Name: Bloodstar
True Name: Tymar Centaurus
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)
Hit Points: 135 S.D.C.(Physical): 340
Attributes: I.Q.: 18 (+5%), M.E.: 28 (+7/+11), M.A.: 20 (60%), P.S.: 27 (+12), P.P.: 32 (+8), P.E.: 40 (+40%/+8), P.B.: 19 (45%), Spd.: 120
Weight: 185 lbs (83.91 kg) Height: 5 foot 6 inches (1.68 meters)
Age: 48 Race: Homo Leonidia Sex: Female P.P.E.: 22
Bloodstar considers her race to be superior to all others, human or anyone else. Even the most powerful mutant she considers herself to be superior to them. In general, she believes that anyone not a member of her race should either be exterminated or enslaved. Her ultimate goal is for her to open a gate for an army of her race to invade the Earth. She will do virtually anything in order to complete this goal. She will make virtually any promise if she thinks that it will get her closer to her goals. Of course she considers a promise to anyone other than her own race made to be broken at a later date. Murdering a human, innocent or even a child, to be nothing to concern herself with. Killing someone like that, someone not capable of fighting back, to be a bit boring. Those who resist her or fight back are to be considered targets to be hunted down and one of her pleasures is hunting and killing such individuals. Torture can be extremely pleasurable as well, breaking a strong being, man or woman, to her will.
In order to complete her goals, she can be quite charismatic and she knows she is extremely attractive as well. Tymar is quite willing to use both towards her goals. She also does enjoy the pleasures of sex although she is a complete dominant. Of course a person can be her lover one day and the next one of her victims. If they challenge her or she sees them as an inconvenience, she simply gets rid of them. Even if they do not come up to her rating, the results are virtually always terminal unless she has another reason for keeping them alive. She knows quite well that sex often keeps lesser beings loyal and enslaved to her will. In many ways, she is even more dangerous because she understands her own weaknesses including a lack of true imagination.
Her race and its survival is her single most important goal. With her own race, she shows a completely different attitude than with humans and if observed only with her own people, many might consider her scrupulous. She does keep her word of honor with them. As well, children of her race are to be protected until they can become capable warriors in their own right. Before the war, she fought in several duels although she follows the rules of the society that while at war there will be no dueling. If a member of her race die in battle or in a duel, she feels no sadness or remorse like a human might feel for a fallen comrade. It is the race's survival which is important to her. Her own survival is the only other thing which is important to her.
Experience Level: Tenth (10) Experience Points: 110,000
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts & Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Eight (8)
Bonuses; Combat: Strike: +10, Parry: +12, Dodge: +14 (Automatic Dodge at +11), Damage: +14, Knock Out./Stun: Natural 20 Critical Strike: Natural 18, 18, and 20, Roll with punch, fall, or impact: +9, Pull Punch: +3, Initiative: +4, Disarm: +4, Body Flip / Throw, Paired Weapons.
Kick Attacks: Karate Type Kick (2D4), Snap Kick (1D6), Roundhouse Kick (3D6), Wheel Kick (2D6), Tripping Leg Hook (None - Knockdown), Jump Kicks (All)
Bonuses; Saves: Lethal Poison - [14] +11, Non-Lethal Poison - [16] +11, Harmful Drugs - [15] +11 (+17 vs Mind Altering Drugs), Insanity - [12] +11, Psionics - [12] +10, Magic - [12] +11 (+12 vs Illusions), Horror Factor - [Varies] +17, +6 vs Possession, +60% vs Coma / Death
Super Power Category: Alien - Human Base
Notes: The whole race has the same super abilities which she does. The race was genetically modified with their abilities and are not effected by the Negate Super Abilities power
From a High Gravity World (+1 to Initiative, +2D4x10 S.D.C. and +2D4 to P.S.)
Super Power Abilities:
Minor (four): Extraordinary Mental Endurance, Extraordinary Physical Prowess, Extraordinary Physical Endurance, and Healing Factor,
Educational Level: Alien Military Specialist (Combat Specialist)
Skill Packages: 5 Espionage Skills, 5 Military Skills, 3 Physical Skills, 1 Hand to Hand Skill, 4 Weapon Skills, and 1 Language Skill. Also has 4 Initial Secondary Skills and 6 Additional Skills.
Skills: Communication: Radio - Basic [Secondary] 95%, Computer: Computer Operation [Secondary] 90%, Computer Programming [Secondary] 80%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+10%) 90%, Detect Concealment (+10%) 85%, Intelligence (+10%) 83%, Tracking (+10%) 85%, Wilderness Survival (+10%) 90%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [Part of Armorer Skill +20%] 95%, Military: Armorer [Field] (+10%), Camouflage (+10%) 80%, Demolitions (+10%) 98%, Demolition Disposal (+10%) 98%, Trap / Mine Detection (+10%) 80%, Physical: Hand to Hand Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Athletics - General [Secondary - Gained at Third Level], Body Building [Secondary - Gained at Sixth Level], Boxing, Gymnastics, Running [Secondary - Gained at Third Level], Swimming [Secondary - Gained at Sixth Level] 80%, Pilot (Basic): Pilot Automobile [Secondary - Gained at Ninth Level] 67%, Pilot Motorcycle [Secondary - Gained at Ninth Level] 69%, Pilot (Advanced): Pilot Hovercraft [Background] 98%, Rogue: Seduction [Secondary] 47%, Science: Math - Basic [Background] 95%, Technical: Language: English 80%, Weapon Proficiency; Ancient: Sword (+3 [+13] Strike / [+15] +3 Parry), Weapon Proficiency; Modern: Automatic Pistol (+6 Aimed / +4 Burst), Automatic Pistol - Paired, Submachine-Gun (+6 Aimed / +4 Burst),
Skills From Acrobatics and Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 93%, Walk Tightrope or Highwire 98%, Climb 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%, Prowl 90%
While she is a bit short for the human idea of super human, only around 1.7 meters in height, she otherwise qualifies for the human ideal of super human. She has pale Caucasian skin and has an extremely Nordic appearance including a slender nose. She has piercing blue eyes and she has golden blond hair. She keeps her hair a bit on the long side, down to the small of her back. She is extremely attractive and definitely falls into the category of evil wearing a pretty face. She is quite muscular and her body is definitely cut. Most of her race has a similar appearance, extremely muscular with blond hair and blue eyes.
Her costume is a matt black jumpsuit which is virtually skin tight. On the suit is a shoulder patch with the symbol of a constellation of stars with a dagger running through it. The dagger is dripping blood. This is how she got the villain name of "Bloodstar." She also has a matt black helmet, similar to a motorcycle helmet, which she wears. The helmet has special optics and sensors. The suite has a repair system using nanites which has allowed it to continue to look new. She also carries a pair of sabres made from Kisenite which are both matt black as well. Her personal projectile weapons soon ran out of ammunition so she picked up normal Earth weapons in their place. She usually carries a pair of Glock pistols and an H&K MP-5. When not in costume, she prefers black jeans and a black t-shirt. Her t-shirt usually has a simple of death, sometimes a pirate skull and crossbones and also wears t-shirts with grim reaper symbols.
Occupation: Combat Expert
Armor and Weapons:
Armor, Normal:
Flexi-Steel Armor: (A.R. 16, S.D.C.: 200, Weight: 16 lbs)
Special high strength armor which appears to be a matte black jumpsuit. Armor can be worn under most clothing which she wears it under jeans. Has a built in Kinetic mesh under layer which causes all physical attacks to inflict half damage.
Stealth Coating: Chemical coating that makes her invisible to radar and sends confusing signals to thermal sensors and infrared systems. Also gives character +10% to prowl at night and in dark settings.
Nanite Repair System: Uses hundreds of tiny robots. It repairs armors damage by first stabilizing the damage (repairs about half of damage) and finally by scavenging from objects around it. When stabilizing damage, S.D.C. is repaired at the rate of 20 S.D.C. per hour, but when micro-robots are scavenging, repair rate is limited to 5 S.D.C. per hour or less based on the availability of supplies.
Combat Helmet:
Matt Black armored helmet with a multi optic system that does not have the unusual profile of a normal multi-optics helmet. The optics and characters eyes are protected by polarization. In addition to optics, the helmet also has a built in Gas Mask that will filter out CS Gas, nerve gas, most radioactive particles, and most biological materials. The mask also has a two hour independent oxygen system. All systems are controlled by micro computer system and has a radiation detector.
Multi-Optic Systems:
1. Targeting Sight: Range: 1600 ft (480 m)
2. Infra-red optic System: Range: 1600 ft (480 m), uses a pencil thin beam of infra-red light to illuminate targets. Only gives view of a 7x7 ft area. Can also detected by optic systems that can see infra-red
3. Telescopic Enhancement: Range: 2 miles (3.2 km)
4. Thermo-Imager: Range: 1600 ft (480 m), optical heat sensor that turns infra-red heat into images. Allows person to see in darkness and through smoke.
5. Bonuses: +1 to strike with special optics and targeting sight engaged
Radio / Amplified Hearing:
1. Amplified Hearing: Equal to minor super ability of Heightened sense of hearing except also has sound filtration systems. At 75 feet can hear sounds as quiet as 1 db, at 150 feet can hear sound down to 10 db, and at 360 feet can hear down to 30 db. Has computer program to compensate for loud noises so weaker sounds can be heard. Has ability to estimate distance 60%+5% per level, estimate speed of sound approach or departure 50%+5% per level, Recognize voice 40%+5% per level, and Imitate voice 40%+5% per level. Bonuses: Adds +1 to Parry, +2 to Dodge, and +6 to Initiative.
2. High band Radio Receiver and Transmitter: Special built in long range wide band radio transmitter and receiver that can transmit a whisper and voices of other people . It has a range of 6 miles for transmitting. System also connects to the cellular phone system. It will also pick up bugs with a 20 ft range. Also has a built in scrambler for radio and cellular phone.
3. Gyro-Compass: Can tell north, south, east, west, up, and/or down. Also gives persons exact altitude compared to sea level.
4. Radar Signal Detector: Tiny Radar receiver that sends signal into helmet when being scanned by radar.
5. Radar-Imaging Device: Motion detector, Warn of any movement in the area. Gives +2 to dodging fast moving objects. Person also cannot be attacked from behind.
Weapons, Normal:
Melee / Thrown:
2 Kinesite Leonidia Sabres: Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg). Length: 3.6 feet (1.1 m)
These weapons are similar in design to an Earth Katana Damage: 4D6+7 (+12 for Strength). Bonuses due to quality:+2 To Parry, +1 to Strike, +4 to Damage. The weapon does 25% damage to any normal weapon parried.
2 Glock 20 Pistols: Weight: 1.75 lbs (0.8 kg)
These guns fires the powerful 10 mm round instead of the 9mm , and has been reinforced and enlarged to do so. Has a capacity of 15 rounds in the magazine. Bloodstar has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike), a recoil suppressor, new sights, and Titanium spring guides added to them. She has 12 magazines that carry 15 rounds each of hollow point. Caliber: 10 mm (5D6 /5D6+10 for Hollow Point) Barrel: 4.6 inch (11.5 cm) Action: Double action Only. Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 15 + 1 round box magazines.
H&K MP-5/10 Submachine-Gun: 6.41 lb (2.9 kg)
These guns fires the powerful 10 mm round instead of the 9 mm round, and has been reinforced and enlarged to do so. Bloodstar has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike) added to it. She has four magazines which each have 30 rounds each of hollow point ammo. Caliber: 10 mm (5D6 /5D6+10 for Hollow Point) Barrel: 8.85 inches (22.48 cm). Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic. Range: 300 feet (90 m). Magazine: 15 and 30 round box magazines.
Ammunition: 400 Rounds of 10 mm Hollow Point Ammo and 1000 Rounds of 10 mm Full Metal Jacket Ammunition. (Practice Ammunition)
Vehicles: None
Leonidia Wrist Computer:
Covers left forearm. In most ways can be considered the equivalent to a modern mainframe, can follow voice commands, can read data from other computers by a special plug. Has a special holographic display and a holographic keyboard which it can generate.
Clothing: Black Jeans and black t-shirts (most with skull and crossbones designs as well as ones with grim reaper designs on them)
Valuables: 250,000 dollars, 100,000 dollars worth in Gold.
Other Items: Makeup and Feminine Items, Comb and Brush, Flashlight, Mini- Flashlight, Gun Cleaning and Gunsmithing Gear, Utility Belt with Two PistolR Quick Draw Holsters and Magazine Holders,

Bloodstar's Background:

Bloodstar's home planet is a high gravity world in an alternate dimension where the planet had been at war for generations. Nuclear war had broken out several times and extremely sophisticated defense systems were developed to protect each side from nuclear missiles. In tech level, the planet was more advanced than Earth with advanced medical technology but space travel was still an extremely cumbersome process. There is evidence that the original population settled on a slow stasis ship and that they were anarchist and other undesirables. In many ways, it is likely that the planet was a massive prison colony.

Eventually, there were effectively only two powerful nations. One side, which appeared to be slowly losing the war, created a troop of genetically engineered warriors in desperation. They had long toyed with creating a racially superior and considered themselves to be pure while all others were not. The new warriors they created were incredibly tough and able to regenerate injuries which would kill any normal humans. If that was not bad enough, they also had incredible willpower which made them virtually immune to control and were incredibly fast. They could almost dodge a bullet in flight. These warriors were designed to be able to breed with each other to produce more on their own. This was so that more of these super soldiers could be created even if the facilities which produce them were destroyed. The fetus of the warriors could also be implanted in a normal human womb.

These warriors were grown in incredible numbers and when put on the battle field turned the tide. They continued to win victories although it was a slow and bloody process, laying waste to the nation which spawned these creatures. The devastation to their enemies was even worse. These engineered troops did not just target the enemies armies but all humans which fell under their control. In an attempt to stem the tide, the other side began experimenting as well although they went a different way. They created bionic augmented troops. The battle had already turned and they were never able to make enough difference to stop these genetically engineered super soldiers. The enemy nation was raised to the ground with only a handful surviving humans in the whole nation most of them dying from either disease or radiation.

Unfortunately for the nation which first created these soldiers, the genie was out of the bottle and they could not control them either. They education of racial superiority appears to have crosses to the master's creations. These soldiers turned on the nation which had spawned them and began wiping out their own creators. From the way the battles went and the advanced planning, it is clear that this was planned virtually since the race was created. The nation had spent a huge amount of their resources arming these troops and was in almost ruins from the war. As a result, the war did not last long. This time, instead of killing all of their creators, they enslaved them. A handful of humans escaped their domination but forced into virtually the stone age. It is believed that they were allowed to survive.

The races ability to heal made them age incredibly slow, able to live for many generations although they are not immortal. The race took the name "Homo Leonidia" to difference themselves from normal humans taking the name from an ancient historic warrior. With their “normal” human servants, the super human race began their own breeding program. They only allowed the weaker and less dominant to survive and breed. Any aggression was weeded out permanently. Even intelligence was carefully monitored. This happened for several generations, resulting in humans that almost accepted their servitude. Completely dominated, the slaves were expected to serve their masters in every way extensively being used to clean up the planet. As well, many of the race used the race sexually and preferred to use human females as incubators for their children. The best humans could be expected to be treated generally was as dogs, to be petted on the head if their masters considered them magnanimously and slain at a whim if the race was displeased with their slaves.

These "Super Humans" appeared to have only limited creatively and there was never any expansion out beyond the solar system even though it had been several hundred years that they had ruled. Still, the race had never allowed themselves to weaken and had built up an incredible military. The system also boasted a massive space industry with most industry moved into space. Whatever their other attitudes, keeping their home planet clean was extremely important. Massive reservations were created on the planet and stocked with dangerous game for the race to be able to hunt. This included some wild humans as game. Dueling always has been a fact of life with her race although they follow strict rules which she also follows. Dueling is a safety valve although it only normally happens on occasion. Slowly, the remaining first generation of the race was dying from simple age. This is the world which Tymar was born to.

Eventually, the scout ship from a space faring group reached into the system which was dominated by these genetically engineered soldiers. They were normal humans but incredibly advanced as far as technology. It seemed that their technology had continued advancing including the development of faster than light travel. The humans might have even been the people who originally sent a slow prisoner ship to the planet which was dominated by this race. The humans attempted to make peaceful contact but the race was too geared up for war. Not without cunning, they were able to get themselves onboard the scout ship and take it over. They learned much from this ship including discovering the secrets of faster than light travel. Still, the scout ship was able to get a message buoy out and the planet which sent of the scout ship was warned.

These people sent out a force and full blown war broke out. Even though less advanced as far as technology, it looked like the race would win at first but the superior industry of their enemy eventually began to turn the tide. The race has used peace treaties several times to buy them more time but they always have declared war when they felt they could defeat their enemy. They used various weapons of mass destruction including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. After doing this several times, the humans they fought learned not to trust them and eventually the information about their human slaves and prey on their home planet became known. The race has slowly been forced back and it is likely that in less than a dozen or so years that the race will be defeated finally. Since the war began, dueling has been forbidden by the race. As punishment, both parties involve have their heads cut off by a slave. This is to make the death as dishonorable as possible so that they do not duel and drain the military of strength. Having been born before the war, Tymar has over twenty years of service and has fought in many battles. She was considered one of the races most capable warriors and is believed to have slain over a hundred enemies in hand to hand combat.

Desperation has breed desperate measures. There appeared no way to win so the race began sending out scouts in all direction to see if they can find a new colony which they can settle. Escape so that at least some of the race would survive became an imperative. Warships have stopped the vast majority of these ships and it is unknown if any have escaped. As well, the race began exploring the possibility of alternate universes. Using theoretical knowledge captured from their enemy, the attempted to create a gate to go to other universes. Tymar was assigned to this project as security from her combat unit. It was an extremely high priority project and security was incredibly tight.

The project did not go real well from the start. Much of the theoretical ideas had never been fully developed and nothing seemed to work as projected. Several captured human theoretical physicists were forced to work on the project to try and straighten out what was wrong. The project seemed to go better for while with them working on the experiment. It is quite possible that in the end they sabotaged the project because the whole project appeared to have disappeared centered around the main lab. Where the huge facility was located became a giant several hundred meter wide crater although there was no explosion. Most of the notes and data on the project were stored in the facility and likely could not be recreated.

It was simply gone, the whole facility was teleported into another dimension. It ended up on another world, somewhere in some snow covered mountains. She had little clue where she was although she could tell that gravity was far less than her home planet. The facility had been built underground and the whole place began to collapse as ir reformed. Only Tymar was able to escape from the collapsing facility because she was near the surface and near the edge of the facility. All of the other members of her race which had been in the facility were killed by the collapse along with the captured human scientists.

After escaping from the rubble, Tymar attempted to search for some form of civilization. The language was quite similar to the language of the humans which they had been at war with. She found that she was on a world called "Earth" and that she was in a place called "Wyoming." Tymar also found that most of the population of the planet were humans much like the wild creatures of her home planet. Still, there were some extremely powerful beings on the planet. Still, they were a comparatively small number and if she could find a way for an army of her race to invade this planet, they could take it over.

Her speciality was never engineering but she figured that she might be able to convince a scientist to open up a gateway to her home world. As she learned more, she found that some extremely advanced engineering was available. Some of them had their own plots to take over the world and she might be able to promise them allies if she could bring her people across. Of course, she would see no need to continue to support her lesser allies once her army came across. When she new what she needed, she effectively joined the super villains of the planet although she always follows her own drums. Sometimes she will take allies although she considered them to be just tools. Her ultimate goal is to open up a gate for her race to be able to take over the world. Her goal has caused her to clash with hero and villain alike.

She was given the name "Bloodstar" because of a patch on her uniform. Unfortunately (or Fortunately depending on your perspective), she soon ran out of ammunition for the weapons she brought with her. As such, she had to adopt Earth weapons. She stole an H&K MP-5 in 10 mm and a pair of Glock Pistols which were both chambered in 10 mm as well. These allowed her to interchange ammunition between the three weapons. She is believed to have stolen them from a group of cops she was able to ambush. Her special body suit has a self repair system that has allowed her to keep in intact and she also has a pair of Kisenite sabres which are virtually unbreakable.

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