Nara's Blade [BTS / Nightbane Magic Item]:

This magic item is extremely prized. It was originally owned by a female Nightbane who went by the name of Nara but the sword was lost when she was killed. Who has the sword now is unknown although there is a rumor that the sword is in the possession of a Night Prince. Before the sword was lost, it was much feared and was known to have been used to slay at least one Night Prince. If it is now in the hands of a Night Prince, as some believe, some would consider it horrible. Quite possibly a group of Nightbane would immediately try and retrieve the weapon. It is said that the sword is crafted from the material of several Dark Blades which were captured in battle. No one knows how the weapon was actually made. It was then enchanted by a powerful Sorcerer who it is unknown if he was a Nightbane himself.

Nara’s Blade is a long weapon with a six foot black blade. The weapon is single bladed and blade is curved along its length. The sword is razor sharp and comes to a point. The point has a barb like a fish hook so it rips more when pulled out. Along the spine of the weapon is for more barbs so that back swings can be extremely deadly as well. Between the hand guard and the sharpened portion of the blade, about a foot in length, runs some unknown lettering or runes. The long handle is narrow and appears to be cross wrapped with leather. It widens slightly at the bottom and the handle of the weapon is definitely designed for two hands. A guard wraps around the top of the sword and protects the hand in the upper portion.

Nothing has been found which can damage the weapon and it is balanced as if made from a master sword smith even though some consider the weapon to look awkward. The real special power of the weapon is how the weapon effects supernatural creatures. Blows from the weapon appear to inflict twice the damage against supernatural creatures as might be expected. There are stories about the sword cutting opponents literally in half.

Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

Bonuses: +1 to strike, +2 to parry, and +4 to damage (included in weapon damage)

Damage: 6D6+4 (Inflicts double damage against supernatural)

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