D’Acier (Steel):

Name: D’Acier (Steel).

Alias: Bertrand Langlais (Real Name Unknown).

Alignment: Miscreant / Anarchist.

Hit Points: 89 [*109]. S.D.C. (Physical): 201 [*441].

Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 13, M.A.: 10, P.S.: 26 (+11) [*36 (+21)], P.P.: 23 (+4), P.E.: 29 (+28%/+7) [*33 (+33%/+8)], P.B.: 13, SPD: 29. [*Attributes with metal armor.]

Weight: 210 lbs (95.25 kg). Height: 6 foot 2 inches (1.88 meters).

Age: 29. Sex: Male. P.P.E.: 12.


Always had a certain of element of narcism but as one might expect, when he got his abilities it became far worse. Seems to genuinely enjoy violence and dominating others around him. Interestingly, while he does not care if it is a fair fight and in fact dislikes a true fair fight, prefers to fight those who are actually fighting back. Does not get any real pleasure from killing or harming those whom are prostrate to him.

Does not appear to have any religious beliefs. Has worked by followers of Islam in the past, including terrorists groups, but does not seem to follow any of the beliefs. This has gotten him in potential difficulty with those whom he has worked with but too tough for most to be willing to challenge him. Challenging him tend to be extremely dangerous.

Has trouble getting along with those whom are similarly powerful such as other super being. Will work with them if they pay is right but will seethe underneath. Likely this is because they are a true challenge to him and he cannot dominate them in the same way as he might one whom is not gifted. Those of political power or extremely wealthy do not appear to create the same situation however.

Does not have any real sense of honor. Will not generally backstab a client or betray them but that is simply because it is bad for business. Sees nothing with being hired by a former employees enemy however. Will not keep any word of honor and sees nothing in harming an innocent if it to his gain. Does not get pleasure out of it but just sees it as part of doing business.

Will not speak to anybody about his background before joining the French Foreign Legion. It is quite likely that he has a criminal record somewhere but nobody has been able to find anything on it. Some wonder if he might not have killed everybody involved.

Experience Level: Sixth (6).

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts and Boxing.

Attacks per Melee: Six (6).

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +6, Disarm: +6, Parry: +10, Dodge: +10, Damage: +11 [*+31], Initiative: +2, Roll (With Punch, Fall, and Impact): +7, Pull Punch: +3, Knockout / Stun: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 18, 19, and 20.

Kick Attacks: Karate Kick (2D4), Crescent Kick (2D4+2), Roundhouse Kick (3D6), Snap Kick (1D6), Tripping/Leg Hook (Tripping), Jump Kick (6D6), Flying Jump Kick (4D6).

Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison: [14] +7 [*+8], Non-Lethal Poison: [16] +7 [*+8], Harmful Drugs: [15] +7 [*+8], Insanity: [12] +0, Psionics: [15] +0, Magic: [12] +7 [*+8], Horror Factor [Varies] +0. Also has +28% [*+33%] to save vs Coma and Death.

Super Power Category: Experiment (Accident)

Super Power Abilities:


Extraordinary Physical Endurance: Extremely tough individual who can withstand a great deal of punishment. Fatigues at ten percent of normal rate.

Bonuses: Add 1D6+5 to P.E., 4D4x10 S.D.C., and 3D6 Hit Points. Also gains 1D4Hit Points per level.

Impervious to Fire and Heat: Completely impervious to fire and heat, including magical.


Matter Expulsion: Metal/Steel: Similar to energy expulsion, only this power allows its user to generate a solid material/substance to various and diverse effects.

Metal Armor: Cover oneself with a flexible, shiny metal coating that functions like a suit of armor. Works only on the super being. Armor has a natural AR Rating of 17 (attacks below 15 inflict no damage). Metal armor also gives +10 to P.S., +4 to P.E., +20 to Hit Points, +240 to S.D.C., and +10 to damage and can parry blades and other weapons with metal coated hands / arms.

Shoot Metal Blades: Can fire hard hitting metal blades about the size of a dagger that appear out of nowhere and rocket at their target like bullets. Range: 30 ft (9.1 m) +10 ft (3 m) per level. Damage: 1D6 per level (Damage can be regulated in increments of 1D6.) Duration: Instant and fades after 30 seconds.

Create Metal Hand-Held Weapon: Can create any kind of ancient hand-held weapon (dagger, sword. mace, iron staff, etc.) from nowhere, appearing in one’s hand at will. Range: Close combat or throwing range for type of weapon. Damage: Normal weapon +1D6 (Tends to like to make a Claymore which inflicts 4D6 + bonuses or a metal chain which inflicts 2D6 + bonuses.) Duration: Remains as long as character wants it and keeps it on person (ideally in hand), otherwise fades 30 seconds after thrown, dropped or put aside.

Encase in Metal: Can also encase objects and people in metal.

Small targets as large as a microwave can be completely encased and counts as one melee attack. Small targets like a gun or isolated body parts on a humanoid (such as hands or feet to bind an opponent) count as two melee attacks. Metal encasement has an A.R. of 17 and 40 S.D.C. +10 points per level.

Larger targets up to size of a love seat or 50 gallon drum or half the body (like feet and legs up to hips, or hands, arms and upper torso) counts as two melee attacks. Encasement has an A.R. of 15 and 30 S.D.C. +10 points per level. Encasing entire body up to 10 ft (3 m) tall or object the size of a king-size bed or small car counts as four melee attacks and encasement has an A.R. of 13 and 20 S.D.C. +10 points per level. Metal weighs as much as corresponding amount of steel (about 200 lbs/90 kg for a typical human body.)

Range: Touch or 4 ft (1.2 m) per level. Damage: None unless head is encased unable to breath. Most living beings will suffocate and die within 1D6+3 minutes after air supply is cut off. No damage if head is left exposed and able to breathe. Duration: 20 minutes per level but can be canceled and made to disappear upon command of being who made the metal or by a different, but higher level being with the same power.

Side Effects:

Odd Skin Pigmentation: His skin has what appears to be veins of metal running through it. They are very tiny but do give his skin a slight greyish tinge.

Type of Experiment: Accident - Cannot be replicated

Educational Level: Military Specialist (French Foreign Legion).

Skill Packages: Basic Military (+20%), Military - Demolitions (+20%), Basic Espionage (+15%), Modern Weapon Skill Program, and Physical Program (+10%). Also has five Secondary Skills at first level and two additional secondary skills at levels three and six.

Skills: Communication: Radio - Basic (+20%) 90%, Electrical: Basic Electronics 75%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+15%) 70%, Intelligence (+15%) 67%, Interrogation (+15%) 80%, Tracking (+15%) 65%, Wilderness Survival (+15%) 70%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics (+20%) 75%, Medical: First Aid [Secondary] 60%, Military: Demolitions (+20%) 95%, Demolitions Disposal (+20%) 95%, Military Etiquette (+20%) 80%, Underwater Demolitions (+20%) 86%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Athletics - General [Secondary - Gained at Sixth Level], Boxing, Climbing (+20%) 90%/80%, Gymnastics (+10%), Running, Scuba (+10%) 85%, Swimming (+10%) 85%, Pilot Basic: Pilot Automobile 70%, Streetwise [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 32%, Science: Mathematics - Basic 70%, Technical: Computer Operations 65%, Language / Literacy: Arabic [Native] 98%/75%, Language / Literacy: English [Secondary] 75%/55%, Language / Literacy: French [Native] 98%/75%, Literacy: Spanish [Secondary] 75%/55%, Wilderness: Land Navigation [Secondary] 56%, Weapon Proficiencies; Ancient: W.P. Chain [Secondary - Gained at Sixth Level] (+1 [+7] Strike), W.P. Sword [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] (+2 [+8] Strike / +2 [+12] Parry), Weapon Proficiencies; Modern: Automatic Pistol (+4 Aimed /+2 Burst), Automatic Rifle (+4 Aimed /+2 Burst), Heavy Weapons (+4 Aimed /+2 Burst), Submachine Gun (+4 Aimed /+2 Burst).

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+10%) 75%, Work Parallel Bars and Rings (+10%) 85%, Climb Rope (+10%) 80%, Back Flip (+10%) 90%, Prowl (+10%) 65%.


Bertrand Langlais’s normal appearance is a tall and muscular male of North African descent. It has been suggested that he might have originally come from Morocco. There is a rugged handsomeness about him. His natural skin tone is not particularly dark. His features are relatively sharp with light brown eyes. In addition, he has brown hair he also keeps extremely short. Sometimes will have a short beard.

With regards to his clothing, he generally wears fatigue type clothing which the camouflage fitting the environment he is working in. Prefers to keep his fatigues extremely neat. Will sometimes wear an armored vest when he is not in his metal form. Normally will carry a pistol on his side and often carries his assault rifle as well. Considers 9 mm pistols to be too light so carries a .45 ACP pistol.

There is however a slightly grey cast to his skin and there appears to be grey flecks in his eyes. A close examination will show what appear to be extremely fine veins of metal running through his skin and in the dark part of his eyes. When he creates his metal “armor”, it appears to flow from the tiny veins on his body until it covers his body. It is grayish dull metallic in its tone.

Occupation: Mercenary.

Weapons, Normal:

FA-MAS: Weight: 8.66 lbs (3.93 kg).

Modern French 5.56 assault rifle in a bullpup design. The assault rifle uses 5.56 mm NATO Rounds. Has a 25 round magazine and can fire single shot, three round burst, and fully automatic. Has four extra magazines for the rifle. Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Three Round Burst, or Fully Automatic. Magazine: 25 round. Range: 1,333 feet (400 meters).

Heckler & Koch SOCOM: Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.14 kg).

Pistol replaced the M1911-A1 in American Special Forces including the Navy Seals. The weapon is very tough and is designed to accept a silencer and has a combined The magazine holds 12 rounds, and is made of stainless steel. He has 4 additional magazines. The gun also features a special double recoil spring, which helps to reduce felt recoil. He has a silencer for his pistol. Caliber: .45 ACP (5D6+10 hollow point). Range: 165 ft (50 meters.). Payload: 12 + 1.


Vehicles: 2010 Land Rover.

Clothing: French Foreign Legion uniforms, military style fatigues (various camouflage styles), uniform hats, combat boots, tactical belt.

Valuables: Has 500,000 Euros in savings. Usually earns around 10,000 Euros for a short term job and can earn upwards of 100,000 Euros for a dangerous or long term job / mission. Also gets a retirement stipend from the French government of approximately 30,000 Euros a year.

Other Items: Comb and brush, cell phone, pistol holster, ammo pouches, gun cleaning kits, shooting glasses, ear protectors, lighter, canteen, satellite navigation gear, medium unbreakable flashlight, 2 weeks emergency food supplies, backpack, sleeping bag, tent, first aid kit, emergency supplies.

D’Acier’s Background:

As with many people who join the French Foreign Legion, his real background is unknown. There is the suggestion that he might have come from Morocco originally. When a person joins the French Foreign Legion, their past is effectively erased and he was given the name Bertrand Langlais. From appearances, he was in his mid to late twenties when he joined the Legion and appeared to have already had a solid military background.

While serving in Legion, he got a reputation for being a skilled soldier if a bit on the brutal and violent side. Even when it was not required, he would shoot. Even his fellow soldiers often were nervous around him with his casual brutality. He was quite successful so for a while his brutality was ignored by the officers over him.

The team which he was assigned to was sent to destroy an experimental lab in the Middle East. The laboratory seems to have discovered a type of metal with organic properties which had many serious implication . Bertrand was on top of one of the tanks of the metal setting up some of charges to blow up the facilities.

It had been thought that they had eliminated all of the guards but one suddenly appeared on a catwalk above the tanks. The guard opened fire on Bertrand with an AK-47. The legionnaire turned to return fire but tripped over an exposed cable, falling through an open port into the tank.

A few moments later, pounding could be heard in the bottom of the tank. There was then the sound of rendering of steel as the walls of the tank were shredded. As the liquid metal flooded out, there was a metal figure standing in the ruins. The metal figure gestured towards the guard and metal spikes flew from his hands to impale the man. Somehow Bertrand had survived and the organic metal had bonded with him and grafted into his body.

After the team were extracted, Bertrand was brought back to a French secret military hospital. All of the scientists agreed that the legionnaire should have died since, while not kept at molten iron temperatures, the organic metal was still kept extremely hot. There have been some attempts at replicating what happened with him and the metal. All of these experiments have resulted in the death of the subject. One of the leading suggestions is that he had some kind of unusual mutation which allowed this grafting to occur.

Interestingly, they discovered that he does not actually transform into metal but instead the metal forms on top of him as almost a suit of armor. Even when he is not covered in the metal armor, he is incredibly tough. In addition he appears to be completely immune to extreme heat and fire.

When he was discharged, he was assigned to work with a group of French special forces who also had special talents. There had always been some issues with working with others and it had gotten far worse when he had his accident. In the end, it was decided that they did not need him anymore and he was offered an early retirement. The offer was couched in terms that gave him little actual choice.

No longer in the French Foreign Legion, Bertrand Langlais became a super powered mercenary by the name of “D’Acier”, or “Steel.” As a mercenary, her is not too choosy about those whom he works for. The most important item is that the pay is good and prefers situations which will result in lots of violence and destruction. As long as the other mercenaries whom he serves with treat him as their superior, he does not have too much problem with them.

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