Name: Hotwire

True Name: Tammie White Tomlinson

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)

Hit Points: 86 S.D.C. (Physical): 194

Attributes: I.Q.: 19 (+5% /+2), M.E.: 12, M.A.: 14, P.S.: 34 (+19), P.P.: 23 (+4), P.E.: 34 (34%/+8), P.B.: 22 (60%), SPD: 31

Weight: 125 lbs (56.7 kg) Height: 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters)

Age: 32 years Sex: Female


Hotwire is a very daring and gung-ho kind of person, willing to take risks. The way she acts, many people consider her to be overconfident or crazy. In reality, she is neither and both considers carefully what she does and when overwhelmed, will retreat. In reality, she is a pretty damn good tactician but does like the direct approach and attacking right away throws many off.

Not always a person to follow the rules, she is quite independent. Does not mean that she does not care about friends generally. Her husband and children are most important to her. Even so, friends are extremely important as well. Will go through hell and high water for them as well.

She is quite sexually adventurous and is something of a nymphomaniac. Quite skilled in such matters as well. Even though married, she has an understanding with her husband. Tammie likes to have relationships between men and women. As well, she is very interested in trying new things. While she is cautious, she sees nothing wrong with developing sexual relationships with those she works with.

One thing that Hotwire is a consummate actress and has pretty good powers of persuasion at making people believe that she is a specific type of person even though she is not incredibly charismatic. Has a wide variety of personalities she has developed for her line of work anywhere from sophisticated to the brainless air head type. Sex is a perfect appropriate tools to get close to a target.

Experience Level: Seventh (7) Experience Points: 38,000

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts & Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Seven (7) - Eight (8) with Daggers / Claws.

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +6, Disarm: +8, Parry: +10, Dodge (Automatic Dodge / Costs no attacks): +14, Damage: +19 (Inflicts an extra 1D6 with punches and kicks), Knock Out/Stun: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 18, 19, and 20, Roll with punch, fall, or impact: +8, Pull Punch: +6, Initiative: +15. Has paired weapons with all melee weapons and pistols.

Kick Attacks: Kick (2D4), Snap Kick (1D6), Crescent (2D4+2), Wheel Kick (2D6), Tripping/Leg Hook, Jump Kick (6D6), Flying Jump Kick (4D6). All kicks (and punches) have a bonus of 1D6+19 due to strength and special abilities.

Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison: [14] +11, Non-Lethal Poison: [16] +11, Harmful Drugs: [15] +11, Insanity: [12] +0, Psionics: [15] +4 (+5 vs Mind Control), Magic: [12] +11 (+12 vs Illusion and Mind Control), Horror Factor [Varies] +6. Also has +9 to save against possession and +54% to save vs Coma and Death.

Super Power Category: Experiment - Super Soldier (With Cybernetics)

Super Powers & Super Soldier Bonuses:

Minor Super Powers:

Healing Factor: Power gives incredible recuperative abilities and immunity to diseases and toxins.

Bonuses: Adds 2d4 P.E., 2d6+6 Hit Points, and 25 S.D.C. Adds +20% vs Comma/ Death and +3 vs Magic, Psionics, and Toxins

The Healing Factor: Recovers 3 S.D.C. per 10 minutes (18 / hour). Recovers one H.P. per 15 minutes (4 / hour). Special super healing: Instantly regenerate 4D6 H.P. TWO times per day (24 hours). Does NOT fatigue. Resistant to fire and cold; ½ damage. Resistant to drugs, toxins, and poisons; 1/3 as effective; 1/3 damage. No scarring when healed. Broken bones heal completely with no signs of being broken. Heals 10 x faster than normal.

Super Soldier Features:

Attempt to Increase Prowess and Agility: Increase P.P. to 22 (do not change if already higher) and is ambidextrous. Has +2 to initiative, automatic dodge, paired weapons, and gets +5% to skills requiring high manual dexterity / agility.

Mind and Body more Attuned: Increases reaction time and alertness. Gives one additional attack per melee, +2 to initiative, +4 save horror factor, and +2 save vs possession

Physical Transformation: Naturally muscular and athletic. Bonuses: 1d6 P.S. (Extraordinary), 1d4 P.E., 2d4 P.B., 1d6 Speed, +2s6 H.P., +4d6 S.D.C.

Other Special Abilities:

Excellent Memory: get +5% to 1D4 skills of choice - Disguise, Computer Hacking, Computer Operations, and Computer Programming.

Defined Talent (Hand to Hand Combat / Weapon Proficiency - Dagger / Claws): Gets one additional attack with dagger / claws. Also gets +1D4 on initiative, +1 to save vs horror factor, +3 to pull punch, +1 to roll with impact, and inflicts an extra +1D6 damage from punches and kicks.

Indomitable Will: Has +6 vs Possession, +2 vs Mind Control, and +1 vs Horror Factor. Can stay alert for 48 hours and can hold 50% greater weight for 1D4 minutes.

Hotwire’s Cybernetics / Implants:

Kisenite Bone reinforcement:

Bones (Including skull) reinforced with high strength alloys of Kisenite (Effectively unbreakable). Adds +2d4x10 S.D.C., +2 P.S., and +2 P.E.

Kisenite Retractable Claws (Large):

Long twin Kisenite blades extend from each forearm. Effectively unbreakable and inflict 25% damage to normal weapon parried. Damage: 3D6 + 3 (4D6+22 with Strength / Abilities)

Advanced Cyber-Disguise:

Allows person to change the shape of their face, uses artificial hair to change the color of their hair. Can change eye color and can adjust the larynx to imitate voices at 40% + 2% per level chance.

Ear Implants / Headjack / On Board Computer:

Amplified Hearing: Equal to minor super ability Heightened Sense of Hearing except has sound filtration systems. At 75 ft can hear sounds as low as 1 db, at 150 ft - low as 10 db, and at 360 ft - low as 30 db. Computer program compensates for loud noises so weaker sounds can be heard. Estimate distance 60%+5% / level, estimate speed of sound approach or departure 50%+5% / level, Recognize voice 40%+5% per level, and Imitate voice 40%+5% per level. Bonuses: Adds +1 Parry, +2 Dodge, and +6 Initiative.

High band Radio Receiver / Transmitter: Long range wide band radio transmitter / receiver can transmit a whisper and voices up to 6 ft away. Range of 6 miles transmitting. Also connects to the cellular network. Picks up listening devices with a 20 ft range. Built in scrambler for radio / cellular network.

Gyro-Compass: Gives full spacial orientation and exact altitude compared to sea level.

Radar Signal Detector: Tiny Radar receiver that sends signal when being scanned by radar.

Radar-Imaging Device: Motion detector - warn of movement in the area. Gives +2 to dodging fast moving objects and cannot be attacked from behind.

Optic Nerve Implant & Neural Net: Implant connects headjack to optic nerve implant / brain. Enables seeing video transmissions, communicate directly with other implants, and has a tiny microphone in throat.

Psychic Electromagnetic Dampeners: Has a built in psychic dampening system which distort and fog telepathic and other psychic probes. Bonuses: +1 vs psychic attacks, +1 vs possession, and +1 vs magic illusions and mind control.

Onboard Computer: Advanced computer built into cybernetic system, Uses flash memory and has multiple terabytes of storage.

Educational Level: Military Specialist (Basic Military Skill Program +20%, Espionage Skill Program +20%, Espionage - Computer Specialist / Hacking +15%, Modern Weapon Skill Program, and Physical Program +10%) - Also has five Secondary Skills.

Skills: Communications: Radio - Basic (+20%) 98%, Domestic: Dance [Secondary - Gained at Sixth Level] 45%, Electronics: Basic Electronics (+15%) 85%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+20%) 85%, Disguise (+20%) 85%, Escape Artist (+20%) 90%, Intelligence (+20%) 81%, Wilderness Survival (+20%) 850%, Medical: First Aid [Secondary] 80%, Military: Military Etiquette (+20%) 90%, Physical: Hand to Hand - Martial Arts, Athletics - General, Boxing, Climbing (+20%) 98%/95%, Gymnastics (+10%), Running, Swimming (+10%) 95%, Pilot - Basic: Pilot Automobile 83%, Pilot Boat - Sailboat [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 90%, Rogue: Computer Hacking (+15%) 85%, Seduction [Secondary] 45%, Science: Mathematics - Basic 80%, Technical: Computer Operations (+15%) 95%, Computer Programming (+15%) 85%, Language / Literacy: English (+25%) 98%/90%, Language/Literacy: French [Secondary] 85%/65%, Language/Literacy: Italian [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 75%/55%, Language/Literacy: Spanish [Secondary] 85%/85%, Photography [Secondary - Gained at Sixth Level] 45%, Weapon Proficiencies; Ancient: W.P. Knife - Includes Claws [Secondary] (+2 [+8] Strike /+2 [+12] Parry /+2 [+8] Throw), Weapon Proficiencies; Modern: W.P. Pistol (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), W.P. Pistol - Paired (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), W.P. Rifle (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), W.P. Submachine Gun (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst)

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+10%) 88%, Work Parallel Bars and Rings (+20%) 98%, Climb Rope (+10%) 92%, Back Flip (+20%) 98%, Prowl (+10%) 80%


Hotwire is comparative fairly short at only around 5 foot 2 inches although is lithely muscular. While she weighs around 125 pounds, without her Kisenite skeleton, she would likely be about twenty pounds lighter than she actually is. While she can make her hair and eye color almost anything, she prefers to have her eyes blue and hair color as white. Keeps her hair usually to the small of her back. For cosmetics, she usually wears dark red lipstick and otherwise wears relatively light cosmetics. Also usually keeps her nails painted dark red as well.

As far as how she dresses, Hotwire likes to “Dress to Impress” with clothing that shows off her body. Likes to wear tops that reveals lots of cleavage and likes extremely short skirts which show off her legs as well. Sometimes her clothes will verge on pornographic including thongs. In addition, she prefers to wear stiletto heels. Preferred colors tend to be dark blue.

Occupation: Agent / Wealthy Business Owner (weapons)

Weapons, Normal:

Four Barrel Dart Gun: Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)

Custom weapon - Has four barrels in a “Pepper Box” configuration and uses a CO2 cartridge to fire weapon. Weapon used to deal with targets which she wants to capture with drugs rendering targets unconscious for several minutes. Normally she carries 12 extra darts. Effect: Unconsciousness for 4D4 minutes (Save vs toxins to avoid), Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Range: 110 ft, Payload: 4 Darts

2 Glock 31 Automatic Pistols (.357 Sig): Weight: 1.45 lbs (0.66 kg) empty each.

Can be converted between .40 S&W and .357 Sig with a simple barrel change. They have 15 round magazines. She has 8 magazines of Hollow Points which she normally carries for the pistols (4 each pistol.) She has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike) / flashlight mounted on the rail. Caliber: .357 Sig (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 15 + 1 shots.

Glock 33 Sub-Compact Automatic Pistol (.357 Sig): Weight: 1.37 lbs (0.62 kg) empty

Sub-Compact version of the Glock 31. Can be converted between .40 S&W and .357 Sig with a simple barrel change. Standard magazine is 9 rounds but can use the 15 round magazines from the Glock 31 although extend out the hand grip. Has two magazines for weapon. Caliber: .357 Sig (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 9 + 1 shots (Can use 15 round Glock 31 magazines.)

Modified H&K MP-5 Submachine Gun (.357 Sig): Weight: 6.41 lb (2.9 kg)

Can be converted between .40 S&W and .357 Sig with a simple barrel change. Has a silencer available. Modified so that it can fire single shot, three round burst, and fully automatic. Uses stainless steel components. Has forward rail on weapon as well as a scope with light amplification. She has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike) / flashlight mounted on the rail. Uses 15 and 30 round magazines. Usually carries four 30 round magazines. Caliber: .357 Sig .357 Sig (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Three Round Burst, or Fully Automatic. Magazine: 15 or 30 round, Range: 300 ft (90 m.)

Steyr AUG Carbine (.556 NATO): Weight: 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg)

Australian and Austrian 5.56 Assault Rifle. The Assault Rifle is in a bullpup design. Hers is fitted with a scope with light amplification. The weapon uses 5.56 mm NATO Rounds. It has 30 Round magazines. She carries four extra magazines of full metal jacket. Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic. Payload: 30 + 1 shots Range: 1,200 feet (366 meters).

Tomlinson Industries ARES II FMG (.357 Sig): Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)

Can be converted between .40 S&W and .357 Sig with a simple barrel change. Weapon folds up into a slim box with a handle when not in use. Unlike the original “ARES,” the weapon uses high strength composites to make weapon lighter. It can fire single shot, three round burst, and fully automatic. Has an integral laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike.) Uses 18 and 30 round magazines with 18 round magazines able to be stored in the handle. Usually carries two 18 round magazines and two 30 round magazines. Caliber: .357 Sig .357 Sig (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Three Round Burst, or Fully Automatic. Magazine: 18 or 30 round, Range: 250 feet (76.2 meters)

Can get other weapons as needed for specific mission requirements.


2,000 Rounds of .357 Sig Hollow Point Ammunition.

300 Rounds of 5.56 NATO Hollow Point Ammunition.

200 Rounds of 5.56 NATO FMJ Ammunition.

Equipment (Special):

Stealth and Combat Body Suit: A.R. 16, S.D.C.: 200, Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg), No prowl penalties.

Skintight grey and blue jumpsuit made from lightweight metallic mesh that is a copy of the Flexible Armored Suit (FAS). Chest, Back, and inside of legs are blue and sides and arms are grey. Has an inner layer that acts as a Kinetic Suit, has heat and cold insulation, has a stealth coating, is chemical weapon resistant, can be environmentally sealable, has radiation shielding. Wears her special boots with suit.

Special Features:

Kinetic Underlayer: Distributes physical forces across entire surface. Projectiles, arrows, explosives, punches, falls, sonic blasts, or any attack with an impact inflict half damage if attack passes through the top armor.

Cold and Heat Insulation: Reduces effects of heat and cold to wearer - Only takes half damage from heat and cold attacks.

Environmentally Sealed: When helmet is worn and suit sealed an airtight environment is created

Radiation Shield: Prevents the penetration of harmful radiation.

Stealth Coating: Coating that makes suit invisible to radar and sends confusing signals to thermal sensors and infrared systems. Also gives character +10% to prowl at night and in dark settings.

Special Black Leather Boots: Gloss black Leather boots that go up above the knee which have 4 ½ inch heels. In each toe there is a knife blade which pops out when a tab in back of the top of the boot is pulled. Each boot is armored. Damage: Normal Kick + 1D6 (Knife)

Equipment (Conventional):


1991 Vector W8 Sports Car:

Painted gloss black, the car is in perfect condition. Twin turbo charged V8 engine - top speed is around 220 mph and can accelerate 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

2012 Porsche 911/ 991 Turbo S Sports Car:

Painted a metallic grey with a charcoal grey interior. Car has a twin turbo charged 3.8 liter engine - Top speed is around 197 mph and can accelerate 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

2010 Nautor's Swan “Club Swan 42" Sailboat:

Custom high quality racing sail boat with deluxe accommodations and advanced electronics. Designed so that a single person can operate the boat.

Has a large number of other vehicles available to her as needed including in many cases military vehicles.


High End Computer Network Machine:

Multiple high end computers linked together. Has all of the standard features Blue-Ray Read/Write ROM, SSD storage and large hard drive, high speed USB Ports, Firewire Ports, and video ports), also has a photograph quality laser color printer and a scanner. Each computer has multiple displays.

High End Laptop Computer:

Has all standard features (Including a high speed modem cell phone modem, Blue-Ray Read/Write ROM, large SSD storage, high speed USB Ports, Firewire Ports, and video ports, ), also has a photograph quality laser color printer and a scanner.

Clothing: Australian Air Force officers uniforms (working and dress uniforms), women’s business suits, many dresses (mostly revealing with short skirts), some jeans and other casual clothing, lingerie (mostly revealing), high heels.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, comb and brush, shooting glasses, ear protectors, 2 pairs high tensile strength handcuffs, gun cleaning kits, purse, backpack, radiation detector, sleeping bag, tent, lock pick release gun, satellite navigation device, black battle harness with pockets and magazine pouches.


Half Owner of Tomlinson-White Arms / Armaments:

Half Owner with her husband. Company produces civilian firearms as well as military weapon systems. Has an advanced weapons department as well as a small shipbuilding facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Company is worth several hundred million dollars.

Large Mansion in the Eastern Shore of Virginia:

Three floor mansion with advanced entertainment suite, gun range, large exercise room, swimming pool, sauna, and a hot tubs. Surrounded by multi-acre grounds and has a fortified security perimeter.

Medium Estate in the Florida Keys:

Two floor building with entertainment suite, exercise room. small pool, and hot tubs. Surrounded by several acre grounds and has a fortified security perimeter.

In additional has several apartments / townhouses in major cities.

Valuables: 80 million in investments outside of her own companies, 2 million in available funds, and 2.5 million in foreign bank accounts. Also has 500,000 work of jewelry.

Hotwire’s Biographical Information:

Tammie White was born the daughter of William White, an Australia Defense Force Officer, and Victoria White. While her father is now retired, when she was younger, they moved from place to place often due to him changing duty stations. She was a member of a large family with five brothers and three other sisters.

The military was in Tammie’s blood from an early age although her father always opposed her joining, considering that a Sheila cannot be soldiers. He was a task master that expected his daughters, and his wife, to be subservient. In direct defiance of her father, she joined the Australia Air Force.

Contrary to her father, she showed incredible promise. Put in a crash course in both military intelligence and computer hacking. Even before joining the military, she showed excellent computer skills and she immediately showed skill in disguise.

Because of her initiative, she was put under the auspices of Australian Intelligence and was often assigned to independent operations. Often these were deep cover assignments, in some cases gathering intelligence while in other cases quiet problem solving. Given the code name “Hotwire” for her hacking abilities and other matters. Several of her missions were in the United States where she generally liked the American men better, finding that many showed more respect to her than Australian men.

One of her assigned was to gather intelligence and possibly stop an American arms dealer named Leon Cole. He was suspected of selling illegal weapons around the world and had interested Australia Intelligence. Officially, he was a reputable businessman though. Meeting him at a party, she became his lover to see if she could find enough information to take him down. There was also the concern that the elimination of the company would create a dangerous vacuum.

Unfortunately, many of his allies were not very trustworthy and many were extremely paranoid. These included a number of drug dealers that he had provided weapons form. One of those dealers owned him vast amounts of money and decided it would be cheaper to simply eliminate him instead of paying. Tammie was standing just a few feet away from him when he was gunned down and came inches from being killed herself.

Concerned with the power vacuum, she came up with a pretty unique plan. Through some deft maneuvering and hacking into computer records, she made herself Mr Cole’s sole beneficiary even though she had only known him for a few weeks. In most cases, her deception would not have worked but the authorities though it was the best way to eliminate the potential chaos that might otherwise result. She could then figure out where exactly the weapons were being shipped to and the worst problems could be eliminated. As a result, she was placed on an inactive reserve status.

One of his associates was Martin Tomlinson, a manufacturer of weapons mainly for the United States government. They had a whirlwind romance although it is not like she had not had plenty of lovers in the past, both men and women. Something was different this time though. Only knew each other for a short time when he asked her to marry him and she immediately accepted.

On their wedding day at his mansion, they were attacked. In her mind, she though it likely that it had been an opening move in an attempt at a very hostile takeover of the company which she had managed to acquire from Mr Cole. Something needs to be said about combat reflexes because while the attack managed to badly injure her new husband, it left her untouched. In part, she blamed herself for him almost being killed. Over his hospital bed she swore revenge.

Revenge had to wait however because she found herself pregnant. She had went off of contraceptives just a short time before the wedding but was shocked how quickly she had become pregnant. It turned out that she carried twins, a boy and a girl who they named Martin and Colette.

Still, she continued trying to get more information about the attempted assassination, mostly doing extensive computer hacking. It was around that time when she met a weapon designer and scientist who went by the name “Dart.” Her real name is Janet Ann Jamison but few people call her that. Soon Dart and Hotwire became lovers. Tammie had from the beginning an understanding that they would not be monogamous.

One of the interesting development from Dart’s facilities was a line of super soldiers known as the Hunter Program. Unfortunately, several of the super soldiers had gone renegade and were rumored to have joined various terrorist organizations.

It took a huge amount of hacking but eventually Hotwire was able to get a lead on the attempted assassination. Turns out that it had nothing to do with Mr Cole but instead was targeted at Tammie’s husband. Turned out it was a shadowy organization known to support terrorists. As an important weapons dealer to the United States military, killing him would put his company in disarray and help the terrorist organizations.

Even worse was the fact that some of the renegade super soldiers of the Hunter program had recently been recruited into this organization. In order to allow Hotwire to deal with the former Hunter program members, Dart offered to her an improved version of the super soldier formula along with a variety of cybernetics. Included in the program was incredible healing, boosting reflexes, reinforcing her bones with Kisenite and adding claws of the same material. Dart was one of the few people who knew how to manipulate Kisenite.

One of the program, Hunter Five, had remained loyal to Dart. Hotwire and Hunter Five teamed up to deal with the organization. As with many whom she teamed up with, Hotwire became intimate with Hunter Five. Between them, they began hunting down key members of the organization.

It all cumulated in Hotwire and Hunter Five tracking the leaders of the organization to a secret base on a island off the coast of Africa. There they encountered the last two of the ex Hunter super soldiers, those considered the most deadly. Both Hotwire and Hunter Five were badly injured in the course of fighting but were able to prevail, taking down the terrorist organization.

This of course is not the last major operation she had been involved in, dealing with threats all over the world. With extraordinary toughness and ability to heal combined with her expert disguise and computer hacking, she often is one of the first choices in espionage operations.

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