, S.D.C.: 200, Weight: 16 lbs)

Special high strength armor which appears to be a matte black jumpsuit. Armor can be worn under most clothing which she wears it under her flight suit.

Weapons, Normal:

Melee / Thrown:

2 AK-74 Bayonets: Weight: .80 lbs (0.38 kg) each Length: 11.4 inches (.289 meters)

Designed to be used with the AK-74 rifle although she usually uses as melee weapons.

Damage: 1D6 (+Strength) Range: Hand to Hand or thrown


2 MP-443 Grach Automatic Pistols: Weight: 2.09 lbs (.95 kg)

Designed to use the special high-powered 9x19mm 7N21 cartridge but can also use the standard 9 mm Parabellum round. The 7N21 cartridge has a special armor piercing round. Has an 18 round magazine. She has 6 magazines. Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum (3D6 /3D6+6 for Hollow Points) / 9x19mm 7N21 (4D6 / 4D6+8 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 18 + 1 rounds.

PP-2000 Submachine Gun: Weight: 3.09 lbs (1.4 kg)

Designed to use the special high-powered 9x19mm 7N21 cartridge but can also use the standard 9 mm Parabellum round. The 7N21 cartridge has a special armor piercing round. Can use 20 or 44 round magazines with a 44 round magazine able to be stored in the rear of the weapon. She has four magazines. Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum (3D6 /3D6+6 for Hollow Points) / 9x19mm 7N21 (4D6 / 4D6+8 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-Automatic and Full-Automatic. Range: 328.1 ft (100 m) Payload: 20 or 44 rounds.

Note: May be issued other equipment as mission requires.


Personal Vehicles:

2010 BMW S1000RR Sport Bike:

High performance sport motorcycle with traction control and anti-lock brakes. Painted black. Top speed is approximately 190 mph (305 kph)

Note: She will be issued fighters or other aircraft as mission requires.


High End Laptop Computer:

“Tough Book” style laptop. Has all standard features (Including a high speed modem cell phone modem, Blue-Ray Read/Write ROM, large hard drive, high speed USB Ports, Firewire Ports, and video ports, ), also has a photograph quality laser color printer and a scanner.

Clothing: Flight suits, Russian air force dress uniforms, combat boots, blue jeans, T-shirts, various dresses - mostly with short skirts, and high heels.

Other Items: Makeup and personal items, comb and brush, utility belt, bayonet sheaths, pistol holsters, ammo pouches, gun cleaning gear, flashlight, high quality digital camera, compass, satellite navigation gear, lightweight climbing gear and 200 feet of climbing cord, hang glider, lighter, 2 weeks emergency food supplies, canteen, backpack, sleeping bag, tent, first aid kit, and emergency supplies.

Properties: Small apartment.

Valuables: Equivalent of $2,600 US in savings

Katya’s History:

As with many countries, the Soviet Union experimented with human experiments during the Cold War. They ran several super soldier formulas including the attempted breeding of humans with gorillas to make a super strong and super tough warrior. Of course, there were other programs which were more practical.

Katya’s parents were both experiments in the Soviet Union’s secret programs. Katya’s father was an experiment in trying to make a super soldier who was extremely tough and could heal from just about any injury. It is unknown what they were experimenting as far as Katya’s mother. Never seemed to have any special ability but it seems as if something lay dormant which one of her daughters inherited.

At the end of the Nineteen-Eighties, the Soviet Union fell. With it, virtually all of the various programs of human experimentation collapsed. This was right around the time when Katya was born. She has in total one older brother and a pair of younger sisters. Some of them also inherited unusual traits from their parents although none had the depth of abilities that Katya manifested. From an early age, she showed incredible reflexes. Later, it was also seen that she inherited her father’s incredible healing. Biggest surprise though was her ability to merge with machines. When as a child barely able to talk, she was able to reprogram the computers, they knew she had an incredible ability.

Even though the human experimentation programs were decommissioned, there still remained a handful of training academies for those with special abilities. Her brother and sister were not considered to have enough abilities to be enrolled but her parents were given little choice with her. After being taken away to the academy, she saw little of her parents, mainly just at holidays. This is something she was extremely resentful about and still something that angers her.

Otherwise, the program was extremely useful in training her with her abilities. There was extensive training in hand to hand combat. She was never the absolute toughest in the program but was incredibly fast and able to dodge just about everything. One of the early places where her ability with machines manifested was with an initiative skill with firearms.

Somewhere along the lines, she was introduced to her first flight simulator. Innately, she showed incredible skill at flying without even messing with the programing of the simulator. It was not long until she was able to challenge trained fighter pilots. Her path seemed destined for fighters.

It was not long before she got her first chance to fly her first supersonic aircraft, a Mig-23 trainer. Soon she graduated from the trainer to real fighters. While she loved the speed of the MiG-31, always preferred the incredible maneuverability of the Su-27.

While the Cold War was over, there were still jobs for fighter pilots. One of her jobs has been the test pilot of all of the various prototypes, putting the new aircraft through their paces like few other pilots. Being able to communicate directly with the flight computer has allowed her to fly an aircraft when it would be unflyable by just about anybody else. In addition, there are brush fire engagements which Russia is not officially involved with which has allowed her to make a number of kills.

Even though primarily a fighter pilot, she also has been tasked on a number of engagements for ground missions. Interestingly, she does not generally mind too much, able to show herself as being the best in such roles as well.

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