Snow Rose:

Name: Snow Rose

True Name: Krystelle Lyre

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)

Hit Points: 60 S.D.C. (Physical): 86

Attributes: I.Q.: 18 (+4%/+2), M.E.: 13, M.A.: 19 (55%), P.S.: 17 (+2), P.P.: 33 (+8/+1), P.E.: 28 (+26%/+7), P.B.: 23 (65%) - Can increase to 24 (70%), SPD: 31 [Fly at 120 (84 mph /132 kph)]

Weight: 88 lbs (39.9 kg) Height: 5 foot (1.52 meters) [Can shrink to 12 inches (0.304 meters)]

Age: 21 years Sex: Female P.P.E.: 75


While life has often been tough on Snow Rose, somehow she has managed to have a positive attitude and has not turned her bitter. Has a love of life. Part of this might be the love on music which she has had since being a little girl. This includes both singing and playing the violin. Related to this, she also loves dancing. She is gifted in all three of them. A lesser skill is that of art, especially sculpture.

Sometimes she has trust issues after both her mother being killed by her father and her time in foster care. Still, she is a kind soul and will try to help those in need. Even though they can be rivals as well, she has a few friends among musicians and singers.

One area where Snow Rose is extremely curious about is where her mother came from. She wonders what her mother would have told her when she got older. Dues to various suggestions, Snow Rose does not think the man who she called father was actually her father.

Experience Level: First (1) Experience Points: 0 experience

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Basic and Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Six (6)

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +8, Parry: +11 [+12 with Antennae], Dodge: +14 /+16 Flying/Sliding [+15 with Antennae / +17 Flying/Sliding] (Automatic Dodge), Damage: +2, Roll with punch, fall, or impact: +10, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +3 [+4 with Antennae], Knock Out/Stun: Natural 20, and Critical Strike: Natural 20,

Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison [14] +11, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +11, Harmful Drugs [15] +11, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [15] +3, Magic [12] +13, Horror Factor [Varies] +6, Possession +4, and +46% to Coma / Death.

Super Power Category: Immortal - Faerie Folk

Special Abilities as Faerie Folk: Can shrink to 12 inches tall. Has gossamer wings which can partially fold to be concealed which allows flight at speed 120 (84 mph / 132 kph.)

Bonuses: +4D6 P.P.E., +2 initiative, +2 dodge (when one foot off ground or flying), +2 roll with punch, fall, and impact, +1 vs poisons/toxins/drugs, +3 vs magic, +1D6 (+4) vs possession, and +1D6 (+6) vs horror factor,

Super Power Abilities: Super Abilities are mystical in nature.

Minor Super Powers:

Alter Physical Body: Power gives ability to alter her body in small but significant ways. The change is instant and can be maintained indefinitely.

Change Fingerprints at Will: To copy somebody else's fingerprints, a good, clear reference copy of the person's hands are needed. Copying skill is 30% (30% + 5% per level).

Change Physical Beauty Attribute: Increase or Decrease P.B. by 5% per level of advancement.

Change Appearance of Age: Mainly wrinkles. Increase or Decrease by 5% per level of advancement.

Change Eye Color: Any eye color. Cannot copy other peoples retinas.

Change Height: Taller or shorter by two inches per level of experience.

Change Hair Color: Lighten or darken hair color by 33%

Change Skin Color: Lighten or darken skin color by 33%

Change Birthmarks: Add, eliminate, or change one birthmark per level of experience.

Antennae: Has a pair of slim antennae which sit on top of her head and fold down and are almost invisible in her hair when not extended. Give various sensory abilities.

Keen sense of Hearing and smell: Can hear and smell like an extra pair of ears or noses which sense at the top range of human abilities.

Bonuses: +1 on initiative, track by scent alone at 30%+2% per level, identify common odors 80%+2% per level, identify uncommon odors 40%+2% per level.

Motion Detectors: Antennae are covered by hundreds of tiny motion sensitive hairs. Allows her to feel wind, approaching enemies, and tell temperature.

Range: 20 foot (6.1 m) radius

Bonuses: +1 parry and dodge, identify air and object temperature at 80%+2% per level (with two degrees), and detect wind direction at 70% +2% per level (-20% in stormy conditions.)

Feelers: Antennae have the equivalent of super ability of “Heightened Sense of Touch” and is useful for feeling around in the dark. Reduce penalty for being blind to -2 to strike, parry, and dodge. Plus can identify objects at 60%+2% per level.

Penalties: When antennae are covered, lose all bonuses from them and have a -40% penalty on their abilities. In addition, she is -2 to initiative.

Extraordinary Physical Prowess: Heightened physical prowess providing increased speed and agility.

Bonuses: Adds 2D4 P.P., 3D4 SPD, and one attack per melee. Also gives Automatic Dodge with a bonus of +3 and +10% to all physical skills requiring Dexterity.

Healing Factor:  Power gives incredible recuperative abilities and immunity to diseases and toxins.

Bonuses: Add 2D4 to P.E., 2D6+6 to Hit Points, and 25 to S.D.C. Adds +20% to save vs Comma/ Death and +3 to save vs Magic, Psionics, and Toxins

The Healing Factor: Recovers 3 S.D.C. per 10 minutes (18 / hour). Recovers one H.P. per 15 minutes (4 / hour). Special super healing: Instantly regenerate 4D6 H.P. TWO times per day (24 hours). Does NOT fatigue. Resistant to fire and cold; ½ damage. Resistant to drugs, toxins, and poisons; 1/3 as effective; 1/3 damage. No scarring when healed. Broken bones heal completely, with no signs of being broken. Heals 10 x faster than normal.

Major Super Powers:

Sub-Zero: Ability to create / manipulate aspects of cold. While not the main focus, ice is often a side effect of ability.

Generate Extreme Cold / Absorb Heat: Can absorb heat from surrounding area and make it cold at a rate of -25°F (13.9C) per melee round or -100° F (55.6C) per minute. Temperature can be reduced to as low as-100° F below zero (-73.3C). At these temperatures, extreme tissue damage is possible, solids will become fragile and atmospheric gasses liquify / freeze.

Range: 50 foot (15.2m) radius+10 feet (3m) per level radiating around her.


70° Fahrenheit (21.1C): Average room temperature.

50° to 35° Fahrenheit (10 to 17 C): Uncomfortably cold. Will be noticed by those around alerting them something unusual is going on.

34° to 0° Fahrenheit (1.1to-17.8 C): Water freezes at 32° F (0 C) causing water in atmosphere to condense into snow / ice, making ground hard, and water freezes. Accumulated snow will make ground wet and icy. Speed reduced by half due to slipping / falling risk. Traveling faster has a 50% chance of falling or crashing in a vehicle. Those on foot who fall slide 1D6 yds/m, lose initiative and two melee attacks/actions. Vehicle pilots suffer -20% skill penalty and may crash, suffering 2D6 damage every 20mph (32km) traveling. Same for superhuman speedsters. Without winter clothing or compensatory powers become numbed by the cold and suffer following penalties: -2 initiative, -1 strike, parry, dodge and -2 roll with punch, fall or impact. Numbness and penalties last for 2D4 melee rounds after victim leaves effects.

-1° to -35° Fahrenheit (-18.3to-37.2C): All the above, plus hypothermia and frost bite will begin on those unprotected against cold for more than 10 minutes. Skin becomes cold to the touch, extremities feel frozen and lips have purplish hue. Suffers -20% skill performance, -1 melee attack/action, -4 initiative, -2 to all combat rolls, Spd halved and will have a hard time speaking clearly. Frostbite will occur after about 20 minutes of exposure; 1D6 damage / 20 minutes. Needs 2D6x10 minutes of being warm and dry to return to feeling normal and warm, any damage taken from frostbite remains and may need medical care.

-36° to -100° Fahrenheit(-37.8to-73.3C): All the conditions of the first entry compounded by extreme cold temperatures. Extreme hypothermia and frostbite will begin to set in by this point. Overcome by violent shivering and ability to perform complex tasks is clearly impaired. Suffers -40% skill performance, reduce attacks/actions per melee by half, no initiative, all combat bonuses are reduced by half, speed is reduced 75%, and cannot stand more than 1D4+3 melee rounds at a time, unless bracing against something. Has a hard time speaking clearly. Severe frostbite causes 4D6 damage every 5 minutes of exposure.

Duration: Varies. Temperature rises 25° F (13.9C) per melee round when being ceases using power or leaves area of effect, until reaches normal starting temperature again.

Attacks per Melee: Requires concentration to maintain extreme cold more than 1D6 minutes. Focusing to maintain cold requires all except one melee attack each round. If being leaves area, cold stops after 1D6 minutes and temperature quickly returns to normal.

Note: Ability can be used to counter heat generating effects of other powers.

Bolts of Cold: Short blast of intense cold energy that can damage solid items like metals / stone (makes bonds between particles brittle and weakens overall structure) - So cold it actually burns when it hits.

Range: 500 feet (152.5m) + 10 feet (3m) per level of experience.

Damage: 1D4 per level, plus side effects. Bolts of Cold cause a very thin coating of ice on target and instant numbness (-2 initiative, -1 strike, parry, dodge and -2 roll with punch, fall or impact for 1D4 melee rounds).

Duration: Instant damage, penalties from numbness last for 1D4 melee rounds.

Attacks per Melee: Each bolt of cold counts as one melee attack.

Bonuses: Same as normal bonuses to strike.

Sub-Zero Freezing Blast: Incredibly powerful blast of cold that makes solids brittle and fragile.

Range: 10 feet (3m) per level.

Damage: Varies.

Sealed Shut: Used to freeze lock, door, window, lid, trunk, wheel, gear, or similar. Closed/stuck as if glued or welded and unable to be moved. Requires P.S. of 45 (Supernatural P.S. 30) or greater to force open and uses 1D4+1 melee attacks/actions in effort. Forcing item open does 2D6 points of damage to it. Otherwise, must expose to warmth/heat (at least 70° F) and wait 1D6+6 minutes for it to thaw out to open item.

Freeze Objects: Causes most objects made of metal, stone, ceramics, plastic or wood to become incredibly brittle for a short period. Can be shattered to pieces if smashed with any attack that inflicts more than 34 points of damage. Remain brittle enough to shatter from 35 points of damage for 1D4+4 melee rounds. Can be useful when she needs to smash through a locked door or wall, or wants to completely destroy object. Also instantly freeze up to 200 gal (757 l) of water into solid brick that remains frozen for 1D4 hours.

Freeze the Living: People / animals do NOT become brittle when hit by this power, instead take 5D6 damage and lose complete feeling in limb / body part struck, as is if paralyzed, only feels as if on fire. Freezing arm or hand makes it completely useless, freezing both makes using weapons / tools impossible.

Freezing and immobilizing one leg reduces Spd by 50%, freezing both makes one unable to move. Attack can also freeze feet to ground. Freezing face/head makes one unable to do more than mumble and freezes eyelids shut (Blind: -10 strike, parry, dodge, and disarm). Numbing effect lasts for 1D4+1melee rounds.

Duration: See above.

Attacks per Melee: Each Sub-Zero Freezing Blast counts as two melee attacks.

Bonuses: Same as normal bonuses to strike. Targeting a specific item or limb requires a Called Shot.

Note: Beings who are Invulnerable or Intangible, or impervious to cold, suffer no damage / penalties from this attack.

Ice Constructs: Able to freeze moisture out of air, enabling her to form simple ice armor and melee weapons, tools, and other items created from ice. Ability limited to items she can shape with her bare hands.

Range: Touch or thrown.

Ice Armor, A.R. and S.D.C.: Can create armor, reminiscent of armor worn by knights of old. Ice armor is quite hard and has 25 S.D.C. per level and a Natural A.R.of14 (Strikes below 14 inflict no damage.)

Ice Weapons: Simple melee or throwing weapons (such as swords, knives, spears, javelins, clubs, axes, etc., can be created. Ice weapons will have 2D4x10 S.D.C. and an A.R. of 12 and inflict damage equivalent to its metal counterpart (typically 1D6, 2D6, 3D6 damage). Ice tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, crowbars, handcuffs, etc. are also possible with similar S.D.C., and A.R.

Reproducing or creating an “ice sculpture” is also possible with Art skill (+15% bonus.)

Damage: Same as real world equivalents. She often makes sabres (2D6) and chains for combat.

Duration: Lasts until item melts, but ice items remain cold and preserved while in her possession.

Attacks per Melee: Simple ice weapons/tools can be created in one melee attack/action. Ice armor is more difficult to creates and requires all the actions of one full melee round to make.

Bonus: +1 to strike with any ice weapon.

Preserve Ice: Any ice constructions on her person or nearby (within10 feet/3m) remains cold and perfectly preserved; does not melt

Ice Slide: By focusing her cold on ground before her, can condense water out of air to form a slick runway or ramp made from ice to slide on. Can travel along ice slide as fast as she creates it, allowing for a speed of 60 mph (96km). Has complete control over direction and speed, giving +2 to dodge while sliding. Can pull up to twice normal carrying capacity (based on P.S.) along ice slide but reduces sliding speed by 25%.

Ice slide can only be created along the ground and cannot be used to cover living beings or cover sides of walls or trees. Cannot create ice under feet of others to cause them to slip /fall. However, can bowl over those is in her way by performing a high-speed body block inflicting 2D4 damage +1D4 per 20 mph (32 kph.)

Ice left behind quickly melts in one melee round (15 seconds). Ice slide cannot be elevated more than 10 feet (3m) per level off ground. Any higher and slide will collapse, and she will fall to ground (loses initiative and two melee attacks). Ice slide can be used to cross water, but the trail left behind still melts quickly and cannot be used by others to cross the water unless pulled across by her while generating the ice slide.

Other Abilities, Bonuses, and Limitations: Immune to extreme cold and cold-based damage, even magical cold; no damage. Never slips / falls on ice; can travel across ice at full speed without penalty. Suffers double damage from magic fire, but half damage from ordinary fire.

Can estimate air temperature within 1D4 deg Fahrenheit.

Educational Level: Four Years College (Three Skill Packages +20% / 10 Secondary Skills.) Also has four additional languages at 90%. Skill Packages - Athletics, Domestic, and Technical

Skills: Domestic: Cook [Secondary] 39%, Dance (+20%) 64%, Play Musical Instrument - Violin (+20%) 69%, Sing (+20%) 59%, Medical: First Aid [Secondary] 49%, Physical: Hand to Hand - Basic [Secondary], Acrobatics (+20%), Athletics - General [Secondary], Boxing, Gymnastics (+20%), Swimming [Secondary] 64%, Pilot: Pilot Automobile 66%, Science: Astronomy [Secondary] 29%, Mathematics - Basic (+20%) 69%, Technical: Art (+20%) 69%, Computer Operations [Secondary] 44%, Language: Faerie Speak 98%, Language / Literacy: English 94%, Language / Literacy: French 94%, Language / Literacy: Japanese 94%, Language / Literacy: Spanish 94%, Photography (+20%) 59%, Research (+20%) 74%, Writing (+20%) 49%, W.P. Ancient: W.P. Chain [Secondary] (+1 [+9] strike), W.P. Sword [Secondary] (+1 [+9] Strike / +1 [+12/+13] Parry), W.P. Sword - Paired Weapons [Secondary]

Skills From Acrobatics / Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+20%) 94%, Walk Tight Rope / High Wire (+20%) 94%, Work Parallel Rings (+20%) 94%, Climb Rope (+20%) 98%, Climbing (+20%) 79%, Back Flip (+20%) 98%, Prowl (+20%) 69%


Snow Rose is fairly small at just five feet tall and quite slender. One might describe as almost slim as a faerie. Still, her figure is quite feminine. Extremely attractive, she has a slender nose and flawless pale skin. Her hair, which she wears down to below her waist is a pale blond. Often she will wear it as a long pigtail. Her eyes as a soft friendly blue. Of course her abilities allow her to change her eye color to almost anything as well as being able to dark and lighten both her hair color and skin color. As far as cosmetics, she usually goes pretty light with light blue eye highlights and relatively sedate lip tones.

Her wings are gossamer and similar to those of some damselflies. She can tuck them to her back to make them extremely hard to see and can hide them under most jackets. While not actually retractable, her antennae are similar and can be tucked into her hair to make them extremely hard to be noticed.

When not dressed in costume, she will usually wear relatively short pleated skirts and tops which both show a bit of cleavage and a bit of abdomen. Often over the top, she will wear a short jacket to conceal her wings. As far as colors, she often wears pastel / soft blues.

With her abilities with ice, she will usually create what is effectively a short skirt and lace top made from ice. As well, she creates a mask and a tiara from ice. In addition, she can create a set of ice armor to protect her from attacks. When an object made from ice is in per presence, it will not melt and the cold does not bother her.

Occupation: Singer / Musician



1999 Volkswagen “New Beetle:”

Compact car. Vehicle is painted white and is in good condition. Has a stereo system with CD player and external jacks for Mp3 players.


Relatively Modern Laptop Computer:

Laptop is about two years old (well kept) although does have a 320 gig hard drive, DVD-Rom drive, four gigs of RAM, and a high resolution LED display. Has internal wireless and an external 1 Tb hard drive. Has special attachments for music equipment.

Clothing: Crop tops, short pleated skirts, short jackets, concert dress clothing, exercise clothing, underwear, socks, high heels, sneakers.

Valuables: 1,000 dollars, silver necklace, silver earrings, crystal earing.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, comb and brush, purse, cell phone, iPod, professional violin, practice violin, music recording equipment, music sheets.

Snow Rose’s Background:

When Snow Rose was just seven or eight years old, her mother was murdered by the man who Snow Rose called her father. Armed with a twelve gauge shotgun, the man would have shot her daughter as well but the young girl ran before he could turn the weapon on her. The memory of her mother’s body laying in a pool of blood has haunted her ever since.

As an adult, Snow Rose is almost a mirror image of her mother before she died. She had been incredibly beautiful and was incredibly slender. Snow Rose’s mother was also only about five feet in height. One major difference is that Snow Rose’s mother had dark hair. While Snow Rose suspects her mother had gifts similar to what she later developed, she cannot recall any ever shown in her presence.

Snow Rose’s mother greatly loved her daughter. From some things that Snow Rose remembers her mother said, she wonders if her mother might have been a refuge from somewhere. Snow Rose’s mother taught her a love of music and the only gift she has left from her mother. From before the girl could walk, singing and dance was part of her childhood.

With her presumed father having murdered her mother and no known relatives, Snow Rose was put into foster care. Some were better than others but many were extremely rough with the foster parents not caring. A comparatively tiny girl, she was abused by many of the other children in the foster homes. While she managed to initially hold onto a few items of her mother, including a few pictures of, they were soon taken by the other children. As a result, all she has is memories of her mother.

One of the first glimmers of her abilities was that the cold never seemed to bother her no matter how cold it was. Several times, she had her winter clothing stolen. In addition, she would heal from bruises within a few minutes after fighting with one of the other children.

She took music classes in school and loved the violin. Quite skilled even at a young age. Even though a student instrument, her violin was the one item that she was able to hold onto. Had to fight to protect her violin quite a number of time.

Her ability to control cold was first revealed when trying to protect her instrument from a much larger kid. He had grabbed her violin and appeared to be on the verge of smashing it. In desperation, She threw a bolt of cold which froze his hand before he could potentially wreck it. She was twelve at the time.

It was soon after that her other gifts were revealed themselves. Gossamer wings grew from her back and antenna sprouted for her head. Luckily, she has found that she has generally been able to hide both her wings and her antenna. Next she found out that she could shrink to only about a foot in height. In addition, she learned she was able to change her appearance slightly.

Began to wonder if her might be a faerie from stories and if her mother had been one as well. These include mutants, various super human experiments, and even aliens from other worlds. She does not seem to match any of these although many have similar abilities to her.

Within the next few months, she finally had a stroke of good fortune. Been in numerous foster homes but finally found herself in an excellent home. Her new foster parents were both music teachers. While neither played the violin, they encouraged her music talents. The remainder of her teenage years was with them with them virtually adopting her.

Was able to squeak into going to Lawrence University Conservatory of Music. It was at a performance that she first used her powers in a major way as a hero. Her life might have easily flipped her the other way, to be a villain. It is still not clear why they chose the concert hall but possibly due to the potentially wealthy patrons who could be robbed or held hostage. Snow Rose was able to short circuit the attack and prevent a blood bath.

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