Were-Lynx R.C.C. [BTS / Nightbane Creatures & Races]:

One of the more rare of the Were-Beings, they are mostly found in wilderness areas like the huge open lands of the Canadian wilderness. To a lesser extent, they are found in places such as the black forest. Were-Lynx are found rarely in Urban areas but can even be found there. Being that Lynx has not been hunted like some of the other species, they have an easier time hiding in the wild than many other species. Those who live in the human world tend to take jobs that allow them to live in the wilderness. Were-Lynx are mostly found in North America and Europe. Were-Lynx include Bobcats, Marbled Cats, and other members of the Lynx family as well.

While less stronger then other Were-Cats, they make up for this by being more agile. Were-Lynx tend to be fairly solitary and tend to only group together in mated pairs. When a young Were-Lynx is capable of fending for herself, she normally leaves and makes her own life. They are not particularly violent and as such do not have the bad reputation that were-wolves and many of the larger were-cats. The were-lynx are known as tricksters but do not have the reputation that were-fox have.

Like most of the less violent were-creatures, the were-lynx are deeply concerned with saving the Earth. Like were-foxes, those in human society are likely to become involved with environmental groups and like the foes are usually not members. They tend not to join the various were creature groups and prefer to be by themselves.

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