Wícena “Wolverine” [Nightbane N.P.C.]:

Name: Wícena “Wolverine”

True Name: Tammy Blue Cloud

Alignment: Unprincipled.[Good / Selfish]

Hit Points: 30 [57 Nightbane Form] S.D.C.(Physical): 102 [403 Nightbane Form]

Horror Factor (Nightbane Form): 13

Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 13, M.A.: 11, P.S.: 20 (+5) [38 (+23)], P.P.: 23 (+4) [29 (+7)], P.E.: 24 (+18%/+5) [41 (+41% / +8)], P.B.: 17 (35%), SPD: 28 [38]

Attributes in brackets [] are when in Nightbane form [Physical Strength and Endurance are Supernatural in Nightbane form]

Weight: 112 lbs (50.8 kg) [280 lbs (127.0 kg) in Nightbane Form] Height: 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 meters) [5 foot 0 inches (1.52 meters) in Nightbane Form]

Age: 28 years Race: Nightbane (Human) Sex: Female


While not really a natural leader, Wicena still can lead when needed. She is a firm believer of much of what she was taught in officer training. This includes that she needs to lead by example and does not expect anyone to fight under her to do anything that she would not do. Loyalty to those she cares about is extremely important.

Dealing with other Nightbane, she considers many Nightbane to simply not be disciplined enough. Fighting the Nightlords and minions is a war to her. She prefers those who are able to comport themselves as soldiers and does consider herself to be a soldier as well. Of course, she realized that one has to fight with the tools one has not what one might wish to fight with. In some ways would rather fight with normal human soldiers on her side if she though they could survive.

Has little trouble with what she is, unlike some Nightbane. She is pretty comfortable with both her facade and Morphus forms. It might be that her form is not as distorted as some and is more comfortable as an American Indian with the idea of transformations. Does enjoy speaking to older Nightbane, especially those who belong to dwindling or dead Native American tribes.

Otherwise, she absolutely loves the wilderness. She greatly enjoys hiking deep in the mountains and getting lost for days or even weeks at a time, relying on her skills to survive whatever mother nature can throw at her. If anything, this has intensified since her first change. Does also like to get her hands dirty both repairing and designing equipment and weapons.

R.C.C.: Nightbane [Military Training] Experience Level: One (1)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic [Hand to Hand: Martial Arts in Nightbane Form]

Attacks per Melee: Five (5) [Six (6) in Nightbane Form]

Bonuses, Combat: Facade Form: +4 to Strike,+7 to Parry, +7 to Dodge, +5 to Damage, +6 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to pull punch, +0 to initiative, Knock Out on Natural 20, and Critical Strike on Natural 20.

Nightbane Form: +9 to Strike,+12 to Parry, +12 to Dodge, +23 to Damage, +7 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, +3 to pull punch, +1 to initiative, Knock Out on Natural 20, and Critical Strike on Natural 20.

Supernatural Punch Damage (Nightbane Form): Inflicts 2D6+23 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 6D6+23

on a full strength punch, or 2D4xl0+23 on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks). Metal Claws inflict 106x10+23.

Bonus; Save: Facade Form: Lethal Poison +5 [14] , Non-Lethal Poison [16] +5, Harmful Drugs [15] +5, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [15] +0, Magic [12] +7, Horror Factor +1.

Nightbane Form: Lethal Poison [14] +8, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +8, Harmful Drugs [15] +8, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [15] +3, Magic [12] +12, Horror Factor +3.

Nightbane Abilities:

Change to Nightbane Form: Takes one full melee round (Save vs M.E. [12+] to transform in one attack)

Supernatural Senses: Night vision (Facade, 200 feet / 61 meters; Nightbane, 500 feet / 152 meters) / Sense Other Nightbane (300 feet / 91.4 meters with an additional 30 feet / 9.1 meters per level)

Regeneration: 10 S.D.C./ Hit Points each melee round.

Mirror Walk: Cross into Nightlands. Costs 2 P.P.E., takes one round.

Immunities: Immune to all forms of mind control and transformation

Nightbane Characteristics: Monstrous Lycanthrope

Wolverine: Were-Wolverine: +6 P.S., +6 P.E., +2D6x10 S.D.C, and +1D6 Horror Factor. Retains long claws inflict normal punch damage (including supernatural strength) plus 3D6 (4D6). Bite inflict 2D6 (5D6). Has incredible sense of smell with tracking with an automatic +10% and climbing skill at +10%.

Stigmata: Nails: +4D6 S.D.C.,

Bio-Mechanical: Metal Exo-Skeleton: +3D6xl0 S.D.C., +2 P.S., +1 P.E., 1D4 Horror Factor.

Bio-Mechanical: Metal Teeth and Talons: Adds +2 Horror Factor, Claws inflict an additional 1D6 and bite inflicts an additional 3D6.

Nightbane Talents: P.P.E.: 147 (Gains 3D6 per level)

Free Talent - First Level: Lightning Rider (15 - Free) [10 P.P.E. per minute / Blasts of electricity are 5 PPE per 1D6]

Purchased Talents - First Level: Premonition (2) [2 PPE], Shadow Blast (5) [500 feet / 1D4 per 1 PPE - 4 P.P.E. per level], Shadow Shield (7) [30 min/level 20 S.D.C. per 2 PPE.- 4 P.P.E. per level], Spirit Vision (8) [5 P.P.E. to activate / 3 P.P.E. per additional minute]

Purchased Elite Talents - First Level: Voice of the Beast (6) [Active as long as communication lasts, 3 PPE to activate]

R.C.C. Skills: Communication: Radio: Basic (+15%) 60%, Medical: First Aid (+10%) 55%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Basic, Pilot: Pilot Automobile (+15%) 75%, Science: Mathematics - Basic (+10%) 55%, Technical: Computer Operation (+15%) 55%, Language: English (+25%) 75%, Literacy: English (+25%) 55%, W.P. Modern: Automatic Rifle (+3 Aimed / +1 Burst).

R.C.C. Related Skills: Electrical: Electrical Engineer 30%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+5%) 35%, Wilderness Survival (+5%) 35%, Mechanical: Mechanical Engineer (+5%) 30%, Weapon Engineer (+5%) 30%, Physical: Gymnastics, Pilot: Pilot Truck (+5%) 45%, Wilderness: Land Navigation (+5%).

Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics - General, Boxing, Running, Swimming 50%, Science: Mathematics - Advanced: 45%, W.P. Modern: Automatic Pistol (+3 Aimed / +1 Burst).

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 50%, Work parallel bars & rings 60%, Climb Rope 70%, Climbing 25%, Back Flip 70%, Prowl 30%


In her Facade form, she appears to be a mixed breed American Indian - mostly Native American but with some Caucasian features as well. Has almost shaped eyes but has blue eyes. Her nose is pretty slender and has a Caucasian appearance to it with relatively light skin. Another unusual feature is that her eyes are dark blue. She is quite slender and quite attractive. Her height is moderate at around five foot four inches. Her hair is a dark brown when worn down, hang straight to the small of her back. In some cases, she does keep it in a bun. Does wear a bit of makeup including lip gloss.

In dress, she mostly dress in fatigue pants and often a cut off fatigue T-Shirt. Usually wears combat boots as well. When dealing with serious situation, usually carries her M-4 rifle with a USP compact pistol on her hip. Does not mean she does not dressy sexy at all. Does often wear under her fatigues a sex bra and thong type underwear. Also does wear a bit of jewelry. Often wears a traditional choker type necklace and a pair of silver and turquoise bracelets. Even though she prefers fatigues, does not mean that she cannot dress nice when she needs or wants to.

In her Nightbane form, she appears to be a humanoid wolverine with huge claws. Form still has features of a female human with breasts. Her fur is a mixture of black and brown. Around the form is a metal exoskeleton, appearing to reinforce her body and limbs. Nails stick out from the body in various area. Both the nails and the exoskeleton have a dull and tarnished appearance. In her Nightbane form, she actually is shorter than her facade form at only about five feet tall. She is however much heavier, appearing to be extremely muscular and stocky. In this form, he eyes are almost black.

Weapons, Normal:

Heckler & Koch USP Compact Automatic Pistols: Weight: 1.7 lbs (.78 kg) each

Compact version of the standard USP pistol. Hers are chambered in .45 ACP. Has a mounting rail which she mounts a combination laser targeting (+3 to strike) and flashlight. She has six magazines of nine rounds each with two magazines of silver rounds. All are hollow point ammunition. Caliber: .45 ACP (5D6+10 hollow point), Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic, Range: 165 feet (50 meters.) Magazine: 9+1

M-4 Combat Rifle: Weight: 7.30 lbs (3.32 kg).

Shortened version of the M-16 which is American Standard 5.56 Assault Rifle. She has a special laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike) mounted on the rail. She has six 30 round magazines of normal rounds and two 30 round magazine of silver rounds. Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO (5D6), Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic or Three Round Burst, Range: 1,200 feet (366 meters). Magazine: 5, 10, 20, 30, or 99 rounds (She prefers 30 round magazines.)

Knight Masterkey Shotgun: Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) free weight

Special short barrel (10 inch) pump action shotgun modified to mount under the barrel of her M-4 Carbine and mounts in the same fashion as the M-203 grenade launcher. Can be detached quickly and can be used independently with folding stock. Has a 3 round magazine and she general carries an extra round in the chamber. Has 100 rounds of buckshot, 20 rounds of silver buckshot, and 20 rounds of special FRAG-12 HE-AP ammunition. Caliber: 12 Gauge (5D6 Buckshot - double damage at close range / 7D6 solid Slug / 2D4x10 for FRAG-12 HE-AP), Mode of Fire: Single shot Pump action only, Range: 300 ft (90 m), Magazine: 3 round internal.

Other Equipment:

Properties: Cabin in the wilderness of Montana. In an extremely remote area. Has a small water powered generator fed by a stream for producing power.


1990 Jeep Wrangler:

Four wheel drive six cylinder model. Cloth top and windows.. Painted in tiger stripe camouflage, Kept in extremely good shape. Has an after market AM / FM Radio with a CD player


Older “Tough Book” Laptop Computer:

Has all standard features (Including a high speed modem, DVD Read/Write ROM, large hard drive, high speed USB Ports, and external video ports,

Clothing: Camouflage fatigue pants (tiger stripe style), fatigue shirts (tiger stripe style), camouflage t-shirts (tiger stripe style), utility belt, combat boots, sexy underwear, and a few dresses.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, comb and brush, pistol holster, ammo pouches, gun cleaning and gunsmithing gear, shooting glasses, ear protectors, lighter, canteen, ammo bandoleer, medium unbreakable flashlight (attaches to jacket), cell phone, ipod, high quality digital camera, 2 weeks emergency food supplies, backpack, sleeping bag, tent, first aid kit, emergency supplies.

Valuables & Properties: Has $1,500 in cash. Also has around $200 in various jewelry.

Wicena’s History (In her own words):

As far as where I came from, I know only what I was told. No Nightbanes appear to have parents with them seeming to just appear as babies. The people who raised me however, my mother was almost full blood Assiniboine Sioux and my father was around three quarters. I know that I look to be Native American as well, wherever I cam from.

Was raised in Northwestern Montana, not in a reservation. We lived in a fairly isolated town. Neither knew more than a handful of words from the language and as a result, I do not know much of the Assiniboine language either. They had no other children although there were some other local children, both Caucasian and Native American, who I played with growing up.

It was a mixed world growing up, half involved in technology and have in the spiritual life of the tribal societies. My father worked as a mechanic in a small automobile repair shop. My mother mostly was a stay at home mom although kept a garden. Most of the food we kept although she sold some as well. Periodically, she would take a few odd jobs when money was tight. She would do house cleaning and worked as a waitress as well.

I think my father wanted a son which kind of makes me wonder why he did not adopt a boy instead of a girl. Still, he took me hunting growing up. Loved the mountains and never afraid of them even though they had claimed many lives. Had an incredible endurance even then which lead my father to call me “Wícena” which means Wolverine in the Assiniboine tongue, one of the few words he knows. Even then though, I was not stocky and kind of resented the label.

My parents really did not have money for college. As a result, I decided to join the army officer training to pay for my college. Stayed relatively close to home and went to Montana State University, where I studied electronic and mechanical engineering. Could visit my parents pretty often at least.

In due time, I was commissioned as a brand new Second Lieutenant. Sounds good but my job was mostly to listen to senior enlisted while I pretended to be in charge. Still, I surprised the troops under me and the sergeant. As good a shot as many of the men under me and could run with the best of them. Both in High School and College, I was a member of the track team.

Got assigned to a transport battalion. Of course this was far from Montana although had hoped to be less far than the Army decided to send me. Unlike many officers, I did not mind getting my hands dirty when I could get away with it and enjoyed repairing things. Found that I had a knack for fixing and modifying weapons as well. Got a chance to test some of the first FRAG-12 shotgun shells.

There were rumors, soldiers disappearing. Stories of soldiers being on patrol and then attacked by monsters. Nothing was official but said to come from of the few survivors. Some were said to have lost their mind soon after having been attacked.

It was not long until by unit was attacked. Before that happened, I did not know I was a Nightbane, a monster as well. Mostly, at least, a normal girl. Of course, if I was, I would never have survived my unit being attacked.

The attack occurred in an extremely remote area, the middle of a deep forested and rough region. We escorting an important convoy. A huge tree suddenly blocked our convoy. We tried to turn around but a second fell and blocked any escape. Without a tank, there was no way we could push our way off road and all we had were Humvees. Pretty good at going off road but not able to force our way through deep brush.

From the shadows came these creatures, tall and black. Probably around seven feet tall, they reminded me of skeletons although far more solid. Appeared to be about a dozen of these black creatures total. They carried these wicked looking black bladed spears. Now I know they are creatures known as Hounds, the shock troops of the Nightlords.

 Almost as one, we opened fire with out M4 rifles. Many of the rounds just simply bounced off and those that seemed to penetrate did little more than chip their shells. Charging almost at the same time, they moved more like robots, distinctly unnatural. One of my soldiers was cut virtually in half within moments. Cut through body armor like it was paper. Soon, about half my soldiers were down.

I saw the surviving soldiers turn and run. Honestly, I turned and ran along with them. As I ran, heard the running soldiers screaming around me as one after another was killed. As I said, I was always a good runner and was a bit ahead of the others. Even so, I could feel a stitch in my side and knew I was tiring quickly. They would catch me in just a few moments. Realized at that moment that I was the only one alive and within moments several would catch me.

Fear caused something to snap inside me. It was the first time I ever transformed. Many Nightbane transform for the first time in time of fear. My vision blurred just for a moment and when my vision cleared, I was a humanoid wolverine. My body was reinforced with a tarnished metal exoskeleton and I had huge metal claws. Felt like I was just a bit shorter than I was before transforming.

Turned on the nearest of the creatures and slashed with the huge metal claws I now possessed. They dug deep into the black creatures body although it still did not bleed. It did managed to stab at me with its dark blade, a blow which would have likely half decapitate me before. I was much tougher than before and not much more than a minor injury. In a few moments, I managed to kill this one and it looked like the remnants of a shattered lobster shell.

With the first one dead, I turned on a second which was moments from me with more behind it. There was simply not enough time to continue running. At that moment, I decided that I would at least make it as costly as possible to take me down. Don’t know how many I might have been able to kill before they killed me themselves. Don’t think I would have beaten all eleven remaining Hounds though.

While the Hounds were noisy while crashing through the underbrush, I could hear the sound of additional movement. For several long moments, I though that they were additional creatures reinforcing the Hounds already attacking me. Few moments later though, the sounds resolved themselves. Half a dozen strange looking creatures/ Could feel a kinship with them. They were like me, Nightbane as well. They attacked the Hounds from all around me.

When the fighting was done, three more of the Hounds had gone down under my claws. My rescuers were suitably impressed with my fighting. Not many Nightbane are that good at fighting at their first becoming. One came up to me, half his body and face looking like it had burned way and his skeleton poking out in places. Managed to convince me that I needed to leave with them, that I would be considered dead.

Kind of became both their weapon engineer, all around repair person, and tactical leader. Was able to copy the HE-AP FRAG-12 grenades. They at least will hurt hounds. Close range 12 gauge buckshot is reasonable effective as well. Heard stories from other Nightbane how when the other troops found out what they were, the other soldiers tried to kill them in fear. That could have me. Found also that they a fair number of Native American Nightbane. Many of us seem prefer animals and some are the last survivors of long lost tribes.

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