Name: Callisto

True Name: Cynthia Royal

Alignment: Anarchist (Selfish)

Hit Points: 49 S.D.C. (Physical): 99

Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 12, M.A.: 20 (60%), P.S.: 18 (+3), P.P.: 25 (+5), P.E.: 22 (+14% / +4), P.B.: 24 (70%), SPD: 33

Weight: 124 lbs (56.25 kg) Height: 5 foot 7 inches (1.70 meters)

Age: 24 years Sex: Female


Callisto is a professional in dealing with her targets. The job is not personal. Does not have any hatred for her targets or get angry at them. Just simply something one must do to make a living. Does not mean that she does not take a perverse pride in being a skilled assassin. There is also something about the hunt that she enjoys. Torture is distasteful but will use it if she thinks it will help her, she is not against using it.

Challenging marks can be fun. While she avoids going after true super human beings, she will go after other trained targets such as police officers and military types. Prefers to deal with them at a distance with a poisoned bolt if she has a choice in the matter. Has gone up against super humans a few times and are beyond a challenge and she tries to avoid them being that she is not super human herself.

Does have one heroine that she has had several run ins with. A female archer who goes by the of Lady Bow. Callisto kind of actually looks up to her. Callisto managed to steal some of Lady Bow’s arrows and make copies of them. Callisto herself is not much of an engineer and prefers to just copy designs. Unlike Lady Bow, Callisto will use a gun and keeps an automatic pistol as backup for her crossbow. She also tends to use her motorcycle instead of a car when on jobs.

While she mostly makes her money through assassin, if there is a heist that will net her serious money, she is not adverse to helping herself. As well, she tends to grab an item or two from her targets if they are valuable enough.

When dealing with clients, she deals only through a third party. This includes both contact with the client and the money transfer. Even when dealing with her contacts, she wears a mask so that they do not know her identity. Now, she does not have any special loyalty to them and is perfectly willing to either eliminate them or hang them out to dry. If it looks

When not working as an assassin, she remains the spoiled rich girl. While she has nothing like the wealth that she was raised with, she has been able to save up several million with her hits. As a result, she is able to live the party scene and actually runs a club. Part of it is also to explain her income. She does like the boys and will usually have one or, most often, more than one boy friend. While she drinks, she dies not use any drugs. In style, she prefers European sports cars over America, Japanese, or other designs.

Experience Level: Fourth (4)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts and Boxing

Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)

Bonuses; Combat: Strike: (+2) +7, Parry: (+3) +11, Dodge: (+3) +11, Damage: +3 (Inflicts an extra 1D6 with punches and kicks), Pull Punch: +8, Roll (Punch / Fall / Impact): +6, Disarm: (+2) +8, Initiative: +4 (+6 with Crossbow), Knock Out / Stun: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 20. Has Paired weapons with all melee weapons.

Kick Attacks: Standard Kick Attack (2D4), Snap Kick (1D6), Roundhouse (3D6), Wheel Kick (2D6), Backward Sweep (Knockdown.) - All Kicks have a bonus of 1D6+3 due to strength and special abilities.

Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison [14] +4, Non-Lethal Poison - [16] +4, Harmful Drugs - [15] +4, Insanity - [12], Psionics - [15], Magic - [12] +4, Horror Factor +1

Super Power Category: Hunter / Vigilante (Modified)

Hunter / Vigilante Special Skills / Abilities:

Disguise Scent: 76%, Trap / Snare Animal: 76%, Modify Arrows / Crossbow Bolts: 76%

Quick Draw - Crossbow: +2 to initiative with crossbow

Sharpshooting - Crossbow: +1 attack per melee with crossbow, +2 bonuses to aimed shots, and +3 to called shots. Fire one handed two handed weapons [loses bonuses], fire over shoulder, fire accurately while on moving vehicle, shooting accurately while in awkward positions, shoot accurately after acrobatics, and ricochet strike.

Other Special Abilities:

Ambidextrous: Paired weapons, one additional attack per melee round, +10% to climbing skills, +5% to pick locks, pick pockets, palming, and concealment skills.

Defined Talent (Archery Crossbow and Hand to Hand): Gets one additional attack with crossbow. Also gets +2 on initiative, +1 to save vs horror factor, +3 to pull punch, +1 to roll with impact, and inflicts an extra +1D6 damage from punches and kicks.

Educational Level: Special - High School and learned “Hunter” skills.

Skills: Communication: Radio - Basic Communications 60%, Surveillance Systems 45%, Domestic: Dance [Secondary] 45%, Fishing (+15%) 70%, Sing [Secondary] 50%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+20%) 65%, Detect Concealment (+10%) 50%, Disguise (+10%) 50%, Escape Artist 45%, Intelligence (+20%) 64%, Tracking (+20%) 60%, Wilderness Survival (+30%) 80%, Medical: First Aid [Secondary] 60%, Military: Camouflage (+20%) 55%, Physical: Hand to Hand - Martial Arts, Athletics - General [Secondary], Boxing [Learned Skill], Gymnastics (learned Skill), Running [Secondary], Pilot: Pilot Automobile (+10%) 76%, Pilot Boat - Motor (+10%) 80%, Pilot Motorcycle (+10%) 82%, Rogue: Concealment [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 29%, Palming [Secondary - Gained at Third Level] 30%, Find Contraband (+20%) 58%, Pick Locks [Secondary] 50%, Pick Pocket [Secondary] 50%, Seduction 32%, Streetwise (+22%) 54%, Science: Mathematics - Basic (+10%) 70%, Technical: Computer Operations [Secondary] 55%, Language: English (+25%) 90%, Language: French (+15%) 80%, Language: Spanish (+15%) 80%, Literacy: English (+20%) 65%, Literacy: French (+15%) 55%, Literacy: Spanish (+15%) 55%, Weapon Proficiencies; Ancient: W.P. Archery & Sharpshooting - Crossbow (7 Attacks per melee / +4 [+12] Aimed / +5 [+13] Called Shot - Costs Two attacks / +1 [+12] Parry), W.P. Knife (+1 [+10] Throw / +1 [+8] Strike / +1 [+12] Parry), W.P. Targeting (+2 [+9] Throw / +1 [+12] with Crossbow), Weapon Proficiencies; Modern: W.P. Automatic Pistol (+4 Aimed / +2 Burst), Wilderness: Carpentry (+20%) 60%, Hunting, Identify Plants and Fruits (+20%) 60%, Land Navigation (+20%) 68%, Preserve Food (+20%) 60%

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of balance 59%, Work Parallel Bars and Rings 69%, Climb Rope 76%, Back Flip 76%, Climb 50%, Prowl 42%,  


Cynthia Royal is only very slightly taller than average at just over five and a half feet tall. She is slender and athletic although her figure is definitely quite feminine. She is extremely attractive and could be described as model level beauty with delicate features. Even so, her most noticeable feature is flaming red hair. She keeps it down to the small of her back. Slightly pale but does not have any freckles. Penetrating green eyes complete the image. Normally she wears bright red lip coloring.

In her villain costume, she wears a skin body glove of black with red stripes / panels on the suit. She wears a face mask that obscures her features so that one does not recognize her face. Mask is red with the fringes being black. On her back, she carries both her folding crossbow and her crossbow bolts. On her right side, she carries a pistol in a quick draw rig and carries two survival knives on her left side. Has four throwing knives on the back side of her belt and four on each forearm.

Occupation: Acts the part of a wealthy socialite.

Special Armors:

Flexi-Steel Armor: (A.R. 16, S.D.C.: 200, Weight: 16 lbs)

Commissioned by her from Fabricator’s Incorporated. Special high strength armor which appears to be a black and red jumpsuit. Armor can be worn under most clothing. Has a built in Kinetic mesh under layer which causes all physical attacks to inflict half damage.

Special Weapons:

Folding Compound Crossbow: Weight 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

Damage: 2D6 [+3 for Strength) Range: 700 feet (213 meters).

Commissioned by her from Fabricator’s Incorporated and designed for her strength. Arms of the crossbow fold down to reduce size of weapon. Extremely accurate with +2 to strike and has +3 to damage.

Specialty Crossbow Bolts (48 Bolts):

While she usually carries 48 bolts, she has a far larger stock of bolts in storage that she has access to when needed, approximately ten times as many.

16 “High Quality” Standard Crossbow Bolts: Inflicts 3D6+3 (3D6+6 with strength) each

8 “Green Mamba” Poisoned Crossbow Bolts: Causes addition 2D6 damage. If saving throw (15 or greater) is missed, target is in a coma. Without medical attention, will die in 1D4 hours if fail roll for coma / death. If saving throw is made, target is woozy for 1D4 melee rounds with -1 to parry and -2 to strike and dodge.

8 Explosive Crossbow Bolts (Armor Piercing): lD4x10 S.D.C. with a 2 foot (0.6 meter) blast radius.

4 Stun/Flash Crossbow Bolts: Loud Boom and Sparks, -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, -1 to initiative, loose one attack for 1D4 melees for people not in body armor or tinted goggles. Those in armor are distracted for 1D4 seconds and loose initiative.

4 Pepper Warhead Crossbow Bolts: Bolts contains a pepper spray warhead. When hit by the Pepper Agent, penalty of -6 to strike, parry, and dodge as well as being last of initiative. No saving throw against effects although a gas mask (or environmental body armor in Rifts) will protect against the effects of the agent.

4 Smoke Crossbow Bolts: No damage; creates a smoke screen covering a 20 feet (6 meter) diameter area. Creates black smoke.

4 Climbing line Crossbow Bolts: Has 200 foot (61 meter) super thin climbing line. Shaft acts as handle for line. Arrow head has extending spikes to grasp onto target.

2 Survival Knives: Weight: 1 lb each (0.45 kg) each

Commissioned by her from Fabricator’s Incorporated Knives have +1 to strike, +2 to parry, and +4 to damage. Damage: 1D8+6+(Strength) Range: Hand to Hand or thrown.

Weapons, Normal:

Melee / Thrown:

12 Throwing Knives: Weight: 0.4 lbs (0.18 kg) each Length: 10 inches (25.4 cm)

Damage: 1D6 (+Strength [4]) Range: Hand to Hand or Thrown.

4 on each forearm and 4 on the back side of waist

Ranged / Modern:

Glock 31 - 357 Sig Automatic Pistol: Weight: 1.34 lbs (.61 kg) empty.

It is a double action semi automatic sidearm made by Glock. The pistol uses 375 Sig rounds but can be converted to .40 S&W with a barrel change. Weapon has a rail for special equipment. She usually carries four magazines of 15 rounds. Caliber: .357 Sig (5D6 / 5D6+10 for Hollow Points.) Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 15+1 shots. Mounts on a rail a combination LED flashlight and laser targeting (Gives +3 to strike.) Weapon is also ported for stability.



2012 BMW S1000RR Motorcycle:

High performance BMW motorcycle. Top speed: 305 km/h (190 mph) and has incredible acceleration. Has anti-lock brakes. Painted black and red. Uses a variety of licence plates to hide her identity. She uses this vehicle when she is making hits. Purchased under an assumed name.

2013 BMW E89 / Z4 Roadster:

BMW roadster. Is two passengers with a retractable hard top. Has all of the deluxe features available. Car is a bright cherry red.

Computers: High End Apple Mac Laptop.

Clothing: Multiple sets of high fashion clothing including many dresses (many extremely expensive), Fashionable Exercise Clothing. Black and Red motor cycle helmet matching her costume.

Other Items: Makeup and Personal Items, Knife Sheaths (Throwing and survival knives), Quiver for Bolts, Pistol Holster, Ammo Holsters, Gun Cleaning and Gunsmithing Gear, Shooting Glasses, Ear Protectors, Cell Phone, Ear Mike Radio Receiver and Transmitter, Lightweight Climbing Gear and 200 Feet of Climbing Cord, Hang Glider, First Aid Kit,

Properties: Uptown Penthouse, High End Club - Club acts as the cover of her income. Upstairs is a secret area where she keeps her gear.

Valuables: 500,000 dollars, 2 million dollars in investment, 200,000 dollars in jewelry.

Callisto’s History:

Cynthia Royal was born into an extremely wealthy family. Her family’s company, Royal Investments, was a vast investment company with assets in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. As a result, Cynthia never had to work. Never showed much interest in the family business anyway. In general, she was left to amuse herself and get into trouble. Growing up, she was a bit of a thrills junky but her parents were always able to pay off the right people to keep her record clean. As well, she was always given enough money that she did not have to worry about much.

Just when she was about to graduate from high school, her parent’s company went bust. There was a general corporate downturn but the company also had made some poor investments. Her family was forced to declare bankruptcy and virtually all of their assets were seized. None of their previous acquaintances would have anything to do with them either. There would be no college for her now. Her grades were barely good enough to get her in even with her family’s money.

With no real loyalty to her family, she split from them. As a teenager, she had stolen a few things which her parents had payed off the shops so that she never got a criminal record. She knew a few things about picking locks as a result. In addition, she knew quite a bit about the street scene and could pick someone’s pocket pretty well. Even though her skills were limited, her beauty helped and she was able to scrape by.

Didn’t want to just scrape by and started looking for a better way to make a living. Could not live the “Spoiled Rich Girl” lifestyle that she wished to. Heard stories about hitmen pulling down tens of thousands or more per kill. Never give one’s name, never reveal one’s identity, just take out a mark and collect your cast. Keep your identity secret. Her first few job were with a pistol but learned that she was a natural with a crossbow. One could use a poisoned bolt and kill almost silently. At this time, she only used regular crossbow bolts and poisoned bolts.

After taking out a few marks and having a near miss, she decided that she simply was not good enough. There is often interest in female bounty hunters and she hooked up with a more experienced one to learn the tricks of the trade. She had sure that she worked under a fake name so that she could not be tracked down easily. After a few months, she decided that she had learned what she could. Somehow he seemed to have found out about part of her secrets. While she tends to avoid unnecessary killings, she decided that it would be best to get rid of him.

Soon after, the assassin / hunter known as “Callisto” was born. Took the name from the Greek legend where Callisto was a female companion of the goddess Artemis. Managed to get some connections with Fabricator’s Incorporated where she was able to get flexi-steel armor and a special folding compound crossbow.

To explain her wealth, Cynthia opened a high end club for the wealthy. While it normally does make a reasonable profit, it does not have to. The club is also where she hangs out and her base of operations is in a secret room above the club.

Multiple assassinations later, she ran into a heroine known as Lady Bow. The female archer was a mutant unlike Callisto. They had similar level of skill with their weapons however. Callisto could not help but be impressed by the blond archer’s special trick arrows. In the end, Callisto was forced to escape before being defeated. Somehow though, she was able to steal a number of Lady Bow’s arrows and copy them for herself. She copied a few other ideas at the same time from the other archer.

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