Name: Tyche.

True Name: Princess Quardra Venuves.

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish).

Hit Points: 27. S.D.C.: 236.

Attributes: I.Q.: 19 (+5%/+2), M.E.: 15, M.A.: 12, P.S.: 37 (+22), P.P.: 30 (+8), P.E.: 22 (+14%/+4), P.B.: 21 (60%), SPD: 69.

Weight: 148 lbs (67.1 kg). Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Age: 19. Sex: Female. P.P.E.: 18.


She does want to try to do the right thing but is distrustful, especially of men. The way that men dominate her own race makes he at least initially consider the worst. Wonders as well if it was not one of the women in her rebel group who turned them over. Concerned as well that she does not treat the normal people of Earth, those without special abilities, as she was treated.

Still, with all she has suffered, she has not been broken and quite strong willed when all comes down to it. Will fight for what she believes in. Does dream of one day going home and toppling her father from his throne although she realizes there is little hope of doing that.

Does not have any love for her family in general. Many of the other girls seemed more or less satisfied with their lot in life. Still, does care strongly about the few friends she has and will do whatever she can to fight for them. As far as lovers, she is still feeling her way in that regard and is a bit confused in that respect.

Experience Level: First (1). Experience Points: 1,300.

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts and Boxing.

Attacks per Melee: Seven (7) [Eight (8) in flight].

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +8 [+10], Disarm: +2, Parry: +12 [+14], Dodge: +11 [+15/+17], Automatic Dodge +11 [+15/+17], Damage: +22, Knockout / Stun: 20, Critical Strike: 20, Initiative: +2, Roll (with punch, fall, or impact): +11. Has paired weapons. Bonuses in brackets [] is for while in flight.

Kick Attacks: Kick Attack (2D4+22).

Saving Throws: Lethal Poison: [14] +7, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +7, Harmful Drugs [15] +7, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [15] +3, Magic [12] +7.

Super Power Category: Alien (Mutant). Race: Menurii. Environment: High Gravity.

Super Power Abilities:


Extraordinary Physical Prowess: Heightened physical prowess providing increased speed and agility.

Bonuses: Adds 2D4 P.P., 3D4 SPD, and one attack per melee. Also gives Automatic Dodge with a bonus of +3 and +10% to all physical skills requiring Dexterity.

Flight; Wingless: Ability to fly without an apparent means of propulsion.

Bonuses in Flight: Speed 200 mph (321 kph) plus 20 mph (32 kph) / level. Adds one attack per melee, add +2 strike, +2 parry, +4 dodge when hovering or flying less than 80 mph (128.8 kph); and +6 dodge at 90 mph (148.8 kph) or faster. Also adds +4 to damage for every 20 mph (32 kph) of flight speed.

Other Bonuses: Add 40 to S.D.C.

Healing Factor:  Power gives incredible recuperative abilities and immunity to diseases and toxins.

Bonuses: Add 2d4 to P.E., 2D6+6 to Hit Points, and 25 to S.D.C. Adds +20% to save vs Comma/ Death and +3 to save vs Magic, Psionics, and Toxins

The Healing Factor: Recovers 3 S.D.C. / 10 minutes (18 / hour). Recovers one H.P. / 15 minutes (4 / hour). Special super healing: Instantly regenerate 4D6 H.P. TWO times per day (24 hours). Does NOT fatigue. Resistant to fire and cold; ½ damage. Resistant to drugs, toxins, and poisons; 1/3 as effective; 1/3 damage. No scarring when healed. Broken bones heal completely, with no signs of being broken. Heals 10 x faster than normal.



Range: Touch or within 60 ft radius

Duration: Indefinite while target within range, 2D4 minutes once target leaves 60 ft (18.3 m) radius.

Ability to copy a beings abilities such as physical and mental attributes (Not skill or experience), super powers, psionics, abilities and innate magical abilities (Cannot copy spell knowledge). Cannot copy machines, bionics, or robotics. Cannot mimic skills, hardware or special training. Does retain own knowledge though. Example: Mimicking being with energy blast, gets the damage from beings level but not any bonuses may have attained through gaining levels. Once target moves out of range mimic slowly looses powers. Cannot mimic supernatural beings such as dragons, demons, and gods; However, easily mimics psi stalkers, simvan, eandroth, elves, changelings, and psychics. Switching can be attempted once a melee. Physical Appearance is generally unchanged unless being imitated has an unusual physical trait such as unusual skin color or wings.

Modifications due to Appearance:

Humanoid, But Ambidextrous: Can use both right and left hand equally well. Bonuses: Adds one extra attack per melee, paired weapons, +1 parry, +10% climbing skill, and +5% escape artist, pick locks, mechanical and electrical repair skills.

Familiarity with Earth: Some Familiarity.

Education Level: Military Specialist [5 Espionage Skills (+10%), 5 Military Skills (+10%), 3 Physical Skills

Hand to Hand Combat, 4 Weapon Proficiencies, and 4 Secondary Skills.]

 Skills: Communications: Radio; Basic Communications [Secondary] 50%, Computers: Computer Operation 45%, Cultural / Domestic: None, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+10%) 45%, Disguise (+10%) 40%, Escape Artist (+10%) 50%, Intelligence (+10%) 47%, Tracking (+10%) 40%, Medical: None, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer - Field] (+10%) 70%, Military: Armorer [Field] (+10%) 60%, Camouflage (+10%) 35%, Demolitions (+10%) 80%, Demolitions Disposal (+10%) 80%, Trap / Mine Detection (+10%) 35%/85%, Physical: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts, Athletics [Secondary], Boxing, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Pilot Skills: Pilot Motorcycle [Secondary] 65%, Rogue: Streetwise [Secondary] 25%, Science: Mathematics - Basic 50%, Technical: Languages: Chinese 95%, Languages: English 95%, Languages: Menurii [Native] 98%, Languages: Spanish 95%, Weapon Proficiencies: Ancient: W.P. Blunt (+1 [+9/+11] strike / +1 [+13/+15] parry), W.P. Chain (+1 [+9] strike / [+12/+14] parry), W.P. Sword (+1 [+9/+11] Strike / +1 [+13/+15] parry), Weapon Proficiencies: Modern: W.P. Energy Pistol (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst).

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 65%, Work Parallel Bars and Rings 75%, Climb Rope 85%, Climbing 50%, Back Flip 85%, Prowl 45%.


Tyche is actually pretty tall for being from a high gravity world at 1.65 meters in height. Quite muscular as well although even so she does not look as strong as she actually is. Still has a quite feminine figure with medium sized breasts. Hanging down to her hips, her hair is red and she normally keeps shag cut reminiscent of an Eighties style cut although it works for her. Her eyes a steely blue and while quite attractive, there is something stern about her appearance. Softening her appearance somewhat, she does have full lips which she does paint a bright red.

When not in costume, she prefers to dress in tight leather jeans with short crop shirts. Often will wear a black leather jacket with metal studs on it. Usually wears black leather boots as well, in some cases fairly short heels while in other cases with spike heels. The one item of jewelry she wears is a medallion with her family crest on it. One might wonder if it is a challenge or a medallion of shame on what happened to her when she was young. Often also wears large hoop style earrings. Not as much a risk as one might think because she wears ones which break away if pulled on.

Her costume which one might mistake for a heavy metal rocker. Wears a black leather bikini top and bottom with the bikini top with metal studs sticking out from the breasts of the top. Wears leather bracers also with metal studs on them. Wears a set of thigh red high leather boots with spike heels. Wear her medallion in this outfit as well.

Armor: None.


Ion Blaster Pistol:

Damage: 5D6 Range: 200 ft (61 m) 20 Shots each Energy Clip (Clips can be recharged in electrical socket, Has 4 extra magazines

2 PR-24 Nightsticks (Tonfa): Weight: 1.25 lbs (0.56 kg) each

Specially made out of a high strength titanium alloy so they wont break when uses them in combat.

Damage: 1D8 + 22 for Strength Bonus Range: Hand to Hand

Other Equipment:

Vehicles: None (flies with super abilities at 200 mph /321 kph).


Wrist Computer:

Equivalent to a modern mainframe computer, can follow voice commands, can read data from other computers (including Earth computers) by a special adaptive plug or via wireless connection.

Clothing: Heroine costume, several sets of Earth clothing - mostly tight jeans, cut off t-shirts, and the like although has some more professional clothing.

Valuables: 10,000 dollars worth in silver and gold, Royal medallion worth 5,000 dollars.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, comb and brush, utility belt, backpack, sleeping bag, tent, two (2) weeks survival rations, headset microphone, flashlight, first aid kit, emergency equipment.

Tyche’s Background:

Tyche's father is the Grand Emperor Chener Venuves, Grand Emperor of the Venuves line of the Menurii Empire. The race Menurii are very human like to the point where they can pass as human. In fact, since they can interbreed and have fertile, one might speculate that they are offshoot human mutants since many of them, including virtually all of the nobility, have super human gifts and are all ambidextrous.

Located on virtually the opposite side of the Milky Way Galaxy, The Menurii home world has a gravity far higher than Earth standards. As a result, members of the race have might higher bone density than Earth humans and their muscles have adapted to the powerful gravity. This makes them both incredibly strong and tough.

Ruling a vast empire, the Menurii are quite warlike and have taken over numerous star systems. Unlike most advanced cultures, the society is extremely patriarchal with the females generally considered property. Generally, women are only given the most basic of an education with a heavy emphasis on domestic roles. It is actually considered a crime to teach a woman beyond the basics. A woman is never suppose to be taught how to fight and a woman can actually be put to death for defending herself.

As with many male dominant societies, men of power can and usually do have multiple wives. Many males are killed in the ever continuing wars of the Menurii Empire. Even so, there is still a shortage of women for men who are not in the upper tiers of society. Of course not all of these matches are willing on the part of the women involved.

As Grand Emperor, Tyche's father had nine wives and fifty five concubines. The difference between a wife and a concubine is that a wife are almost always of a similar social level as the husband, in this case they were noble born, and that concubines are of a much lesser status, usually of peasants classes. Concubines are usually chosen for their looks and it is considered a great honor for a peasant girl to be chosen as a concubine for nobility.

The Grand Emperor has a total of two hundred and forty-seven children with one hundred and nineteen males. Tyche is the second born of eight children of the Grand Emperors third wife and number thirty eighth born child of his. Even though she has sixteen sisters older than her she is still considered fairly high up in the birth order. For males, your position in birth order determines your status. Except for the oldest male, who is trained on how to rule, the males are given positions in the military with those that survive becoming nobles.

Daughters of the Grand Emperor, and nobles in general, are generally used as bargaining chips. Of course the daughters are given no choice in this. They are married to nobles whom the Grand Emperor wishes to cement ties with. The higher the birth order, the more important a noble she can expect to be married to. As the seventeenth older daughter, especially since she was quite pretty, she could have expected to be married to a fairly important noble

Three things set Tyche apart from the rest of the Grand Emperor's daughters. As previously mentions, she was quite attractive and could expect a pretty high status marriage as a result. Many of the Grand Emperors advisors had already made offers for either under wives for themselves or for their son’s first wives. Second was that she was not at all interested in becoming a wife to any man. She considers marriage to be a form of slavery. Instead, she wanted to adventure. Third was that she was gifted with powerful abilities. While women, just like men, of the Menurii often have special abilities, many repress their abilities. This includes females of the noble classes. She was a terror as a child because she could borrow or mimic powers from others including those who had repressed their powers. She knew what most of her sister’s powers and abilities were even when they did not know them themselves.

At age twelve, as soon as girls go through puberty, females are betrothed to a husband if you are a noble daughter. They are then usually married when they are fourteen. Tyche was to have been married to the eldest son of one of her father’s most important advisors. As a “First Wife,” it was considered to be an excellent choice. She however had other plans.

There was much confusion in the preparations for the ceremony and was able to use the confusion to stow away aboard a vessel departing the planet. By the time anybody knew she was gone, Tyche was already multiple systems away. Of course, being a twelve year old with few useful skills did not make things easy. She had some harrowing escapes but somehow was able to survive.

There are however a number of groups fighting for women’s liberation inside of the Empire. They are labeled as subversives within the Empire and there is some truth to this. Many of the liberation groups do have strong ties to neighboring star nations, many which are nervous of their warlike neighbor. For a while, she stayed outside of systems controlled by the Menurii Empire but eventually she found herself being recruited by one of them.

Even though her education was minimal, she was quite intelligent. Trained in military intelligence, her training included how to fight as well as intelligence gathering and demolitions. Missions include sneaking educational material into the Empire for women, intelligent gathering for an eventual overthrow of the Empire, an occasional rescue mission, and even some sabotage. In some cases, intelligence officers had to pose as normal women for their mission. Something she never liked to do and always the most dangerous missions.

Somehow, the location of one of the main organizations headquarters was compromised. Just happened to be where Tyche was when a massive assault descended on them. There always was a risk of discovery and there had been plans in place to fight their way out. While some of the women managed to escape, including Tyche, far more were killed while trying to escape. This included many of the leaders and it will likely be years if not decades before the organization will be able to rebuild.

Somehow, maybe through DNA tracing, it was found that one of the escaped women was the missing daughter of the Grand Emperor. A major pursuit was mounted, chasing her from system to system. Only because there are orders to capture her alive, even though most likely eventually they plan to execute her, enabled her to escape on at least one occasion. Neighboring nations were threatened to the point that they were afraid to shelter her.

Tyche, and those with her, were forced to find a planet as far from the Menurii Empire as possible. One which was also technologically primitive. It would be far less likely for them to look for her on such a planet. Choose a planet known as Earth or Terra. The hope was that they could hide out for a few years while the situation settled down.

Unfortunately, there was a battle between super powered beings and the ship was caught in the crossfire. Badly damaged, the ship crashed and they are now stranded with little hope of getting off the planet. Luckily, she had already learned several Earth language and had gotten some familiarity with the planet.

Her name “Tyche” comes from the Greek goddess. Coming from a high gravity world makes her extremely strong and tough. While most of Earth societies are not as bad as the Menurii Empire, there are still prejudice and oppression against women and some places are as bad as the Empire. As a result, she decided to join the fight here. Still has a lot of trouble with males however.

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