Name: Lady Bow

True Name: Eve Fletcher

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)

Hit Points: 77 S.D.C. (Physical): 107

Attributes: I.Q.: 19 (+5% /+2), M.E.: 18 (+2), M.A.: 14, P.S.: 26 (+11), P.P.: 24 (+5), P.E.: 30 (+30%/+8), P.B.: 27 (83%), Spd: 35

Weight: 135 lbs (61.2 kg) Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)

Age: 26 years Sex: Female


Eve never really enjoyed following the rules and is an extremely independent personality. This is not to say that she cannot study and be serious when she has to. Still, she loves to joke and rarely takes herself too seriously. She sees too many people as taking themselves too seriously. Eve has a bit of a Robin Hood personality with a distrust for authority in many cases. One area where she can be seen to be extremely serious is when she works on something.

Her one true love is with her sister who she will do almost anything for. She does know that they are both genetically engineered but considers Susan to be her sister. They have almost always done everything together and even though they have fought a bit, they have always been close. She does care about her adopted parents, who always treated her like she was their real child, even though she was a genetic experiment.

She really does not like killing without any need. She sees that too many people get themselves into situations which put them in deadly danger. As a result, she has developed a whole assortment of arrows to attempt to take down opponents without killing them. She does not really like guns and will not use any firearm unless she absolutely has to.

Even though she can dress up extremely well, she also likes a wide variety of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, horseback riding, and of course archery. It is one of the few places where she can really feel free. The breeze blowing in her hair and the idea that she does not have to live up to perfect fashion. She does enjoy being a model but she does not want to let it rule her life. She also will not let being a model let her become snooty and cannot stand that trait with other models.

Experience Level: Fifth (5) Experience Points: 20,000

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts & Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +7, Disarm: +7, Parry: +11, Dodge (Automatic Dodge / Costs no attacks): +12, Damage: +11 (Inflicts an extra 1D6 with punches and kicks), Knock Out/Stun: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 20, Roll with punch, fall, or impact: +9, Pull Punch: +3, Initiative: +10. Has paired weapons with all melee weapons.

Kick Attacks: Kick (2D4), Roundhouse (3D6), Crescent (2D4+2), Backward Sweep, Tripping/Leg Hook, Jump Kick (6D6), Flying Jump Kick (4D6). All kicks (and punches) have a bonus of 1D6+11 due to strength and special abilities.

Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison: [14] +11, Non-Lethal Poison: [16] +11, Harmful Drugs: [15] +11, Insanity: [12] +2, Psionics: [15] +5, Magic: [12] +11, Horror Factor [Varies] +5. Also has +2 to save against possession and +50% to save vs Coma and Death.

Super Power Category: Experiment (Genetically Engineered before birth) - Super Soldier

Super Power Abilities:


Healing Factor: Gives incredible recuperative abilities and immunity to diseases and toxins.

Bonuses: PE: 2D4, Hit Points: 2D6+6, S.D.C.: 25, Coma/Death: +20%, Save Magic, Psionics, and Toxins: +3

Healing: Recovers 3 S.D.C. / 10 min (18 / hr). Recovers 1 H.P. / 15 min (4 / hr). Super healing: Instantly regenerate 2D6 H.P. 2 / 24 hours. Does NOT fatigue. Resistant to fire / cold - 1/2 damage. Resistant to drugs, toxins, and poisons; 1/3 as effective; 1/3 damage. No scarring when healed. Broken bones heal completely, without sign of being broken. Heals 10 x faster than normal.

Super Soldier:

Attempt to Increase Prowess and Agility: Increase P.P. to 22 (do not change if already higher) and is ambidextrous. Has +2 to initiative, automatic dodge, paired weapons, and gets +5% to skills requiring high manual dexterity / agility.

Mind and Body more Attuned: Increases reaction time and alertness. Gives one additional attack per melee, +2 to initiative, +4 save horror factor, and +2 save vs possession

Physical Transformation: Naturally muscular and athletic. Bonuses: 1D6 P.S. (Extraordinary), 1D4 P.E., 2D4 P.B., 1D6 Speed, +2D6 H.P., +4D6 S.D.C.

Other Special Abilities:

Perfect 20/20 Vision: Perfect short and long distance vision; +1on initiative and +1 to dodge; tends to notice and remember details, +5% to land navigation.

Defined Talent (Hand to Hand Combat / Weapon Proficiency - Archery): Gets one additional attack with a bow. Also gets +1D4 on initiative, +1 to save vs horror factor, +3 to pull punch, +1 to roll with impact, and inflicts an extra +1D6 damage from punches and kicks.

Educational Level: Bachelors Degree (4 Skill Packages +20% and 10 Secondary Skills) - Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Physical, and Weapons - Ancient

Skills: Electrical: Basic Electronics (+20%) 80%, Computer Repair (+20%) 75%, Electrical Engineer (+20%) 80%, Espionage: Wilderness Survival [Secondary] 55%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics (+20%) 80%, Mechanical Engineer (+20%) 75%, Weapon Engineer (+20%) 75%,Medical: First Aid [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 60% Physical: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts [Secondary], Acrobatics, Athletics [Secondary], Boxing, Gymnastics, Running [Secondary - Gained at Third Level], Swimming (+20%) 98%, Pilot Skills: Pilot Automobile [Background] 73%, Horsemanship [Secondary] 76%, Rogue: Streetwise [Secondary] 41%, Science: Math - Basic (+20%) 90%, Technical: Computer Operation (+20%) 90%, Computer Programming [Secondary] 60%, Language: English [Native] (+25%) 95%, Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. Archery & Sharpshooting (7 Attacks Per Melee / +3 [+12] Strike / +5 [+13] Called Shot - Costs Two attacks / +1 [+14] Parry, +2 [+12] Initiative), W.P. Knife [Secondary] (+1 [+8] Strike / +1 [+11] Throw / +2 [+15] Parry), W.P. Targeting [Secondary] (+3 [+11] Throw / +2 [+11] Strike with Bow)

Skills From Acrobatics and Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+20%) 98%, Walk Tightrope or Highwire (+20%) 98%, Work Parallel Bars and Rings (+20%) 98%, Climb Rope (+20%) 98%, Climbing (+20%) 95%, Back Flip (+20%) 98%, Prowl (+20%) 85% 


When not in disguise, Eve Fletcher can only be called exquisite and it is clear why she is a model. Eve is tall for a woman at five foot, ten inches tall. She has flawless skin, a perfect figure, and is incredibly beautiful with or without makeup. Her skin is Caucasian but glows, not pale. Her hair, which she keeps slightly longer than her shoulders, is a golden blond which is curly but somehow transcends styles. Her eyes are a sapphire blue which appear to sparkle.

In her “Non-Super Heroine” identity, she normally wears the latest in fashions when in public. She wears very tastefully applied makeup not overdone. On her own, while in the wilderness especially, she dress much simpler with little in the way of makeup and jeans and t-shirts when weather permits and flannel when it is colder. As a result, only a few people recognize her when dressed down.

In her “Super Heroine” identity, she wears a dark green mask to hide the top half of her face although her hair remains free. Without the mask, virtually anyone might recognize who she is. She wears a armored form fitting body stocking designed with a special form of adaptive camouflage. On her back, she wears a large quiver of arrows. On each forearm, she wears an armored vambrace which holds four specially designed telescoping arrows each. Wears a set of dark boots that are made from similar armor material to the body suit. At one time, she wore set of additional armor over her body suit but has discarded wearing it.

Occupation: Professional Model and Super Heroine

Special Armors:

Flexi-Steel Armor: (A.R. 16, S.D.C.: 200 - Takes half damage from physical attacks, Weight: 16 lbs)

Special high strength armor which appears to be a form fitting body suit. The armor has an adaptive camouflage system which is designed to blend in with the environment. As well, the armor is fitted with radar and infra-red masking systems. has built in Radio Receiver and Transmitter (Also has a micro phone) and light amplification gear. Armor suit can be worn under most clothing.

Special Features:

Adaptive Camouflage: Suit adapts to the environment. Gives +10% to prowl rolls and -20% to detect ambush rolls against her. Also has a chemical coating that makes her invisible to radar and sends confusing signals to thermal sensors and infrared systems.

Kinetic Under layer: It distributes the physical force applied to it across its entire surface. This means that the impacts of projectiles, arrows, explosives, punches, falls, sonic blasts, or any attack with an impact to do half damage if the attack passes through the top armor.

Light Amplification Gear: Concealed and built into cowl, folds up into mask when not in use. It only electronically amplifies existing light so it does not work in absolute darkness, and is not detectable by others because it is passive. Has a 1,600 foot (480 m) range.

Special Weapons:

2 Armor Vambraces:

Made from high strength kevlar and composite plates. Has 200 S.D.C. each before being destroyed.

Damage when used in hand to hand is 1D6+4 + Strength. Specifically balanced for her, had +1 to strike, +2 to parry, and +4 to Damage. Each bracer has the ability to carry four telescoping arrows in sheaths - usually standard arrows.

Compound Short Bow: Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.32 kg)

Damage: 2D6 [+11 for Strength) Range: 700 feet (213 meters). This bow was created by her and is designed to incredibly high standards with +2 (+13) to strike due to quality and is designed for her strength with +11 to damage.

Specialty Arrows (56 Arrows):

Carries 48 Arrows in a quiver with four telescoping arrows on each of two bracers, one carried on each forearm.

Actually has a stock of around ten times as many arrows but typically only carries the standard 48 arrows.

She can vary the type of arrows as well as creating new arrows types as needed.

12 “High Quality” Standard Arrowhead: Inflict 2D6+3 (2D6+14 with strength) points of damage each

8 Explosive Arrowheads (Armor Piercing): lD4x10 S.D.C. with a 2 foot (0.6 meter) blast radius.

6 Neural Disruptor Arrowheads: Unconsciousness, -8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge for 2D4 Melees if save is made (Save 16 or Higher), must save each time hit, ineffective against body armor. Rechargeable and reusable 1D6 times before breaking. Inflicts no other damage.

4 Net Arrowheads: The arrow expands out with a net to trap targets. Net has 100 S.D.C.

4 Stun/Flash Arrowheads: Loud Boom and Sparks, -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, -1 to initiative, loose one attack for 1D4 melees for people not in body armor or tinted goggles. Those in armor are distracted for 1D4 seconds and loose initiative.

4 Knock Out Gas Arrowheads: Arrowhead shatters on impact, releasing a gas that fills a 10 foot (3 meter) diameter area. Tranquilizer gas (Sleep/knockout for 1D6 minutes), gets a saving throw against harmful drugs (15 or better)

4 Pepper Warhead Arrow: Arrowhead contains a pepper spray warhead. When hit by the Pepper Agent, penalty of -6 to strike, parry, and dodge as well as being last of initiative. No saving throw against effects although a gas mask (or environmental body armor in Rifts) will protect against the effects of the agent.

4 Smoke Arrowheads: No damage; creates a smoke screen covering a 20 feet (6 meter) diameter area. Creates grey smoke.

4 Glue Arrowheads: Explodes and creates a layer of glue with a radius of 6.6 feet (2.0 meters) which requires a strength of 30 to break free from. Glue dissolves in 20+3D6 minutes.

4 Climbing line Arrows: Has 200 foot (61 meter) super thin climbing line. Shaft acts as handle for line. Arrow head has extending spikes to grasp onto target.

2 Tracer Bug Arrows: Transmits a radio signal that can be followed up to 8 miles (12 km) away. Battery powered, with a limited life of 72 hours of constant transmission. The arrowhead has an adhesive to stick to the target.

Weapons, Normal:

8 Throwing Knives: Weight: 0.4 lbs (0.18 kg) each Length: 10 inches (25.4 cm)

Damage: 1D6 (+11 for Strength) Range: Hand to Hand or Thrown.

2 on each boot and 4 on the back side of waist


Vehicles: 2008 Silver Mazda Miata (Fully Loaded), 2006 Dark Grey Jeep Cherokee (Fully Loaded)

Computers: High End Laptop - The computer has an LED display, Read / Write DVD / Blue Ray Rom, 2.0 terabyte hard drive, internal wireless network / internet card, and 16 GB of ram. Has a printer and modem. Laptop is designed to be very strong and water resistant. All parts have seals, case is made out of titanium, and hard drive is supported by gel.

Clothing: Multiple sets of high fashion clothing including many dresses (many extremely expensive) as well as high heels. Many sets of more casual clothing as well including Jeans, T-Shirts, and other clothing along with sneakers and hiking boots.

Other Items: Makeup and Personal Items, Comb and Brush, Knife Sheaths, Quiver for Arrows, Ear Mike Radio Receiver and Transmitter, Flashlight, High Quality Digital Camera, Compass, Satellite Navigation Gear, Lightweight Climbing Gear and 200 Feet of Climbing Cord, Hang Glider, Lighter, 2 Weeks Emergency Food Supplies, Canteen, Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Tent, First Aid Kit, and Emergency Supplies.

Properties: Uptown Penthouse, Ranch House in Wilderness Area (with 10 Acres of Land)

Valuables: 2 Million Dollars, 5 Million Dollars in Investments, and 100,000 Dollars in Jewelry.

Lady Bow’s History:

There have been many experiments in the development of super soldiers over the years with some being more successful than others. Still, virtually all experiments in this area are in adults, many of them on crippled soldiers looking for a new lease on life. Lady Bow’s experiment was quite different, she was designed in the test tube long before she was ever born. The lab worked out a formula they hoped would result in a faster, stronger, and tougher soldier.

Eve was their one unqualified success. As a result, she was given the name of “Eve” to represent the mother of a line super soldiers like “Eve” is the mother of mankind in myth. The vast majority of the embryos were failures with only a small minority even becoming normal. Her sister is one of those few normal children being born. Born almost exactly a year later, her sister Susan is in the higher limits of human but still not the super soldier which they were looking for.

It may have been due to a lack of success or may have been a politician discovering where the funds went but soon after Eve and her sister were born, the whole program was canceled. The children, who were basically just infants, were farmed out and adopted into various families. Some had government connections while others did not. Eve and Susan were extremely lucky in that they were adopted into the same home. As well, the couple knew about the program and were able to nurture her special gifts.

The attempt was made to raise her as close as possible to a normal child but that was simply not possible at times. Not quite beyond human limits, the little girl was still incredibly strong and she could do things that other kids simply could not. As well, she could get a deep scrape or cut and within just a short time would be completely healed. There were some down sides such as she had to eat almost twice what a girl her weight might have but never really gain wait. In a situation where life imitates the comic books, It became necessary that her adopted parents teach her to hide her gifts so that others around her would not be suspicious.

Her sister was much less of a problem, being quite a bit above average but not in the superhuman categories. In some areas, the two sisters were quite competitive such as in most academic areas with each being better in various areas. Both excelled in most of their studies and many of the children envied them, both in athletic and scholarly areas. They took many of the same programs including acrobatics and gymnastics. Eve was always better in sports such as field hockey and martial arts while her sister Susan preferred areas such as cheerleading and dance

It had been as an extremely young girl that Eve discovered archery and found out that she absolutely loved it. She excelled at it to a greater level than she did anything else, almost an absolute natural at it. She had a bit of training with pistols and rifles but never enjoyed them the same way. For the most part, she has never developed any skills in firearms although he natural prowess does make her an excellent shot. She began competing in archery tournament where she considered incredible. Her adopted parents used to joke that they used the DNA of Howard Hill, the famous bowman from the Robin Hood movie as a basis for her, although it is doubtful that this is really the case.

With her incredible grades, she could get a scholarship in a host of different universities and could have gotten several athletic scholarships as well. The military and several government agencies also wished to recruit her into their programs. In the end, she decided to go to an engineering university to learn both mechanical and electrical engineering.

It was during her time in the university that she first began to interest modeling agencies. Many go to universities to party more than learn anything. This was never what she was interested and studied incredibly hard. There was a fun and wild side of her but she always kept that within limits. Still, one day on a fluke she went with some other girls to sign up with a modeling agency. They were immediately caught up with her. At first, she had only the most minor shoots but they slowly grew. She did not let it stop her and she graduated with honors.

Growing up, she read of many heroes in comic books who used the bow instead of guns. Many of them used various types of trick arrows. She always had a driving ambition to do the right thing, to be a heroine. She started with a simple bow and arrow and showed to be incredibly effective. She took a name which was simple and went by the name of “Lady Bow.”

As time went on, with her mechanical engineering and other skills, she began to develop a whole host of specialty arrows for herself. The arrows allowed her to often take out opponents without killing. She never really liked killing when it was not necessary. She also created her own bow and designed an incredibly tough set of body armor.

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